Study breaks are really important, but sometimes it can be difficult to think of what to do, or even know what kind of break to take. So here are some suggestions for breaks depending on how you’re feeling at the time. 

Some generic multipurpose breaks:

  1. Yoga or guided meditation.
  2. Moisturise your hands, or paint your nails.
  3. Go to the toilet, and get a drink.
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Play a game online.
  6. Listen to some music.
  7. Write down a bit of your daydream.
  8. Make a meal.
  9. Play with a pet.
  10. Read an article/wiki page

For when you’re overwhelmed:

  1. Have a relaxing shower with a favourite body wash.
  2. Make sure to step away from your study space, this is important.
  3. Go for a walk; do a short yoga routine, or a 15 minute guided meditation.
  4. Talk to a friend or parent, see if they can give you some support.
  5. Give yourself a treat - like a packet of chocolate buttons, or something small you enjoy. Eat them, and savour them, away from your desk.

For when nothing seems to be coming together:

  1. Make a to-do list of what needs to be done.
  2. Look at the task as if you’ve never seen it before.
  3. Have lunch or a snack, or nice drink. Do it away from your desk.
  4. Do something you enjoy, like reading a bit of a book, or playing a playlist you like.
  5. Talk to someone about the problem; ideally a supportive parent, friend, or teacher

For when you are stressed and want to rip your hair out:

  1. Shower, or have a bath.
  2. Watch funny videos online, or read those funny reviews, like the Haribo gummy bears ones.
  3. A short yoga or guided meditation video can really help (and I’m not one of those ‘yay, yoga’ people, but it can really help).
  4. Do something you are capable of doing without much stress - this could be a chore, a hobby, or something random you like.
  5. Make yourself a drink you enjoy, make it as special as you can, and then find somewhere else to drink it.

When you are bored:

  1. Engage in productive procrastination.
  2. Learn a new skill - such as a basic crochet stitch, or how to start a fire without a lighter.
  3. Watch a TedTalk, or short documentary on YouTube.
  4. Make a study playlist, try to include some music you’ve not heard before.
  5. Find a new recipe to try / place to visit.
  6. Play a quick game online - bingo, pictionary, etc.

When you are hungry, but the bored kind of hungry:

  1. Try eating something that takes longer to prepare. Not just a snack that’s quick to grab, but something that takes a little more time. Cut up your fruit, make it look nice; make several snacks that can be stored for latter or another day.
  2. Take a few minutes to some pictures of your study space or notes, edit them and make them into a post ready to pop on your blog.
  3. Go for a wander. It needn’t be outside, even walking around the stacks in a library and looking for some interesting titles can give you a break (and an inflated reading list, so do this one at your peril).
  4. Paint your nails, or do some cuticle maintenance by moisturising them.
  5. Spend five minutes on Pinterest looking at ideas for crafts or something you enjoy (make sure to set a timer for this, it’s easy to be distracted).

When you haven’t taken a break in a while because breaks are for wussies:

  1. Read about the Pomodoro method and how it helps boost productivity. Use a free timer app to give it a go.
  2. Zentangle, relaxation colouring, going to the toilet, etc.
  3. Just chil-lout. Seriously, do something to relax yourself. You need a break!

When literally anything is more interesting than what you’re supposed to be doing:

  1. Go for a short walk, or do a few stretches away from your study space.
  2. Watch a TedTalk on something interesting or a totally random subject.
  3. Find an article/wiki page on something you know nothing about. Remember to limit yourself, time-wise, on this sort of thing.
  4. Organise your bag/folder/pencil case (anything small you have on you).
  5. Listen to some music in a target language/language you would like to learn.

When something keeps distracting you:

  1. If it’s something you can get rid of, try to do that.
  2. If it’s something you need to do, if possible, then to do it.
  3. If it’s a thought that won’t go away, take five minutes and write it down in as much detail as you can, and then put it away for later.
  4. Leave your study space for a moment, get up and walk around a bit, maybe stretch your neck, back and arms.
  5. Tell your pet what’s wrong. Bonus if you do this in another language.

For when you feel like giving up:

  1. This is a good time to step away from your work and doing something else entirely for a little while. Take a longer break, watch an episode of a show you like, or browse for some new music, read a bit of a book.
  2. Take a shower.
  3. Make yourself a drink and something to eat, and eat it away from your desk. Relax a bit while you’re doing so, and set up a pomodoro-style timer when you get back to studying, so you can remember you’ll soon have another break.
  4. Engage in a small act of kindness.
  5. Pet a cute fluffy friend.

When you feel entirely unproductive:

  1. Perform some productive procrastination! Vacuum the house; wipe down a window, scrub the kitchen tiles, reorganise your underwear drawer. Pick a chore that needs doing and do that. Honestly, even just tidying a bookshelf, or taking your washing out of your room, or packing away some clothes can help. Do something where you will be able to see a visible difference that your actions have made.
  2. Spend half an hour on a hobby you like - knit, make origami swans, fiddle around with a robotics project.
  3. That thing you’ve been putting off? Go on, go and do it, and tick it off your check-list.

I hope that these give you a few ideas for much-needed, and productivity-boosting breaks.

Kim Minseok//At Odds

Summary: You don’t think your soulmark will complete itself on the same day that it comes to be on your skin, yet it happens - and who’s on the other end, a matching tattoo adorned on their skin? Only Kim Minseok, a man who could not be any more different to you.
Scenario: soulmate!AU
Word Count: 6,584

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|| missing you ||

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**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


When Peter kissed Liz during homecoming last year, you felt your heart break into a million pieces.

Your best friend, the boy that you’ve been in love with since the moment you laid eyes on him was taken from you, his heart cruelly ripped away from your grasps.

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|Soulmate| (Part 2) Peter Parker

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: It’s been a couple months since you’ve started dating ‘Parker- P-Peter Parker’ so it’s normal for him to just stop by at night :3

Warnings: fluff?, kisses, cuteness, backstory-ish

Words: 1195 (i think I got carried away)

A/N: I HOPE THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE WANTED.(that’s not meant to sound aggressive) lol sorry if it sucked!

Part 1

Originally posted by sassyshieldslap


It had been a couple of months since I had met Spider-Man- well, Peter. Peter Parker.

As I descended down the stairs, walking away from my school, I saw a familiar brown haired boy. I rushed over to him and smiled.

H-Hi. I’m Park- P-Peter Parker. By the way.” He stuttered his words out. “But you know that I’m- you know.” I giggled. I couldn’t seem to wipe this smile off my face.

“Y-Y/N L/N.” We stood in silence for a moment. “Oh- that’s my name… By the way.” He laughed and stuffed his hands in his pocket.

“I told you I’d find you. Not in a creepy stalker way though- I jus- Uh do you want me to walk you home?” He smiled nervously. I pretended to think for a moment and put my hand on my chin.

“I don’t know. If you’re willing to. I live halfway across down soo-

“That is totally fine. Actually, I would prefer to walk you home now. To spend… More time with you.” He blushed a dark shade of red. My cheeks were starting to hurt from me trying not to smile so widely.

“Then yes- you can walk with me.” I bit my lip and walked down the steps, keeping my eyes on him. He walked down with me and we started on our way back to my place.

He didn’t head home until later that day. He stayed a while in my apartment. And that sure as hell wasn’t the first day he walked me home and then stayed over. He asked me out after about two or so weeks after that day. So that would mean we’ve been together for about three months now. And I feel like ‘soulmates’ is just and under statement. It’s like Peter and I were made for each other. I mean we were… But that’s not the point. A knock at my window wiped my mind of what I was thinking of before. My head turned and my eyes connected with Spider-Mans eyeglasses. Peter. I honestly do not know what they’re called, his eye glass things, but he looks cute in his mask so I don’t care. I jumped from my bed and lifted my window up. He slid inside my room and I closed the window after him.

“Hello- Spider-Man. Is there a reason such a marvellous hero has come to see me! Y/N! What a gracious-”

“Babbee-” He tore off his mask and chuckled at me. “Spider-Man was just lonely and wanted to see his beautiful girlfriend.”

“Like… Lonely lonely?” I looked up and down his body and exaggeratedly winked. “Or just lonely.” I laughed putting my hands around his neck.

“I think a little bit of both. I mean our four month anniversary is coming up soon.” He kissed my cheek.

“Yeah, in like three weeks. Also, why celebrate a four month anniversary. Why not celebrate at like six months and a year?” He grinned down at me.

“Why not celebrate every day.” He shrugged and leaned down, pressing his lips against mine. I pulled my head back.

“Because if we celebrated every day I would be broke. Hate to break it to you Spidey-Boy but you’re expensive.” I smirked up at him and he sighed.

“I’m not that expensive… I just like things that cost a lot of money. I’m tired of digging through dumpsters!” He pushed away and pressed the button in the middle of his suit. With that, his suit fell to the floor revealing his half naked body. I could never get over how good he looked.

“I know- that’s why I’d suffer bankruptcy for you.” He laughed at my comment. My eyes trailed to his chest. He was ripped and I don’t know if it was from working out by saving all those people or from the spider bite.

“Seriously though, Y/N, don’t buy me to much stuff. Like my limit is 100$… A year. So no more. As for you, your limit is like 300$ cause you deserve everything.” He grabbed one of his sweaters off my floor, that he left from the last time he was over, and slipped it on.

“Everything, huh? Well, thank you, Baby.” I smiled and hopped on my bed. “Does that mean I can get one of Starks-”

“Nope. Ok not everything. Cause if I take or borrow or give you anything of Mr. Starks I might get tracked down and hunted.” He crawled into bed next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“True- True. Maybe you could introduce me to Mr. Stark sometime tho. I mean I’m just your girlfriend so it’s not that important.” I sighed dramatically while smiling.

“I mean I probably could-” I turned over to face him.

“Wait- really? Like actually? You would introduce me to Tony Stark?”

“Yeah I mean you are my girlfriend, as you just said, so he might be glad to put a face behind a name… I seem to talk about you a lot on missions.” I giggled.

“I would hope so. I wouldn’t want you talking about any other gorgeous and amazing girls.” I yawned as he spoke.

“Ah, but you see-” He dropped his voice to a whisper. “- you’re the only gorgeous and amazing and stunning girl I know. And the only gorgeous and amazing and stunning girl I know seems to be a bit tired.” I giggled at his words.

“Very, I mean it is-” I turned my head to face my digital clock next to my bed. “12:46.” I said. “On a school night.” He groaned.

“I really don’t want to go to school. My back hurts. Oh! Did I tell you that that one robber came back and he tried to rob the same bank and I tried-” I tuned out his voice and just looked at the features on his face. I loved it when he talked about his day as Spider-Man because he was always so happy while explaining everything, but sometimes I just liked to look at his facial expressions while he explained everything. I tuned back into what he was saying.

“-and I was like-” He made a web shooting sound “-and then he was like 'ahh!’ then I left him there all webbed up so the police could take him in- again!” He laughed. “It was a crazy day.” I nodded and then snuggled my head into his chest.

“It seems like it.” I mumbled against his shirt. I heard him shoot his web somewhere in my room and when my room became dark I put two and two together, figuring out he turned off my light.

“Hey Y/N…” He whispered.

“Yeah?” I asked and leaned my head up to meet his face.

“I love youuu.” He said, dragging the 'u’. I giggled and nestled my face in the crook of his neck.

“I love you toooo.” I replied, copying him but dragging the 'o’ instead. He chuckled, causing my body to shake with his.

“Night, Babe.” He mumbled quietly. I made a 'mmh’ sound against his chest and slowly drifted to sleep to the rhythm of his heart beating.



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I’m Back

Summary: Natsu welcomes Lucy home, in the way he knows best. NaLu Smut OneShot. 

Singspiration: If you fancy a laugh —> At Last - Etta James


A/N: I was going to flesh this out a bit more, but I decided I’ve been late enough haha! I hope you enjoy your requested smut @nalufever  . Also, credit where credit is due to @keii  for her amazing NaLu art that gave me inspiration ;) This story is 10% some kind of plot and 90% smut. ;)  


She paused, a shuddering breath left passed her lips. Too much time had passed since she had left. A year to be exact.  Absence taught her that time moved slowly when parted from the second half of her soul.


He would be charging towards her any minute now. Finding her scent from miles away wasn’t unusual, it was in his nature. Rooted to the spot, Lucy couldn’t find it within her to move. Still debating what she was going to say, what could she say that would be believable. She had never lied to him before, technically it was lying by omission. He would never have accepted she had to find Aquarius alone.

Hence the reason, travelling to the continent via the spirit world so he wouldn’t be able to track her.  

“He’s not here you know.” Pivoting quickly to source the voice, piercings and coal orbs came into view, eyes focused on her as he spoke, “Salamander’s on a job.”

“Gajeel.” He hadn’t aged a day.

“I hope you’re back for good Bunny,” Before she could turn around and head back, his words made her stop.

“You hurt him.”

And myself, she added silently in her head.

“I know.” She whispered, because what else could she say.

“Are you coming in or not?” He asked after a moment of contemplative quiet between the pair of them, brushing past her with a nod that signified that she should follow. She did so without complaint.  

“How is Levi?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” He replied, patting her head gently as she caught up with his large ground swallowing footsteps.

Seeing Fairy Tail again sent her blood pressure soaring, happy memories surfacing in her mind. For now, she would concentrate on greeting her guildmates and worry about Natsu later.


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Bruises - Part 1

Draco x Reader

Word count: 801

Request: @candy-scott-sweety 

Hi ! Can I please ask a request where Draco had a crush on a reader who didn’t even notice. Because she has an abusive relationship with her parents. They are terrible, she don’t trust anyone and feels so lonely. One night, Draco follows her to the edge of a lake and catch her crying. Then he decides to react. I guess i just need fluff and comfort. 

ages about fifth or sixth year!

Warnings: abusive parents, sad reader.

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Like always, you felt sad, but today, something made it worse. You were woken up at your house in London to find that your father standing at your door. He looked rough: he had a cigarette in on hand and a bottle of alcohol in another. He shot the bud of the cigarette on your floor, stamping on it, leaving a mucky grey residue. It was only 9:00am and yet he was found with his bad habits yet again. You began to wonder if you would ever get your father back. 

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Witch Tip

When cleaning mirrors (like regular mirrors not scrying mirrors lmao) wipe the window cleaner you use clockwise, with the intent of self love and/or always looking good. Optionally, get a dry erase marker and draw a sigil for self love or looking good, and wipe away with your window cleaner to cast it, smile at yourself to charge!

Young!FP Jones/Riverdale imagines - Small Town Part 1

Originally posted by thealipower

A/N: Look, I know it’s cliché but I feel this story could be really great. I hope you guys stick around for this because I’ve got a good plan for this and I hope you like it as much as you liked ‘Oh Dear’. I rewatched the whole first season to see what I could pick up about the parent’s past and I’m trying my best to include what I can but most of this will be my own creation. 

Overall Summary: Being the new girl is hard when all the attention seems to be drawing back to you even when you’re determined to stay under the radar. 

Pairing: FP Jones x reader, Alice x FP, Alice x Hal, Fred x Hermione, Fred x Mary, Hermione x Hiram, basically a lot goes on in this fic

Word count: 2,607

Warnings: Some strong language

“Honestly, Mom, you are the only woman I know who didn’t improve her situation by getting a divorce.” You shared a sideways look with your mother as you carried in the last of the boxes to your new house. 

“Stop being so dramatic, (Y/n). The town is lovely, I grew up here, everyone here is nice, it’s got a decent school. You’ll love it.” Your mom rolled her eyes at you, dusting herself down as she brought in the last box. 

“It may be lovely, Mother but it’s not Chicago or Los Angeles. Somewhere exciting. If you had just fought Dad a little harder we could have gotten enough money to live like celebrities.” You fell back onto the couch, heaving out a sigh. 

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Try Again

Summary: Derek has to egg a house to be part of the popular group. Too bad the house ends up being the Sheriff’s.

Notes: I couldn’t resist this fake exes AU. This is also my 100th fic, whoo! (On AO3)

Derek knows it’s a bad idea, but he wants to fit in so badly.

Ever since Laura graduated last year, he’s had no one to talk to. Everyone seems set on ignoring him now, glancing away quickly when he catches them looking, and he always ends up sitting alone at lunch.

So he’d joined the lacrosse team, hoping to make some friends, but had discovered that it was full of cliques and in-groups. There were jokes and pranks and even secret handshakes, and Derek felt like more of an outsider than ever.

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Big Brothers - Winchester Brothers

Imagine a series of events of siblings being, well, siblings. 


Also creds to all the amazing people who make the gifs I use all the time :)


*You: 4, Sam: 12, Dean: 16*

‘SAM! SHE’S RUNNING AWAY AGAIN!’ Shouted 16 year old Dean as he scrambled behind you, trying to stop you from escaping.

12 year old Sam launched himself onto the floor in an attempt to grab you. This made you giggle as you picked up your pace even more, heading for the motel door.

'SAM! WHAT THE HELL? SHE’S 4! I WANT YOU TO CATCH HER NOT CRUSH HER!’ Dean gasped at him, catching his breath as he saw you do a mini hurdle over a pile of cereal boxes.

Pulling himself off the floor and yanking Sam up behind him, Dean managed to catch up to you.

You squealed like a baby pig as he swiped you off your feet and snuggled you into his chest. 

‘Why do you always try to run away from us? Is it cause Sam is scary?’ He jokingly cooed at you as you squirmed in his grip.

‘Really Dean?’ Sam asked, crossing his arms with a fed up face.

Dean smiled sarcastically back at his younger brother while he tried not to drop the creature that would not stop moving.

*You: 14, Sam: 22, Dean: 26*

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You were sat in the back of the impala while your eldest brother attempted to convince your other brother to come back into a business that he throughly hated. 

‘Oh trust me, I know exactly what to say to him.’ Dean had said to you over 50 minutes ago.

Obviously he didn’t because if you remembered correctly, the last thing your brother Sam had said to you almost a year and half ago was: ‘I DON’T NEED YOU, OR DEAN OR DAD SO STAY OUT OF MY LIFE AND STAY AWAY FROM EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ME. I WONT LET YOU RUIN THIS FOR ME. NOTHING YOU CAN DO WILL CHANGE MY MIND.’ 

You were convinced that your brother would have no interest in trying to find his father and therefore you were just wasting your time on a lost cause.

A knock on your window made you jump out of your skin. Your first instinct was to pull your gun out of your back pocket but during the process you froze, recognising the face that was staring down at you through the window.

A sudden wave of fury washed over you, causing you to push open the door to the impala and slap them in the face. 

‘What the hell was that for?’ Sam cried as he rubbed his cheek.

‘HOW DARE YOU GO SO LONG WITHOUT TALKING TO US, TO ME! NOT A CALL, NOT EVEN A GOD DAMN TEXT!’ You shouted in response, pounding your hands on his back as he cowered away from you, not wanting to fight his little sister.

Dean pulled you back from him, wrapping his arms around yours so that your fists of doom would no longer be banging on Sam’s back. Sam looked up at you, shock plastered on his face.

‘Y/N, that’s enough.’ Dean said to you in an attempt to calm you down.

In return to that, you burst out crying and pulled away from his grip and practically leaped into the arms of Sam.

‘Don’t ever leave us again - please.’ You begged, a sudden realisation coming over you as you realised how much you missed your brother. 

‘I’m so sorry Y/N.’ Sam practically whispered into your ear as he tried his hardest not to cry, after all, he’d hurt one of the most, if not, the most important person to him.

Dean looked on, a face of hurt and disapproval at the way his younger brother had made his younger sister feel.

*You: 24, Sam: 32, Dean: 36*

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a towel, you heard Sam yell out your name.

‘YEAH?’ You shouted back, wiping the steamed up window with your forearm.

‘CAN I BORROW 5 DOLLARS?’ He asked, clearly already searching through your purse.

‘YEAH SURE WHATEVER.’ You blurted out, forgetting what you had been hiding in there from your (extremely and overly protective) brothers.

As you suddenly remembered, you made sure the towel was securely wrapped around you before making a dash for the main room of the bunker.

Too late.

‘What the hell are these?’ Sam questioned you, a face of pure anger as he held a packet of condoms in his hand.

‘They-they’re…’ You trailed off, unable to finish your sentence in pure embarrassment. 

As you stuttered like a broken record, Sam gave you a look every time you tried to say a word as if to say: ‘don’t even try and lie’.

‘DEAN! GET IN HERE.’ Sam cried out, obviously feeling the need to drag your eldest brother into this.

‘Sam, come on we can -’ You tried to save yourself.

‘Shut up Y/N.’ Sam said, giving you his bitch face as the condoms sat in his hand.

‘What’s up?’ Dean asked the both of you as he entered, beer in hand.

Sam didn’t say anything, simply lifted up the condoms and pointed at you, as you gave Dean a nervous smile.

Dean didn’t respond, simply shook his head in confusion, glanced between you and Sam and then took one long gulp of beer. 

‘I can’t deal with this today.’ Was all he said before doing a 180 and walking out the room. 

‘This isn’t over.’ Sam growled as you relaxed, relief washing over you.

‘Sam i’m 24!’ You growled just as forcefully back, a sense of annoyance crossing your mind.

‘Don’t even start.’ Sam warned you before waltzing out the room to go and get Dean.

My god, did these brothers give you one heck of a life.

His Soft Spot (Harry Hook)

Everyone’s been so supportive and wonderful these last few days, I worked my butt off to give you another imagine tonight! Hope you all enjoy it :D If you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with Harry Hook. 

Prompt: I’ve been wanting to write something about Smee having a daughter who caters to Harry because she just can’t help but feel loyal to him and he always has a soft spot for her. 

Originally posted by butterflywingednight

           He looked at her with amusement mixed with annoyance and compassion. She stood across the room from him, sitting with Gil and explaining something with lots of hand gestures. Gil was supposed to be in a time out but Harry didn’t have the heart to tell Esmee to get lost while pirate thinks back on his dumb mistake of calling Uma shrimpy.

           She caught Harry’s glance and waved absentmindedly, her laugh carrying across the air. He loved her, he couldn’t help it. The two had grown up together in Neverland, their father’s close mates and Harry had taken Esmee under his wing to keep her from harm, to keep her from harming herself in her clumsy and misguided ways.

               She was hardly a Villian Kid, only ever guilty by association and Uma wasn’t fond of her because of her positive attitude and absentmindedness, but she was just like Gil and Harry knew that it’s why they got on so well. Harry wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t kick her out no matter how hard Uma pushed him. Esmee had moved from speaking with Gil to taking the washcloth from his hands and doing his dirty work for him, something that Harry would normally scold her for. She wasn’t here to work, especially to do chores given to someone else. Esmee was wiping down some of the windows in the Fish & Chips restaurant and helping, Uma shook her head at Harry.

               “She’s gotta go,” Uma told him, throwing her apron to the counter and placing her hand on his shoulder. “She wants to help Harry. Do you see how good she is? She’s not one of us,” Uma stated with conviction.

               “It’s just in Esmee’s nature, you’ve seen her dad. It’s just how she was raised,” Harry replied with a struggle as he gripped his hook in one hand.

               “She’s not a villain and she needs to go,” Uma said, “That’s an order, first mate.” Harry’s grip on the hook tighten and for a moment, Uma saw such a daunting look flash across his features that she feared for her safety.

               “If she goes, Captain,” he spat, “I go. How does that sound?” he cackled and Uma stared up at him in shock as he moved to grab Esmee from the window and pulled her out of the restaurant. His large hand grasped her tiny fingers and pulled her through the streets of the Isle back to her home. He often stayed with Esmee, something that both satisfied her and his father.

Her because she loved cuddling and though he’d never admit it out loud, it was his favorite part of the day to just lay on her bed and wrap his arms around her. It satisfied his father because Captain Hook approved of the friendship between Esmee and his son, maybe the only thing that he was proud of his son for.

               “Is everything okay?” you asked, an innocent look on your face as you looked up at your best friend and squeezed his hand in reassurance, hoping it would calm him down.

               “Everything’s quite fine,” his tone tense, his jaw clenched as he kept moving to her small apartment. She pulled with all her might, the small girl holding the well grown boy to a halt. He took a deep breath and turned back to look at her, her father’s classic red cap hanging slightly too far down on her forehead, her curly hair a mess. She looked adorable.

               “Is there something I can do?” Esmee asked with concern, her lips in a perfect pout as she laced her fingers with his. She always stayed so loyal even after the times Harry would snap at her in frustration with things that didn’t concern her. She never strayed from him, always pulling him close, placing her hand on his heart and telling him to breathe, count to ten and try again. It was something she would sing the rhyme and it almost made his blood boil but she was right. She was always right, she was the sun in his sky.

               “Never change lass, you’re a perfect person in this inhumane world,” Harry whispered, his hand found her warm cheek and he pulled her face to his. His forehead touched hers lightly and he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

clean up!

busboy!mingyu + waitress!you

Originally posted by moncheriwonwoo

  • so you and mingyu work in the same diner in the same town
  • you’ve been working there for nearly 2 years when mingyu applies and gets a job as one of the busboys
  • all the girls and guys stare at him when he’s making his rounds, taking dishes and wiping down tables
  • his height is handy when you need help to reach something up on the shelves
  • which makes him a favorite among the cooks in the kitchen when they can’t reach stuff
  • and among the waiters/waitresses when you need to pass out plates at tables bc of his long arms
  • your manager thinks of promoting mingyu to a waiter, but then they remember how clumsy he is
  • he broke five dishes within his first week bc he kept forgetting his nonslip shoes
  • okay, even when he got his nonslip shoes, he kept breaking things

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The Damned- Part 2 (Joker x Reader)

“Imagine being raped and left alone to die in streets. Your savoir comes in the form of Gothams most wanted criminal. What will happen once the two of you start to get closer?”

Requested by @iknowyouwuvme​: “One shots where the joker finds a raped reader fallen on the road & saves her & slowly starts falling in love with her.”

A/n: Heres part 2! I hope you guys enjoy this. It might be awhile until the next part.

Warning: Mentions of Rape, trauma, and abuse.

“Please, stop…I don’t want this…”

You flung up into a sitting position, your hand clutching the front of your nightgown. Soft pants escaped from you as your (e/c) orbs darted around the room, trying to understand where you were. You’re head pounded as your realized that your bad dream was nothing compared to the nightmare you’d actually experienced only the other day. Your skin was cold despite the sticky sweat that covered your body.

You inhaled slowly, trying to calm yourself. Concentrating on your breathing, trying to think of anything, anything, but that night. You didn’t want to remember any of it, you wanted to forget.

Forget and move on.

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Ok so funny story

I was just discussing this with my family and I thought tumblr might find it amusing.
So ok picture this I’m like 15? my sister’s lipsticksandliquors like 13 my parents are out and my sister’s in her bedroom I’m just doing something in the bathroom when we hear mens’ voices outside. Usually whatever, we live in a semi detached house, our neighbours might have visitors or whatever. But there’s noises and (what sounded like) banging on windows and the voices of several men and me and my sister go into our parents’ room to see what’s going on by looking out the window out to the front of the house. We’re very discreetly trying to look out without being seen and there’s this strange group of guys we don’t know. They look like they have tools of some kind. Clearly our minds bypass the logical right into panic mode and we stand there thinking we’re about to be burgled or something, we don’t know what to do. Suddenly the top of a ladder is propped against the window we’re looking out of with a bang, startling us. I now go into full blown HOLY SHIT HE’S GOT A LADDER HE’S GOING TO CLIMB IN THE WINDOW panic mode. I stress I was NOT thinking at all logically, in fact I don’t even know what was going through my head in retrospect. So I do the only thing I can think of to do in what, to me, looks like an imminent breaking and entering. Do we run out of the room in question to hide?
No, of course not!
As my sister crouches between the wall and my parents’ bed, I vividly remember literally THROWING myself spread-eagled onto my parents’ bed, in full view of the window as if that would have helped, pressing myself to the bed flat and screeching in my most panicked war cry,
“STAY LOW!!!!!”
Fucking. Stay low. STAY LOW. Like I was in some fucking action movie and a bomb was about to go off or something.
My sister briefly brings up the possibility of going to look for the cat but I go FUCK NO STAY WHERE YOU ARE. ITS EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AT THIS POINT. so there we are, my sister on the floor, me flat on the fucking bed like an idiot in a useless hiding position, figuring well fuck, we made our choice and now we have to stick to it damn it, when we hear someone start to climb up the ladder. This is it, no turning back. I press my face into the bed. We tense. We wait for our impending doom. Then the guy gets to the top, pulls out a sponge and starts wiping the window down.
In this moment, my sister and I, in our positions looking like fucking idiots, turn to look at each other. We look at each other for a long moment.
IT WAS THE WINDOW CLEANERS. IT WAS THE FUCKING WINDOW CLEANERS WITH LADDERS AND BUCKETS AND SPONGES, WHO COME EVERY FUCKING WEEK. clearly this did not cross my mind when I formulated this stupid STAY LOW plan. Our windows get cleaned like every fucking week and not ONCE did it cross my mind that it could possibly be the window cleaner. We burst out into hysterical laughter and we didn’t stop for about ten minutes. I was crying.
It was the fucking window cleaner.


  • [in the dorms]
  • seokjin: hey yoongi do u want to hear a joke
  • yoongi: no
  • seokjin: okay so how do you make holy water
  • yoongi:
  • seokjin: you boil the HELL out of it *laughs hysterically as his window wiping laugh comes out*
  • yoongi:
  • yoongi: hyung i'm going to boil the hell out of YOU if you dont stfu
Doing Chores・家事する

Things to Wash (Dishes or Laundry) ー 洗い物

Do the dishes - 洗い物をする

Help with the dishes - 洗い物を手伝う

Please help wash the dishes.

Finish doing the dishes - 洗い物をすませる 

Every time she does the dishes she breaks something. (she breaks a dish every time she washes them.)

Garbage, Trash ー ゴミ

Take out the garbage - ゴミを出す

Whose turn is it to take out the trash?

Sort garbage - ゴミを分別する

Dump trash - ゴミを捨てる

Pick up trash - ゴミを拾う

Take trash home - ゴミを持ち帰る

Produce trash - ゴミがたまる

Become trash - ゴミになる

Pick up garbage (collect) - ゴミを集める・収集する

Incinerate garbage - ゴミを焼却する *(We don’t do this in America. In Japan, garbage is incinerated instead of dumped into a landfill permanently.)

Stain ー しみ/シミ

Remove a Stain - シミを取る・シミを抜く

このしみはふいても取れない. このしみはふいてもとれない。
This stain can’t be removed.

Make a stain - しみをつける

A stain comes off - シミが落ちる

このしみはどうしても落ちない. このしみはどうしてもおちない。
This stain won’t come out (off).

Get stained - しみになる

Washing ー 洗濯

Do the laundry - 洗濯をする

母は毎週間洗濯する。 はははまいしゅうかんせんたくする。
My mom does the laundry every week.

Be washable - 洗濯がきく・洗濯できる

Send to the laundry - 洗濯に出す

Hang laundry out to dry - 洗濯物を干す

Bring in the washing - 洗濯物を取る込む

Fold clothes - 洗濯物をたたむ

Fold your clothes.

Laundry piles up - 洗濯物がたまる

Laundry dries - 洗濯物が乾く

Broom ー ほうき

Sweep-  ほうきで掃く・集める

Clean - ほうきで掃除する

She swept (cleaned) the room (with a broom).

Stand a broom up - ほうきを立てかける

Dust ー ほこり

Stir up dust - ほこりを立てる

Dust spreads - ほこりが立つ

Dust accumulates - ほこりがたまる

To dust - ほこりを払う

She dusts off the furniture every day.

Covered in dust - ほこりをかぶる

Remove dust - ほこりを取る

Window ー 窓

Wipe window - 窓を拭く

Clean window - 窓を磨く

Misted /Fogged window - 窓が曇る

There are/no windows - 窓がある・ない

Break a window - 窓を割る

Open/Close a window - 窓を開ける・閉める

She opened the window to let in some air (lit. wind).

Dirt/Stain ー汚れ

Get stained - 汚れがつく

The stain is noticeable - 汚れが目立つ

Remove dirt - 汚れを落とす

You can remove dirt with soap.

Wash off dirt - 汚れを洗い落とす

Stain comes out - 汚れが落ちる

BTS Reaction: finding their s/o singing/rapping their solo songs (requested)

I know that not all of them are going to exactly “find” them in the middle of singing/rapping, but hopefully you still like them all.<3

Sorry for any errors.


You had you music blasting through your earbuds as you pulled the cake out of the oven. When Jin’s ‘Awake’ came on, you immediately pulled your phone out and made sure you put it on repeat. You sang along to the song as you got the ingredients ready to make the frosting for Jin’s birthday cake.

You were in the middle of singing ‘Awake’ for the third time when suddenly someone pulled your earbuds off.

Considering that you were originally the only person in your apartment, you shrieked in fear, spinning around with your icing spatula as your only weapon.

Thankfully, the intruder turned out to be your boyfriend and the air soon returned to your body. 

Jin was already in a fit of laughter with that signature window wiping sound escaping his body. “Jagi you should have seen your face!”

“Ya! you gave me a heart attack!” You said, threatening to hit him with the spatula.

“Aish, I’m sorry! I just wanted to tell you I loved your singing voice!”

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You and Suga were walking the streets of the shopping district in a half ass disguise. Both of you only wearing face masks and caps to not be recognized by any ARMY.

You both passed this music store that was blasting music on their speakers to attract customers. 

“Pst, babe, do you hear what i hear?” you pulled your mask off to expose your smirk.

Suga rolled his eyes at you, already predicting what you would do next.

“A to the G to the U to the STD!” you began rapping. You did your best to add some “swaggy” moves, all of them in attempts to get a smile or laugh out of your boyfriend.

You could see his eyes squinting adorably, knowing his gummy smile was under his mask. This only made you rap harder. “A TO THE G TO THE U TO THE STD!” you were so loud you were starting to get attention.

Suga quickly put a finger to your lips. “Shhh!”

Now far from the music store and unable to hear the song and use it as a reference, you tried to continue to rap on your own. You rapped in a soft whisper, keeping your “badass” moves to a minimum. However, you didn’t exactly remember all the lyrics,,,or know the right ones to begin with… and were probably a bit off beat, but you kept rapping anyway.

Again, his finger stopped your lips and he shook his head at you in disapproval. “Leave the rapping to the pros baby.”

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Rap monster:

“Y/n, you ready to go yet?!?” Rap monster called out from the living room. He concentrated on his reflection in the mirror, fixing his wig to look just like your hair. He made last minute adjustments to the dress you ordered him to wear because it was “a dress you would wear”. He groaned. “Stupid Halloween party. why did i agree to this couple idea?!?” he asked himself. “Y/n! How about now?!?”

“Y/n?!?” you said coming out of your bedroom in your boyfriends clothes. You wore a pair of his jeans, that you had to roll up because his legs are so much longer than yours and you wore his t-shirt and sweater that were definitely too big for you. The only things that weren’t his were the sneakers you bought and the bleached wig you ordered just for the occasion. “I am not Y/n, I am Namjoon!” you said trying to mimic his voice.

“O-M-G! Namjoon?!? From BTS?!? Rap monster said in his attempt at some form f a female voice. “Can you rap for me?!?” he asked adding a school girl giggle.

You began to nod your head to an the beat of his song joke. “Uh -Yeah -Uh -Yeah- *mumbles through the fast parts* *emphasizes only a few key words* fame, girls, money, thats ma honey to the 100 to the 100! *mumbles again* *only clearly says all the bad words* You know I got a mufuckinn beat I got a mufuckin rhyme I got a mufuckin flow I got a mufuckin style-”

“Wow!” Rap monster said cutting you off in fake amusement. “That’s like so hot!”

You popped your sweater with as much swag as you had. “Well, that is why i am the best.

Rap monster rolled his eyes at you. “Babe, let’s go already.” he said in his normal voice. “And remind me to give you rapping lessons when we get back.

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Your close friends dragged you out to a karaoke bar as your late birthday celebration. But you knew it was mostly their way of trying to cheer you up after you have been moping around for weeks over how much you missed your boyfriend while he was on tour.

“C’mon Y/n, rap your boyfriend’s song!” they all demanded. 

“No, i cant rap like him.”

“Rap it! Rap it!” they all chanted.

With a few bottles of liquid courage already in your system, you had the guts to give it a try You looked to the screen and clicked your favorite song, that songs being 1verse.

You flew through the lyrics, trying to as many of Jhope’s vocal touches as you could. A very drunk you thought you were doing well. Certainly, your drunk friends thought you were straight up spitting fire.

“Oh my gosh! Y/n that was so good!” a familiar voice spoke out just the song ended. 

You whipped around and found your sunshine smiling at you. “Hobi!” you yelped. you ran up to him, and attacked him with a hug, feeling his arms snake around you. “I thought you wouldn’t be back for another week!”

“I wanted to surprise you!” he said before he pulled you into a kiss.

“Awww!” “ So cute!” your friends cheered.

“Let’s keep the partying going!” Jhope smiled. “Put that song again so we can rap together!”

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You and V finally had your schedules match up and you both decided to take a mini vacation together. There was a long drive ahead for the two of you and you decided to be civil and each of you had half an hour to play your music in the car. V had won the game of rock, paper, scissors, so he got to play his music first.

Finally, his half hour came to an end and it was now your turn to blast your music. “Yay! My turn!” you cheered as you ripped the aux cord off his phone and plugged your phone in. 

“Agh! Fine!” V groaned with a playful pout.

“You’ll like my music.”

“But I like mine more.”

You laughed at his little attitude, he was just too cute when he was pouty. “Trust me, you will LOVE this song. I know you will!” you said as you searched through your song list for the right song. 

You clicked the song “stigma’ and you peeked at him to see his reaction. Within the first few seconds, is eyebrows shot up and and a cute smile lit up his face. “Aw, jagi, that is my song!”

You began singing along right when the lyrics started. You let your voice get disgustingly out of tune as you reached the chorus, because  your vocal range did not match the emotions you were trying to covey. How your boyfriend had such a voice and such a talent still amazed you. 

V giggled at you, still trying to keep his eyes on the road, but sneaking peeks at you from time to time. Just before the song ended, he joined and sang out of tune with you. “Aw jagi, your voice is so beautiful when you sing my song!”

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You sat at your vanity, applying to makeup as you jammed out to your loud music.The next song that came up was Jimin’s song and you squealed to yourself, as was your usual habit of your favorite song coming out on your speakers. 

You began humming along immediately and when the lyrics started, you began to sing to yourself. Words weren’t exactly words as you applied your lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. The sounds that came out of you were more like whale sounds rather than actual Korean words since most of your concentration went to your makeup. 

Suddenly, you heard a fit of giggled in the room. You jumped in your seat , causing mascara you were putting on to smear on your eyebrow and forehead.

Jimin laughed harder.

“Jimin! How long were you there?!?” you could feel your face burning

“I saw everything!” he held his hand over his stomach because he was laughing so hard

You looked at yourself in the mirror. “Jimin! You made me mess up my make up!” 

Jimin came up to you, handing you one of your makeup wipes. “Sorry sweetie, I got bored waiting for you to get ready then I caught you singing and I thought you were so cute.”

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It was the first time in months that you and your boyfriend both had the days off at the same time. This time was now dedicated to being lazy together.  

It was the late morning and you were the only one awake. Seeing the mess the two of you made the night before, it was best you cleaned before Jungkook woke up and you two started another movie marathon. 

You plugged in your headphones, grabbed a broom and began an attempt to clean. Of course, being in the lazy mood you were already in, you were easily distracted by the music to actually do any type of real cleaning. Instead, you mostly sang along to your music. 

The beat of Jungkook’s song ‘Begin’ started to play and you were quickly sucked into the vibe of it. You were deep into the lyrics. Your eyes were closed, your arms were flying dramatically and you were using the broom as a microphone.

Eventually the song ended and your performance was over. You opened your eyes and as you waited for the next song to start, you heard the sound of someone laughing. You turned around and saw Jungkook standing by the kitchen doorway. His phone was pointed at you ans he was in a fit of laughs. “Babe, oh my- ha! I am- haha!” He was luaghing too hard to keep talking.

“You better delete that!” you ran up to him, and tried to snatch the phone out of his hand.

He was fast and held it above his head. “Now way jagi! I am going to keep this forever!”

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-Admin Boat

Road Trip with Monsta X

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Shownu -

  • Switches between him and Wonho in terms of driving
  • Mostly silent, but tries to initiate conversation with random topics
    • Makes a lot of the members go, “What?” And then laugh with Shownu
  • Asks the other members if they need to eat
  • Rather have all the other members eat the food they brought along the way instead of him eating
    • Feels grateful when Wonho or Minhyuk asks him if he wants his coffee
    • Even better when he gets to rest or strecth for a bit
  • Luckily, Wonho asks to switch at the right time when he’s about to fall asleep
    • Falls asleep on your shoulder in the backseat
    • Puts his earbud in your ear as the two of you listen to the soft music during your roadtrip
  • Likes to play simple games to pass the time

Wonho - 

  • Quite focused on the road; low-key cursing out the other members who are too loud
    • But he can’t help but laugh when someone decides to be stupid
    • Like those window wiping sounds
    • Lord help them all
  • Has you sitting in the passenger seat beside him, because he’s a bit lonely
    • Also, you’re the most sane person (or so he thinks) he can talk to
    • Is it also the reason because he likes you?
  • Likes to talk, like long conversations, when he’s driving
  • When he’s not, he’s playing games on his phone or hand games with I.M and Minhyuk
    • Pouts when he loses
  • Silently eats most of the pre-packed food Kihyun made
    • Yet no one figures it out it was him who ate most of it
    • Suggests for ramyeon at every rest stop
    • “NO.”
  • First one to get out when you arrive
    • Oh and he would document the trip along the way; pictures of animals in the countryside, and road signs

Minhyuk - 

  • Too lazy to drive; sometimes keeps to himself when he’s tired so he listens to music
    • Surprisingly (kind of), according to Wonho, he thinks Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Shownu will have a sudden change when they’re driving
  • Loudest kid when he finds something out of the ordinary along the way
    • “Why does that sign have a–” “MINHYUK NO.”
    • Almost plasters his face against the window as the car passes by it
  • Turns the atmosphere into Right Now again
    • Bobbing his head back and forth as he sings Rhythm Ta… AGAIN
  • Buys the silliest souvenirs at gift shops
    • Sometimes forgets where he’s at or where he’s going
    • Plays with those American coin machines where they turn pennies into flat football-shaped coins
  • Sings to his own music 
    • Doesn’t mind sharing it with you, though
  • Winks at you every time your eyes land on his
    • Holds your hand throughout the trip, even when he’s sleeping

Kihyun - 

  • Making sure everyone eats; knows all the rest stops wherever they go
    • Ain’t going back when one of them didn’t go and suddenly they need to
    • “We left ten minutes ago, hold it in.” “How far are we then?” “Two hours.” “I’m going to be dead by the time we get there.” 
  • Quite organized and has the trip planned
    • Until he forgets the skin products for the night
    • Oh jeez
  • Sings English songs along the way
    • Almost rips his vocal chords, too
    • It’s Wildflower, everyone
    • Jooheon tried, too
  • Worries for Shownu and Wonho when it begins to rain
    • Offers to drive
  • Cuddling with you in the backseat
    • Takes pictures of the two of you 
    • When you’re sleeping because he thinks it’s cute
  • Sings loudly when everyone wakes up

Hyungwon - 

  • Sleeps the moment he gets into the car
    • But he ends up having to get gas
    • And passes it too if you know what I mean *wink *wink
    • Silently freaks out when the pin starts going to the ‘E’
    • But if he’s driving, he’ll act like he can go for another twenty minutes
  • According to the other members, he can get pretty loud
    • Watch out for him and Minhyuk
  • Makes hilarious remarks or sarcastic comments when someone doesn’t know directions or questions where they’re going exactly
  • Looks like a boy who came out of a manga/manhwa when he sits next to the window
    • Starts a V Live for the heck of it
  • Likes to pat your head or draw on the iPad with you
    • Makes some “artistic” drawings of the other members
  • Cheering super loudly the moment they arrive or just waking up in the car, noticing that all the members left the van and just left him there

Jooheon - 

  • Likes looking out of the window, pointing at little sights here and there
    • Sticks his head out of the sunroof and notices the other cars behind him
    • Goes back in
  • Falls asleep with his eyemask for half the ride
    • Misses the rest stop
  • When he’s awake, he’s filming the other members sleeping
    • Well, except for Wonho
  • Drinks six bottles of water the whole trip– apparently he didn’t realize his predicament in the first fifteen minutes of the trip
  • Takes several selfies with you
    • One too many 
    • You can stop now, Joohoney
  • Piggybacks on you as you get out of the car
    • Please don’t die

I.M - 

  • Makes funny comments and jams out to the radio
    • Wears his shades and dabs uncontrollably
    • But usually just stares out the window
  • Does a lot of deep thinking than someone might imagine
    • Just to reflect on his career while the images of nature fly by
    • That kinda sounded poetic
  • Likes to scare you as you’re about to fall asleep
  • Buys like five bags of convenience store food for the rest of the trips
    • Including canned coffee, pretzels, the like
  • Low-key complains about how long the trip is taking
    • Checks his watch occasionally
    • Hoping that they won’t arrive late for their hotel
  • Likes to poke your cheeks and show you pictures throughout the trip

Admin Mochi

I walk without weapons now.
My finger’s off the trigger and my armour’s at home.
Call me a quitter,
but I’m done hitting self-destruct just to see what happens.

So let go of the guilt
and allow your broken body to rebuild.
Forgive your failings and keep on keeping on.
And I’ll keep on keeping on.
And we’ll both become strong.
We’ll both be around long after the burning bridges are gone.

It’s a hollow dream,
helplessly stuffing the holes inside yourself
with half-forgotten moments,
and hoping you hold on to the memories
long enough to say “That was me.”

It takes courage to be free.
I might still struggle with clarity
but I can finally see the path set out before my feet.
Right thought.
Right action.
Right speech.

You might stumble along the way,
but that’s fine.
We only get one chance at this life,
so take it one step at a time.

There’s a dark entity hidden in every mind,
and it wants us to fail.
It wants us to take the easy way out
every damn time.
It delights in torture, and gives bad advice.
You need to silence this voice.
Believe in yourself from time to time,
and you can take back your life.

I still have debts to pay.
I don’t know where the dead go
when they’re done with dreaming,
but I know the darkness is growing more afraid of me these days.
I know in the the silent moments when the world stops
and the ghosts come out,
I can hold these humble bones together
and let them drain themselves of doubt.

Don’t despair.

If you’re sick of seeing beauty through a darkened window,
wipe away the dirt.
Self-love does not have to hurt.
You do not need to justify the suffering you feel.
It’s ok to find this living thing hard,
but you are allowed to exist
exactly the way you are.

Embrace the struggle,
the overwhelming guilt
and desire to lose yourself in drink.
But no matter how many times you fall
or how close you are to drowning,
refuse to sink.

Killing time is no way to live.
Drag yourself from the wreckage
and resurrect yourself.
Stay in love with yourself.
Be yourself.
Open your chest and welcome the breath,
because life doesn’t have to scare you to death.
—  giraffevader - 100 days of sober