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Doll fic: one of the dolls gets lost and the other employs the help of Reylo Baby to find it!

my heart is about to explode in rainbows

“Grandma I lost him!” Han shouts, waddling down the steps, gripping Rey’s old doll to his chest as Leia turns and kneels, brushing his black hair behind his ear.

“Lost who stardust?”


“Oh Han… Well then we’ll go look for him.” Leia says, taking his small hand before kissing the top of his head and walking out.

“Where did you last see him baby?”

“My room…” he sniffs, wiping his eyes with his sleeve as Leia walks to the bunks, helping him down the steps before walking to his room, covering his eyes as they pass the wash rooms.

“Did you sleep with him?”


“Alright then stardust.” Leia mutters gently, putting in the pin before walking in.

“Wanna be like mommy one day Han?”


“Well, before she was a Jedi. She was a scavenger. So let’s scavenge.”

So they did just that, thirty minutes later a shout of victory rings through the room as the doll is found. The entire time Leia was praying to the maker her dear sweet grandson, will never grow up the way Rey had do.

And he never did.

Discovering Leo

I’ve had a few different people asking me how Shiro and Keith came to find their little Galran boy. I thought of many different scenarios, but one stuck in my mind.

“Haggar’s lab should be dead ahead.”
Shiro wiped sweat from his brow with his left hand, the other raised and glowing with deadly light.
“Copy that, Princess.” He answered, cutting down another sentry. Keith pressed up against him back to back, panting.
“I think that was the last of them.” He flicked his head, brushing hair out of his eyes with the tip of his bayard. The floor around them was riddled with dead sentries, their limbs sheared off, wires crackling with electricity.

“…Did you hear that?” Shiro asked, craning his neck. “I thought…”
“I heard it too.” Keith murmured, eyes wide with shock. “It can’t be what I think it is.”
“Come on.” Shiro sprinted ahead down the long, dark corridor, Keith close behind. He skidded to a halt in front of a sealed door, looking to his companion. “It’s coming from in there, I think.”
Keith stepped forward, slapping his open palm onto the door’s panel. It unlocked with a hiss, slowly opening. The room was too dark to see clearly. Keith paused for a moment before taking a few steps inside. Paper crackled under his boots and he looked down to see a sprawl of paper with various charts, scrawled notes in an angular language. Research? He frowned, peering into the darkness. What he saw hit him like a bullet to the gut.

The room was filled with carts, labeled chronologically, lined up wall to wall. Why did Keith feel so uneasy? He stumbled forward, trying to get a closer look.

They weren’t just empty containers. They were empty bassinets.

Shiro let out a despairing cry, and Keith knew they had come to the same realization. Haggar had been experimenting on live subjects. This they’d known for months. But children? Infants? He could feel bile building in the back of his throat as he rested his hands on the edge of one of the abandoned cradles.

“Oh my god… Shiro…” He choked.

“They’re gone… They’re all gone…” He felt the familiar weight of Shiro’s hand on his shoulder, but it did very little to comfort him right now. “How could she… that witch…!”

Shiro looked at his husband and felt his heart break. They had done so much to get here, to locate the right ship, to track Haggar down. He could feel deep in his chest that they wouldn’t have a second chance. They had failed all of them. Each of the numbered bassinets felt like a piece of him being chipped away. He started as Allura’s voice echoed through his communications link.

“Shiro? Keith? What’s going on? There’s a third life sign in that room. Have you found someone?”

Shiro felt a burst of hope, turning in circles to see if there was any sign of life. What had he heard earlier? A whimper? A cry? He flinched as one of the fallen books hiccuped. What was that…tuft of purple?

Keith was hardly paying attention, still trying to simply pull himself together when he heard a yelp of surprise and joy. It seemed like such a foreign emotion that it startled him. He turned to see Shiro’s beaming face, dark eyes moist with tears.

“One survived…!” He exclaimed, voice trembling. “One of them made it…!” In his arms he gently held a tiny Galran baby, who began to wail uncontrollably as the noise upset him.

Keith rushed to Shiro’s side, kneeling in front of him. “…Oh….” Was all he could manage. The baby boy was slightly dirty, with a few small scratches, but seemed otherwise healthy. Keith felt his eyes brim over, holding a finger out to the infant. It grasped his hand immediately, reaching for him and bawling loudly.

“I think he can smell that you’re Galran, too…” Shiro said.
“You really think so…?”

“You’re just about the closest thing he has to family right now…Here.” Shiro handed the baby to Keith, who accepted the little one into his open arms. He could feel the tiny heartbeat, the warmth. The baby’s cries quieted as he rested against Keith, comforted by the familiar scent of his own kind.
Keith couldn’t bear it.
He sobbed, holding the infant close to his chest. Shiro smiled.

They hadn’t failed completely. They had saved one. 

One, precious, priceless life. 

I had to give this story the attention it deserved. T v T b I hope you all enjoy! *pulls at heart strings* Sad au is the best au.

"Living Single" Taeyong Imagine

Taeyong’s POV

1:27am. It was 1:27 am and she was calling me. I knew exactly what she wanted. This is about the time her dates usually end. This was the “post game discussion” as I like to call it.

I love her but I was so sick of this. She’d always come running over to tell me about some crappy dude she went out with. It was tiring. The demographic of men never fit her criteria and at this point it was expected. My heart broke for her 1 million times but not as much as my sleep was broken. I had to be there for her. If not me then who? Her filthy ex? Definitely not?

I slowly answered the phone before wiping my eyes. “I’ll be down in a second.” I said into the phone.

She hummed, agreeing. It became a routine.

As soon as I opened my front door she came charging through. “You wanna know the first thing he said to me?” She snickered while shimmying her jacket off.

I tried to shake the grogginess away as I put on my concerned face. “What?” I replied.

“He told me I didn’t look like my profile picture.” She shook her head before plopping down on the couch.

“Well, to be honest….” I began to make a snarky remark.

She hit my thigh with force before sitting next to me.

“Shut up Taeyong.” She mumbled.

“I’m just really tired, like when am I gonna find the right guy.” She shook her head and sighed deeply.

I heard this question about twice a week. I don’t wanna be that person. The “maybe it’s you” person. But if she wasn’t so persistent I think everything would be fine. She not the type to just wait around but if she eased up maybe she things will work out for her.

“All guys are trash. Like honestly.” She leaned back into the couch while rolling her eyes.

“Stop, y/n” I huffed as I got up to grab a water.

“Seriously like, nobody is worth my time.” She scoffed.

My jaw tightened at her statement. Those words stung. Was I the exception? Why the hell was I pulling myself out of bed at midnight every time she had a damn worry if I wasn’t worth her time? Why has she never listened to me?

I surely had worries but they were never communicated to her. I had no recent love interests to discuss. I was so caught up in her relationships, rushing to pick her up when she got stood up,staying up to hear her rant, making her food when she was too heartbroken to eat. When was it my turn?

Hearing her say that hurt.

“What?” I turned around to make eye contact. “You get so worked up when things don’t go your way! I’m so tired of this. You can’t be so blind at this point.” I spoke with a raised voice.

Her eyes squinted as she turned to face me. “How do you think I feel?” I crossed my arms.

“W-well you don’t seem like you care.” She spoke nonchalantly.

“Not about your date. About always waiting around for you. Being there for you when nobody’s there for me. Literally being your support even when I know the date will end like all the others. How am I supposed to feel? I’m not worth your time but I give all of mine to you?”

I realized that I was yelling as her. I noticed her small hands raise to cover her face as her elbows rested on her knees. I felt bare and destructive. I love her. She’s my entire world but my world lacks dimension and that’s all I wanted her to know.

I lowered my voice before speaking again. “I just want you to realize that I’ve been standing in the same spot. I’ve always been here, waiting for you to need me.” I dropped my arms to my sides.

She removed her hands from her face and stared at her feet. I saw a single tear fall from her eye as she tried to shake away the emotion.

“I don’t-” I began before being cut off.

“I’m sorry.” She looked up to me before rubbing her puffy eyes.

“I’m sorry I don’t listen to you or show that I care for you just as much. I want to know all of your worries and heartaches too.” She mumbled while sniffling.

“I didn’t mean that you weren’t worth my time…….and you have every right to hate me forever and ignore my calls. But I’m still gonna call because you’re all I have.” tears freely ran down her cheeks as she completely broke down.

My eyes widened as I watched her cry in a distraught state. I immediately ran to kneel before her.

“Listen, I’m not going anywhere.” I spoke in a reassuring tone.

I didn’t want her to feel like I was giving up on her. She’s my everything. She had to know at this point.

“You’re all I have, and you know that.” I cupped her face. Her eyes locked in mine as my hand slid down to her arm.

Her eyes closed and her breathing hitched. “C-can you kiss me?” her lips were pouted.

I was shocked by her request, though I was sure I heard her correctly. “What?” I hesitantly asked.

“P-please , Taeyong.” She said, causing my heart to melt. My breath slowed up as I leaned into her.

Her eyes remained closed, as she waited for contact. Her hands slid from my cheek to the nape of my neck.

My lips moved slowly on hers as she readjusted herself.

After moments passed I heard her whimper under my touch. I quickly leaned up allowing her to get air.

“Sorry.” I chuckled while running a hand through my hair. She giggled to herself as she leaned up on the couch.

When she looked like she regained her energy I began to peck her lips. She pecked back, seeming to be in a playful mood. I felt completely pleased at her reciprocation of affection.

She innocently grinned up at me before I pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry I lashed out on
you.” I mumbled before pecking her head.

“I’m sorry I’ve never considered your feelings.” Her muffled voice caused me to smile. Her face was buried in the crook of my neck.

Having her in my arms was blissful, I had no idea if this kiss indicated that we were now more than friends. All I know is that from now on she’ll never have to worry about being alone and my efforts won’t go unseen.

Just Saying

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The rain continued to soak through my clothes as I walked towards his place, I repeatedly wiped my eyes incase he could tell, he always could despite the rain. As I hid underneath his porch I knocked on the door quietly not wanting to disturb anyone who could be sleeping. Letting out a quiet sigh I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to keep back a sob I had been holding in for the duration of my walk here.

“Y/n?” His voice was laced with sleep as he wiped his eyes, readjusting them to my current state. I was soaked to the bone, my hair clung to my scalp and I had wiped black across my eyes and towards my ears, making me look like one of the incredible gone wrong. I couldn’t trust my voice without breaking down so I nodded frantically. No more words were exchanged as he lead me into his house and closed the door behind him. “Let me just put a top on.” He started to become more aware with his senses as I stood still, hovering by the doorway unsure all of a sudden how to act or what to say exactly.

When he returned he handed me towels and a fresh set of pyjamas, his pyjamas but anything would feel better than wet clothes. “You know where my room is.” He motioned upstairs, “Oh and don’t worry, the guys aren’t here tonight.” He spoke up and I nodded to myself, feeling a percentage less guilty about causing some form of commotion at 1 in the morning.

As I dried off I saw myself in the mirror, how worn out I appeared so I took some water on toilet paper to remove the black off of my face. No matter how raw it may feel it’s a better look than a weird panda. As I slipped his pyjamas on I let out a small laugh, seeing how oversized they were on me but he wouldn’t care and neither do I. As I walked back downstairs he was sat in the living room waiting for me like he usually would.

“So,” he starts, passing me a cup of something warm to drink as I sit opposite him. “what did he do now?” He asked in a more sarcastic and expectant tone like always.

Calum always had a problem with Jake. Even when I first met Jake and told Cal it was as if there was an instant need of hatred and disapproval, no matter what good things Jake did it was as if none of it was good enough for Cal or anyone else. I always found myself avoiding Calum eventually when I had a problem with Jake as I knew how arsey he could behave, instead I turned to y/f/n who was more heartfelt and considerate of my feelings.

Placing the cup down with a trembling hand I turned back to him, taking a deep breath and held back the sob I still hadn’t released. “Jake and I are over.” I said with no emotion, it was simply a statement. Part of me was still unsure how I felt about it all, that by taking a walk it would clear my head, help me decide how I felt but instead I ended up coming here, to Cals house.

For a few minutes I waited for a response from him, in that time I saw a few different facial expressions being pulled. Ranging from a look of smugness, happiness, slight sadness, pure anger, and then confusion. “Who broke up with who?” Was his first question, and I shrugged my shoulders not wanting to admit how pathetic I had been.

Now I felt a lump in my throat, “It was, it was him.” I struggled with my words as I choked up feeling the tears well in my eyes. “Jake broke up with me.” My voice now watery and I couldn’t find it in myself to say anything else, instead I just broke down crying in front of Calum.

Immediately he brought me into his embrace, I rested my head on his chest as I sobbed into it causing it to be damp and slightly snotty. He tried to cheer my up as I continued to sob but it was no use. “You know how he would tell you he lived alone?” I nodded having never been to his house, only observed it from the outside. “He lied to you, no surprise there.” He muttered the last half to himself. “I saw his parents pull in with bags upon bags of food and a younger sister too.” I scoffed loudly and felt my tears stopping, the scoff suppressing.

I sat up right, “What did I see in him  Cal?” I asked and he shrugged his shoulders. “I mean really? No one even liked him.” I joked thinking back to how everyone seemed to think he was bad news, that he had no future being a part time chimney sweep, and that he had had a bad reputation.

“But your friends like me.” He points out and I give him my usual look of annoyance, he holds his hands up defensively. “I’m just saying that’s all.” He jokes and nudges my arm.

“Why did it take me so long to realise all of this? How naive must I have been?” I think aloud wanting to rip my hair out for being so stupid this whole time. “I mean did I tell you about that time we went to this fancy restaurant he reserved?” I now got louder as frustration pumped itself through my system.

Calum thought for a moment before shaking his head, I slammed my hands down onto the chair and stood up quickly and began to pace back and forth. “So he booked that Spanish restaurant and told me he would pick me up and make it all romantic.” I began and rubbed my face, still amazed how I didn’t see the signs before. “Anyway he turns up at my door nearly 45 minutes late.” I say and Calum gives me the look to say ‘seriously?’ “Oh please, that’s nothing.” I scoff, “So we get there and start to order, meal was lovely great food and then the cheque comes and do you know what he does?” I ask him and he shakes his head slowly. “He passed me the cheque and said and I quote. It’s on you darling. Then winked at me!” Now I was yelling as I groaned, reflecting on that time when I should’ve gotten up and walked away.

“You’re kidding, you’ve got to be.” He smiles in a cheeky manner, but when he sees my eyes and how I’m so close to blowing my lid his expression changes too.

“Oh I wish it was a joke, I was so willing to split it half but no. So there I was, made to pay for an entire three course meal. And you wondered why I couldn’t go out to the cinema with you guys.” I say sighing and collapse onto the floor, disappointed in myself.

I keep my head rested in my hands and I hear some shuffling before a weight rests on my shoulders. “I would never do that to you.” He whispered in my ear and I removed my hands from my eyes, raising an eyebrow to him. “Never, I promise.” He spoke up and a smile appeared on my face for the first time that evening.

Placing my hands on his cheeks he smiles back to me, “What would I do without you Cal?” I ask and he removes my hands from his cheeks, putting them back into my lap.

“Who knows. Probably we with another Jake.” He shivers and I lightly chuckle.

“Nah, Jake would be off with his other girl, one of many he has.” I spoke up and then saw him stiffen and shift.

“He, he had another girl on the go? The same time as you?” He spoke through his clenched teeth, and I focused on the carpet I was sat on and nodded. Straight away he tore himself off of the ground and stormed out of the front door, slamming it behind him.

Quickly I stood up and ran towards the door and out into the dark night, glancing back and forth to see which direction he went. I decided to run back into the direction I had come from and managed to catch up to a figure who I was desperately hoping would he him. “Cal!” I whisper yelled but he ignored me. I spoke up again and ran up even further, now pretty certain it was him I pulled on his shoulder to make him face me.

He turned but his face was contorted with anger, his jaw remained clenched like his fists and his eyes were wide with rage. “What is it now y/n?” He sounded tired, fed up but also vengeful.

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other as I played with the hems of his shirt. “You don’t have to fight my battles for me.” I spoke quietly now feeling insignificant before him. “Jake isn’t worth it.” I glanced up for a second to see his face softening slightly.

He stood forward, moving closer towards me. He placed his hand on my upper arm and tilted my chin with the other one so I would pay attention for once. “I don’t want you to get hurt like that, I don’t want a guy like Jake think it’s okay to mess with your feelings Y/n! Cause it’s not okay! Never is it okay and then he has the audacity to break up with you! With you of all people!” He now speaks in a passionate tone and I feel unsure about his motives now.

He holds his hands up behind his neck, letting out a deep sigh. “What do you mean Cal?” I ask with utter confusion.

Blankly he stares at me as if I asked what 2+2 was. “You don’t get it do you?” I shook my head in response. “I will always be there to help you, help you get over every stupid guy that wasn’t right for you. All those ones that make me feel sick inside for how they lie or misbehave or treat you. How none of your friends have liked any of them yet I’m stood right here!” He holds his hands up and suddenly it all clicks into place. “I’m just saying that y/n, I’m better than him and you know it. So when you’re ready to talk about that and change your mind I’ll be waiting.” He brings me into a tight hug and kisses my forehead, lingering for a few seconds before turning away and walking back home leaving me stood completely and utterly bewildered.

“I changed my mind Cal, just saying.”

Breakfast of Champions (Jackson/Smut)

The sweet scent of vanilla and batter lightly hit my nose as I rolled over in bed and wiped the drool from the corner of my mouth. I honestly don’t understand how some people never have this problem in the morning. I wiped the drool on my shirt and lifted my hand up to rub the sleep from my eyes. As I pushed the sheets down whilst lifting my body up, I clumsily got out of bed. Looking like a newborn fawn, I made my way over to the chair that had my shorts draped over the back. I’m usually not this tired on a Saturday morning, but I was up late with Jackson watching movies and making up scenarios about our future.

Scratching the back of my head, mid-yawn, I made my way out to the kitchen to see what Jackson was making. I could hear the sound of frying and the song Jackson was whistling. I walked up behind him, trying to stay as quiet as possible, and wrapped my arms around his waist, putting my head on his shoulder blade. I peeked over his shoulder to see what he was doing. He was making pancakes and eggs, and already had a big plate of each cooked up.

“Hey, there.” He said with quiet laughter in his voice. “You must’ve slept well. Pretty much had to ring out my pillows from all that slobber you got on them.”

“It’s not slobber, it’s drool, and yes, I did sleep well. Very well in fact” I retorted as I hoisted myself onto the counter. I grabbed a pancake and tried to take a bite when Jackson took it from my hand.

“Hey, hey, wait till everything is ready.” He chuckled as he put the pancake back on the plate. I grabbed his arm and pulled him over to me. I brought his face close to mine. We lightly kissed, with it getting more and more intense. He moved his head down, placing kisses along my jaw and down to my neck.

He gripped his hands under my thighs and lifted me up as he turned to place me on the lower counter. He continued kissing my neck and made his way down across my collar bones to right in the center of my breasts. He pulled off my shorts, panties in tow, and then slowly kneeled down.

“Jackson,” I said lightly giggling. “What about breakfast? It’s going to get cold.”

He lightly caressed my inner thighs with his fingers, and then his lips, making me shudder with the interaction.

“That’s what microwaves are for babe.” He whispered as he lightly rubbed the tip of his nose against my thigh and made his way over.

He licked my clit, making me shudder even more, my lip between my teeth. He looks up at me, seeing the look on my face and smirks. He continues to lick and flick his tongue on me as he slides his finger in, making me bite my lip even harder. I tried my hardest to keep my eyes on him, but with the overwhelming sensation my eyes slowly rolled up as my head dropped back.

“Mmm, Ja-“ I gasped loudly as he slid in another finger and licked harder as if my clit was a fucking tootsie pop and me cumming was the center.

My hand grasped a handful of his hair harder, my other hand gripped the marble counter top feeling as if I could break off a piece right there with what he was doing to me. My knees lifted up as I quaked, feeling the climax nearing. I felt Jackson’s lips against me as they turned up into a smile. He knew full well that I was almost there. I let out a loud gasp and my breathing got choppier as I came. He continued to lick me clean as he pulled out his fingers.

He stood up and I dropped down with my forehead on his shoulder and my arm around his neck. He lifted me off the counter and took me to the bedroom, laying me on the bed.

“Sex now or after breakfast?” he said as he stood over me. “I just ate, so it’s up to you.” He winked as I lifted myself up onto my elbows.

“Now.” I demanded. Jackson always made me feel this way; always made me want him so badly.

A smile made its way across his lips as he pulled down his boxers and walked over to the nightstand next to his bed and grabbed a condom from the drawer. He ripped it open and pulled it out of the colorful packaging. I remembered the day we were at the gas station and I picked those up as a joke, but he bought them anyway.

“Top or bottom first?” He asked as he put the condom on.

“Top.” I said as he moved over and laid down on the bed. I crawled over and moved my leg to the other side of him. I was straddling him, his dick inches from my opening. I grabbed him and slowly slid down, watching the expression change on his face. He grabbed my hips as I bounced up and down on him. I leaned down to kiss him as he started thrusting into me. The feeling of him inside of me felt so good, being this close to him, as if we were completely one. He pulled away from the kiss and looked into my eyes. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but instead he just flipped me over.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, my heels digging into him trying to bring him as deep into me as possible. I was clutching at his back, knowing that there would be marks afterwards. My breath was running in short passes, barely being able to keep it together. His rhythm was starting to get uneven, meaning that he was coming close to his climax, too. His thrusts became slow and heavy as he came. He rolled off me pulling me into his side with his arm wrapped around me. Rubbing my arm, he kissed my forehead and looked at me.

“I love you. A lot. I know this is my first time telling you, but I’ve felt it for a while.” He said as he continued staring into my eyes.

“I love you, too, Jackson.” I said with a big goofy-ass grin on my face. I pulled his face into mine and kissed him as deeply as possible. We laid there for a while till we decided to get up and go out.

New Girl

“You’re lying?” I laugh and shake my head. “You guys don’t realize how much I appreciate you all for letting me move in” I was handed a tissue by one of the ridiculously attractive men.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you hear about us?”

“Craigslist. I was desperate, but thank god you all look normal. And the rent is so cheap” I sniffle. I wipe my tears.

“Well Sasha, you can move in today, if you want?” I open my eyes in shock.

“My stuff is in the car, thank you so much for this I owe you guys everything” I hug them individually. “We can make this work, I can already tell, you guys are a nice group of men” I hold the blonde ones hand.

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    The thought of sleeping the rest of the night wasn’t going to happen anymore.

    Sighing, Takumi lazily gazed out through the open window, obtaining a nice view of the castle grounds from his stance at the tree where Corrin – and now his – private headquarters were located. In nothing but his pajama bottoms and a loose ponytail, the Hoshido prince quietly wiped at his eyes, then perched his chin on the back of his palm as his elbow rested at the ledge of the window. A crisp breeze blew about, fanning his face and strands of his long, silver locks. Closing his eyes, he basked in the soft wind, and tried to relax.

    He had another nightmare. Fortunately, Corrin’s abrupt kick to his leg had woken him up even before the madness had a chance to commence.

    It still hurt, but he was ever-so-thankful for that kick. At least tonight, he didn’t wake her up again due to screams.


    He froze at the sound of her cracked, tired voice. Damn…

    Yawning, Corrin hugged her arms at the breeze of cold air rushing in, scooting near her husband. “What’re you doing still up? It’s in the middle of the night…”

    Takumi could hear the tiredness dripping from her tone. Swallowing, he shrugged. “It was getting stuffy in here.”

    “Did you have a nightmare?” She lowered her hands.

    Frowning, Takumi took a moment to take in more of the breeze (it felt nice), before he was able to push himself away from the open window and turn to her. He studied her barely visible face, not surprised to see the worry etching her expression. Without warning, his arms gently slipped around her small body, tugged her close to his bare chest, and softly kissed at some of the strands of her hair. “No.” True, he wasn’t lying…completely. He was having one.

    Simply that the bad part had yet to come.

    “Are you—“

    “Corrin,” he cut her off with gentleness in his tone, “Shush and go back to sleep. You’re ‘bout to pass out on me, silly woman…” He squeezed her softly, and pressed his lips to her forehead, emitting another soft sigh. He then remembered that she was so damn stubborn, so instead, he broke away, and instead grabbed his wife’s small hand, tugging her back towards their comfy bed. He slumped in utter relief as she willingly crawled back to bed, curled up cutely, and patted his pillow.

    The princess then smiled that sweet smile he had come to love. “Come on, Takumi. Let’s go back to sleep.”

    He held no objections, and modestly slipped next to her. She cupped his cheek, scooted over to peck him sluggishly, and finally hid her face into his chest with one final yawn. “Good…night…”

    He chuckled softly – she was out like a candle being lit out. Albeit he wasn’t going back to sleep anytime soon, the comfort of his snoozing wife in his arms was more than enough to have him feel at ease.


Requested by artynerd23. I am sorry it’s so late! And I changed the original request slightly. I felt this fit the situation better. 

I moved my body, feeling my legs get caught in the swarms of black blankets on my bed. Even through my bliss, I felt an odd lack of heat to my side. I swung one my hands out in that direction, but was only met with an empty half of the bed.

“Cisco.” I mumbled, sitting up. I brought one of my hands up to my eyes, attempting the wipe the haze of sleep from my orbs. I turned my head towards my boyfriend’s usual side of the bed, and my gaze fell upon his clock.

“5:30? Cisco what the hell?” I asked myself, rising from the bed. My movements were stiff as I marched to the bedroom door. A soft light glowed from underneath the large piece of wood, tempting me to open it. After a moment of decision, I flung the door open, and made my way out into the hall. I soon determined the light was originating from the living room, and I moved to stand in the doorway.  

Sitting on the couch, was Cisco, swaddled in a blanket, and watching an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. I moved quietly to stand behind the couch, before reaching my arms out, enveloping Cisco in a hug from behind.

“Princess? Why are you up?”

“I would like to ask you the same thing.” I moved around the couch to sit next to him. I laid my head against his shoulder, as he brought the blanket around me.

“You’ve been doing this for the past few days Cisco. Are you alright?” My voice was laced with concern, as I stole a glance at Cisco’s face. His features conveyed a sense of calm and peace. It would have fooled me also, if it weren’t for his eyes. They were glassy, clouded over with some kind of weakness I couldn’t describe. 

“I am fine (Y/N). I’m actually gonna go into S.T.A.R. Labs early today. I want you to sleep in though. This whole Zoom situation has taken its toll on you.” He said softly, placing a kiss on my forehead. I felt his chest spasm slightly under my weight, but I foolishly paid no attention as he helped me to my feet.

He didn’t speak as he guided me back to our bedroom. At the door, he tugged me into a quick yet soft kiss, before turning and rushing out of the house without a single word.

As soon as Cisco made it outside, he erupted into fits of coughing, hunching over to try and calm his lungs. A slew of Spanish curse words escaped the man’s lips as he stumbled out to his blue smart car, a fog of sickness clouding his movements.

“God this is getting worse than I thought.”

Maybe 15 minutes later, Cisco stumbled into the laboratories a wheezy, sickly mess. He was able to make it into the cortex, before he collapsed against one of the chairs. Barry was the first to spot him, rushing over to catch Cisco before he hit the floor.

Caitlin rushed over, urging Barry to carry the engineer over to her medical station on the right side of the cortex. Barry laid Cisco in a bed, against his protests.

“Guys, I’m fine. Really. Just a little cold, that’s all.”

“Cisco, this is no cold. I think you have developed pneumonia. How long have you been like this?” Caitlin asked, rushing around to check the man’s vitals. Finally giving into his friends requests, he relaxed against the pillow, allowing his mind to focus on when the symptoms started.

“Maybe a week or so ago.” He responded, a harsh cough following close after. Barry used his speed to retrieve Cisco a glass of water, while Harry stood in the doorway. Caitlin’s shocked expression made Cisco wince slightly, not wanting to meet his friends gaze.

“A week?! Cisco, that’s very dangerous! What were you thinking?” She said, finally moving to grab some medication.

“I didn’t want to make you guys or (Y/N) worry. I didn’t want to lessen our progress with Zoom.” He said, staring up at the ceiling.    

“Well, (Y/N) is going to be pissed.” Harry finally butted in, pulling out his phone and putting it up to his ear. Cisco sat up instantly, panic crossing his features.

“Harry no-!”

It was too late. Harry was already greeting the girl, but explaining the situation. Cisco heard the yell of anger through the phone all the way from his bed, and knew that his girlfriend was pissed. Harry lifted his head from his phone, and nodded at Barry, before he raced out of the cortex. A few minutes later, Barry stood at the entrance of the medical ward, a very pissed (Y/N) at his side.

“(Y/N) I-”

“Shut it Ramon.”

Now Cisco knew he was in a lot of trouble, she only ever called him Ramon when she was angry. She crossed the room quickly to smack her boyfriend upside the head, and begin her rant.

“Pneumonia! Seriously Cisco! You put off a cold to the point of pneumonia! What were you thinking?!” She shouted, earning a ‘That’s what I said!’ from Caitlin. 

 Cisco just hung his head, taking every scream that escaped his girlfriends lips. At a point, she just stopped, and flopped onto the bed next to him. She pressed her head against his shoulder, letting out an exasperated sigh.

 “You said you were okay.” 

“Princess, I’m sorry.” Cisco started, pulling his girlfriend down to lay her head in his lap. He ran one of his hands through his hair, trying to find the words to use.

“I didn’t want to make you worry. We were so close to figuring out a new technique for stopping Zoom, and I didn’t want to burden you all with a stupid illness.”

“Well, it’s too bad, cause after Caitlin finds some medication, you are coming home with me.” (Y/N) said, a sudden glint of determination flashing through the woman’s eyes. Cisco adored that gaze of hers, and if his eyes changed, they’d be in the shape of hearts. 

The next morning, Cisco was a sneezing, coughing mess. (Y/N) got up early that morning to make him soup, and stayed by his side the entire day, just watching movies and cuddling her sickly boyfriend.

“Your nose is red.”

“Yeah. And?”

“It’s cute. You look like Rudolph”

“One, you are a Christmas addict. And two, you find me being sick cute?”

“You know what I mean.”

I forgot how annoying mascara was. Like how do ppl just wipe it away like nothing? I have to delicately rub the stuff off (obviously with a make up remover of sort) and even then I’ll get some residue in my eye so I have to use a q-tip and literally stick it in to clean everything out. Such a hassle.

The night after they sleep together for the first time, John wakes up in Sherlock’s bed, to the scent of butter frying. He wipes the sleep from his eyes, works out the kinks in his body, catalogs all of the areas that are sore after a night of patient, intense shagging and levers himself up to sitting.

Confused and nervous-both at the delightful scent and at the prospect of having to talk about the happenings of the night previous-he tosses his legs over the side of the bed, steels himself and pads into the kitchen.

Sherlock stands at the stove, shimmying this way and that, to a tune only he can hear, cooking something that John can’t quite see.

John takes a step forward, the movement causing the boards beneath his feet to shift and whine.

Sherlock spins, a rare moment of being caught off guard, holds the spatula up at his side like a lance. “Oh. John,” his cheeks color a rosy pink, and an embarrassed little half smile tips the side of his mouth. “Good morning.”

John smiles, nerves leaving him in a sudden shiver. John is delighted to see Sherlock, delighted that Sherlock appears to be delighted. Morning. What are you-“

"Pancakes!” Sherlock says, closing his eyes at the loud proclamation, his cheeks coloring further. “Chocolate chip. After… well, last evening I though it might be best if… that is, I thought you might be hungry.”

John doesn’t know what to say. A million things flit through his mind, admissions he wants to make, sentiment he wants to put name to. But he does nothing but step forward and press a light kiss to Sherlock’s mouth. “I am hungry, yeah.”

Sherlock’s face morphs into giddy happiness. “Good. Sit. I’ve just put the kettle on.”

forbidden love chapter three {demi lovato fanfiction}

“GOOD MORNING!!” my mom shouts from the other side of the phone. “good morning.” i mutter wiping the sleep from my eyes. demi shifts besides me, wrestling with her hair to try to see the time. once she does, she lets out a groan then drags the blanket over her head. “how is everything?” my mom asks. “we havent burn down the house if thats what your asking.” i smile watching demi scoot closer to me. “oh no of course not hon, i just wanted to see how the two of you were doing.” “were just fine.” demi pokes her head out from under the blanket. she grabs at my tank top pulling it down. i grab her hand before my nipples show themselves. she smiles tugging more on my shirt. “what did you two do yesterday?” my mom asks curiously. “we just….” before i can even start my sentence demi lays her warm lips on my breast still struggling to pull my tank down. “hon?” my moms voice calls. “y-yes um we just” i bite my lip as i watch her lips wrap around my nipple. “we um watched a movie.” i finally spit out. demis hand slides between my legs. “oh what movie?” she mom asks. i hear eric’s voice in the background talking with my mom. “demi stop!” i squeal as quietly as possible once i feel her fingers slide under my undies. “do you really want me to stop?” she whispers pushing two fingers past my pussy lips to rub my clit. “y-yes.” i nearly moan. “listen to how wet you are.” she smiles moving her fingers inside me. my head throws back onto the pillow. she pumps roughly so i can hear the smacking noises between my legs. i grab the end of my pillow pushing it against my face so my moans cant be heard in the phone. “y/n you still there?” i hear my moms voice. “yeah iam h-here.” i reply shutting my legs close with demis fingers still inside me. “well ill call you girls back later eric want to get a head start on the day.” my mom cheers. demis grabs my knees pulling them apart. “o-okay mom have fun” i reply struggling with dems. i say my goodbyes quickly, once i hear the line go dead i let my phone drop to the floor, wrapping my legs around demi. our lips push together, i pull her shirt over her head. i connect my mouth to her chest while she rips my clothes off. she slides her sweats off straddling my lap. “i have a small suprise.” she whispers wrapping her arms around my neck. “really? what is it?” i ask linking my arms around her lower back. “stand up.” she says climbing off the bed. our chest smash against each other while she whispers,” close your eyes.” i do as told. i hear the door behind me open then her footsteps down the hall. i begin to open my eyes a bit until her voice calls out to me to keep them shut. i laugh to myself, still trying to figure out what she is doing. the door shuts again, and her footsteps stop in front of me. her hands touch my thighs, i suspect she is kneeling down in front of me. seconds pass before i feel her tongue playing with my clit. she pulls away, a whimper leaves my lips. “hang on baby.” she says so softly. “lift your right leg up.” she tells me in such a sexy voice. she places my hand on her shoulder to keep my balance. after doing the same with my left leg i feel her slide something up my legs. “open your legs a bit y/n.” she tells me. i do so slowly, trying to figure out what is this thing she is putting on me. when i feel a the head of the toy enter me i let a small gasp go. i instantly know what it is.she adjusts the straps around my legs then stands back up. “open your eyes.” she is smiling down at my waist. when i look down the strap on stands tall from my waist. “ill ride with one while you feel good too.” she smirks grabbing the toy jerking it around so the toy inside me moves as well. 

i have never used or even saw a strap on in person before so i just look down at it. demi catches on and walks forward. “let me show you.” she smiles. she motions for me to sit on the edge of the bed which i do. she turns around inserting it into herself. demi’s ass grinds down until her ass is touching me. “shit.” she breaths out softly. i slowly push forward into her causing the toy inside me to move. “yes baby.” she moans meeting my thrusts. i moan along with her. she leans back against me rolling her hips against the toy. “y/n faster baby.” she begs. being in this position i cant really move any faster so i flip her over leaning over the bed. i grab her waist pushing her pussy down onto the toy until she squeals out grabbing the sheets of the bed. “oh fuck y/n!!” she screams. “fuck dems!!!” i moan thrusting back into her, feeling the toy hit just the right spot. she spreads her legs more as i thrust roughly into her still holding her waist. demi lifts one leg onto the bed giving me a chance to go even deeper into her soaked pussy. “yesss! shit give me that dick baby iam so fucking close y/n!!” i pull out all the way then ram the toy back in. she moans loudly into the sheets arching her back. i quicken my pace making sure to rub her clit. we both scream and moan feeling our high coming fast. “dont stop dont stop.” she cries out touching me. “shit shit !!! yes iam cumming y/n!! holy fuck!!” she screams. “fuck demi!!! yes baby cum all over me yes!!” i moan out thrusting a couple more time until we each burst through our highs. she breaths heavily sitting up. i meet her in the middle of the bed. she wipes the sweat from my forehead kissing me. “i fucking loved that.” she smiles. “i know you did.” i smirk. she giggles looking down to the toy still around me. i lay back with my legs stretched out. i close my eyes listening to my heartbeat come down back to a normal heart rate. the bed shifts and demi plants herself back onto the toy, straddling it. i look at her with the biggest smile painted on her face. i sit up meeting her while she gets comfy on the toy. “best surprise ever.” she laughs. i nod agreeing locking my arms around her. she grinds her hips down in a medium speed pace. i kiss her breasts, watching her please herself. her arms snake around my neck inching closer to me. i tighten my grip around her waist making her slow her grind. she moans softly laying her head in the crook of my neck. she presses her lips to mine while we rock our hips in a slow motion. “this feels so good.” she whispers. i smile pulling her lips back to mine. 

we can only enjoy a few minutes of this before a knock downstairs pulls us apart. we both jump up pulling our clothes on as quickly as possible. i take longer since the toy. “they couldnt be home already.” demi says pulling up her sweats forgetting her undies. “i hope not.” i say rushing out the door with her in front of me. demi peeks opening the door just a tad. “yes?” demi asks not letting me see. “iam um..” the guy says, demi finally opens the door wider for him to take a step in. the guy who walks in is pretty gorgeous our eyes lock. his light brown hair is slick back, his jawline could cut paper in half,  his tall, taller than me and demi thats for sure. but the one thing that catches my attention the most is his striking blue eyes, there is no way those are natural. demi clears her throat getting my attention and his. “what did you need?” demi asks eager for him to leave. “my parents wanted to ask your parents to dinner at our house um welcoming thing.” he says glancing at demi then looking back to me. “they arent here at the moment.” demi says coming to stand next to me. “oh okay well whenever they get back.” he says awkwardly. “ill let them know…..” demi starts but stops when she realizes she doesnt know his name. “iam jace.” he states holding out his hand to demi. which she doesnt take. i roll my eyes at her shaking his hand. “iam y/n and thats demi.” i say looking over to her as she moves into the living room. “nice to meet you.” he says. i nod in response as i pull my hand away. “i better get back, ill see you both on friday.” he says taking a step back towards the door. “bye demi, bye y/n.” he says before heading out of the house. “oh how flirty you both were.” demi sighs flickering on the t.v. “i wasnt flirting.” i say sitting down on the couch next to her. “yes you were you both were.” she pouts crossing her arms. “i was being nice since someone was being rude.” i say leaning my head on her arm. “i saw how he was looking at you.” “how?” “with the same look i had when i first met you.” “and what look is that?” i asks. “the holy fuck your beautiful look.” she sighs, looking down to me. i smile sitting up. “oh demi stop i wasnt flirting, i just didnt want to be rude.” i say sitting across her lap. “promise?” she says. “absolutely.” i smile kissing her. “but what if….” she starts but i crash my lips on hers again to shut her up. we both smile continuing our kiss. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

let me know what you think & tell me if you want to see a chapter four!! thanks for reading xx 

DONE (Nate Maloley Imagine) Part 3

PREVIOUS PARTS ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️:

I heard a light knock on the door. I opened the door to be greeted by a sympathetic Matt.
“Hey y/n” Matt walked in hugging me.
“Hey Matt” I said wiping away tears.
“How are you?” He asked.
“He has kid…” I cried into Matt shoulder.
I spent the next two hours just spilling my feelings out to Matt. By now it was midnight. Matt fell asleep while we were watching glee.
I brought out a blanket for Matt and took off his shoes so he could sleep comfortably on the couch.
I walked back to my room and changed into comfy clothes. I laid on my bed and finally closed my eyes getting much needed sleep.

I stood up from the couch. I must’ve fallen asleep on y/n. I grabbed my shoes and walked over to y/n bedroom. When I opened her door I could hear light whimpering, she was tossing and turning. I quietly walked over to her bed and slightly shook her awake.
“Hey y/n” I whispered. She gasped and abruptly sat up.
“Matt?” She was breathing hard and she seemed scared.
“Hey, it’s okay it was only a dream. I’m here now.” I said as I wrapped an arm around her.
“Thanks Matt” she whispered into my chest.
After a few minutes of hugging her. I finally said “I guess you wanna go back to sleep” I asked her.
“Yeah” she softly smiled at me. I stood up from the bed and walked over to the door.
“Can you stay here with me?” She asked.
“Of course”
I laid down on the bed and y/n put her head on my chest. I wrapped a protective arm around her. Her breathing was becoming softer, soon she was asleep and so was I.
I heard soft breathing next to me, and for a second a rush of happiness engulfed me thinking it was Nate. I turned around to find Matt laying next to me. The happiness left me filing me with loneliness.
I stood up from my bed and walked over to the restroom, I turned on the shower and quickly jumped in. The warm water hit my body so peacefully.
I brushed through my tangled hair and put on some clean clothes that consisted of jeans and a t-shirt. I walked out of the restroom to find an empty bed. The smell of pancakes and sausage lingered through the apartment. So I walked out to the kitchen.
“Hey y/n, though you might want breakfast” Matt said with a smile.
“Thanks Matt… I can’t remember the last time I eat a home cooked meal.”
Matt laughed and sat next to me with a plate full of food.
“So what have you been up to Matty boy?” I asked.
“Not much… I’m taking a breathtaking, gorgeous, beautiful girl on date today.” Matt had a little sparkle in his eyes when he talked about this mysterious girl.
“So who’s this special girl?” I said playfully punching Matt.
“You silly. So get ready because we’re leaving in an hour.”
“Come on y/n!”
I took my last bite of pancakes and walked back to my room. I straightened my hair and changed into a t-shirt dress. I added a little bit of makeup but still keeping it natural. “Ready!” I said as looked at the mirror. It felt nice to go out with a guy even if it was just Matt.
I walked to the kitchen to find Matt changed and looking extra fine.
“Where did you get clothes?” I asked.
“I always carry an extra pair in my car.” He paused “ready?”
“Yeah” I grabbed my black Givenchy purse from the counter.
“You look gorgeous, by the way” he said as he opened the door, letting me out.
“Awe thanks Matt. I tried, I tried.”
We got inside his white G-Wagon and immediately “Like That” started playing, exactly on Nate’s verse.
“Maybe we should change the music” Matt immediately changed the station.
“It’s okay Matt.” I said trying to relieve some of the awkward tension. “So where we off to?”
“I was thinking Santa Monica Pier?”
“Sounds good to me.” I sat back on the seat and relaxed to the new music that was playing. The song was “Deep” by Big Sean. I love rap, and Matt admired Sean. So it was a song that suited us both.
I always love driving down the PCH, it has such a beautiful view.
I love seeing how the waves crash into the cliffs.
Soon enough we we’re parking and getting off. We walked towards the pier and Matt grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together. I would have let go of his hand but that would have been more awkward than actually holding his hand.
We stopped at a burger place and sat down at one of the tables.
“What can I get for you today?” The waitress asked.
“Can I get a coke and The Bacon Cheeseburger meal” he paused “Y/n?”
“A coke and a cheeseburger meal” I smiled at the waitress. She left with our orders.
Matt talked about his upcoming movie and tour. He was so excited for the future. And I talked about applying to Medical School.
Soon enough our food came and we started.
“This is this best hamburger I’ve ever had.” Matt said with a full mouth.
“Matt! Don’t talk with your mouth full!”
“Sorry” he said laughing and shoving more food into his mouth. Doing the opposite of what I said.
“Hi!” A tiny little blonde girl came up to us. She was barely able to walk, but spoke perfectly
“Well, Hi there cutie!” I said. Admiring the girl’s dimples. She looked a lot like Nate. But she couldn’t possibly be…
“Diamond!” She pointed at Matt hoodie.
“Yeah that’s a diamond, and this cute boy is Matt.” I said pecking his cheek. He started blushing making me smile.
“Hey where’s your dad, babe?” Matt asked the little girl.
“Over there” she pointed to a groups of guys which I immediately recognized. Sam, Gilinsky, Johnson, and… Nate.

A/n: Guess who’s back, back again
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Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back
Guess who’s back

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Delicate Flower

Hey could you do a imagine where y/n is an actress on AHS and her and a few of the female cast go out for lunch and there’s an accident and y/n gets really hurt and they have to tell Evan and he rushes to the hospital. Y/n is fine but Evan doesn’t let her do anything and keeps making a fuss over her. With lots of fluff? :3 x

I forced my eyes open at 4:45 AM. It should be illegal to be awake this early. I rolled over and wiped the sleep from my eyes. They kept wanting to close and stay closed forever so I figured it would be best if I sat up. I looked over at Evan and kissed his cheek. He didn’t have to be up early with me this morning, because he’s not in this episode. I half stood half slid out of bed and shuffled into the bathroom. I reached my hand behind the shower curtain and pulled the hot water lever. I walked over to the sink and brushed my teeth and washed my face. When I got under the steaming hot water I could have lived in there and never got out. It felt so good, and it definitely woke me up. I pulled on some sweat pants and a tshirt and left the house by 5:30. I stopped to get a coffee and the girl at the drive thru recognized me, “Oh my goodness, you’re the new girl on American Horror Story! I love your character already!” “Thank you, that is really sweet!” I took my coffee and drove off, arriving at the set by 5:50. Lily, Jessica and Sarah were all in a circle talking about where we’re gonna go for lunch this afternoon. When I walked up to them Lily gave me a hug and asked, “Y/N, do you want to go to lunch with us today? Sarah’s driving!” “okay, yeah I’d love to.” We talked a little bit more about lunch and about the script and about how filming is going to go until Ryan came up at 6:00 and ushered us to our places and we started filming.

By lunch time I was absolutely exhausted. My character had about 6 crying scenes that we filmed today and I did all of them at least 2 times. I felt like I was going to die when Jessica, Sarah, Lily and I pilled into Sarah’s car. Lily let me lay my head on her lap so I could stretch out in the back seat and relax, they knew how exhausting it was to have to cry so much. “Hey, Y/N, how’s Evan?” “His lucky ass is still sleeping” I said giggling. “I’m so glad him and his fiancee broke up, they weren’t good together. Always fighting.” “Yeah, he seems so much happier now.” “He makes me happy.” “How are you feeling?” “My head hurts bad, and I just want to sleep for a million years. Also, I don’t think I could ever cry again.” “Hahaha, yeah characters that cry a lot are very hard to do. But you’re doing a wonderful job.” “Thank you Jessica” “Now, where do-” Sarah’s words were cut off by a loud screeching noise. The car spun around and something smashed into the side of it. I flew off the back seat and hit my neck on the passenger seat. When I hit the floor my head bounced off the center counsel and then things got really fuzzy. “Oh my god. Is everyone okay?” “Hey, Y/N hit her head really hard.” I felt someone pull me up but I wasn’t any attention. They were holding my neck steady but I closed my eyes and tried to focus on breathing. The pain in neck was searing through my entire skull, and I heard someone yelling. “Hello, 911, I just got into an accident..” After that I passed out, I think.

I opened my eyes and looked around, confused. I wasn’t in my bed and I wasn’t in any kind of familiar room. I didn’t know what time it was, or where I was. I didn’t remember anything. It’s like I blacked out or something. I tried to move my head but it hurt so I left it where it was. “Oh god, hey she’s opened her eyes!” I recognized Evans voice. “Hey, Y/N, how are you doing? You okay?” That was Sarah. “She looks confused” That was Lily. “Well let her sit up and see if she remembers what happened” And that was Jessica. “Ow..” I tried to sit up like Jessica said but it didn’t work very well. Evan put his arm behind my back and helped me “I gotcha kitten, you’re okay.” I felt his lips on my forehead. There was a knock and then I heard an unfamiliar voice, “Is she awake? Oh good!” It was a doctor. I was in a hospital. “Now, miss Y/L/N, you were in a car accident and you hit your neck and head pretty hard. You’re going to be just fine, no concussion or anything serious. However, you’re going to be in some pain for a few days. You can take it easy if you want to, but you’re not going to do any damage if you go back to your normal routine. Make sure you’re wearing your seat belt next time though.” He smiled at me, and I laughed a little. “Okay, I promise. Thank you.” “Have a great day, guys.” The doctor left and so did Lily, Sarah, and Jessica so I could get dressed to go home. Evan helped me out of bed and I bent over to put my leg in my sweats, “Ow.. ow.. god..” “Kitten, here let me..” Evan put his hand on mine and moved it out of the way. He put my pants on for me and my shirt too. He put his arm around my shoulder and helped me out of the room. When we got to the car I went to open the door but he pushed my hand away, “ah, ah, ah, let me do it baby.” He opened my door for me and sat me in the seat. He also buckled my seat belt for me. When he went to get out he kissed me. “Love you, kitten.” “Love you too, Ev.” He smiled at me. When he started up the car he said, “You know, Jessica called me and told me you guys got into an accident and you blacked out and were at the hospital I rushed over here and sat by your bed for the entire 4 hours? I was so worried about you, kitten.” “I’m sorry, Evan. But I’m okay I promise. Ow” I tried to took at him but it didn’t work. We headed home.

“Y/N, stop. I’m doing everything for you today” Evan said when I tried to get a bottle of water. “Ev, I’m fine!” “Nope. Now stop.” He walked me to our bedroom and laid me down in bed. “Now, kitten, I will do anything you need me to for the next couple of days. You don’t have to lift a finger. I promise.” He smiled at me and I rolled my eyes but it hurt really bad and he laughed at me. He put an arm around my back and pulled me towards the pillows. He turned the TV onto my favorite show and I snuggled up to him. He was playing with my fingers when he whispered, “I don’t know what I would have done if I would have lost you. I love you too much, Y/N” “Evan, I love you too. It wasn’t even that bad.” He kissed the top of my head and rubbed his nose on my cheek. I smiled and melted into his warmth. He gave me a light neck massage and kissed my nose, head, cheek, and forehead every 2 minutes. I’m so lucky.

Moving Mountains - Rafinha

This short&sweet piece is based on the request of the anon who guessed on my out of context quotes. Enjoy!

The first thing she says when he picks up is “Hey, guess what’s crackin’?”

It’s three AM; he’s wiping sleep out of his eyes with half of his weight propped on his elbow; and it’s easy to gather from her greeting that Reya is very, very drunk. Anyone else, and he would have already hung up. Seriously. Sleep is precious, and he’s been in bed for hours, resting (fitfully) with his knee propped up in it’s colossal brace-contraption. Now that he’s off of the pain meds, it’s harder to conk out, leaving him rather uninspired to pay favors at such an early hour.

He feels the headache burning behind his temples already, knows grudgingly that the regret of not being there for her would hit him harder than a migraine in the morning.

“I’m really hoping that you’ve got a good reason to be calling,” he mumbles, and hears her shuffling around on the other end of the line. Someone tells her to stay still, their voice faint, and—shit, those better not be sirens in the background.

“Always. Now answer my question. What’s crackin’?”

“Jesus, Reya, I don’t know. ’S too early for this shit.”

She laughs, loud and clear enough that he pulls the phone away from his face and presses the speaker button, letting it rest on his pillow as he flops back onto his mattress. They hadn’t exactly been on the best of terms when she’d stopped by the day before, bearing the groceries his other friends had been supposed to bring and a heated request for an attitude adjustment when he’d snapped at her for trying to swipe his copy of FIFA 16. And yeah, he could admit that he’d been a bit of a dick. Losing the ability to do play football tended to do that to him. Didn’t mean that his pissy disposition was necessarily justified, but in his opinion, it had entailed some slack.

She’d just glared at him and taken the bag of Schoko-bons Thiago had sent him when he’d voiced that opinion.

But the fact that Rafinha is the one that she’s calling to share her intoxicated insights with brings a burst of pride to his chest, warming him to the idea of hearing her out, so he sighs and asks flatly, “Okay, princess, what’s crackin’?”

“My wrist!” she shouts, and dissolves into cackles. “Get it? I broke my wrist. It made a snap sound.”

A pause.

“Hold on, are you joking?”

“Nope!” His heart sinks. She’s slurring and sounding way too cheerful to have just cracked her wrist, and the way she chirps, “I’m in the ambulance right now!” has him pinching the bridge of his nose with defeat. No joke there. It would be nice if the whole thing surprised him: the drunken call; the sirens; the broken bone. He’d probably be more worried and less disgruntled if shit like this was out of the ordinary with her, but fact is, it just isn’t. So he sits up, bristling at the temperature of his apartment when the warmth of the duvet slides off his chest, and asks categorically:

“Which hospital?”

The words take a few seconds to make sense of before she makes a sound, chuckling low enough that he barely picks it up before drawling, “You’ve got the wrong idea, prince charming. I’m not asking for a ride, I’m just asking if you could call my brother for me once I get discharged. So he doesn’t yell at me until I’m home and okay.”

Right. He snorts, correlating the prospect of waking up her overprotective jackass of a brother with news that his baby sister is in the hospital to the idea of swift and sudden death. Honestly, he knows she’s wasted, but it doesn’t take a genius to put that together. What she wants is an out, an opportunity to let the whole emergency-room part of the story blow by without anyone (so, either her or Rafa) getting dismembered, and he’s prepared to give it to her.

“Reya, I’m not gonna call Joaquin.” She’s quiet, finally barking out a few incoherent curses and a rather pitiful “Please?” as he grabs for his crutches, pulling himself to his feet with his lip caught beneath his teeth. There. He’s up, and makes for the hoodie thrown on top of a chair, zipping it up without bothering for a t-shirt.

“Hey, no way. You can’t drive with your left foot. Just…forget it, okay?” Another paltry please makes no difference.

“Didn’t say I was driving, did I?”

Now it’s her turn to scoff. “What, you’re going to walk?”

He ignores the way her dismissal brings about a dull ache and laughs instead. No use denying that without some help, he’s pretty damn stationary, and, for the record, pretty damn sick of it already. The idea of hobbling all the way to the ER is out of the question, but he wants to hear her keep pretending like she’s not concerned, so he draws out the joke.

“Yeah, something like that.”


“You’ll be needing a pickup later, right?”

The cab driver hands him his crutches, and he snatches them up, expressing his thanks with a tight smile. Whether it’s the sizable tip the man’s got tucked into his back pocket (the perks of being one of the few drivers still out on the road at such an ungodly hour), or the fact that he’s got a sizable més que un club sticker on his bumper, he’s been nothing but friendly since pulling up to the curb Rafinha had been standing at and speeding off towards the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge.

So, yeah, he hadn’t done anything that crazy. Called a cab and taken it upon himself to make Reya his responsibility until she was able to cope on her on, sure, but that isn’t that big of a deal. At least, that’s what he’s been trying to convince himself of for the past twenty minutes. They’re friends. Really, really good friends, actually. And that’s what good friends do for one another: help the other out in times of need. He’d nearly tied his tongue in a knot trying to explain as much when the driver had remarked amusedly that his girlfriend was damn lucky to have such a knight in shining armor.

Him and Reya?

He fucking wishes.

“Here’s my card.” The man pushes it into his hand, watching him with a thoughtful expression. “I’m on shift for another two hours. Give me a ring when you need, and I’ll come your way.”

“Er, thanks.” He reaches out awkwardly, balancing haphazardly to shake the guy’s hand. “Thanks a lot. I’ll call.”

“Yup.” As if he already knows that he’ll see him again, the cabbie retreats hastily, zipping away and leaving him curbed once again, wondering why his brain tends to force him into doing stupid, stupid things when sleep deprived. He wanders inside, eying the Urgencias signs warily, before the automatic doors give way to a lobby and he stops.

There’s a woman behind the front desk who doesn’t look up, and to the right, he can see the open door to the waiting room Reya had been texting him from during his ride over. So when he sets himself in that direction, taking a small, shuffling step, the sound of the nurse addressing him is startling.

“Can I help you?”

She sounds bored, indifferent, and his head snaps over to where she’s letting her eyes roam over him lazily, pausing long enough on his brace to make him squirm in discomfort.

“I’m meeting someone in the waiting room,” he replies, and she purses her lips, waving him towards the door with floppy, manicured hand. Paranoid, he prays that she’s not still watching him as he limps towards it, face flushed because god, he’s still far from comfortable being clumsy on his feet.

He hears her before he sees her:

“Holy shit. You meant it.”

Looking over his shoulder, he finds her in one of the chairs against the same wall as the door, her legs tucked underneath her and her left arm tied up in a sling. It makes her look younger, vulnerable, with her big brown eyes smudged with makeup and her hair pulled away from her face in a high ponytail. There’s a flimsy paper cup of water in her other hand, and upon further inspection, he can see that the wrist is not only wrangled by the sling, but bound in thick white gauze, the faintest hint of dark red peeking from the outer edge.

“It broke through the skin?” he yelps, louder than intended, and she winces, shaking her head.

“No. I just scraped it up a little.”

It’s good news, so he sits down next to her rather than rushing off to get the doctor. Instantly, her knee presses on his hip, and when he looks up at her from propping his afflicted leg on the low coffee table, her face is a mere several inches from his, lips parted into a grin that grows wolfish when he blinks.

“Rafa. Have I ever told you that you’re awesome?” she says, prompting another blink. He’d almost forgotten how she’d gotten into this mess in the first place, but the smell of alcohol clings to her, melding with the sweetness of her perfume and the unplaceable scent that’s just Reya, and fucking hell, she leans in like she’s going for a kiss. As in, staring at his lips, tilting her head, moving towards him, and nearly sending him into anaphylactic shock in the process.

Her forehead bonks into his chin with a giggle. It’s unfair for her hair to smell this good, especially when she’s making herself at home by curling into his side. Goodbye self control, because his own lips are pressing a kiss onto the top of her head before he realizes it, and his arm comes up to lay across her shoulders on it’s own accord. Honest. That shit just happens naturally, just like they seem to fit together like fucking puzzle pieces, as cliche as it is. Whatever, though; even if it’s all in his head, he really doesn’t worry about anything in moments like this. Except, y’know, the awkward lump of an arm digging into his side, and the fact that despite her texted claims of being fine, he can see it in her eyes that she’s relieved to have company.

“Hmm. Once or twice,” he teases, smirking before dropping his attention to her wrist. As lightly as possible, he brushes his fingers along the medical tape holding the wrappings together, and tries to pretend that he’s imagining her sharp intake of breath when the gauze ends and her skin begins.

“How the hell did you do this?”

She scrunches up her nose, raising an eyebrow to emphasize the dramatic tone she takes when she says, “You really want to know?”

“Um, yeah. Make it good, princess: I didn’t come down here to hear that you ended up in the hospital doing your laundry or something.” Reya snorts, rolling her eyes and taking a long pull that leaves her cup of water empty.


They stare at each other for a minute, Rafinha waiting for her to elaborate because uh, hello, simply saying the word ‘parkour’ doesn’t really cut it in explanation. She huffs.

“You know what parkour is, right?”

“Of course I know what parkour is!” he retorts, “But when someone asks you why there’s a cast on your arm for the next six weeks, are you seriously just going to say ‘parkour’ and leave it at that?”

Dumb question.

“Yeah, probably.”

“Oh my god,” he moans. That headache he’d felt coming on earlier? It’s back. “Just tell me.”

“Fine,” she hisses. He watches her sweep the room with her eyes, and follows suit to observe that the waiting room only has one other occupant, who appears to be asleep. “So, after I got out of class today, I went to that café down the street from my place to get a chocolate croissant, because they’ve got the best croissants on the planet. But, plot twist, I walked into the café, stepped up to the counter to order, and ‘oh, sorry miss, this walking asshole over here just bought the last chocolate croissant!’, which really pissed me off because the guy was also sitting in my favorite chair, and looked like he was’t even enjoying the little slice of heaven on his plate.” Her knee presses harder into his hip when she shifts, swaying as she sits up straighter.

“Obviously, I go over and start asking him what the hell his problem is, and he’s a bona fide dick, totally harassing me back until he sees the Black Sabbath button on my bag. Then we start talking about music, he gives me half of the croissant, and it turns out that this guy owns the karaoke bar where my dad had his birthday party a few years ago. Since I’m a boss at karaoke,” she stills, shrugging, “he invited me to swing by the bar later with a few friends to catch the first slot of the night. I honestly didn’t think I was gonna go, but then Cece showed up at my apartment and wanted to go out, so I dragged her there.”

“So this happened while you were with Cece?”

He groans and tries to look stern. “You know she’s bad news. Like, get you arrested and make you to take the fall for her crime kind of bad news.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. She’s a snake, but she’s fun to party with, and I knew you didn’t want to hang out with me, so…” she trails off, and he opens his mouth to rebut that he very much would have liked to hang out with her, but she cuts him off. “Anyways, we’re there, we’re taking shots, we sing a couple songs, and then this group comes in who’re, like, practically fucking professional karaokers. The whole place is whispering about them like we’re in a goddamn movie, and once they get up there, nobody else tries to sing anything. It’s like they’re the karaoke mafia.”

“Please don’t tell me you tried to fight the karaoke mafia.”

“Not exactly,” she says, smiling crookedly. “I heard that some of them were going to sing some Marvin Gaye, which should be strictly reserved for people who aren’t pricks, so I went up on stage. With them. And killed it. They just stood there with their jaws open like this—“ she opens her mouth, eyes wide and bright with passion, “—but when I was done, they were pretty pissed, and that’s when the showdown started.”

“The showdown?” Rafinha snorts, unable to contain his snicker. It earns him a threatened kick to the foot, and she tells him to ‘shut up and let me finish the story’.

“This was Camp Nou level competition. If there was a world cup of karaoke, that would have been the final match. Intense. They tried to pull out all the classics: Don’t Stop Believin’; La Bamba; fuck, even Shakira. La Tortura is mine. We went back and forth at least five times, and everyone in the bar started judging who won each round, and I was winning until someone put on Stairway to Heaven and took it next level with an air guitar solo. My only option of redemtion was to do a song that they chose—like I said, karaoke mafia—so they made me sing Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Reya shakes her head, eyes closed as her smile widens.

“And since I’m awesome, I won.”

“Wow.” He nods appreciatively, even throws in a slow round of applause for effect. “Cool story. Y’know, you still haven’t told me how you broke your wrist, though.”

“Yeah I have.” She raises her eyebrows. “It was the first thing I said: parkour.”

“That…doesn’t explain anything. Why’d you go from karaoke to parkour?”

“Easy,” she states. “Honor. After I won, it was either more shots or jumping in the pool across the street to secure my reign.”

“And let me guess,” he murmurs, “You probably weren’t supposed to do that.”

“I only hopped one fence,” she laughs, meeting his gaze with warmth. “Well, technically I scaled a tree to get to the top of the fence, and thought that once I was halfway down, it would be really cool to do one of those jumps that turn into a somersault.” Her elbow almost catches him in the jaw when she lifts it up, waving her arm around to prove her point further. “Not so cool in the end though, huh?”

He presses his lips together to suppress the stupidly giant grin that wants to worm its way onto his face, half the stoic, responsible force she deserves for being so goddamn reckless all the time, and half the person who’s inwardly proud as hell to be so pitifully in love with her, because seriously? She’s a fucking train wreck in the most beautiful way possible, and god, does he love her for it.

His intention isn’t to be staring at her mouth for this long, watching her lips quirk to the side before realizing with a heaving breath that fuck, they’re way too close, and like before, self control is apparently on a vacation in the frickin’ Bahamas. When his eyes flit towards hers after an extra second of ogling, making things really damn fuzzy and confusing, he’s not sure if he’s relieved or even closer to pounding his head against the wall from catching her doing the same. He’s not blind enough to try and convince himself that she’s not totally doing the same unconscious-lean/stare-at-lips thing he’s got going on, but he is dumb enough to try and make his brain form a coherent string of words to break the tension.

“I, uh…I mean, I think that’s actually one of the coolest ways you could break your wrist, really—“

Reya’s right hand is on his jaw, gentle and sudden, before he realizes that she’s kissing him. The angle is awkward, for sure; they’re shoulder to shoulder in separate chairs, both unable to move too much due to their injuries, but it doesn’t stop him from kissing her back. Her mouth is unyielding and hot and so much better than he’d ever imagined when it’s pressed against his own, and he’s torn: torn between kissing her slowly to savor the softness of her lips and succumbing to the fire in her touch that’s already helping him forget where they are.

She leans her forehead against his when they break apart for air, her eyes remaining blissfully closed as she whispers an apology for interrupting him, lips turned up at the sides.

“Don’t be,” he mumbles back, and finds out quickly that yes, the second kiss is definitely, definitely better than the first.


I seriously loved this prompt so much because I’m always a sucker for some shameless cuteness. Shorter than what I’ve been working on, so expect the next few posts to be a bit longer. As always, send me your thoughts here, because SERIOUSLY GUYS, whether it’s love or constructive criticism or just something totally random it’s motivating as hell. I like it when readers are interactive because it lets me know if I’m doing a good job giving you all what you want, which is really important to me. That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for more in the coming future, and have a great rest of your week. xx

foggy mornings would be be best mornings to drive to meet luke @ the airport because you’d have to drive slow until you got out of the fog and it’s give you time to think about how you’d literally be getting to feel his face against yours for the first time in months and he’d be wiping the sleep out of his eyes when he first saw you and he’d get the cutest smile on his face because you’re finally in front of him and it’d be so nice to hug him after that long and just admire his scruff and look up at him and if a few happy tears fell that’d be fine & dandy because he’d be there at last

i feel as though my bones are going to crawl out of my skin and my eyes are going to close forever. except this is the type of tired that sleep can’t fix, but only dim a little. this is the ache in your bones and the weeping of your soul. it’s wanting to come home but not knowing where to go because you have so many options but none feel quite safe enough. this is the strain of your lungs as you gasp for air underneath the crushing weight of the world. this is wiping away your tears before they can even drip past your chin, it’s turning your head so no one sees the flood gates in your eyes break, it’s putting on a brave face. // its “im fine.”, “im just tired.” and “I’ll be okay.“

anonymous asked:

What if Adult!Reborn, Mukuro, Hibari, Alaude, Xanxus and Byakuran have a little sister who is afraid of thunder, she opens the door of their room and says " Big Boo, I'm scared " while wiping her teary eyes and holding a teddy bear with her other arm, what would they do? [ Sorry, I think my first ask was eaten ]

It must have, because this is the first I’ve heard of this adorable request.  


  • won’t say anything, instead just pulls his blankets up so she can climb into bed with him
  • if she won’t calm down, he’ll bring out Roll or Hibari who she loves
  • will rub her back until she falls asleep


  • he sings her to sleep – rocking her and hugging her
  • uses his illusions to distract her
  • tells her stories


  • he’ll growl irritatedly, but it’s not like she’s going to be thrown off by that (she’s used to “Big Boo”)
  • tosses her up on the bed and lets her bounce a little then surrounds her with blankets and pillows until she’ll feel totally safe
  • if she’s really scared, then he’ll bring out Bester (who totally adores her) so that his purring will drown out the storm


  • will tell her that she shouldn’t be afraid, what’s the storm going to do against his guns
  • has Leon transform into something to distract her – he’ll make her think really hard for 5 minutes what it is that she wants right then (and from there, she just starts to forget about the storm)
  • can be convinced to pull out her favorite book to read it to her


  • wipes away all her tears, calls her his cutesy nickname for her
  • pulls out his matching teddy bear (you telling me he doesn’t have a matching one?  He got them as a pair) and starts playing with the two of them
  • also has a stash of candy and a big screen tv in his room – she passes out exhausted like 3 hours later, no energy left to worry about the storm


  • Alaude will pick her up and put her into his bed – he won’t go to sleep, but he’ll sit next to her, rubbing her head/back
  • says he’ll fight away the storm
  • his little sister is able to fall asleep knowing that “Big Boo” will keep her safe
one-night girl

You sleep kissing the pillow,
dangling one foot off the bed,
and breathe deeply as I leave - I scope out the bathroom
and Scope you out of my mouth.

I wipe my hands on the purple towel
that probably belongs to your roommate
with the curly brown hair
and dimpled smile – you called your roommate
last night
to clear the room,
but I wish you hadn’t.

I dress slowly and return to the bed.
My cufflink winks out, tangled in the sheets
between your sweat-slicked legs.
I extract it carefully
so that you’ll have no reason to call me
in the morning,
but find myself lingering over you
like a shadow, soaking in your body.

You stir
and although I shouldn’t, I whisper, Goodnight.
You open your eyes briefly and roll back to sleep.
I close the bedroom door behind me.

Little Pink Plus Sign - Rose POV - Part 3/?

The next day, I was on duty guarding Lissa which, in all honesty, gave me serious mixed feelings. I couldn’t wait to tell her, but with the news also came the news that I couldn’t guard her for the next nine months. The idea of that was frustrating.

After several kisses from Dimitri, I headed towards her suite. Christian answered the door wiping the sleep from his eyes, his hair a mess. Mumbling something about Lissa being in the shower, he walked towards the kitchen.

“Coffee?” he offered.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “No, you have my cup. You need it more.” Opening his mouth to return my comment with some snarky remark, he shrugged and poured his coffee.

Lissa emerged from the bathroom, her blonde hair glistening. “I’m almost ready!” she called. Minutes later, she waltzed out of the bathroom looking absolutely stunning. “I had to dress up for girl’s day out!”

I laughed, a twinge of nervousness catching it in my throat. “Well, let’s go!”

“Have fun, girls,” Christian said, kissing her goodbye.

Once we were out the door, Lissa smiled brightly. “How long has it been since we’ve had a girls’ day? No politics. No guardians…sorta. Just us and some long overdue mani-pedis!” She giggled with excitement.

I had to admit her enthusiasm was contagious. I let out a breathy laugh and nodded. “Hopefully we’ll have these more often!” Since I can’t be your guardian for the next nine months…

Suddenly, she stopped. “What is wrong with you? Normally you would be giddier than me about a girls’ day. Did you and Dimitri have a fight?” Her eyebrows scrunched together.

“I’m fine, Liss. Let’s go,” I urged, entwining my fingers with her.

She pulled back. “No, really Rose, what’s wrong?”

Putting on my best blissful face, I faced her. “It’s really nothing. I just have a lot on my mind. So the sooner we get this day started, the better.”

Tucking a loose hair behind my ear, she regarded my face carefully. “Okay,” she conceded. “But you know you can tell me whatever’s going on.” I nodded. “You and Dimitri are okay?”

“Better than ever,” I said honestly. This seemed to calm her fears. “What’s new with you? I feel like we haven’t had time to talk in a while.” It was true. With her queenly duties and my silent part in her new life, opportunities for us to talk didn’t come often.

“Honestly, I don’t think…” She paused, and her face lit up. “Christian has been trying to get me to agree to a trip to Paris. I didn’t want to decide until I ran it by you since you’ll be coming with us of course! You and Dimitri, our fearless guardians!”

I felt my mouth go dry. “Paris? The guardian detail we’ll need is –”

“I know, I know. It’ll be extensive, but honestly, Rose we’ve been trapped in America all of our lives. Aren’t you a little curious?”

“Yeah, no, it sounds like an awesome trip. I’ll have to talk to Dimitri about it so we can work out the details, but it sounds amazing.” Hopefully that would buy me some time.

Suddenly, the sharp smell of acetone hit my nose. Then, my stomach. Nausea rolled through me and quickly muttering to Lissa, I ran towards the bathroom. Once my tiny breakfast was completely out of my stomach, I looked up to find Lissa holding back my hair. She handed me a wad of toilet paper, concern filling her face.

“Sorry, I just…” At a complete loss for words, I shrugged.

“Rose if you weren’t feeling well, you should’ve just told me. We could’ve rescheduled,” she said, her voice filled with hurt.

“I’m fine. I just…something made me sick. I’m fine.”

Shaking her head, she replied, “No. You’re not. Do you want me to walk you back?”

I stood up and adamantly shook my head. “No. Let’s go get some breakfast. I just, something I smelled made me feel sick and I hadn’t eaten much this morning anyway.”

She considered this for a minute, before asking, “You’re sure?”

“Yeah. I’m sure.” I knew that her suspicion was growing. I wasn’t acting normally, and she saw it. Honestly, who wouldn’t have?

“Okay…” she agreed reluctantly.

The walk to our favorite diner was a quiet one. I could feel Lissa’s sidelong glances at me, but tried my best to ignore them. I wanted one more day before the world as we knew it ended.

We were seated quickly, and I felt Lissa’s eyes searching me as I looked at the menu. “I’m fine, Liss. Really. I must’ve eaten something wrong or something. It’s okay.”

“You really are a terrible liar, Rose.”

“As are you,” I said, laughing.

“Your Highness, Guardian Belikov, my name is Clarice. I’ll be your server today. Can I get you something to drink?” our cheery, but obviously nervous waitress asked.

“Two mimosas, please,” Lissa ordered.

“Make that one. Water for me,” I said a little too quickly. Clarice nodded and dismissed herself.

“Okay now I know something is wrong with you. You were never one to turn down alcohol. What the heck is going on, Rose?” She shook her head. “And none of that ‘I’m fine’ bull. I know you aren’t. What is going on?”

“Lissa, I just don’t want to drink. I just threw up.” Anxiety coursed through me. I could see in her eyes that she didn’t believe me, not for a second. “Okay, if I tell you, you…you have to hear me out before you say anything, okay?”

Again, her face filled with pain. She said, “Rose, when have I ever judged you for anything? I’m your best friend. You can tell me anything.”

“Well,” I started, wondering how I would tell her. “I…my umm…I went to the doctor because –” Suddenly, my phone started ringing. Janine Hathaway, flashed across the screen. “Shit,” I muttered. “It’s my mom. Just a minute.”

“Hello?” I answered, as I found my way to back of the restaurant.

“Rose,” her worried voice responded. “You never called me back. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry, Mom. Sorry if I scared you. I was just having a rough day and Dimitri wasn’t home yet and I needed to talk to you. I’m alright. But hey, I’m out with Lissa. Can I call you later?”

Hesitantly, she said, “I guess if everything really is okay…Rose, call me later okay?”

My vision blurred and I quickly wiped away a tear that had escaped. “I will, Mom. Enjoy your vacation.” Hanging up, I slowly made my way back to the table, which to my great disdain, had two mimosas on it. “What is this?” I asked Lissa.

“I told her to bring it. Come on, Rose! Let loose. Have a bit of fun. You’re always so serious now that you’re my guardian. I kinda miss crazy Rose.”

“I can’t drink this.”

She rolled her eyes. “Sure you can.”

I sat down and pushed the drinks to the end of the table. “Lissa, I’m…I’m pregnant.”

As if I’d thrown cold water in her face, she jumped slightly and her eyes widened. “But you can’t…Rose, what?”

“I went to the doctor because my period was super late. They took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I don’t understand it. They said it’s really rare and that I’m not likely to…” I stopped, chocking up. “That I’m not likely to make it full term, but I’m pregnant.” When I met her jade eyes, they were filled with tears.

“You’re…you and Dimitri…you’re having a baby,” she tested the words on her tongue. Suddenly, she started giggling, her hand covering her mouth. “Does he know?”

“I told him yesterday. He’s pretty excited.” That was the understatement of the century.

“But Christian doesn’t.”

Suddenly confused, my eyebrows scrunched together. “Of course he doesn’t. The only time I’ve talked to him was this morning. I didn’t really talk much to zombie Christian. Besides, I wanted to tell you first.”

Tears streaming down her face, she shook her head, “No, Rose.” Pointing to the mimosas at the end of the table, she said, “I can’t drink that either.”