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Left leg

(A/N): Still trying to get over this writer’s block you guys! So sorry for the shitty quality of my fanfics! (Also this one is hella long)

Summary: Bucky knew he had dealt damage in D.C. but he never thought he’d come face to face with that damage

Warnings: some angst, Bucky feels horrible, swearing

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   Bucky knew he caused damage in D.C, that’s half the reason he couldn’t go back there. He knew he killed hundreds of innocent people and injured hundreds more, he knew he had fucked up lives in the worst kind of way and that was something he could barely stand to live with. He knew he destroyed the heart of America, he knew he had caused irreparable damage and that’s why he couldn’t face the facts. He couldn’t stand to go back to D.C only to find the hearts of so many people full of hate, even if he did deserve it. He couldn’t stand the thought of having to look at the damage he caused, or having to walk past the memorial site, he couldn’t stand to see all the weeping families at gravestones, holding flowers for the ones he had killed, he simply couldn’t do it. But somehow Bucky’s past always caught up to him, even if it wasn’t in the most conventional of ways. 

    He’d been out on a coffee run for all the Avengers at 7 in the morning, a time no one should even have been alive at but here he was, rubbing at his eyes as he made his way into Starbucks. Surprisingly there was one or two other people already up, most likely those who worked or were those crazy morning people (a type of person Bucky did not like whatsoever) and so Bucky had to wait in a line, begrudgingly at that. 

   “I’ll just take one black coffee, thank you,” The voice in front of him was chipper, much to his distaste. 

   “Can I get a name for that?” 

   “It’s (Y/N),” 

   “Okay, I’ll have that up for you in no time,” And with that the barista turned on her heel to go and make one boring, plain cup of coffee. This (Y/N) person turned on their heel, smacking right into Bucky’s chest with a small noise of surprise. 

   “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even see you there-” Their voice trembles off as they look up at Bucky, no doubt recognizing him from the many articles, tv shows, and interviews he had done in the last couple of years. 

   “Sorry,” Bucky supplied simply, giving the smaller person a tired smile. “I shouldn’t have been standing so close,” (Y/N) nods gulping slightly. 

   “It’s uh- It’s totally okay,” Their eyes seemed to be trained in on his face, looking up at him with a wide, fearful gaze. 

   “I promise I’m not as bad as the media makes me out to be,” Bucky provided with a soft chuckle, waiting for (Y/N)’s expression to soften just a bit but alas it did not, it still held that same, scared look to it as before. 

   “(Y/N), I have your coffee,” The barista waves a small cup, smiling at them softly. With an air of the utmost gratefulness (Y/N) accepted the coffee and paid before nearly rushing out the door, not even excusing their rather crude behavior and that’s when it catches Bucky’s eyes, just beneath the fabric of their sweatpants is a gleam of metal; the connecting joint of a prosthetic. 

   Bucky had ordered and taken the coffee’s back home to the tower, thoroughly confused by (Y/N). They seemed so perfectly happy one moment and the next they had lost their entire attitude, falling timid and feeble before Bucky. For gods sake it was just some random stranger he had met in a coffee shop, not someone he needed to be dwelling on but no matter how hard he tried to focus on something else other than (Y/N)’s petrified expression he simply could not. It was burned into his head- the look of sheer fear in their eyes, the way their face had drained of all color the minute they looked at him. With a displeased little growl Bucky gnawed on the lid of his coffee cup, staring at the floor intently, as though it had all the answers. 

   “What’s bothering you Barnes?” Sam asks as he walks into the communal kitchen, sweat dripping from his face as he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. 


   “You’re a terrible damn liar Bucky, now what the hell is going on with you,” Bucky sighed as he chucked his cup away, folding his arms over his chest almost defensively. 

   “There was someone in the coffee shop today, they were super chipper until they turned and looked at me,” 

   “Well I’m sure your giant ass metal arm is sure to intimidate some people,” 

   “I know, I get it, but for some reason I just can’t get their face out of my head, the look of fear that appeared there as soon as they looked at me,” 

   “Maybe you remind them of someone? I’m sure there are a million logical reasons for this,” 

   “Yeah,” Bucky sighs as he bites his lip in thought. “I’m sure,” 

    Bucky didn’t sleep much that night, every time he closed his eyes he’d see that face, those eyes, that fear struck expression and surprisingly all sense of exhaustion would be wipe from his body. He tossed and turned all night, trying to sleep but eventually he found it was futile- it wasn’t going to work. With a grumble Bucky rose from his bed, stepping into the chilly air of his room to grab some clothes and his running shoes. If he wasn’t able to sleep why not work out brutally until he passed out instead? Bucky quickly got dressed, before throwing his hair up into a messy bun and running out of stark tower, into the still dark morning of New York. 

   The streets were already loud, people walking to and fro, taxis here and there, but Bucky loved it, it was such a stark contrast to his desolate life as the winter soldier, void of any life such as the bustle of New York. 

   Bucky smiled politely at an elderly woman as he made it to central park, already taking up a path to jog along. It was a little more quiet here, a little colder, but Bucky was fine with that too, he enjoyed the silent time he could run and enjoy the view- Bucky’s brows furrow as he rounds a corner, stopping when his eyes caught on a certain metal glinting in the dark of Central Park, the same glint that walked out of the coffee shop only a day prior. Perhaps if he just kept his distance, ran a safe distance away- or maybe he could change his direction of running to a whole other path? Bucky was just about to turn on his heel when the same glint shifted, along with the rest of the body attached to it. 

   “Are you stalking me now or something?” (Y/N) asks, huffing at a stray piece of sweaty hair. It had been obvious they’d been running, due to their leggings, tank top, and running shoes. A thin sheen of sweat covered most of the skin Bucky could see, almost shimmering against the dark of the park. 

   “N-No,” Bucky stuttered, feeling a bit nervous, even shy, “ I’m just running,” 

   “And you were in the coffee shop yesterday,” 

   “I was uh- I was getting drinks for my friends,” (Y/N) looks him over, their gaze still holding a bit of fear but the more Bucky talked the more that fear diminished. 

   “At 7 in the morning?”

   “They’re early birds unfortunately,” 

   “And what about you?” (Y/N) asks as they take a step towards him, their prosthetic making some clicking noises as they do. “Why are you up so early?”

   “Couldn’t sleep,” Bucky provided, shrugging a bit. “What about you?”

   “Running’s good for the leg,” (Y/N) looked him over, scrutinizing him with squinted eyes. “What’s your name?” Bucky looked at them strangely, his head cocked to the side and his brows furrowed once again. Based on their looks from yesterday he could have sworn they knew him, or at least knew of him, no one looked at him so fearfully without reasoning. 

   “I thought you already knew-” 

   “I know who you are, everyone knows who you are, I just wanna hear it coming from you,” Bucky smiled just a bit, it was small and barely there but it had happened. 

   “I’m Bucky Barnes, and you are?”

   “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N). It’s nice to officially meet you Bucky,” (Y/N) glanced him over, taking in his appearance with a small smirk. “Since I think I trust you I was wondering if you’d like to go running with me, a makeup for our last little run-in,”  Bucky nodded, his smile growing a bit wider. 

  “I’d love to,” 

  “You’ll have to try to keep up, I don’t mess around Barnes,” His last name sounded fond on their tongue and it nearly made Bucky melt but before he could even dwell on it (Y/N) took off, booking it much faster than he would have imagined. With a loud exclamation of something not being fair Bucky took off after them, smiling a bit brighter than he had in a long time. 

   Bucky returned from the tower that day feeling more refreshed than he had in days, he had finally corrected his wrongs with (Y/N), he got a good run in, and he dared to think he was slowly on his way to making a new friend. With a giddy little smile Bucky grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, guzzling it down rather quickly. 

   “And what’s got you all excited this particular morning?” Nat asks as she meanders into the kitchen, already seeking out her pre training cup of tea. 

   "Who said I was excited?“ 

   "The stupid smile on your face says so. Who is it? Is it a girl? A guy?” Bucky blushed as he looked down at his water, his thumb tracing along the plastic cap. “Nat-”

    “Oh my god, it is someone, tell me all about them, I wanna know,” Bucky sighs as Nat all but drags him to the kitchen table, all but forcing him into conversing. 

    “Nat, I literally met them yesterday, we went on a run today, nothing’s happened," 

    "But you want something to happen, don’t you?" 

    "Nat, I’ve known them for a day, if that, I don’t know anything about them other than their name and number and-" 

    "They gave you their number?” Nat looks at him as she leans forward over the table, her hands clasped together in an orderly fashion.


    “Bucky, they’re totally into you! You should take them out!”

    “Nat, a day, I’ve known them for a day, plus I don’t think they like me all too much," 

    "And why not Mr. Chiseled jaw, high cheekbones and a personality of gold?" 

   "The first day we met they kinda gave me this weird look- weird is the wrong word- more like terrified,”

    “But how we’re they today?”

   "Better, I suppose,“ 

    "See? You two are getting somewhere, that’s great!” Bucky groaned, as he buries his face in his hands, his skin nearly beet red. 

   "It’s not that big of a deal Nat,“ 

    "This is one of your first encounters with someone other than an avenger in 70 years so excuse me if I seem excited Barnes,”

    “That’s it, I’m going to train,” Bucky got up with an aggravated sigh, taking another bottle with him just in case. Nat smirked as the brunette stalked away, all his tension following along with him. She’d figure out who this person was and she’d get them together with Bucky even if it was the last thing she did.

    “You’re late Barnes!” (Y/N) called out as they stretched out their legs- or leg to be exact. 

   "Sorry,“ Bucky panted in the cold air of New York, damn near freezing his ass off in the temperature. "I woke up late,” (Y/N) looked up from their deep leg stretch, Eyeing Bucky curiously.

    “You okay?”

    “Yeah,” Bucky smiled a bit, despite the cold settling into his bones. “I’m just a bit cold,” (Y/N) smiles as they stand up, stretching their arms a bit.

    “Tell you what, I’ll buy you some coffee afterwards, sound good?” Bucky nodded, his chattering teeth making his jaw click loudly. (Y/N) smiled as they settled down, their legs and arms relaxed for the time being. “Try not to slip on any ice Barnes,” (Y/N) warned before taking off, leaving Bucky behind to shiver. With a soft quirk of his lips Bucky chased after, hoping the desperate run would warm up his nearly frozen fingertips. 

    It had been nearly 3 weeks since his first encounter with (Y/N) at that coffee shop and although the two hadn’t progressed past the running buddies stage of their friendship Bucky knew that somehow they’d advance in their “friendship”. Perhaps all they needed was a bit of coffee and some time to talk…

    (Y/N) sipped calmly at their drink, making content little slurps as they happily drank the liquid and Bucky thought it was absolutely adorable. He too sipped at his drink although he couldn’t enjoy it to it’s fullest when (Y/N) sat before him, drinking their own coffee so- so- so cutely. 

    “So what does Bucky Barnes do when he isn’t training or going on missions with the famous Avengers?” (Y/N) asks as they set their cup down, much to Bucky’s displeasure. 

    “Well Bucky Barnes just so happens to really like science and art so he spends a lot of his time going to conventions and museums,” (Y/N) smiles, flushing a bit at his words.

    “So you’re kinda a geek?” Bucky chuckles as he allows the warmth of his coffee to seep into his bones, warming his chilled fingers. 

   "Yeah, I guess you could say that. But what about you? Hm? What does (Y/N) like to do in their spare time?“ (Y/N) smiles gently as they take another sip of their drink before setting it down again.

    ”(Y/N) likes to read in their spare time, writing is pretty nice too but watching classic old movies is their favorite,“ Bucky smiles at this; he knew a bit about classic movies, he’d grown up watching the classics. 

    "You should stop by the tower sometime, I’m sure Stark has every movie in existence," 

    “I also found this cool old theater on Main Street, they show old movies all the time, we should go there some time,” (Y/N) looks at Bucky as they quietly drink their coffee, their slurping noises a bit quieter than before. “There’s also a record store full of old albums, I think you’d really like it,” Bucky smiles as he leans backwards, bringing his steaming cup to his lips. 

   "That sounds really nice, I don’t have much to do with my life so most if the time I’m free,“ 

   “Really? The all star Avenger doesn’t do much with his life?” Bucky chuckles, his cheeks warming just a bit. 

   “When the avenger isn’t training or on missions he doesn’t do much with his life, sound better?” (Y/N) hums as they nod, smirking just a bit. 

   “Well, when is this particular Avenger free next?”

   “All this week actually,” 

   “Okay, how about Wednesday we can check out that record store, maybe catch a movie later on?” Bucky nods and smile, a different kind of warmth seeping in through his bones, a pleasant, soul encasing kind of warmth and goddammit Bucky loved it. 

   “I’d be glad to,” 

    Bucky couldn’t help eyeing (Y/N) with every step they took. They were checking out a number of records, flipping through each one with a fond smile upon their face. It was evident that they had put some effort into their look based on the way their outfit and hair looked which meant that they had put effort in for Bucky and damn did they look gorgeous. 

   “Are you going to look at the records or are you just going to keep eyeing me?” (Y/N) doesn’t even look away from their browsing as they smirk, their thumbs flipping each record carefully. 

   “You’re not even looking at me, how do you know-” (Y/N) turns to look at Bucky, smirking even more.

   “I’m looking at you and you’re looking at me and you have been for the last 5 minutes, I even pointed out the swing records to you and you haven’t even touched them,” Bucky blushed, his chilled cheeks dusting just a bit. The two had walked here together in the freezing air of New York and not even the peppermint flavored drink in his hands could warm him up but for some reason looking at (Y/N)’s smile did. 

   “Sorry,” Bucky murmurs as he looks to the ground, smiling sheepishly at the stained concrete. “You just look really pretty is all,” 

   “I could say the same to you Barnes, you look pretty damn good without the sweatpants,” Bucky chuckled a bit, his dust only growing redder by the second. “Now look at your records you dork, the movie starts in half an hour,” 

    Bucky’s date with (Y/N) had gone amazingly. He bought a few records and when they were done they went to the old theater and watched countless silent movies. Bucky was pretty sure it was illegal to hop from movie to movie but with (Y/N) by his side he didn’t seem to have a care in the world. In fact, the movie hopped until midnight, well past the time their first movie ended. 

   “Isn’t it illegal to do that?” Bucky had asked on the way back as he stuffed his face with a handful of leftover popcorn. 

   “Only if you get caught,” (Y/N) sent a little wink Bucky’s way and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t melt his heart a bit. “I wouldn’t recommend eating that entire bin Barnes,” (Y/N) eyes the half eaten carton of popcorn with an air of amusement. 

   “How come?” Bucky asks as he deliberately shoves more popcorn in his face, just to spite (Y/N). 

   “You’re going to be sluggish in a few hours, wouldn’t want me to beat your time in laps today, hm?” 

   “Oh my god, there is no way we’re running today, it’s nearly one and-” 

   “And you have to be up in four and a half hours to race my ass around Central Park, so put the popcorn down Barnes,” Bucky looked at (Y/N) in shock but there was no denying the small smile on his face, a smile that no one had seen in years. 

   “You little shit,” Bucky muttered as he threw the carton away, listening to it hit the bottom of the trash can noisily. (Y/N) hums smugly as they march on their merry way, only stopping when Bucky lagged behind a bit. 

   “You comin’ or what?” (Y/N) smiles at the soldier as he takes a bit to walk up to them, smiling at them just a bit. 

   “You really do look beautiful,” Bucky whispered as he looked at (Y/N), the way their eyes shined under the lights of New York, or the way their smile was best light in spite of all the dazzling billboards, or perhaps the way their hair was a mess beneath their beanie but it still looked amazing anyways. And that’s when Bucky noticed their blush, it was very slight and so light he could barely see it but it was there, he had finally gotten (Y/N) to blush. 

   “You’re such a sap,” 

   “I do come from a time where that was popular,” Bucky chuckles as they begin walking again, back towards central park, where they had originally met up. “Are you gonna let me walk you home or are you just gonna demand I stay here while you waltz away?” (Y/N) smirks as they stop in the middle of the park, looking at the somewhat still city. 

   “I think I’m just gonna waltz away for now,” (Y/N) smiles at Bucky’s expression, a small chuckle falling from their lips as they do. “Maybe I’ll let you walk me back on the next date, hmm?” Bucky nods, stuffing his nearly purple hands into his pockets. 

   “I’d like that,” 

   “ ‘Course you would, you sap,” (Y/N) chuckles as they begin to walk away, stopping a few feet just ahead of Bucky however. “Don’t forget, four and a half hours,” Bucky laughs, rolling his eyes playfully. 

   “You better be buying coffee afterwards,” 

   “You know it Barnes,” And with that (Y/N) walked off, a little spring in their step due to their prosthetic. Bucky watched them for a bit, until he could barely see their dark beanie in the even darker light and then he turned on his heel with a smile, slowly making his way back to the warmth of Stark Tower. 

   “Up and at Barnes!” (Y/N) yells as the supersoldier trudges to their side, more than exhausted. 

   “How are you already so fucking happy?” Bucky mumbles as he rubs at his eyes, yawning softly as he does. 

   “I don’t need a lot of sleep unlike you Princess Aurora,” Bucky smiles just a bit, despite the exhaustion settling into his skin and bones. “I’ll buy you two coffee’s if you can catch up to me, sound good?”

   “No, no that does not sound good-” But before Bucky could interject furhter (Y/N) had already taken off, nearly flying down the sidewalk as they booked it. With a loud groan Bucky followed after them, slowly and tiredly but at least he was running. 

   “Come on Barnes!” (Y/N) shouted over their shoulder. “Hurry up! I’m the one missing a leg and I’m still running faster than you!” Bucky huffs at a piece of his hair in annoyance, the damn strand smacking against his forehead with each spring of his step. “You and that damn hair!” Bucky focused on (Y/N) to find them walking backwards, looking at Bucky with a satisfied little smirk. “I ought to chop that mane off for you,” 

   “Like I trust you with scissors near my head,” Bucky called back as huffed at the piece again, just barely managing to get to sway to the right. 

   “Oh my god Bucky, my dead grandmother runs faster than you,” Bucky growls a bit, looking back to (Y/N) with a sort of menacing glare. 

   “Oh, did I offend you?” (Y/N)’s smirk only grows with each passing word. “Well in that case- hurry your old ass up, I could run faster than you with no legs at all!” 

   “You want me to run?”

   “Yeah, that’s kinda the point here,” (Y/N) smiles nonchalantly but said smile immediately falls when the supersoldier books it towards them, running faster than he’d ever run in his life. (Y/N) squeals in surprise as they too take off rushing down the pavement in an attempt to get away from the rather menacing looking man but it was too late- Bucky snatched them up by the waist before they could even contemplate running. (Y/N) laughs and flails in Bucky’s embrace, trying to fight the man off but he was having none of that, he squeezed their waist a bit as he nuzzled an already damp forehead against their own neck (It wasn’t doing stretches with Nat, especially when he had only gotten four and a half hours of sleep). “Bucky no! that tickles!” (Y/N) screeched when the supersoldier nuzzled his scruffy face into their neck, the short whiskers tickling them more than a bit. “Put me down you fiend!” (Y/N) laughs as Bucky holds them tighter, making it impossible for escape but luckily Bucky was an understanding guy and he dropped (Y/N), immediately taking off down the path. 

   “Who’s the slow one now?” Bucky shouted over his shoulder as he ran as hard as his legs would take him. 

  “You cheater!” (Y/N) yells as they laugh from a distance, double over as they attempt to catch their breath from the brief moment of tickling. Bucky smirked as he ran around the park, only stopping once his lungs were burning and he’d most likely finished any record time of his or (Y/N)’s. With a heavy sigh Bucky dropped onto a bench, placing his cool metal hand against his burning forehead. 

    Bucky had to have been sitting there for ten minutes by the time (Y/N) came back, panting and sweating just as much as he was. 

   “You- You loser,’ They manage between gasps for air. 

   “I actually think I’m the winner,” 

   “I- hate- you,” (Y/N) pants yet again, a small smile rising to their flushed features. 

   “Would a few cups of coffee remedy that hate?” (Y/N) looks at him skeptically before nodding their head, gulping once again. “Do you need me to carry you to the store?” Bucky asks as he stands up, already feeling better after his ten minute break. 

  “Haha, you’re very funny,” 

  “No, I’m being serious, do you need me to carry you there? You aren’t looking to great,” Bucky notes the heavy rise and fall of their chest, the way their sweat dribbled down their face at an almost alarming pace. 

   “I’m fine,” (Y/N) struggles to breath, “I just haven’t ran that hard in years,” 

   “Why?” Bucky asks as he dares to snake one arm around their waist, the other grappling their arm to hook around his neck. (Y/N) didn’t object, something Bucky was glad for; it wouldn’t have been easy to carry them if they were struggling against his grasp and given how stubborn they were he wouldn’t be surprised if they did do something like that. 

   “I lost my leg 3 years back, recovery wasn’t exactly the easiest for me,” Bucky listens intently as he marches them towards the shop, only a few blocks away from the park. 

   “I understand,” Bucky wiggles his metal fingers against (Y/N)’s side. “Recovery wasn’t easy for me either,” 

   “How’d you- how’d you lose your arm? If you don’t mind me asking,” (Y/N) leans on Bucky a bit, their body using his own as a means of support. 

   “I lost it back during the war,” Bucky supplies, not wishing to go into too much detail about his horrible experience. “What about you?” 

   “My leg was crushed under a metal beam, immediately sliced it clean off,” 

   “Did it hurt?”

   “More than anything,” Bucky bites his lip, only imagining the pain (Y/N) had gone through. Bucky had been knocked out cold when he lost his arm but (Y/N)- (Y/N) had not; they were alive and conscious through it all. “The therapy is what killed me though, I thought I was going to die trying to get my new leg to start working,” Bucky looks at their leg, at the less than par piece of metal and plastic, a piece of junk compared to some of the prosthetics today. 

   “I could have Tony Stark fit you for a new leg,” Bucky murmurs quietly. “If you’d like one, maybe one that moves a little better-” 

   “I wouldn’t want to burden any of you guys like that-” 

   “Nope!” Bucky chirps as he turns them a bit, directing them no longer towards the coffee shop but rather the tall tower that belonged to Tony. “He’d love to work on a new leg for you-” 

   “Bucky, the coffee shop is the other way-” 

   “Clint can make excellent coffee,” 

   “Bucky-” But Bucky wasn’t listening anymore, he was too busy directing (Y/N) towards the tower without it looking like he was abducting them which was a struggle given that they were now trying to break away from him. 

  “Plus Nat can make really good food, it’s gonna be great, I promise,” And with that Bucky pulled (Y/N) into the tower, ignoring the weird looks from all the passerby’s on the street as they surveyed the large man hauling the smaller person into the extravagant tower. 

   “How long have you had this leg?” Tony asks as he surveys the prosthetic, completely ignoring (Y/N)’s rather awkward facial expression. It was evident that they were uncomfortable without their leg, especially in front of someone they didn’t know, and especially in front of one of the most famous people in the world. 

   “3 years,” 

   “3 years and you still have this piece of junk?” (Y/N) winces a bit, Tony’s tone suddenly taking them off guard. “You need an upgrade right away, I could get you one that locks into place, maybe one that attaches to the leg itself, maybe i could design you one like Bucky’s?” Tony gestures to Bucky’s arm, as though (Y/N) had never seen it. 

   “How long would that take?” (Y/N) asks, gnawing on their lip in thought. 

   “Maybe a week or so, not very long, although we would have to wire the leg to your thigh…you’d probably have a really nasty scar for the rest of your life,” 

  “Like me,” Bucky smiles at them gently, hoping his playful words would calm them down just a bit. 

   “Would it hurt?”

   “Not at all, we’ve found much more humane ways of surgery since Buck’s time,” Tony smiles at them, “It would be done in an hour tops,” 

   “I could be there when you woke up, if you’d like me to,” Bucky adds in, hoping his offer would entice (Y/N) to make a choice. 

   “I’d- I’d be okay with that,” (Y/N) finally smiles, an unsure, shaky thing but it was there and that’s all that mattered. 

   “Good!” Tony claps his hands, visibly excited by the news. “We can start on casting your leg right now!” Bucky and (Y/N) both smile at Tony’s excitement as he scurries about the lab, collecting his needed materials. 

   “I can help you with therapy too,” Bucky adds as he slides up beside (Y/N), standing to them closer than he had been before. “That way it’s not as unpleasant as before,” 

   “I’d really like that,” (Y/N) smiles up at Bucky as Tony grabs some drill of some sort. “But you still owe me a few cups of coffee,” Bucky laughs, nodding his head in defeat. 

   “Fine, I’ll buy you your stupid coffee,”

   “You’re the best Barnes,” (Y/N) presses a gentle kiss to the man’s cheek, sending his heart spiraling out of control, spreading a huge blush over his cheeks, and melting his heart on the spot. God- (Y/N) was going to be the death of him and oh how right he had been.  

   It was Tony’s third day of casting and he was starting to get a pretty good shape of (Y/N)’s natural leg, or at least what it once used to be. Working countless hours to create a fully functioning robotic leg wasn’t the most fun thing to do so Tony took up conversing with (Y/N), asking them little question here and there, getting a feel for them. Occasionally Bucky would join in but most of the time he sat beside (Y/N), holding their hand and smiling at them as they talked with Tony. Bucky didn’t know how it had started but suddenly one day he looked down to find (Y/N)’s fingers intertwined with his own, how long they’d been there he didn’t know that either but somehow throughout their little appointment with Tony the two would end up holding each others hand (most adorably as well). 

   “So, how’d you lose the leg?” Tony asks casually as he measures their knee and calf of their good leg, looking for proportions for the robotic leg. 

   “It was crushed by a metal beam,” 

   “Metal beam you say?”

   “I was in D.C. the day those planes came down, or whatever the hell you want to call them, well they hit the ground and unfortunately I was pinned beneath one, cut my leg clean off-” (Y/N) goes on to tell their story more but Bucky wasn’t listening, his ears had stopped working after the word D.C. 

   Bucky now knew why (Y/N) had looked so scared the day he first met them, he was the one to take away their leg, he was the reason they were sitting here now, having a robotic leg fitted for them. 

   “Bucky?” Tony asks softly, placing a gloved hand on the soldier’s knee. “Are you good?” Tony’s eyes held concern for his friend given he knew all about D.C, everyone did in fact, the records were out there for anyone to see and you can bet your bottom dollar Tony was the first one to get his hands on all of shields secrets. 

   “In- In D.C?” Bucky’s voice quivers a bit, his raw emotion starting to take over.

   “Yeah…” (Y/N) eyes him strangely, their hold on his hand tightening just a bit. “Remember those terrorist attacks three years ago?” They weren’t terrorists, it had been Bucky, Bucky was the terrorist. 

   “The plane crushed you?”

   “Just some shrapnel from one of the ships…” 

   “Oh my god,” Bucky sighs shakily as tears blur at his vision. 

   He had always tried to avoid D.C, he didn’t want to think about it or what he had done but now there was a piece of what he did sitting right beside him, holding his hand tightly. 

   “Bucky, what’s wrong?” (Y/N) shifts in their seat, turning to face the quivering man. “What did I say?” 

  “Oh my god (Y/N), I’m so sorry, I’m so fucking sorry-” But a sudden sob cut him off, closing his throat as the tears began to roll. “I’m so fucking sorry, oh my god,” 

   “Bucky, what’s wrong? What are you sorry for?” But he couldn’t respond unless it was to curse himself and apologize profusely. 

   “I’m so sorry, It wasn’t my fault, I promise it wasn’t-” (Y/N) suddenly lurches forward, holding Bucky tightly. God- he didn’t deserve this, he didn’t deserve to hold this human being, he didn’t deserve their kindness and concern. He deserved to burn in hell for what he did, he deserved to suffer pain because he took away their ability to walk, he was the one who caused them pain and misery for three years-” 

   “Bucky, it’s okay, it’s okay,” (Y/N)’s soothing voice whispered to him, washing over him like a wave of comfort. “Whatever you did it’s okay,” Bucky sobs a bit as he holds (Y/N) close, nearly pulling them onto his lap with how close they suddenly were. “Can you tell me what you did? Can you tell me why you’re sorry?” 

   “It’s my fault,” Bucky sniffles as he attempts to reign himself in, trying to hold back all of his hatred and shame. “It’s my fault you don’t have a leg,” 

   “Bucky, you’re not making any sense, what are you-” 

   “The ships, I helped take the ships down, if it hadn’t been for me you’d still have both your legs and- and-” Bucky stops once again, biting his lip so hard that he nearly took a chunk of skin out. 

   “Bucky, hey, look at me-” (Y/N) nudged Bucky’s face up with their hands, forcing him to look directly into their eyes. “Whatever you did, it’s not your fault, okay? I’m not mad at you or anything, don’t feel bad, okay?” Bucky sniffles again, too ashamed to look (Y/N) in the eyes for any longer. 

   “You don’t have a leg because of me-” 

   “I don’t care that I don’t have a leg,” (Y/N) mutters, “I don’t care that you think that you’re the reason I’m missing a leg too, and neither should you,” 

   “But (Y/N)-” 

   “No buts Bucky,” 

   “(Y/N), you could be out running and jumping, you could be swimming for fuck’s sake but because I’m a goddamn disgrace-” Bucky stops again, only this time it wasn’t of his own accord. There were no lumps in his throat or tears pooling down his cheeks to stop his words but rather was a pair of lips pressed against his own, silencing him softly yet firmly. 

   (Y/N)’s lips were soft, soft and sweet and nothing Bucky could have ever imagined and holy fuck did he love it. He could kiss their lips all day if they’d let him, he’d savor them, allow their taste to linger on his tongue for days but he didn’t deserve that, he didn’t deserve to indulge in someone so kind and great as (Y/N). 

   (Y/N) slowly pulls away, letting their lips slowly but surely part from Bucky’s. 

   “But instead I’m here with you, and that’s worth more than any of those things anyways,” (Y/N)’s lips brush against his own with each syllable, sending little shots of pleasure down his spine. “Plus, if you hadn’t taken my leg then who would buy me 3 cups of coffee, hm?” Bucky smiles, chuckling a bit. The sound was watery at best but it was sweet nonetheless. 

   “No one in their right state of mind,” 

   “You got that right,” (Y/N) smiles as they gently nuzzle Bucky’s nose. “Now no more tears, okay?” Bucky nods a bit, wiping away the last of his tears. “And no more of this shaming Bucky stuff, okay?” 

   “Okay,” Bucky whispers, scrunching up his nose as (Y/N) kisses it sweetly. 

   “And after this you’re gonna buy me my coffee, no negotiating there,” Bucky chuckles, his shame and guilt finally starting to ebb away. It was going to take a long time for Bucky to finally feel okay, to actually accept the fact that he had done this to (Y/N) and that (Y/N) was okay with it but he knew he’d get there eventually…perhaps he just needed a bit of coffee and some time to talk. 

~Extended Ending~

   “Bucky,” (Y/N) whispers as they press a series of kisses along his shoulders, slowly but surely waking him up. “Come on Buck, it’s 5:30,” Bucky groaned as he rolled over, throwing an arm over his eyes rather dramatically. 

   “I’m too tired,” 

   “What did I wear you out last night?” There’s a smug tone to (Y/N)’s voice and they no doubt have that stupid smirk on their face like they usually do. “Were we up past your bed time old man?”

   “I swear I’m gonna throw something at you if you don’t stop,” Bucky joked as he peeked at (Y/N) from under his arm, smiling at them softly. 

   “Hm, You’ll have to catch me first to do that,”

   “Is that a challenge?” 

   “I do believe so Mr. Barnes,” 

   “I’m giving you a ten minute head start and I’m still gonna outrun your ass,” Bucky chuckles as he flips back over, snuggling into his bed. “So I suggest you quickly get dressed and get moving,” 

   “Loser buys coffee?” 

   “You bet,” Bucky smirks as (Y/N) jolts out of bed, quickly putting their running clothes on and lacing up their shoes as they stumbled out of the door. Even through the fabric of their leggings Bucky could see the little blue lights of their new prosthetic, the one Tony had given to them only a year prior. That day in the lab felt like years ago, (Y/N) was like that, they made time fly by so fast. A day with them could feel like a lifetime and nothing all at once and Bucky loved it. 

   “Be prepared to lose,” (Y/N) whispers as they lean down, pressing a kiss to Bucky’s forehead before booking it out the door, slamming the apartment door shut behind them. Bucky snuggles into his bed, sighing softly as the sounds of New York buzzed around him and if he listened just close enough he could nearly hear (Y/N) smacking into a wall on their way down. With a satisfied little smirk Bucky buries his face in his pillow, breathing in deeply as his body relaxed. 

   “I’m still gonna outrun their tiny ass,” 

7 times they noticed (2/7)

(in honour of my salty child’s birthday. Happy Birthday Pidge! I decided to write this from Pidge’s pov rather than Lance, just for a change.)

Pidge was up late again. Whoops. It was something o’clock in the dead of night - though she could argue in space, time was sort of irrelevant - and she was still perusing through Altean history. Obviously it was all in Altean, and she didn’t know that much, but still there were thorough diagrams of the technologically advanced civilization, so she didn’t mind. So time passed and lo and behold, she was still awake, fervently looking through incomplete blueprints of Voltron, frustrated at her inability to understand the scribbled notes alongside the drawings. It wasn’t as if she was tired. She didn’t really sleep much anymore.

As her rubbed her eyes in annoyance, the screen still bright, she heard a faint muffled noise - though she couldn’t really make out where or who it was coming from, nor the nature of the noise. The door slid open as she crept out into the hallway, seeking the source of the noise. She wondered if it was Shiro, knowing that he too had trouble sleeping, but it didn’t make sense; his room was a way away from hers. As she walked along the corridor, her bare feet cold against the metallic floor, the noise grew slightly louder. Soon she stopped at a door, and it occurred to her that she thought this was Lance’s, but that couldn’t be it. Lance always slept like a log - she fondly remembered in the Garrison days, all the boys trying to wake him up. Then she remembered why she was at the Garrison in the first place, and it seemed less fond.

She hesitated, unsure whether to open the door; but against her better judgement, she did.

The door slid open with a sound, and the owner of the room looked up in surprise. Pidge’s suspicions were correct. It was Lance. But he looked different. In the darkness, she could see watery trails down his cheeks, his eyes puffy, and dark circles apparent. Her eyes widened.

“L-Lance? Uh…” She trailed off, not knowing what to say, not really. He just stared at her, eyes wide and hands shaking, holding his knees under his chin. “Um…should I…go?” Pidge questioned.

“Yeah, sure. Sorry if I woke you up.” Lance found his voice, and it was hollow, as hollow as the smile that appeared on his face. Pidge frowned at his careless air, contrasted to his sweat-laden hair, which was uncharacteristically sticking up in different places.

“You…you didn’t wake me up. I couldn’t sleep.” She was uncomfortable; he looked so very different to the picture of ‘Lance’ in her mind. “Uh…are you alright?” Lance noticed her discomfort, and got up, rubbing his hair with an attempted air of nonchalance.

“Yeah. Totally, dude, don’t worry.”

“Um…really?” Pidge played with her sleeves, twisting them around her fingers.

Lance visibly stiffened, dropping the pretense of confidence, his shoulders tightening.

“…” He didn’t reply, tears brimming. Pidge cautiously approached him, arm outstretched, and patted him on the shoulder nervously. He flinched at her touch and she drew her arm back in shock. “I just…can’t do anything right?” His voice cracked. “I mean, look at you. You’re fourteen, and a genius. How the hell can I compare?” He looked to her, desperation on his face. She paused.

“I mean, you don’t have to, I guess?” She bit the inside of her cheek. “Shit, how do I say this?” She grabbed her hair and sighed, wincing. “Like, we’re all good at different stuff, and…well…” She closed her eyes. “Fuck! I mean, I don’t know how to do half the stuff that you do!” Her voice was louder than she had planned, and Lance’s face froze into an impassive stare.

“Like what, Pidge?” His tone was harsh and she winced in response..

“For one, you’re a really good shot. Like, really good. Do you remember when you came out of unconsciousness? And you hit that bad guy perfectly?” She looked to him for an answer, willing him to just accept it.

“Luck.” He stated simply.

“Well, you’ve done it more than once. Plus, you’re actually funny sometimes, though it pains me to admit it.” She raised her eyebrows and Lance smiled weakly, the corners of his mouth twitching. “You’d help anyone out - you believe the best in people. We’re in, this like, crazy situation and you haven’t stopped being just you. Stupid, amazing, you.” She scratched her ear. “I guess.”

Lance let out a short laugh.

“Sorry, I’m not that good at pep talk - which you are by the way. You can just energise anyone around you. But it’s okay to hurt, Lance.” Pidge looked down.

“I -” Lance begun, but she cut him off.

“But, dude, it’s not okay to hurt alone.” She crossed her arms, biting her lip.

“Thanks for calling me stupid?.” He was smiling as he said this, and Pidge laughed in response.

“Yeah, I’m pretty shit at this, aren’t I? But…if you need to talk, my door - hell, probably everyone’s door is open. I mean, like in the dead of night, probably don’t knock of Hunk’s door, he’s probably asleep. But like, I know Keith trains at this time occasionally, so…” She trailed off when Lance scoffed.

“Keith doesn’t want to talk to me.” He looked down, and Pidge rolled her eyes.

“Sure. Now, can you get back to sleep? I know I really should.” She smiled tersely and Lance nodded, wiping his cheeks. “Um…this is the worst question, but, how do you not look like shit after nights like these? I do.” She winced, but relaxed when he laughed.

“Oh my dear friend, skincare cream and foundation do their wonders.” Lance let out a grin as worry creased Pidge’s face again.

“You shouldn’t have to hide it.” She turned around. “Bye Lance.”

The door closed behind her, and she put her head in her hands. Now she knew. She cursed, wishing she knew earlier. How come she didn’t notice before? She had to tell Shiro, and although she didn’t want to betray his trust, this was far more important than pride. She bit her lip. Maybe it was a once-off thing? In the meanwhile, she should really get some sleep. God knows she needed it.

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(nb as of 6/4/17: Hunk is up (along with Shiro and Pidge) Others will follow! I’ve done some editing to make the conversation flow better, once again thanks to the anon that pointed it out. I’ve edited Hunk’s and Shiro’s will be done soon. Thanks!)

(7/4/17: Coran is up!)

(17/4/17: Allura is up!)

(general note: I see Pidge and Lance as platonic, but you can read into it as you like. Also, all these stories work together, but can be read separately)

Light of My Life

A Shawn Mendes one-shot.


 "No no no no no. No.” 

 With a groan, I hit Shawn on the shoulder, signalling for him to shut up and turn off his alarm that blared through our hotel room. He shut the alarm off and trapped my hand between his arm and his chest, continually whining about how much he didn’t want to get up from the nap we had just taken. 

“I love naps so much, Shawn.” I muttered, nuzzling my head in the crook between his shoulder and the bed. The setting sun peaked through the closed blinds of our hotel room and directly across Shawn’s bare chest. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. “Why are you so hot?” I muttered. Shawn let out a sleepy laugh and kissed my knuckles. 

 “I really don’t want to get up, babe.” he sighed. I propped my head up on his chest to get a good look at him. His eyes looked tired, and his hair was wonderfully fluffy and curly from sleep. 

 “Me neither Shawn. I’m still hungover from last night.” I complained. Shawn laughed.  

 “That’s because you drink those girly drinks filled with sugar that make you extra hungover.” he replied. I gave him a look.  

 “I hate the word girly, Shawn. Nothing is specifically for girls.” I reminded him. Shawn laughed as he finally sat up from bed and put his feet on the floor.

 “Tampons?” he suggested. I hit him on his back as he looked over his shoulder at me with a grin. 

 “Smartass. How long until the concert? Can’t I just be a bad girlfriend and sleep more instead of coming?” I asked through a yawn. Shawn laughed as he stood up, shaking his head. 

 “No. The concert’s in three hours. We have to head down to the stadium.” he said, pulling a shirt over his head. I groaned again and finally got out of bed, sliding into my high waisted black skinny jeans and changing my shirt. I looked in the mirror and wiped the mascara that had smudged in my sleep from under my eye and did a nice Dutch braid down my back. When I was finally ready, I turned to see Shawn watching me with a grin as he sat at the end of our bed.  

“You’re a creep,” I sang the tune of Radiohead’s “Creep” to him as I found my shoes, “You’re a loser, what the hell are you doing here?” I continued, laughing through my singing at the look he was giving me with my song. 

 “Are you done?” he asked. I grinned and kissed his fluffy hair, before leading the way to the Jeep.


 The venue was huge, and soon to be completely filled with people screaming Shawn’s name. I tagged along at a distance as Shawn got dressed in his concert outfit and sat in the stands while he rehearsed and everything got set up.  

 “I think I’ll watch from the stands tonight.” I told him later from backstage as people started filing into their seats. Shawn met my eye through his dressing room mirror.  

 “You realize that people out there know who you are, right?” he reminded me. I shrugged. 

 “I’ll wear a disguise or something.” I replied. Shawn laughed and turned to face me. 

 “A disguise?” he clarified. I cracked a grin and shrugged as my way of saying yes. Shawn laughed again and stood up, brushing by me to get to the clothes kept in the back of the room. He gathered a few things, and then dumped them in my arms with a wide grin. I shook my head and laughed, putting the clothes onto a chair to sift through them. A pair of his sunglasses, his baseball hat, his iHeart Radio sweatshirt. “We’ll make you look like a bro.” He laughed. 

 "A bro sitting front row at a Shawn Mendes concert? Sounds a little out of character.“ I laughed, putting on the sweatshirt. Shawn grinned and went behind me, taking my hair out of it’s braid and putting it in a bun at the nape of my neck. He kissed just below my ear, before sliding on the hat backwards. I put the sunglasses on and we both looked at me in the mirror. "I look ridiculous.” I laughed. Shawn smiled and kissed my cheek. 

 "Well, you usually look stunning, so definitely nobody will recognize you.“ He said, grinning. I rolled my eyes.

 "Alright, it’s showtime.” I laughed. Shawn pointed a stern finger at me as we left the dressing room. 

 "No laughing, babe. It’s sounds like sunshine. Bros don’t laugh like sunshine.“ He reminded me. I grinned and cleared my throat, repeating a laugh but in a lower, manly tone. Shawn cracked up in the hallway as we made our way toward the stage, crew going by giving us strange looks. 

 "Ok, I’ll see you out there. You’ll kill it babe, I love you.” I said. We could hear the crowd from where we stood. Shawn bit his lip and nodded, the pre-show jitters coming in as he ducked to kiss me. 

 "I love you too, bro. Let security know who you are in case you get recognized and have to slip away, alright?“ He said. I nodded, kissed his chin because it was the only place I could reach without difficulty, and made my way to the stands. 

 Seeing Shawn perform from the perspective of a fan was completely different than from backstage. Backstage, I could only ever see the side of him as he sang. This way, I could see the emotion and passion on his face, the way his cheeks flushed and his forehead brimmed with sweat as he went through his songs. He made eye contact with me multiple times and his grin would widen. I could tell he was trying not to laugh. 

 "Alright, thank you guys so much. Before we get to our next song though, I want to bring a very special lady onto the stage. She’s very close to my heart.” Shawn paused between songs, the crowd going wild at his words. He grinned down at me as I shook my head in disbelief. He was going to get me to go on stage while I looked like a man. “I mean, she looks a little different tonight so maybe you didn’t recognize her. Babe, come on up. Don’t be shy.” He continued, coming to the edge of the stage and beckoning me with his hand. Security let me onto the other side of the barricade, keeping screaming fans at bay as I kept shaking my head at him, mouthing how much I hated him in that moment. He just kept grinning, so I took his hand and climbed up on stage with a little bit of difficulty. Shawn was smiling so wide, his cheeks full and red. 

 "I hate you so much.“ I told him. Shawn laughed and turned to the crowd. 

 "She says she hates me.” He told them. I could hear laughter mixed with screams. I shook my head, laughing, and took off the shades and the hat, letting out my hair again. The screams increased. “Guys, isn’t she beautiful? Look at her.” He cooed, fiddling with his earpiece with on hand while the other wrapped around my waist and pulled me against him. He was warm and sweaty, but I didn’t mind. Was it bad that he looked really sexy covered in sweat? Shawn gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Alright, I just wanted to embarrass her a little. And I think it worked. I also may have written this next song about her, though, so…” he trailed off, grinning again at the roar of the crowd. I blushed and shook my head at him, biting my lip. He directed me to a stool on the centre of the stage and switched guitars. “This one’s called Light of My Life.” He said into the mic. I shook my head and blushed already, just at the title.

 I always loved watching Shawn play the guitar. He started the song with a couple of riffs, and made the pouty face he always made when he got really into it, making me grin. After a while, his voice came in, too, sweet like honey. The lyrics were about how tough things got when he was always on the road and wrapped up in his job, but that there was always this girl to keep him grounded, to keep him light and remind him not to take himself so seriously. I was swooning, absolutely head over heels in love with this guy. For the last verse, he got playfully close to my face, and ended with a kiss on my cheek, laughing when I scrunched up and pushed him away. The crowd was nearly deafening. 

I stood from the stool and wrapped my arms around his neck, putting my hands in his sweaty hair to pull him down to my height and kiss him repeatedly on the side of his head. “I love you, Shawn.” I whispered in his ear. He grinned down at me and pressed his forehead against mine for only a moment. 

 "I love you too.“ He replied just as softly, forgetting that his microphone was projecting his voice across the whole venue. He blushed even deeper when the crowd all aww’d, the tips of his ears turning a delicate shade of pink. I squeezed his hand, waved to the crowd, and disappeared backstage, unable to conceal my grin the rest of the night.


 Hey home boys, I sincerely apologize for not getting to your requests. I haven’t been the best mentally so I haven’t been writing too much, and I just haven’t really been in an Eddie-phase as of late. I will get to them though! I promise!! I have, however, developed a cripplingly enormous crush on Shawn Mendes. Hopefully you guys can appreciate this bean with me. Love you guys so so much!! Let me know if you want more Shawn :) xoxo

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The only one (Daryl x Reader)

Relationship : Daryl Dixon X Reader

Trigger warnings : Parental abuse , depression , 5 years age gap, consensual sex , death, violence, graphic scenes.

Rating : Mature + (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

 Summary :

 The narrative follows the reader and Daryl. The story starts pre-apocalypse and links the events of different stages of their lives as : kids, young adults and adults, focusing on their friendship and eventual love relationship . But when the world turns to dust, will they be able to make it? 

Read and find out.

 A/N I don’t want to make a big summary cause I don’t want to spoil the story. I’m really excited about this one , hope y’all enjoy!

P.S : The story begins in the past , and time skips until it reaches to the present day – Negan time. It also includes some flashbacks. I hope I write everything clearly enough, not to confuse you guys.

CopyRight: I do not own Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Part 1. Best friends, nothing more, nothing less!

 A road bump wakes you up. You’re in a car, driving. The tears dried as they found their own way down your cheeks. Your eyes are puffy . This wasn’t just a dream.

Same old story, happening again. As soon as you start to call a place home,  and make a few friends, your mother finds yet another boyfriend who convinces her to start fresh somewhere else , ‘A new beginning, the opportunities of a new life…’ Yadda yadda…..or better yet ‘I have a criminal record here, we can’t stay’. You’re only ten and you can see through their lies. Sometimes you wonder, is your mother just stupid, too desperate to have a man by her side or is she just a pathetic drunk?

 ‘We’re here’ Nick announces as he parks.

Your mom gets out of the car, excited. She knocks on your window three times. ‘Come on honey, let’s check out our new home’

You roll your eyes and follow her. Oh, did I mention you just arrived in the middle of nowhere, mountains of Georgia?

‘Hey kid, grab some bags will ‘ya?’ Nick scolds you, mumbling something about how you’re so useless.

You ignore him and decide to explore instead. You sneak between the tree lines and run, giggling.

This may not be that bad after all. The area is pretty beautiful, you’ve seen worse. A lot worse.

You look around and sigh. So far no neighbors , except for  the huge forest surrounding everything. Do trees count as neighbors? But at least you have nature, and a lot of open field to play.

‘Y/N , baby where did ya go?’  Your mother calls for you. Probably to make you clean while they have beers and cigarettes. You run deeper into the forest, expecting to find a hiding place.

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Goodnight, boys! (Young Sirius Black x reader-- drabble)

A/N: i wrote this while i was very sleepy so if it’s bad pls be kind to me,, i’m suffering

#62: “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”
#76: “Please put your penis away.”

word count: 231
warnings: i would say hints of smut but not really tbh like it’s just a precaution

You lay with your head on Sirius’s bare chest. You’ve had to readjust yourself several times because his grip around you is like a vice. You were cold but covered in sweat. There were a million different things on your mind. Overall, you just couldn’t sleep.

You struggle to work your way out of Padfoot’s grasp. He groans, “Oi, where d'you think you’re doing- er- going?” His words are slurred; it’s clear he’s still half asleep.

“You’re crushing me, babe.” You wipe some of the perspiration off your forehead.

He pouts, “Sorry, didn’t realize it was a crime to love my girl.”

You roll your eyes. “Oh, shut it.”

“Whatever,” he sighs. “just go back to bed.”

“Back?” you scoff. “I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep. I mean, it’s not all your fault but.. I dunno. I feel like sleep is off the table right now.”

His eyes are wide open now. “Hmm,” he grins, wiggling in closer to you, snaking an arm around your waist. “If you can’t sleep.. we could have sex?”

You’re chuckling at this point because he’s just so ridiculous. Just as you’re about to protest, another voice pipes in, “Padfoot, please put your penis away.” It’s James.

“Consider the fact that you have roommates,” Remus grumbles.

You’re biting your lip to keep from laughing. “I’m gonna try to get some sleep,” you giggle. “Goodnight, boys!”

Unintentional Chapter Nine: No Strings

Chapter Summary: You head over to Jared’s place after Misha leaves you a crying mess on your floor. You open up about your past and make an important phone call.

A/N: PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS FOR THIS CHAPTER!!!!!!! And PLEASE feel free to message me if you have any concerns or just need to talk, this chapter does get a little dark for a bit.

Pairing(s): ????

Warnings: DISCUSSION OF RAPE. It is not described in great detail, Y/N talks about it as part of her past. Discussion of addiction, lots of tequila, implied smut.

Word Count: 2.4k


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You tried to keep yourself from hyperventilating but there was no stopping it as you sat there. Tears streaming down your face as you sobbed, the realization hitting you and making it even worse. You ignored the beep of the microwave, signaling that the popcorn was done. You tried to work yourself towards numbness, but you couldn’t. You fucked up, and now you were alone.


By the time you’d stopped crying, the blood on your face was completely dried and it was almost nine o’clock. The only thing that you knew was that you did not want to be alone anymore. You were nauseous from how upset you’d been and had you not been too scared to wake up alone, you would’ve passed out.

You finally cleaned up and changed before doing the only thing you could think of to do; you headed to the liquor store for a bottle of tequila and made your way over to Jared’s apartment. You knocked on his door nervously. You’d been here plenty of times before, so you weren’t nervous about that. You were nervous because you didn’t want to have to explain all that had just happened, and you knew that you’d probably have to.

You took a deep breath as he opened the door.

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Based on the one word prompt “Cake” sent in by @rainyclodstoday (ty!!).  I seriously considered writing a fic based on the Melanie Martinez song but decided, “NO! NO ANGST. ONLY FLUFF,” and I ended up with this. I hope you enjoy :)

Summary: There are few problems chocolate and a considerate boyfriend can’t fix. Even if it’s the middle of the night.

Word Count: 1259

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Nico had always enjoyed solitude. No matter how happy he was or how many people there were in his life that he cared about, alone time had always been important to him. Will apologized sometimes for always being so busy but Nico didn’t mind all that much. Will made an effort to spend as much time with Nico as possible despite the fact that he was working his ass off to become a doctor, and Nico appreciated that. They had fallen into a rhythm in their relationship that they were both happy with.

Nico regularly got plenty of time to himself in their apartment while Will was at school and interning. The longest of these times was Monday nights, when Will had to stay out until 10pm, which meant it was usually the most productive time for Nico.

Nico would get the bulk of his own schoolwork done and usually managed to clean a bit of their apartment before burrowing in their bed and reading or watching some TV. One Monday, Nico found himself so engrossed in a history documentary that he barely registered the door opening from across the apartment.

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Pet Peeves

(A/N): I thought this request was also really cute but then as i was writing I got low on inspiration and yeah

Summary: (Y/N) and Sebastian have a number of traits about each other that they don’t “like” but they love every single one anyways

Warnings: Some swearing

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   You smile as Sebastian laughs at some joke the interviewer made, his smile momentarily distracting you only for a moment before the interviewer pulls you back to reality. 

   “So (Y/N) Stan, how does it feel to officially be married to Seb?” You smile, your heart fluttering at your new name. 

   “It’s great,” You nod, casting Seb a small smile. “He’s a great husband,” 

   “So, is it different filming alongside Seb now that the two of you are married?” The interviewer asks, looking between the two of you. You think back on the filming of the last year or so, for the next Avengers movie to precise. Every other movie that you and Seb had been in together you’d either been friends or just playfully dating each other, it wasn’t until the Civil War hit theaters that you began to fall in love with him, luckily for you you both were cast in one of Seb’s many projects during the year 2017 and the two of you were reunited once again. From there a more serious relationship blossomed and now the two of you were married, the rings on your fingers proved that. 

   “I don’t think so?” You change your voice at the end, forming it as a question as you look to Sebastian. 

   “Well, we’re both going to the same hotel rooms now rather than the old two bedrooms 3 floors apart deal,” You smile, nodding your head. 

   “That is true, we do share a hotel room now,” 

   “Speaking of sharing, the two of you are sharing an apartment right now? Isn’t that correct?” You nod your head once again, humming a bit as you do. “So how’s that a change for you guys?”

    “Well, it is awkward to wake up in the mornings to have your arm dead asleep because your spouse decided to sleep on it all night,” You smile, chuckling softly as Seb smirks a bit. “Plus the amount of hair products our bathroom has now is unbelievable,” 

   “Gotta have strong, healthy hair,” You shrug, your smile never faltering. 

   “Oh god, the cookbooks? Out of control,” Seb continues on, smiling to himself. “I didn’t know that you could make so many forms of chicken, (Y/N) has an entire book based on chickens,” 

   “It’s actually 2 books,” You smirk at your contribution. Seb chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. 

   “Oh! And the TV never gets turned off, (Y/N) is horrible about that….I have way more plants in my house now, like how many planters do you need (Y/N)?” 

   “Plants are friends,” You reply, shrugging once again. 

   “Constantly leaving dirty clothes in my bathroom,” Seb shakes his head at you, clucking his tongue in distaste. “The bed is always unmade, and speaking of beds (Y/N)’s sleeping positions are out of control,” You laugh, one hand coming up to your mouth as you nearly snort. “Like, they will literally take up the entire bed and I’m stuck with half an inch of bed and blanket on the bottom of the bed,” Seb sighs, although his smile betrayed the noise. “And my god, their morning breath is so bad it gags me,” 

   “Hey,” You reign in your laughter, wiping away at a small tear that gathered in the corner of your eye. “It’s not easy living with you either,” 

   “Oh really?” Seb asks, squinting his eyes at you playfully. 

   “Uh-huh,” You nod your head, smiling in spite of yourself. “Like Seb is the messiest person on the face of this earth, he thinks I’m messy oh no. No, no, no, no; he is the messiest person I’ve ever met, he leaves dirty dinner plates on every surface of our apartment, he sheds like a freakin’ dog so I am caked in his hair all the time, he’s got really cold feet and whenever we’re laying in bed he thinks it’s a good idea to try to freeze my legs,” You look at him, squinting just as he had done to you. “Oh! He sings loudly and so off key that not even autotune would help,” Seb laughs, chuckling softly at your words. 


   “Yes, yes really, like it’s so bad, like nails on a chalkboard,” You proceed to do an imitation of him, singing so off key that even Seb couldn’t help but wince. But despite his wince he laughs, hard enough that he throws his head back as laughter bubbles in his chest and throat. The interviewer laughs too, chuckling softly at your playful antics. “Oh and he snores, so fucking loudly that It wakes me up every. single. night.” 

   “Well, it sounds like living together is hard?” The interviewer questions, raising an eyebrow as they do. 

   “Oh yeah,” Sebastian nods, smirking at the lie. “It’s super hard, makes me regret marrying them,’ 

   “Makes me regret saying yes,” You chime in, smiling at your husband.

   “No- really,” Seb smiles, genuinely this time. “It’s so great living together, there’s nothing bad or wrong about it, nothing’s changed between us,” Seb smiles at you, reaching over to grip your hand softly. “I love living with (Y/N), I love being married to them,” The interviewer smiles, their eyes twinkling in adoration for the couple before them. 

   “Plus, his singing isn’t too bad, it’s really cute. He also shakes his butt as he sings and it’s really fucking adorable,’ You smile at him, your eyes catching onto the light twinkle in his own. “And I wouldn’t be able to sleep without his god awful snoring, despite how it wakes me up every night,” 

   “So no changes then, none at work, and none at home?” 

   “Well-” Seb winces a bit, shrugging his shoulders. “I mean, it’s a change to wake up every morning to your best friend laying in bed beside you telling you that they made you coffee and pancakes for lunch,” You smile, hanging your head bashfully as Seb tells your little secret. Every morning you’d sneak out of bed and make Seb food, managing to wake him up before he woke up himself. You’d slowly coax him awake with kisses and sweet murmurings before the smell of coffee fully awakened him. “But that’s not so bad,” Seb smiles at you as he raises your hand to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss to your knuckle. “It’s not too bad at all,” 


“Take me home,” Alex requested as she wrapped her arm around her girlfriend. Maggie’s heart fluttered at the word home. Maggie’s lips curled upward in a grin, her face being washed over with a look of realization.

“What is it, you dork?” Alex noticed her girlfriend’s sudden shift in mood.

“You said home,” Maggie commented.

“I did…and?” Alex stopped walking and turned towards Maggie. 

“You are my home, Alex,” Maggie’s eyes drifted downward, her eyes swelling with tears she couldn’t hold back. Alex covered her face in disbelief as the deep and intense love she had for Maggie came pouring out. Maggie’s eyes locked on Alex’s. “Alex…you are…you are so courageous and brave and your heart is beautiful. You’re so beautiful and you’ve brought so much light into my life just in these past few months we’ve been together, and sometimes I’ll look over at you sleeping and I won’t take my eyes off of you. You are so peaceful when you sleep and I always think about kissing you. Always. And I…” Maggie was rambling on, the nervousness she didn’t think she had anymore around Alex was oozing its way out of her. “Alex, I love you. I am so in love with you. I-I have been since the moment I laid my eyes on you. I remember being terrified of letting someone new in but you were my best decision. You are my best decision. I love you,” tears had escaped Maggie’s eyes making her giggle. Alex wiped them away for her, then cupped her face.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you that I’ve loved you forever, Maggie Sawyer,” their lips found each other. Alex crashed into Maggie as if they were kissing for the first time. Maggie’s hands absentmindedly made their way to Alex’s forearms out of habit. The kiss grew deeper and more intense before Alex pulled away remembering they were still at the precinct. “We better go home before I start doing all of the things I want to do to you right now,” Alex whispered in Maggie’s ear. Maggie was stunned, her stomach tying into knots. She swallowed hard.

“What are we waiting for then?” Maggie managed to get out and grabbed Alex’s hand as they ran towards her motorcycle. They threw on their helmets and hopped on the bike. Alex tightly wrapped her arms around Maggie’s waist, her fingertips slightly touching the skin under her shirt. Maggie’s spine shivered at her touch, wanting more. She got home as fast as she could and the second they reached the staircase Alex lifted her up, Maggie’s legs wrapping around Alex’s torso. Their kisses were rough and adrenalized. Alex had trouble opening up the door which made the couple burst into laughter until they managed to get inside. Alex eyed her girlfriend and shook her head.

“What?” Maggie asked biting her lip.

“Well, now you’re driving me even more crazy with you biting your lip,” Alex titled her head. She took off her shirt and walked towards their bed, knowing Maggie was following. She threw Maggie down and lifted up her shirt then slowly took off her jeans, making sure to leave her touch on every inch of Maggie’s skin. Maggie’s breathing grew deeper, especially when Alex took her own clothes off. 

Maggie bit her lip again, making Alex moan. She unclipped her bra then settled right over her panty line. She wanted to tease her girl. Alex slowly pulled down her panties and started by leaving kisses along Maggie’s thighs. The closer she got to her waist, the heavier Maggie began to breathe driving Alex insane. She made her way to Maggie’s chest and kissed her deeply. Their tongues meeting sent electricity through both of their bodies. They both wanted to stay there forever. 

Alex and Maggie made love for the better part of the night. It started out rough, due to them both wanting to be all over each other, then it soon became more passionate with every touch, every kiss, and every breath. When they were done Alex rolled over on her side so she could face Maggie as her eyes fluttered, fighting to stay awake. 

“That was…amazing,” Maggie whispered, her voice hoarse from screaming. Alex started drawing random patterns along Maggie’s bare skin.

“You’re amazing,” she planted a small kiss on her arm then one on her forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” Maggie turned her head smiling like a little kid. 


“Is it?” Maggie grabbed Alex’s nose.

“Very,” Alex enveloped Maggie in her arms, letting her head fall to her chest. She was genuinely happy with Maggie. Her mind drifted back to the word home

“Hey, Mags?” Alex whispered.

“Yes, Danvers?” Maggie’s voice had gotten raspier, stirring Alex. 

“You’re my home too,” Alex could feel Maggie’s smile on her chest. She ran her fingers through Maggie’s hair then rested her hand on her back.  The two fell asleep, their other hands clasped onto each other. This is what a home is supposed to look like. 

Duly Noted.

can I request a Simon imagine where you buy new clothes and you do a “fashion show” kind of thing for him? Idk maybe it could be a bit risky but idm xox

“Siiiiiimon,” I whine as I carry in bags of clothes from the car. He looks at me expectantly. “Help meeee!” 

“It’s not my fault you bought like a million dollars worth of clothes…” He mumbles although he continues to pick them up. 

“Yeah, well, you won’t be complaining when I wear them,” I say, holding up a Victoria’s Secret bag, making both of us giggle. He opens the door for me, and we go inside up to his room.

 “I’m going to try some on, I want you to tell me what you think.” His eyebrows go up, and I smack his arm. “I meant the clothes, not the underwear, you cheeky bastard.” He holds up his hands in defense. 

A few minutes later I come out wearing something Simon picked out. It was a hoodie dress that I would probably just wear around the house. I spun around and Simon clapped. 

“I think it’s missing something.” He grabbed his snapback and fit it on my head, then quickly took a picture.

“Simon!” I giggled, trying to take his phone away from him before he posted it on Snapchat. Unfortunately, he just hit send before I got to it. “Curse you, Simon Minter, I’ll get you back for that.” 

“Or maybe I could just apologize?” He asks, quickly kissing me on the lips, then pushing me into the bathroom. “Now, go try on some more!” 

After about half of my clothes, I was sprawled out on Simon’s bed.

“Y/N, come on, just a little more,” Simon whined, shaking me a little. I laughed at his “unmanly” behavior.

“You know aren’t I the one who’s supposed to be excited about this?” 

“Then…” He jumps on the bed next to me, making me jump “Why aren’t you?” 

“I’m just tired, Simon.” I close my eyes, giggling at his childlike humor. 

“Well, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you can’t sleep in your makeup. Come on, off with it.” He tries to pull me off of the bed. I groan.

“I’m too tired, it’s fine, I’ll just wash my face when I get up.” A few seconds later I’m lifted off of the bed. “What’re you doing?” I ask sleepily, ducking my head into his chest.

“I’m taking off your makeup for you.” He stated simply. He sits me on the edge of the sink and got out my makeup wipes. Even though I was fully awake and able to do it myself, I enjoyed the moment. He softly grazed my eye, and I giggled. 

“Simon, if you actually want the makeup to come off, you have to do it harder than that.” 

“Sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you.” He whispers. He applies more pressure with a look on his face like he’s completing a complicated surgery. I think he finally gets that he can go faster and speeds up the process. 

Eventually, he’s done, and although it could’ve taken me half that time, I think it’s really sweet. He takes me back to his room and stands me up. 

“Hey, what are you doing?” I ask, slightly annoyed. 

“You can’t sleep in that,” He says, retrieving one of his shirts from his drawer. “arms up.” I laugh and put my arms up. He pulls off my current shirt and slips me into his Leeds kit. It’s about twice my size, so I take off my jeans and slip into bed. 

“You know, I’m making you try the rest of your clothes on tomorrow, right?” Simon whispers as he crawls into bed. I mumble an acknowledgment and he pulls me close. 

“Love you.”

“Duly noted.”

Baby Daddy● Dean x Reader●

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Masterlist |Send In A Request

Synopsis: Dean Finds out he has a kid when him, Sam and Marry go to investigate a case.

Request: Dean request? A fluff one. Where the reader and him use to be a thing but she leaves. Dean Sam and Mary go to the case and finds out it was the reader that got injured and dean finds out he has a kid. Can she be 4 . Awkward fluff- Anonymous

A/N: I decided to do this fluff one since I’ve done a lot of angst. Fix your hearts from my angst.

WARNINGS: Fluff, supernatural themes,demons.

“Mummy, can you sing that song?” Alyssa, your four year old daughter asked, as you tucked her into bed.

“Of course sweetie” you cooed, laying down next to her on your side, stroking her hair. Her green eyes looking at you tiredly.

“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better, remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better, hey Jude, don’t be afraid, you were made to go out and get her, the minute you let her under your skin, then you begin to make it better,And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain, don’t carry the world upon your shoulders, for well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool, by making his world a little colder, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah” you sang softly, noticing her eyes flutter shut.

“Goodnight my little sweet pea” you whispered, kissing her forehead.

Quietly getting up and walking towards the door. Turning around to look at her sleeping soundly.

You let out a sigh, turning off the light. You shut

She looked so much like Dean.

“Time to clean up” you mumbled, walking down the stairs.

Walking up to the sink, turning the tap on. Grabbing the dishcloth and putting it under the water.

Ringing it out and walking to the table to wipe it.

You started to hum the rest of hey Jude, as you wiped away. You stopped humming Hey Jude, when a loud moan came through the thin walls the separated your townhouse from the other one.

“At least someone is getting lucky” you grunted, as you put the dishcloth back into the sink.

You turned around to see the lights flicker. A loud blood curling scream rang through the room.

“Son of bitch” you cursed, running up the steps and into your room. You quickly grabbed your gun from your dresser. Running back out only for something to wrap around your legs

“Mummy” Alyssa cried, as she hugged you tighter.

“Alyssa, I need you to go to your room okay sweetie and don’t come out until I come back, I’m going to go see if our neighbors are okay” you said, making her nod, she took off running towards her room.

You ran down the stairs and out the door, opening your neighbor’s door.

Your noise wrinkled when the smell of sulfur hit your noise.

“Typical” you grumbled, as you rounded the corner, into the master bedroom.

“Put the knife down” you demanded, raising the gun, making him turn around.

“Oh god” you gasped out, as his eyes turned around his eyes pitch black. His neck cut.

“There’s she is” he chuckled.

“What did you do Jack?” you asked, knowing fully well what he did.

“Jack, Jack is dead, so are these two” he laughed.

“Why?” you asked, putting your finger on the trigger.

“I knew I’d find you, you can hide from Dean but you can’t hide from me” he explained.

“I’m not a hunter anymore” you grumbled, glaring at him as he took a step forward.

“I know that but you are something special to him” he said.

“We’re not to get her anymore” you grumbled, making him raise his hand, pinning you to the wall.

“Hmm, your hiding something, you look more mature, more motherly” the demon hummed, making you gulp.

“Don’t tell me you had his child and ran away with it, oh this gets better and better” he chuckled, banging your head against the wall.

“Leave her out of your little grudge against Dean” you growled, hearing ambulance sirens in the distance.

“See you soon princess” he smirked, expelling himself out of Jacks body.

You let out a gasp, quickly running out of the house and into your own. You drowned out the loud sirens as you took out your phone, scanning through your contacts until you found Sam’s contact. You pressed it, pressing the call button holding it to your ear.

“Please pick up, please” you whispered.

“Hello” Sam answered.

“Sam, I need your help, I think a demons going to kill Alyssa” you whimpered, holding the mobile phone tightly.

“I’m on my way” sam. said.

“Mummy” Alyssa whimpered, making you look at her. You quickly hang up the call, putting your phone in your pocket.

“Alyssa, sweetie” you gasped out.

“I heard you” she said, as you walked up to her, kneeling in front of her.

“Alyssa, let’s get you to bed” you mumbled, picking her up and walking up the stairs.

“You’re bleeding mummy” Alyssa whimpered, as her finger touched your wound.

“I’m fine” you said.

“Are they okay?” she asked, as you gently layed her down on her bed.

“I don’t know” you lied, as tears threatened to fall from your eyes.

“Don’t cry, your too pretty to cry” she said, making you smile.

“Sleep time” you said, pulling the covers over her.

“Can you stay with me?” she asked, giving you puppy dog eyes.

“Of course” you said, laying down next to her.

“If daddy was here he’d protect us” she said, cuddling into your chest.

“Yeah” you mumbled, kissing the top of her head….


“Vancouver aye” Dean said, as he turned the radio down.

“Yep” Sam said.

“So miss fancy pants gets herself into trouble her neighbour, which is an old friend of yours, helped her and now she wants your help, couldn’t see just call the cops” Dean grumbled. Not happy that he had to travel all the way to Vancouver.

“Dean, she sounded in trouble and I just thought maybe it’s what we hunt” Sam lied. He couldn’t tell him the truth.

“How did you meet this friend of yours?” Dean asked, making Sam roll his eyes.

“We just meet” Sam bluntly answered, making Dean and Mary look at each other.

“Is she hot? Is she single?”  Dean asked.

“Dean” Mary warned.

“Dean I don’t think she’s looking for anyone, she’s got a child” Sam grumbled, looking down at his phone.

“Oh, maybe if I save her from this creature, she might give me something in return” Dean smirked, making Sam let out a fake gag.

“You sure you want moan (y/n)’s name or think about (y/n)” Sam said, making Dean glare at him through the rear view mirror.

“Who’s (y/n)?” Mary asked, making Dean grip the steering wheel tight.

“Just this girl I used to know” Dean grumbled.

“A girl that broke his heart, he was so in love with her, that he was so whipped” Sam said, making Mary smile.

“I did not, I’m not whipped over her” Dean grumbled.

“Why did she leave?” Mary asked.

“Don’t know, I’ll ask her the next time I see her, if that’s even possible, she went off the grid” Dean grumbled.

“Maybe she had her reason, wanted a normal life” Mary said.

“Normal, she grow up in a family of hunters” Dean laughed.

The rest of the carried was filled with silence.

“Dean, be cool” Sam said, as they hoped out of the car, walking up the pathway that led to your door.

“You be cool” Dean grumbled.

“I’m serious Dean” Sam grumbled.

“So am I” Dean shot back.

“Okay, boys that enough” Mary, stopping their bickering.

Her hand knocked on the door.

“He started it” Dean whined, as Mary knocked on the door.

The door opened, making Deans eyes widen in shock.

“Hey” you greeted, avoiding eye contact with Dean.

“(y/n)” Dean stuttered, making you avert your gaze to sam.

“I’m guessing this is the (y/n) that hurt you” Mary assumed.

“Is Alyssa alright?” Sam asked, as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Yeah, she’s just in lounge room, watching some cartoon” you said.

“Alyssa, who’s that, your life partner?” Dean bitterly asked. As Sam let go of you.

“No my daughter” you grumbled, glaring at him.

“Oh right, of course, you’re probably settled down” Dean grumbled, as Mary and Sam awkwardly looked back and forth between you too.

“No, anyways come in” you sighed, opening the door wide.

“It’s Homey” Dean commented, making you roll your eyes.

“It’s a demon, I saw it with my own two eyes, it’s after me and Alyssa” You explained.

“Should of ganked it then, save us the trip” Dean grumbled.

“Do you have to be a dickhead to me” you grumbled.

“Yeah, you left me and went to have a kid” Dean snapped.

“For Christ shakes Dean, Alyssa is your daughter” you snapped, making Dean’s eyes widen.

“What?” Dean gasped out, as he looked at you.

“I didn’t leave you because I wasn’t in love with you, I left you because I was pregnant with our daughter’ you confessed, making Dean go pale.

“I-I have a daughter and you didn’t tell me” Dean shouted, starting to get angry with you. How dare you kept this from him.

“Come on Dean, do you really think raising a child in motel rooms is the ideal childhood, she needs a stable home Dean, away from demons and creatures” you grumbled.

“That’s working well for you isn’t it, a demon found you” Dean growled.

“Shut up Dean, I wouldn’t have called you if it didn’t put our daughter in danger” you shouted.

Making Sam and Mary let out an awkward cough.

“I can’t be in the same room with you right now, I can’t believe you had our daughter and didn’t tell me” Dean grumbled, walking past you and out the door.

“I’ll go talk to him” Sam said, as he walked past you to follow Dean.

“Thanks” you mumbled, looking at Mary, as she gave you an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry, I’m (y/n)” you introduced yourself.

“Mary, Dean and Sam’s mums” Mary said.

“Yeah, Sam told me how you came back, um, do you want a tea or coffee?” you asked, as both of you’s walked into the kitchen.

“Tea, will do” Mary said, as she looked at your daughter looking intently at the screen.

“It’s not your fault (y/n) that you wanted a normal life for Alyssa, Dean understands that” Mary said, as you put two teabags in two cups.

“I should have told him” you mumbled, looking up at her.

“Should of told who what?” Alyssa asked, making you look at her. Her head poking, her green eyes looking curious at you and Mary.

Mary smiled at her, making her shyly look away.

“Um, I just forgot to tell the police this morning how well we knew them” you lied, she gave you a wary look then looked at Mary.

“Who are you?” she asked, in a small voice, her green eyes widen in fear.

“Mary” Mary said, smiling at her.

“Oh” Alyssa mumbled, as she looked back at the TV screen.


“There you are” Sam sighed, as he sat on the bar stool next to Dean.

“I can’t believe she didn’t tell she had my daughter” Dean grumbled, as he drank the whiskey.

“Dean” Sam sighed, as Dean put his glass down, signalling to the bar tender to fill it up.

“I deserved to know” Dean grumbled. As the bar tender looked at sam. Sam shook his head no making the bar tender go away.

“She did tell me” Sam said, making Dean look at him.

“And you didn’t tell me, your not even the father” Dean grumbled, running his hand down his face.

“Dean, she is the mother of your child, give her a break” Sam said.

“She left me and took our child, my little girl could have grown up without knowing her dad” Dean ranted, making Sam roll his eyes.

“Dean just talk to her, try and fix this, and maybe if you’re lucky you’s two can rekindle your relationship” Sam said, standing up.

“Fine, let’s go” Dean grumbled, throwing a bill, standing up.


Dean and Sam walked through the door, making you look up, from stirring the pasta.

“Uncle Sammy” Alyssa squealed, as she rang up to him, wrapping her tiny arms around his legs.

“Hey Alyssa, this is Dean, my brother” Sam said, kneeling down. She let out a giggle as she looked at Dean.

“Are you my uncle too?” she asked, looking at him in awe.

Dean gulped as her green eyes stared at him intently.

“Um” Dean mumbled, looking at you, then back at Alyssa.

“Alyssa honey, why don’t you show Dean and Sam to the guest room, so they know where they are sleeping” you said.

“Yay, sleepover” she squealed, grabbing their hands and dragging them up the stairs.

“It’s right next to my room” she said, as she opened the door. She turned around towards them smiling at them.

“We have the same eyes and same hair colour” Alyssa noted, as she looked at Dean.

“Must be magic” Dean said, making her giggle.

“My mummy said my daddy saves lives and that’s why his not around a lot I want to meet him one day” Alyssa mumbled, a frowning.

Dean’s heart beat faster at what Alyssa said.

“Hey” you said, walking into the room, making Alyssa’s smile.

“Foods ready” you said.

“Can Dean give me a piggy back ride?” she asked, giving you puppy dog eyes.

“Ask him” you said, looking at Dean.

“Please Dean” she begged, giving him puppy dog eyes.

“With those eyes it hard to say no” Dean said, making her smile.


“Don’t do that Dean” you grumbled, as you put the clean dishes away.

“Mum is asleep and Sam, I put Alyssa to sleep, you know I had to sing Hey Jude to her” Dean smirked, as you turned around towards him.

“Yeah, it’s the only song that will get her to go to sleep. Plus I think she likes you” you said, as you moved past him, only for him to grab your arm and turn you around to face him.

“I’m sorry about this afternoon” Dean apologised, his hand cupping your cheek.

“It’s okay, I understand” you mumbled, averting your eyes to the ground. Only for Dean to tilt your chin up.

“She told me that you told her that her daddy saved lives” Dean said, making your breathing get heavier.

“Yeah, she asked and I just-I” you stuttered.

“Sh” Dean hushed, as his lips pressed against yours softly.

You wrapped your arms around his neck.

“How cute” Alyssa sneered, making you and Dean pull apart.

“Honey” you gasped out, as she smirked, her eyes turning black.

“Son of a bitch” you and Dean cursed, Dean pulled you behind him.

“Oh Dean, I’ve dreamed about this for a long time” she sneered, raising her hand and pinning him against the ceiling.

“Alyssa sweetie” you gasped out, as the demon walked closer to you, pinning you against the floor.

The lights flickered, as Alyssa towered above you, eyes black.

“No” you cried, as a knife plunged into your abdomen.

“You let her go you sick bastard, let the both of them go” Dean growled, from the ceiling.

“Shut up you whore, you know (y/n) for a mother you should of protected her from demons but of course you’re a bad mother just like your mother when you were little

“Please just” you begged, making the demon laugh. It hurt you to listen to Alyssa’s laugh, even though it wasn’t hers.

“I told you I’d kill you and dean is going to watch your precious creation kill his love” the demon snarled.

“Hey” Sam shouted, making the demon glare at him and Mary.

“Oh more” the demon smirked.

“Come get me” Sam shouted.

Making the demon step forward, it tried to move but couldn’t.

“Devils trap” you mumbled.

Making it growl.

Sam quickly took out

Dean fell beside you, letting out a groan.

“You okay?” you asked.

“Peachy” Dean grumbled.

He turned towards you his eyes widen at your wound.

“(Y/n), whoa hey” Dean mumbled.

“Please look after her if I die” you whispered.

“You’re not going to die” Dean said, making you smile at him weakly.

“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis con…potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis congregatio et secta diabolica! Ergo, Draco maledicte et omnis……legio diabolica, adiuramus te! Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis congregatio et secta diabolica! Ergo, Draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica, adiuramus te!” sam yelled,black smoke escaping.

Mary quickly caught Alyssa before she hit the ground.

Your eyes flutter shut making Dean panic.


“Alyssa awake Dean” Sam said, making Dean look up. Dean gave Alyssa a weak smile, as she walked into the room that you were in.

“I hurt mummy” she sobbed, as she stood next to Dean.

“It wasn’t you” Dean said, tucking a lose piece of hair behind her ear.

“He, the guy he said that you were my farther”

“Yeah, I’m your dad” Dean said.

“I want my mummy” she cried.

“Hey, sh, it’s okay, come here cutie” Dean sighed, as Alyssa wrapped.

“I’m sorry daddy, I hurt mummy” she cried, as Dean kissed the side of her head.

“You’s two are so cute” you weakly said, making them look at you.

“Mummy, I am so sorry” she cried, as she climbed on the bed, Dean helping her.

“Hey sweetie pie” you cooed, as she wrapped her arms around you, resting her head against your chest.

“Hey” you said, as Dean’s hand stroked your cheek.

“Hey” Dean cooed.

“I think me and Alyssa should live with you and Uncle Sam” you said.

“Like a family?” she asked, her eyes lighting up with happiness, as she looked at you then Dean.

“Yeah” you said, smiling at Dean.

“Are you sure?” Dean asked, making you nod.

“What about you cutie?” Dean asked, making you blush.

“Yes” she answered, as you moved over to make room for Dean.

He wrapped his arm around you and Alyssa cuddling into your side.

“I love you’s both, so much” Dean whispered, kissing your temple.

“We love you too” you mumbled, turning your head to look at him.

Deans lips touching yours softly…

Sorry if this sucked. But part two of Run and Hide is coming out tomorrow..

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It felt weird.

Seeing him standing there after the years had passed.

But it wasn’t a bad weird. It was the kind of weird that makes you excited; gives you little butterflies in your stomach.

That’s what is was like seeing Min Yoongi after all these years.

Min Yoongi had been a big player when you were in your sophomore year of high school. He was a senior with your brother, Hoseok.

He was bad, did drugs and drank as well as had sex with whomever he wanted whenever he wanted. Usually wherever as well.


He was a good person. He’d been dealt a few bad cards in life, he’d gotten into trouble with the law a few years back and it was kind of bad hit after bad hit once it got started. However, for some odd strange reason, you’d never been more smitten in your entire life.

It was the cliche forbidden romance.

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Creepypasta #1089: You Still Up?

Length: Medium

I was lying in bed, the only light source in my room coming from my television. I don’t know why I was fighting sleep, but I was close to giving in. My eyes had just closed when I heard a loud buzz from my nightstand.

The vibration was enough to jerk me out of my daze. I sat straight up, wiping my heavy eyes and glanced over at my alarm clock. It was 2:33 in the morning. Who the hell could possibly be texting me? I was suddenly excited. Maybe it was Dana. It was about time she finally completed her mission of fucking every guy in the office. I didn’t mind being last. Sex is sex.

I fumbled for my phone and nearly dropped it before getting a good grip. I laid back down and looked at my lock screen. The text message read: You still up?

Yes! This was exactly what I had been hoping for. I was beginning to type back a quick, smooth response before I realized something. The text wasn’t from Dana. No, this was a phone number that I didn’t recognize. Frowning and disappointed, I decided I wouldn’t answer. I didn’t know this person. I erased the message I had begun typing and was putting my phone back on the nightstand when it vibrated again. I looked down at the message.

I saw those dots. So you are awake

Whoever this person was must have owned an iPhone like me. I sent a polite response back: Sorry, wrong number.

Well this was just my luck. I got some other lucky guy’s late night text, right before falling asleep. My phone vibrated once again.

No it’s not, Danny

What the hell? So this person did know me. I must have deleted their phone number without realizing it. Maybe it was one of my crazy exes.

Me: Who dis?

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: -Sorry that this is super late, I’ve been so caught up with watching TV series that I just haven’t been writing! Hopefully you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it!

As well, I haven’t watched season 4 in sooooo long that I actually forgot about the dread doctors and chimeras, so I watched little bits to try and make this accurate but hey its only fanfic

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Looking to your left, than to your right; your heart rate lifted and you felt the blood pumping through your arteries. “Everything is okay,” You whispered to yourself, leaves crunched under someone’s foot and your head snapped in that direction. No one was there.

A twig snapped, your head went in that direction; again, no one was there. It was light outside, the wind was blowing; sending your hair into a frenzy. You looked behind you, and your blood went cold. Your scrambled back, seeing the man in the mask once again. “Get away from me,” You screamed, turning to run towards the entrance of the school.

You ran as fast as you could, your head turned back and there he was; walking at you. His pace was slow but how was he catching up to you so quickly? You crashed to the floor, tripping over the bin you didn’t see. He was coming closer, the needle at the ready; you closed your eyes, praying that this wasn’t happening.

“Please, please, please.” You begged for your life. You opened your eyes and gasped when he disappeared. You looked around you, students were standing staring at you. “(Y/N)?” Scott asked, coming closer to you and you flinched at the sudden pressure on your waist. You snapped your head, and it was Stiles who was wide eyed; he was only helping you up.

“What was that?” Your boyfriend asked, running a hand along your back. “I’m next.” You muttered, more to yourself. “It’s me.” You walked away from the boys, staring at the space where the Dread Doctor just was. “Hey, wait up.” Stiles shouted, standing in front of you.

Scott looked at you worriedly, but you shook your head. “(Y/N), you’re safe with us.” Stiles whispered, glaring at the people who stood and stared at you. “You don’t believe you,” You mumbled, “Neither of you do.” You pushed past the boys and made a beeline straight to your homeroom.

It’s been a whole month since the Dread Doctors have been here in Beacon Hills; and two weeks of them, you spent up all night staring at your door waiting for them to come through. You were beyond terrified, you’ve told Stiles about the nightmares, the night terrors and the hallucinations, but he constantly keeps saying the same thing “You’ll be safe with us.” You knew Scott could only protect a handful of people, and right now, there may be too many people to look after.

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Unintentional Domesticity

Summary: Judith is sick, and you’re tasked with taking care of her while Rick and Michonne are away. Good thing someone picks that time to pay you a visit.

Warnings: Just pure fluff and Negan’s potty mouth.

Thank you @lovingzombiechaos for this idea XD it was so much fun to write!

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mercy pt 3

Genre: Angst

Length: 3.4k words

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader/Jimin

Summary: You knew the relationship was falling apart, you just couldn’t accept it. 

Part One  Part Two 

Grabbing my change from the cashier, I thanked her, taking my groceries and heading towards the exit. I swiftly make my way to my car almost throwing everything in the backseat and put my seat belt on. I had a pounding headache and I was more than relieved to be going home after a long day at work. Even though I was incredibly happy because of my new job title, it was more responsibility. I barely had time to breath lately much less do anything else, thankfully it was Friday which meant I would have the next two days off. Opening the door to my apartment I set all the groceries down and plop myself on the couch taking my shoes off in the process. Finally some time to myself.

I turned on the TV and checked my phone only to be disappointed once I realized that Jimin never got back to any of the texts I had sent him in the past few days. I figured he must’ve been busy as well, but his social media says otherwise. I checked his profile and sure enough he had posted less than two hours ago. Was he ignoring me? Since I met him we were always together, and I felt bad for my crazy work schedule recently that I actually didn’t notice. For the next ten minutes I debated on what to do and my eyes glanced at the clock, 10:30pm.

Sending him another text would be either a hit or miss, he can either reply or completely ignore. To be quite honest, I didn’t want to wait for his text so I slipped my shoes on with the intention to catch him on his break. But to my own surprise I couldn’t open the door. I mentally cursed to myself for being too much of a coward and started pacing back and forth in my living room. What if he genuinely was busy? Maybe I was overreacting and blowing everything out of proportion, but something didn’t feel right. Reluctantly I opened my door and ran towards the gym praying that I would catch Jimin in time. As I got closer I slowed down and catched my breath and relief washed over my body as I saw him standing outside looking at his phone.

“Jimin!” I yelled out still trying to get my breathing back to normal. He looked up and his face instantly dropped making my heart ache.

“Y/N.. hi..” He mumbled, “What are you doing here?” He said rather coldly looking back at his phone.

“I came to see you, we haven’t talked in a couple days and I was getting worried.” I mumbled surprised by his tone at me.

“No need to be worried Y/N.”

“A-Are you ok? You haven’t got back to my texts,” I softly said “did I do something wrong?” He raised his eyebrow “Oh. Right, the reason for that is that I simply didn’t want to text you back.” He flatly said.

My eyes widened “What do you mean? Did I do something wrong Jimin?” I questioned.

“No you didn’t. Why do you care so much anyways? I’m sure Yoongi hasn’t made time for his side so you came running to me.”


I stood there not knowing what to say, not knowing what to do, unable to move. Truth is I hadn’t spoken to Yoongi at all. Sure he had crossed my mind but I didn’t have a desire to talk to him so Jimin’s words especially hurt. Why was he acting like this? I felt tears running down my cheeks and I immediately wiped them away, “I-I’m sorry for bothering you Jimin.” I whispered looking towards the direction of my house “I guess I’ll just leave then.” And before he could say anything else, I was already running down the street finally able to let out the sobbing I was holding in looking back one more time only to find him already gone.

I barged in my house practically ripping my jacket off and slamming my bedroom door closed. My sobbing lasted longer than I wanted too but I eventually closed my eyes and dozed off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with a throbbing headache and a tear stained pillow. The events from last night came rushing back to my head making my throat close. Getting myself out of bed, I walked to the kitchen pouring myself a cup of water to ease my body. After gulping down my water I put my cup in the sink and dragged myself to the bathroom. I took one good look at myself in the mirror and I almost screamed at my appearance. Clearly I had forgotten to take my makeup off the night before and crying all night only made me look worse. Alright Y/N get yourself cleaned up.

I turned the shower on waiting for the water to get warm before getting in. I took my clothes off and stepped in. I spent a good forty-five minutes before I finished my shower routine and turned the water off grabbing my towel and wrapping it around my body. Thankfully it made me feel a lot better and I made my way to my closet to change into clothes for the day. Just as I put some socks on I heard a knock on my door. I walked towards the front door checking the peephole first before opening it and I smiled once I saw it was who it was.

“Namjoon!” I yelled out at him opening the door and running in his arms. I missed him more than anything and for him to show up at my door out of nowhere definitely made me happy.

I felt him wrap his arms around me and I led him inside leading him to the living room.

“Ahh Y/N if I knew you were going to be this excited to see me I would show up unexpectedly more often.” He chuckled following me to the couch and taking a seat next to me.

“I’m just really happy to see you, I missed my best friend.” I pouted at him.

“I missed you too Y/N.” he said “But hey you’ve been busy too I came to make sure you were at least eating something.”

I rolled my eyes “Of course I have Joonie, have you?”

“Oh really? Have you ate today?” He questioned.

“YA in my defense I woke up late” I said smiling at him trying to come up with an excuse.

“Typical child” He said grabbing my face making me look at him only to frown once he saw how swollen my eyes were. I quickly looked away standing up “U-uh do you want something to drink? Something to ea-”

“Why are your eyes swollen.” He said ignoring my question. I mentally slapped myself for not putting makeup on sooner. Here we go…

“I stayed up really late last night watching dramas, I think watching too much made my eyes irritated.” I blurted out hoping he would drop it.

“You’re a really bad liar Y/N” He responded “If you’re not going to tell me I’ll go ask Yoongi myself AFTER I beat the crap out of him.” He calmly said standing up walking to the front door.

“No no no.. wait Namjoon it’s not because of Yoongi.” I argued standing in front of him to prevent him from leaving. He raised his eyebrow confused “Then what happened?”

“I’ll tell you..” I began “But it’s a long story Joonie.”

“I have time.” He blurted out sitting back down.

For the next hour I told him everything. From meeting Jimin, to the fight with Yoongi, to the restaurant incident, and to the events from last night. Namjoon patiently listened without saying a word and wiping my tears away as I told him how hurtful Jimin’s words were. He took every word I said in and held my hand the whole time.

“You said his name was Jimin right?” He spoke up after I finished talking. I nodded my head and he took out his phone pulling up a page and showing me his social media “This Jimin?” He asked handing me his phone. Looking through the page I recognized it right away. Again I nodded confused, “Wait Joon how do you know him?” I asked giving him back his phone.

“I went to highschool with him, he’s one of my good friends.” He said “Which is why I find all of this weird. Jimin isn’t like this.”

“How come you never told me? Or introduced me to him?” I asked in disbelief.

He gave me a look “You know how I am with you Y/N I never bring you around my friends because I know what they’re like.”

“Well yeah but still!” I yelled out annoyed.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He began, “Remember when you started dating Yoongi? I almost killed him just by him not asking me before he asked you out.”

I giggled “Yeah yeah dad I remember” I mocked.

“And look how that turned out Y/N.” he added. I remained quiet because after all he was right.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” He asked making me look up at him.

I sighed “honestly Joon I was going to tell you.”

I ran my fingers through my hair frustrated “I just didn’t know how too and it’s been too much.”

He nodded understanding and put my hands in his “What am I going to do with you?” He joked.

I chuckled “I don’t know.” I replied shrugging my shoulders.

“My job is to be here for you when you’re going through stuff like this, please tell me next time.”

“I know and I’m sorry. I promise I’ll stop being this annoying with my problems.” I whispered.

“Hush. You’re never annoying.”

“What about you huh! Any girl troubles?” I asked changing the subject.

“No girls for me yet, I’ve just been so busy with work.” He said laughing. “By the way I’m having a party tonight at my house I want you there Y/N.” he said

“A party? Like with people?” I hesitantly asked.

“Yes with people.” He stated, “please come.”

I softly smiled at him “I’ll be there Joonie.”

He shot me a big smile bringing out his dimples “Good, I’ll see you tonight then! Love you Y/N”

“Love you more” I replied leading him to the front door as we said our goodbyes.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning up my apartment to pass time and watching dramas. As much as I wasn’t up to go to a party, I wanted to be there for Namjoon. The day passed rather quickly and by the time it reached 7pm, I was already raiding my closet to find an outfit to wear. Jeans or a dress? I quickly did my best to put an outfit together and thanks to my good sense of style, I managed to find one sooner than I thought. Relieved, I made my way to the bathroom and got started on my hair and makeup. After about thirty minutes I was done and finally ready. I grabbed my phone and I was out the door.

I made it to Namjoon’s house and boy was it super packed. Drinks were everywhere, music was blasting, and people were everywhere. I squeezed through the endless bodies of people and tried to find Namjoon letting him know I was here and once I found him he immediately handed me a drink. “I’m so glad you’re here, enjoy yourself but not too much! I’m watching you.” He warned giving me a stern look. I nodded at him laughing letting him get back to greeting people and made my way to an empty spot in the house sipping on my drink telling myself to have a good time. It was when I was getting a refill that I noticed someone staring at me from the corner of my eye. I looked up only to see Jimin on the other side of the room looking over at me. Great. His gaze never left my face as I grabbed another drink and I looked away walking back to my spot on the couch. I was doing my best to avoid Jimin’s stare until I noticed someone else arrive.. Yoongi.

Fuck. What the hell are they doing here?

Yoongi seemed to almost immediately spot Jimin and due to Jimin having his attention at me, Yoongi quickly averted his eyes to mine. We kept our eyes locked on each other for what felt like hours until I managed to glance at Jimin. He was no longer looking at me and instead he was burning holes into the side of Yoongi’s face.

What the fuck is going on?

I turned around and walked towards an empty spot on the couch away from both of them and anxiously sipped my drink. Although neither of them talked to me, they were both shooting death glares at each other.

God this was so frustrating, don’t let this ruin your night Y/N…

I hastily stood up from the couch and began walking to the backyard for some air and to get away from both of their views. Thankfully there were less people outside and I quickly found an empty chair. I gulped down my drink and before I could grab another one I felt someone beside me already handing me one. I looked up and smiled reaching over to accept it. He looked to be around my age and although he was quite buzzed, his attractive features stood out almost instantly.

“Can I sit?” He asked.

I nodded scooting over making some room for him “thanks for the drink by the way.” I said.

“No problem, you here alone by any chance?” He asked putting his hand on my knee. I tensed up and shook my head yes. “Uhh yeah I am”

He smirked “Can I keep you company tonight?”

I stuttered, “o-oh you don’t have too.”

“I’d like too.” He said taking another chug from whatever the hell he had in his cup and throwing his hand over my shoulder pulling me closer to him. “I’d also like to rip that dress off of your pretty little body later.” Warning bells went off in my head and I tried shoving him away from me only to have his grip on me tighten.

“Let me go!” I begged trying to escape his hold. At this point the people outside were starting to look over at what was going on making him growl as he let me go. I noticed both Jimin and Yoongi making their way outside through the crowd towards me. Suddenly I see Namjoon pop out of nowhere grabbing the guy by the collar of his shirt throwing him on the floor causing the drink to fall out of his hand.

“Get the FUCK out of my house.” Namjoon barked stepping closer to him with his fists clenched.

I looked over to the guy who was struggling to pick himself up from having one too many drinks and let out a grunt. I went behind Namjoon hiding myself from the eyes glued on me, “you ok Y/N?” He asked turning his attention back to me pulling me into his arms once he saw him leaving. I nodded burying my face in his chest to prevent myself from crying even harder. “I swear I’m going to kill him” he grumbled grabbing my hand leading me away from the crowd. I pulled away from him as my body relaxed and sighed, “I ruined the party mood huh?”

“No, you didn’t. It just made me remember why I don’t bring you around my so called friends.” He said frowning. “I swear I’m gonna kill that kid.” I gave him a soft smile “Thank you,” I reassured, “But I think I’m going to call it a night.”

He nodded as we both walked to the front yard passing both Yoongi and Jimin, I however refused to look up at them.

“I’ll call you tomorrow Y/N” he replied sighing giving me a quick hug “And text me when you get home safely ok?”

“Will do Joon” I said grabbing my keys from my pocket and waving him off.

I began walking along the sidewalk towards my car which was parked farther than I hoped. I took my phone out to check the time, 12:33am

Was I really at that party for that long? It sure didn’t feel like that much time passed. I shoved my phone back in my pocket as my car came into view and I felt my body being pulled back without warning. I let out a yelp and did my best to steady my balance. “What the hell?”

“Y/N,” I heard the voice say immediately recognizing who it belonged to, “Are you okay?”

“I’m not in the mood to talk right now Jimin,” I harshly replied straightening myself up continuing to walk to my car. “Especially to you.”

His face fell, “Wait wait wait please can we talk?” He begged softly grabbing my hand. I rolled my eyes at him and pulled my hand back scoffing, “Talk about what Jimin? I don’t want to hear how pathetic of a person I am anymore.”

“Please just hear me out” He pleaded stepping closer to me closing the space between us.

“I’m sorry Jimin.” I whispered keeping my head down picking up my pace and heading to my car.

“Do you still love him?” He yelled out making me freeze and stop in my tracks.

“What?” I questioned locking my eyes with his, “What are you talking about?”

“Yoongi.” He quietly said not taking his eyes off of mine.

“I-I don’t-” I choked out not knowing what to say

“I don’t know Jimin.” I finished looking down on the floor this time avoiding his reaction.

“I was ignoring you.” He admitted, “And I-I know what I said to you can’t be taken back but I was just..”

“Just what?” I blurted out interrupting him, “Just what huh Jimin? Do you think what you said to me not hurt?


“Goodnight Jimin.” I said not waiting for his response.

“I like you.” he confessed, “I like you more than I thought I would.”

“Then why did yo-”

“I was scared.” He said cutting my sentence off, “I didn’t think I had a chance since..”

“Since I still love him.” I finished for him. I let out a laugh as I felt tears forming in my eyes. “Tell me Jimin, how did you even know I still felt something for him?”

“He told me.” He confirmed, “and even if he didn’t it was written all over your body.”

“Regardless you were the one person who actually made me forget about him even if it was just for a little while and even though I knew I was dumb for still loving someone like that, I had hope you looked past that.” I choked out as tears fell down my cheeks, he reached out to wipe them away but I harshly turned my head away refusing.

“Let me get you home Y/N, we can talk there.”

I furiously shook my head, “No.”


“She said no.

Both our heads turned around to meet the one and only owner of the voice I knew far too well.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I muttered in disbelief. “Don’t you think you’ve done enough to me the past few months Yoongi?” I whispered stepping closer to him not breaking eye contact, “Why do you always do this shit to me, do you ever take my feelings into consideration at all?”

I was fuming now and my heart was racing, a million of emotions ran through my body but anger was the only thing that took over me. I glared at Yoongi waiting for his response but when it didn’t come I got more frustrated.

“Now you’ve got nothing to say?” I hissed, “Why can’t you just stop giving me mixed signals? I’m just tired of this, I want to be happy Yoongi..”

“I want you to be happy Y/N I really do,” He whispered with tears in his eyes threatening to fall,  “But I want you to be happy with me.

It took me a while to process his words but once I did my mind began racing and I didn’t have any strength to answer him.

“I just can’t do this anymore.” I muttered. “I need space, from both of you guys.”


“NO. Just leave me alone for the next couple days.” I warned, “Please.” With that I turned to my car and leaving them both standing there speechless.

Don’t look back.

author’s note: Hiiii guyyyyss! :) I really hope you guys liked it! 

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking bughead prompts I was wondering about a 5 times they almost kissed and the one time they did type deal? Love your writing!!

Yes, I will take prompts for this ship forever! I love writing about these little cuties.


 “I’ve got a scoop.” Jughead pushed Betty’s notebook aside and sat cross-legged on her desk, smiling down at her mischievously. She sat back in her chair and looked up at him.

“What is is?” She asked with a raised eyebrow

“Apparently there is some cheating going on in History. Story goes that some kid found the answer key to all of the teacher’s tests and has been selling them for a pretty dime.”

“Juggie, really?” Betty’s eyes lit up, they way they always did when he found a new story to expose. Jughead wanted to find stories half so that he could see that look on her face.

“I don’t know who stole the answer key yet, but I found someone who bought one. He is willing to give me a statement since I convinced him that principle Weatherbee would go easier on him if he confessed.”

“Juggie, that’s amazing.” Betty stood up in excitement and threw her arms around him. “Exposing a cheating ring will be perfect for the front page.”

“I knew you’d be thrilled.” Jughead chuckled and hugged her back. She squeezed him tightly then drew back slowly, not quite leaving the circle of his arms. Jughead’s hands drifted down to settle on her waist.

“I know you were skeptical of writing for the Blue and Gold, but you are really good at this you know.” Betty said with a bright smile. Jughead felt a tug in his stomach.

“It’s because I am always expecting the worse out of people.” Jughead said with a wink. Betty laughed, but she had an odd expression on her face. Her eyes shifted from his mouth back up to his eyes. 

For a moment neither of them moved, Jughead wasn’t even sure if either of them breathed. 

Then Betty blinked and the moment was over. She smiled and stepped out of his arms. Jughead’s hands fell limply to his sides.


“Mom, not now!” Jughead yelled when there was a knock on his bedroom door.

“I am not your mom” Said a soft voice with a laugh. Jughead looked up in surprise, staring at his door as if he could see through it.

“Betty?” He stood up and walked over to the door, but he didn’t open it.

“Are you going to let me in Juggie?” 

“Look Betty, I’m not really in the mood for a chat.” Jughead said with a sigh.

“Then we don’t have to chat…Just let me in…I brought brownies.” 

“You should’ve led with that.” Jughead said swinging the door open. He was in pajama bottoms and a hoodie. His characteristic hat was missing from his head. Betty gave him a small smile and held out the plate of brownies. Jughead eagerly took them and plopped down on his bed. He bit into a brownie and made an appreciative noise. “Mmmh, they’re still warm.” Betty stepped in his room, closing the door beside her. She sat at his desk chair and looked at him pointedly.  “What?” Jughead said, his mouth full.

“I heard what happened, do you want to talk about it?” Betty leaned forward in her chair and stared at him intensely. “It sounded like you and Arch had a pretty intense fight.” Her words brought black flashes of what had happened between Archie and him. They had yet another fight about Ms. Grundy after Jughead found out that Archie was still seeing her.

“No” Jughead “I already told you I didn’t want to chat. Having finished the brownies, he put the plate aside and leaned back on his head board, stretching out his legs.

“Okay.” Betty stood up and for a moment Jughead thought she was going to leave, but instead she settled onto his bed next to him. She curled up next to him and put her head on his shoulder. They sat there for a long time, neither saying a word. Jughead watched the shadows move slowly across his room.

“Thanks” Jughead said after a while. Betty lifted up her head to look at him.

“For what Juggie?” She asked. Jughead looked down at her, realizing how close their faces were. Just a slight movement and his mouth would be on hers.

“For being here for me” Jughead said, looking away. He wanted to kiss Betty, he really did, but he was waiting for the right moment, and this just didn’t feel right. Not when he couldn’t tell Betty why he was so miserable because he had sworn to keep a secret he had no business keeping.


“Hey guys” Betty threw herself into the book next to Jughead, her face was flushed and she looked excited.

“Hey sunshine.” Veronica greeted her friend.

“What’s got you all smiley?” Kevin asked her

“Oh nothing” She said, obviously trying to hide a huge grin. Jughead nudged her shoulder with his.

“You know, for an amazing sleuth and journalist, you make a pretty rotten liar.” His sass was rewarded with a beaming smile from Betty.

“You think I’m an amazing sleuth and journalist?” She wagged her eyebrows at him.

“Of course” Jughead said simply, feeling his face grew hot when he looked around to see all of their friends looking at them with weird smiles on their faces. Jughead quirked an eyebrow at Archie who simply shook his head with a smile. The two boys had not necessarily made up, because Jughead refused to support Archie’s actions, but he also didn’t want to lose his best friend again. So they had a sort of uneasy truce that involved ignoring and avoiding the entire subject of Ms. Grundy.

“Alright, enough suspense.” Archie came to Jughead’s rescue. “Tell us what’s got you so happy Cooper.” Betty bounced in her seat and grabbed Jughead’s arm. He turned his attention back to her and saw that she was beaming up at him.

“Well…I may have left our latest edition of the Blue and Gold on my dad’s desk. Which by the way, I think was our best edition yet. And my dad may have read it and loved it. He specifically loved Juggie’s article exposing the cheating ring. I can’t believe you uncovered that Jug. Anyways, my dad also may have brought it to my mother and showed it to her and she may have-”

“Betty! You’re killing me here. Just tell us.” Jughead interrupted, knowing how long-winded Betty could be when she was excited. Her ADHD would kick in full force and she would go off topic, speaking every thought that crossed her mind. Betty bounced a few more times in her seat and bit her lip. Jughead could tell that she was loving keeping them in suspense.

“My mom was impressed with our fearlessness in telling the truth, so she agreed to let the Blue and Gold write an article for her next newspaper. If it is received well she talked about making this a regular thing!”

“Betty that’s amazing!” Veronica squealed

“Yes, it’s incredible. I’ve known some hard hitting journalist who were denied an article in Alice Cooper’s magazine. Your mom must have been really impressed.” Archie said. He and Jughead knew better than anyone the struggles that Betty had with her mom, and how desperately she wanted to please her.

“Yeah, well I couldn’t have done it without Juggie.” Betty was looking up at him with eyes shining with appreciation. She was glowing with happiness and thanking him for causing it. Jughead found himself drawn to her like a magnet. He didn’t even realize how close he was leaning until someone, maybe Veronica, cleared their throats.

Jughead suddenly wished more than anything that he and Betty were not in public, surrounded by all of their closest friends.

He had never wanted to kiss her more than he wanted to right now, with her looking up at him with a mixture of awe, amazement, and apprehension. 

It took all of the self control that he had to pull away from Betty. He hated PDA and he refused to have his first kiss with Betty in a crowded booth at Pop’s. He forced out a smile at her,

“That’s great news Betty. You did good, real good. None of this could’ve happened with out you.” Jughead said softly, not failing to notice the flicker of disappointment that crossed Betty’s face.


“Oh my god, is it really 11 o’clock? My mom’s gonna freak out.” Betty jumped up from the computer in the newsroom. Jughead, who had been dozing, started at her exclamation.

“Where does the time go” He muttered sarcastically, trying to wipe the sleep out of his eyes.

“Oh Juggie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you this late. I just got carried away.” Betty was frantically attempting to shove all of her books and papers into her backpack. Jughead walked over and took her hands to still them.

“Hey, it’s okay. I know how worried you have been about this Riverdale Register article. I’m here for you, no matter how long it takes.” Jughead assured her.

“Thanks Jughead. I just…I need it to be perfect. My mom is actually trusting me for once and If I don’t get it right, she’ll never give me another chance.” To Jughead’s horror, a tear slipped down Betty’s face. She pulled her hands out of his and stepped back to wipe it away. “God, sorry, I’ve been such a mess recently.” Betty sniffed. Not knowing what else to do, Jughead stepped close to her and pulled her into a hug.

“Betty, shhh, it’s alright. You don’t have to apologize. You are stressed. You are allowed to lose control every now and again you know. You don’t have to hold everything in. Especially around me.” Jughead tried to reassure her. Betty tipped her face back to look at him. He reached one hand up to wipe away her tears.

“You know Juggie, you are the one person who I’ve never felt like I had to be perfect around. You’ve always just accepted me for who I am. Why is that?”

“Us freaks gotta stick together.” Jughead said teasingly. Betty laughed, sending a wave of relief over Jughead. He slipped his hand into her hair and drew her face slowly towards his. “Plus, Betty I-” They both jumped when a shrill ring echoed around the empty classroom. Betty lurched out of his grip and grabbed for her phone while Jughead bit back a curse…they had been so close.

“Hi mom…I know, I’m sorry…Yes, right now…No I’m not, Jughead’s with me…Yes mother.” Betty hung up the phone and gave Jughead a sheepish look. Jughead slipped his bag over his head and handed Betty her backpack.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” He offered his arm, which she gladly took. The two chatted lightly as they walked to Betty’s house, but the conversation felt forced as they were both obviously avoiding talking about what had just almost happened.


Jughead stopped when they reached the Cooper’s walkway. He grabbed Betty’s hand, keeping her from walking up to her front door. It was now or never, he had to tell her how he felt, lest he lose the nerve to.

“Betty, I never got to finished what I was saying back there. It’s been something that I’ve been trying to say for a long time, but just didn’t know how…” Jughead bit his lip nervously. Betty reached up and cupped his face in her hands and everything that Jughead was about to say died on his lips.

“I like you too Jughead.” She said sweetly. Jughead wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

“Oh thank god” He whispered, and he leaned down. Their lips had barely ghosted across each other when a loud shout interrupted them.

“Elizabeth Cooper, you get inside this second.”

“Damn” Jughead whispered roughly and pulled away, “that’s the second time tonight.” Betty squeezed his hand before dropping it and walking away, but not before she whispered,

“To be continued”


Jughead had never been more nervous in his life. He sat on Betty Cooper’s steps, fidgeting anxiously with the straps of his bag. He usually prided himself with having nerves of steel, but this morning they were more like nerves of putty.

“Juggie?” He heard Betty’s voice behind him. He launched up, turning to face her and gave her a small smile.

“Can I walk you to school?” He asked, holding out his hand. Betty beamed and took it, walking down the steps to join him.

“Of course you can.” She turned to start walking but Jughead pulled her back. He pulled her against him and pressed his mouth against hers. He had wanted their first kiss to be slow and sweet, but he couldn’t wait any longer and couldn’t risk being interrupted again. His mouth pressed hard against hers and she responded with equal passion. When they finally broke apart they were both panting slightly. “About time” Betty said with a smile.

“Darling, you have no idea.” Jughead said and leaned down to kiss her again. This time keeping it soft and sweet and slow. With Betty in his arms and her lips on his, everything finally felt right.

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You Can Stay Here As Long As You Want - Daryl Dixon

can i have an imagine where reader and daryl grew up together and he comes over her home and runs from his dad. and reader hides him in her room so her parents don’t know he’s there and they have their first kiss. maybe meeting back in atlanta years later? thanks! – a/n: okay i’m being bad again and got waaay too excited about this request and the idea is in my head so i have to write it!! – warnings: mentions of parental abuse 

You had met Daryl Dixon in fifth grade in the most unexpected ways, you stood up for the boy in the hallway when someone had mentioned that his father was known to be a drunk and that the kid’s father had arrested him earlier in the week. “Ha ha, your dad is a loser and a drunk. My dad is the sheriff and arrested your dad, haha!” the boy laughed with his friends. “Shut up!” Daryl shoved the boy hard, defending himself. But this pushed you over the edge, taking the mean boy’s hair you pulled on it hard and gave him an even harder push, knocking him onto his behind. “I’m telling on you!” the boy cried back and ran off, “I’m not scared!” you yelled. Daryl was shocked by what you did for him that his jaw was wide open and his eyes were just as wide, “What’d you do that fer?” you smiled and shrugged your shoulders, “He’s an idiot anyway. You’re nice and shouldn’t get bullied by him.” you stuck your hand out and shook the young Dixon boy’s hand. “Name’s Y/N/!” you smiled a huge grin. “Daryl.” the quiet boy smiled slightly, keeping his head down a tad. With the shake of a hand, the two of you formed an unbreakable friendship. 

You learned that you only lived several blocks away from Daryl and he often spent time at your home but your parents were very strict about allowing boys over so he was never allowed over when your parents weren’t home. Daryl never invited you over to his house however and at first it was something that you did not understand, “Why can’t I come over sometimes?” you questioned your dear friend as the two of you swung on a pair of swings. Daryl always tried to avoid answering your question every time that you asked and you knew it made him feel uncomfortable but you felt as being his best friend, you should know what made it so hard for him to allow you in his home. “My dad, he ain’t nice. My brother ain’t nice sometimes either.” he kicked a piece of mulch that was scattered throughout the playground that the two of you were swinging at.  You reached your hand out and grabbed a hold of Daryl’s hand. “What does he do?” you were very concerned because Daryl was still dancing around your question. “He gets drunk sometimes an’ gets angry. Takes it out on me an’ Merle.” you wiped a tear that trickled from the corner of your eye, it broke your heart to hear that someone as sweet as Daryl had to struggle with living with someone like his dad. You knew that his mom had passed away in a house fire so it’s not like he could go and live with her. “Well, come live with me.” you squeezed the young boy’s hand. “I’ll just keep you in my room. My parents won’t know you’re ever there. You can sleep in my bed and when I’m not home, you can lock the door or stay in my closet.” you put your index finger up to your lips. “But it’ll have to be our secret.”

It was a weeknight and you were already in bed by the time a small tap came to your window. The tapping grew louder as you finally rolled out from your sleep, looking at the clock it read 11:30 PM. Rubbing your eyes you looked over to your window to only see Daryl crouching down and peeping into your window, waving at you when he realized that you noticed him. Your room was on the second floor of your house and when you opened the door to let him in, you could only imagine how he made it up the side of your house, onto your roof, and knocked on your window. “How did you get up here?” you asked, still half asleep. “I climbed up your storm pipe.” the Dixon boy hugged you, he smelled like cigarette smoke and was sweating. “Why are you so sweaty?” you hugged him back and proceeded to wipe your now sweat covered hands on your sleep shirt. “I ran away from my house again.” rubbing your eyes, you were now awake. “What? Why?” “My dad was being mean again and my brother left. So I didn’t wanna be there anymore and you said I could stay here.” With a nod you grabbed a hold of Daryl’s hand and tip toed past your parent’s room and into your bathroom, closing the door slowly you locked it and flipped the light on. “Here let me get you cleaned up.” taking a washcloth from the hamper in the corner, you quietly turned the faucet on, got the washcloth damp, pumped soap onto it and slowly wiped Daryl’s face clean. Once you got up around where his eye socket and cheek met, you noticed a small purplish mark that would not wipe away, this made your heart drop into your stomach because you knew what it meant. 

After you helped clean Daryl up, the two of you tip toed back into your bedroom where you let him wear a shirt that your dad had left in the hamper in the bathroom. “Closing my eyes.” you joked as you covered both of your eyes with your hands as you let Daryl change his clothes. You couldn’t help but peek slightly through your fingers as you watched Daryl change out of his dirty, smoked stained clothing and into your dad’s baggy shirt and your bright pink monkey pj pants. “Aren’t you cute.” you joked. “Shut up.” Daryl rolled his eyes but yet, still smiling. Daryl proceeded to take a pillow and extra blanket that you had on your bed and sleep on the floor but you stopped him, patting the spot next to you. “My bed is big enough for both of us.” you scooted your butt closer to the edge so he would have enough room and could be comfortable. Daryl inched his way onto your bed and covered himself up with your down comforter and the two of you laid next to each other, looking up at your ceiling. “Daryl?” “Hmmm?” he replied, turning his face over to you and you sat up, Daryl following. Leaning in slowly, you placed a soft, sweet, kiss upon his lips which caused both of your faces to light up with a flash of vibrant red. It only lasted a minute, “Sorry.” you apologized, looking down at the both of your hands, embarrassed. “Why?” taken back by his response, you were surprised when he didn’t stick his tongue out and gone “Yuck!!!” like most boys your age would do. “I dunno. Cause you’re sweet.” you poked his forehead and the two of you laughed quietly, trying not to make too much noise. “I think you’re sweet too..” Daryl muttered out quietly. “You can stay here as long as you want.” you held onto your dear friends’ hand with all your might, maybe the two of you were just destined to be. You both stayed up all night long, sitting in your room talking about what you wanted to do when you grow up and how nothing will come in between.


(A/N): Haaaaa, I didn’t know how to start this or title it so please bare with me 

Request:  How about a Nat x female reader imagine where the reader has hobby of making plushie version of the Avengers and she sleeps while cuddling with a Nat plushie but Tony finds out and everyone except Nat teases her, which causes the reader to become self-conscious and stops cuddling with it until one night she had to share a room with Nat during an undercover mission and the reader has a hard time sleeping until she timidly asks Nat if she can cuddle with her?

Warnings: none

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   You had a hobby for…well you had a hobby for making stuffed versions of all the avengers. It had started out as a gag, something to make everyone smile but you soon realized that you loved to do it, you liked to sew and expel your creativity and if making stuffed versions of your teammates is what did it then so be it. After that you realized that you could make a little profit of your work and you decided to start selling some of your plushies? Why the hell not? They were great quality and there was hardly any avengers themed stuff out there. So you opened up a small online shop and sold nearly all your plushies in one day, from then on out it became a sort of business for you, a job beside your Shield work. Unfortunately for you someone just had to find out, destroying all your creativity in one sitting. 

   “So uh (Y/N)?” Tony asked one morning, a mouthful of yogurt as you prepared breakfast for yourself. “I noticed all your fabric and thread in your room? What’s up with that?” You tense a bit, praying Tony hadn’t seen anything more. 

   “I just do some sewing as a side project,’ You mutter, sipping on some coffee as you do. 

   “And does making stuffed versions of your teammates count as a ‘side project’?” You nearly choke on your hot coffee, the liquid burning your throat as it travels down your throat wrong. 

   “W-What?” You ask, your face beet red. 

   “I looked in your room, saw the patterns and fabric colors…I also happened to glance at the Natasha one you had on your bed,” Tony smirks, leaning forward onto his elbows as he stared at you. “You uh- you sleep with that thing or what?” You blush madly, wishing nothing more than to bury your face and hide away. 

   “I sell them, I have an online shop and-” 

   “But you’re sleeping with one?” Tony asks, his smirk ever growing. 


   “Oh my god you are,” Tony nearly cackles, throwing his head back as he laughs heartily. “Oh my god that’s so ridiculous,” You bite your lip as embarrassment floods through your veins, leaving you feeling insecure and drained. “You’re a grown ass woman (Y/N), what the hell are you still sleeping with stuffed animals for?” You shrug your shoulders, staring down at your cup of coffee. “Oh my god, that’s comedy gold right there,” Tony wipes at his eyes, snorting once again. 

   “I’m-” You blush, your insecurities getting the better of you. “I’m gonna go eat breakfast in my room,” You whisper quickly, grabbing your toast before walking out of the kitchen as quickly as possible, not wishing to receive more of Tony’s insults. 

   “Oh come on (Y/N),’ Tony chuckles, wiping at his eyes again. “It was just a joke-” You don’t hear the rest as you slam your door shut, placing your food on your side table before falling back onto your bed, sighing heavily as you do. Your eyes land on your sewing machine and all your materials, that shame and insecurity returning once again. 

   Welup, Tony had officially drained any creativity and confidence you had. You turn your head away from your supplies, your eyes catching on the red fabric of Nat’s hair. Even more shame bubbles within you and you can’t help yourself when you pick up the toy and chuck it to the other side of the room, your insecurities getting the better of you. Well, if Tony was going to make fun of you then why should you give him reason to? If you just stopped making the things and sleeping with them then surely his ridicule would have to stop, right? Your spirits only brightened slightly knowing that you were going to have to give up your favorite hobby wasn’t an easy thing to stomach but you could manage…or at least you hoped you could. 

   The not crafting part had been easy, it was the sleeping part that was hard. Without something to hold in your sleep you simply couldn’t fall asleep, it was useless and impossible. You could toss and turn all night and you’d still never get a lick of sleep. In turn your lack of sleep was affecting your training, your missions, and your paperwork. It wasn’t easy to train with Steve Rogers when you were running on quite literally 0 hours of sleep. It was hard to fight everyday criminals when you barely could keep your eyes open, and it was hard to write a 3 page paper on your unsuccessful mission when you were nearly in pain from how tired you were. 

   Despite all your obvious problems everyone thought that you’d be okay to go ahead on some mission, one dealing with a few undercover agents trying to steal some artifacts. It was you and Nat on the mission, the two of you posing as a couple to get close to the thieves but it was hard to focus on the mission when you could barely keep your eyes open. 

   “(Y/N),” Nat nudges you gently, her elbow digging into your ribs. “Are you good? You look kinda tired?” 

   “Oh-” You mutter, yawning a bit as you wipe at your eyes. “I’m good, just a little hungry is all,” You lie. Truth be told you hadn’t been eating much, your lack of sleep also eliminating your appetite. Nat stares at you skeptically, her hand reaching out to grasp yours gently. 

   “How much sleep did you get last night?” She asks, her tone soft and caring. 

   “Hmm, I’m not sure, maybe an hour or two?” You lie again, hoping Nat wouldn’t see through your lie. Nat looks down to her watch, checking the time before looking back up to you. 

   “It’s nearly 8, I think you need to go to bed,” 

   “No,’ You shake your head, attempting to clear the permanent fog that had collected there. “No, You need my help and-” 

   “You’re going to bed (Y/N),” Nat mutters, standing from her seat as she grabs your hand. “And you’re not gonna argue,” You try to pull your hand back but you were so exhausted you could barely move, much less rip your grip from one of the strongest women you know, so rather than put up a weak fight you follow her along, trudging along as you attempted not to trip on your own two feet. Nat lets go of your hand for a moment to get the key to your room, opening the door quickly to pull you inside. You did have to admit the bed looked so soft and so tempting but without something to hold you knew it was going to be pointless. 

   “Shoes off,” Nat demands, pointing to your feet. You tiredly kick your shoes off, closing your eyes once again. “Get in bed,” She whispers, her tone demanding but light. 


    “Bed. Now.” With a sigh you flop back against the mattress, nearly whimpering at the coziness of it. Even with how soft and warm it was you knew you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, not without something to- Your thoughts cut short when the bed dips beside you and Nat’s slender arms wrap around your waist, pulling you to her body. She was warm and smelled like all things heavenly. Her skin was soft to the touch and you immediately relaxed against her embrace. 

   “It’s been hard sleeping, hasn’t it?” Nat asks, her warm voice washing over you in waves, slowly calming and soothing you. 

   “Yeah,” You whispers, not even noticing when you nuzzle into her neck. “I haven’t gotten any sleep for the last few days,” 

  “Shit (Y/N),” Nat curses, her hand reaching up to play with your hair. “Why the hell not?” 

   “Can I-” You yawn, snuggling against Nat more. “Can I tell you when I wake up?” Nat smiles softly although her worry was still present. 

  “Yeah, yeah you can,” You smile softly, sleepily, as you hum against Nat’s neck. For once in the past week you’d be able to sleep well and you didn’t even need your stuffed animal to do it. 

   “Sleep well (Y/N),” Nat whispers, her lips pressing a tender kiss to your forehead. You hum weakly, your body already half asleep by the time her lips pressed to your skin. “This is better than some stuffed animal, right?” But Nat received no response, you were already too far gone to answer. With a smile Nat presses another kiss to your forehead, letting her lips linger on your skin only a moment before she turned her head, resting her cheek against you. But you’d have to agree, this was far better than any stuffed animal.