wipe out the human race

About a week ago, I dreamed that I was inside of the Family Guy universe. The entire population of Earth was being transformed into large praying mantis-like creatures in the style of Rick and Morty. I was hiding with the Griffins, who were the last to be transformed. Lois held out, but after being persuaded by the other praying mantises consented and was transformed herself, wiping out the human race. Somehow the dream ended on a heartfelt note like most Family Guy episodes?!

Our Mutual Destruction is a roleplay forum inspired by Naomi Novik’s Temeraire books. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting and features many of the breeds seen in the books, as well as some new cross-breeds created from necessity in our world, and also because we wanted to have a little fun with it. The setting gives some backbone while allowing a good deal of freedom to play with the world, without being stuck to a rigid, pre-defined history.

The story takes place somewhere between 1990 and 2020. No one is sure; people have lost track. Operation Vegetarian made sure of that, wiped out the majority of the human and dragon races. The people of Sanctuary have reclused themselves for over half a century, refusing to leave their caverns and their walls for fear of the contamination caused by the war. Only recently have the people begun to test the plants nearest their walls with their remaining technology, and with toxins at safe levels, have found they can now venture from their city.

In a land they thought long-gone to themselves, what awaits their discovery?

• Play dragons–a variety of breeds!
• Play humans in a variety of roles, such as engineer, teacher, medic, and so on!
• Your human character could get their very own dragon!
• Have fun in an alternate timeline post-apocalyptic setting!
• Have the chance to create your own crossbreed of dragon!
• 1-2 eggs hatched per month, given to the best application submitted!

“Why do you feel unworried now that he’s gone in your life?” her bestie asked.

She smiles and chuckles.

“He just left me,” she replied. “Boys leave girls every day, couples break up every day, heck! marriages mostly end in divorce these days.”                

She folds her arms together.

“He just left me,” she added. “And the earth’s weather is still doing okay despite global warming, hyperintelligent robots haven’t backfired on the human race, space rocks haven’t wiped out our planet, aliens haven’t invaded our planet, and a nuclear war hasn’t destroyed our planet.”

She places her face in her hands and cries softly.

“No,” she murmured. “He just left me.”

imagine cronus rubbing baby powder all over your back. all over it. the baby powder is getting on the floor. you are covered in baby powder. cronus does not stop. he keeps dusting the ever lasting baby powder onto your now covered body. soon your house is filled with baby powder. he will not stop. the powder keeps coming out. -time skip to the year 39173- the earth is powdery white. there are extra terrestrial beings excavating what remains wondering what wiped out the human race. It was cronus.


Six movies I can watch anytime

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1. Returner (2002 - Japanese)

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A young woman from the future forces a local gunman to help her stop an impending alien invasion which will wipe out the human race.

2. Almost Famous (2000)

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A high-school boy is given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine about an up-and-coming rock band as he accompanies them on their concert tour.

3. Drive Me Crazy (1999) 

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A high school girl must find a substitute date to escort her to the prom. (It’s actually the Centennial Ball but whatever.)

4. Across the Universe (2007)

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The music of the Beatles and the Vietnam War form the backdrop for the romance between an upper-class American girl and a poor Liverpudlian artist.

5. The Italian Job (2003)

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After being betrayed and left for dead in Italy, Charlie Croker and his team plan an elaborate gold heist against their former ally.

6. Catch and Release (2006)

A woman struggles to accept the death of her fiancé and the secrets he kept from her as she rebuilds her life. (Also while she falls in love with his best friend.)

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(The Galaxy Fox) Intro: The Helix Virus

Year 3,000

It’s year 3ooo… 9oo years after the first humen animal hybrid was created and 800 years after the last human was killed by the Helix virus, a incurable virus that wiped out the human race.. All that’s left is us hybrids we prefer to be called furries..

We were created in a lab by the humans. They experimented with genes from both human and animals combining them making us. We are animals with human characteristics we can talk, walk on two feet, and think logically.

You can say we caused the epidemic or that we created the virus. But the humans made us, they were the cause of there own extinction. I was the first hybrid created. My names helix, the virus was named after me I was patient zero. I don’t age, we don’t age..

The humans may be long gone but war still goes on, there are others… They are a different kind of hybrid that went wrong, their like us but evil they call themselves scalies instead of animal genes they used reptile DNA they are horrible mutated creatures they are fast and they are strong, we are no match.

We surround ourselves with walls to keep them out. Keep what is left of us furries alive. We call it furtopia, it’s where we live it’s our home we thrive here. The planet is dead, The ruins of so called “earth” belongs to the scalies now… at least what’s left of it..

We are in search of a way off earth but it’s too dangerous to travel outside of furtopia, especially at night. Most furs that go out never come back.

There are rumers of a base nearby that have a small group of a furry resistance called the rabid paw. They are assumed to have firepower and working pre-hybrid star ships that can possibly give us a chance against the scalie existence and get us off this planet.

The scalies are getting smarter the walls won’t keep them out forever, time is running out..

(ANYONE WANNE BE IN THIS STORY) Message me and your fursona can be a character you could also recommend what kinda part you would want in the story! :) First chapter- Furtopia: Furry Haven (Coming soon lol)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

That son of a bitch brought the war to us two years ago. Jesus, Alfred, count the dead… thousands of people. What’s next? Millions? He has the power to wipe out the entire human race, and if we believe there’s even a one percent chance that he is our enemy we have to take it as an absolute certainty… and we have to destroy him.


And here’s the green-centred wedge. It’s Lovecraft-inspired.

Long before humanity’s time on Earth, the Primordials ruled the world. They were like the creatures of today, but larger and stronger and stranger. They were intelligent, very much so, but not in a way humans can hope to understand or communicate with.

Their time ended, but the marks they left on the world will never fade. The remnants of dead Primordials litter the plane, and everyone knows where to find at least a few pieces of the old world.

Their modern-day worshippers believe that The Eldest Thing, oldest and strongest of the Primordials, is not dead but simply sleeping. One day, if enough blood is shed, it will awaken and the world will belong to vast creatures that will wipe out the modern human race without ever noticing or caring about its existence.

Many people worship the Primordials, but few seek to bring them back. “Worship” in this case, mostly means paying appropriate respect to the memory of the creature whose bones tower over your home city and hoping that The Eldest Thing never wakes up.

Borrowed this mechanic from glimpse-the-thinkable. It has a lot in common with Rebirth, but I’m pretty sure it’ll work differently in play.

I feel terrible for Jessica from Rick and Morty
  • At the beginning of the very first episode, a drunk, dangerous scientist plans on forcing her into a sexual relationship with his grandson by wiping out the rest of the human race. We haven’t even met her yet and already she’s targeted. 
  • In Rick Potion No. 9, Morty’s feelings of entitlement towards her actually lead to the destruction of the human race. She is already in a committed relationship with another boy, but Morty feels like he deserves her more because he’s “a nice guy,” and asks his scientist grandpa to help him DRUG HER into loving him. If you’ve seen the show, you know what happens. Rick at least calls Morty out on how gross the whole thing is, but by then its too late to reverse any sort of damage. 
  • Some of her “appearances” are not even actually her: it’s one of Morty’s perverted dreams or his acid trip. It’s not her as a person, it’s her sexualized image. 
  • Some people in the fandom are convinced she’s a bitch, as all popular girls in the media are usually written to be, but she’s never been shown as being anything less than a sweet, decent person. You can actually understand why she’s popular. She always greets Morty by name and is friendly to him. Is her “flaw” not being romantically interested in him as he is in her? Shut the fuck up. You’re gross. 
  • So far her character has not been developed any further than being a typical “hot girl” and Morty’s object of desire. In Ricksy Business, it’s vaguely suggested that she might have an interest in science, because of how impressed she is by what Morty’s shows her in Rick’s lab, but that’s it. Is she good at science at school? Does she read science fiction novels or watch shows like Doctor Who for fun and dream of sci-fi adventures? What does she enjoy? We don’t know, because the show gives us nothing. Also, she’s upset because her boyfriend’s a jerk with a bad temper, but it’s not explained why she stays with him. Is he abusive to her? Is she scared to break up with him? Does she have low self-esteem and feel like her relationship with school sports star Brad gives her some status? Again, the show gives us nothing. 
  • In conclusion, Jessica is a much-abused character and she needs protection. 
Endangered (24/25)

It’s been a wild ride, folks. I love you all. This chapter is dedicated to minilisko!! Because why not ten? :y

Part 24 of a Dirk/AR AU fic where androids are wiping out the human race one at a time. Warning for body horror, seriously I’m not kidding this time, emotional manipulation, threats of violence, language, gruesome minor character death, really unhealthy relationships, bondage, gagging, electrical stimulation, edging, breathplay/choking, D/s undertones, etc.


Chapters: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25

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The one thing that totally annoys me with the  hardcore sect of
the elf fandom and their racist and obsessive desire to wipe out
humans and the other races is that they forget that there were
elves in Tevinter who were not slaves and they willingly served
the Imperium.
Devera says in Origins;
“I am Tevinter first and a servant of the Minrathous Circle second,
those are the things that matter.”

The fact that they were elves did NOT matter to her. She
considered them beneath her because they were not from
So its not just the slavery issue that needs fixed….the entire
culture of Tevinter needs to change as well.  
I just wish the hardcore sect of the elf fandom would realize there
are assholes in EVERY race and  I truly wish they would stop seeing
everything in black and white and realize there are many many
shades of grey.


When I think about the things that have happened to black people, it often leads me to weird existential thoughts. I think about things like colonization, slavery, segregation, (and other random terrible sht in general) and I wonder…why? What is the point of such vileness in the universe and what allows/makes these things happen? Is it god/s? Or devil/s? Or maybe just human insanity/stupidity and free will? Like how do people think it’s magically okay to exploit and abuse other PEOPLE because of SKIN COLOR? Are people this shallow??? No one is more superior than another person because at the end of the day, death doesnt give a fck about how “white” or “black” you look. Sometimes I wish an asteroid would wipe out the human race, or that all the ice caps would melt and flood out our existence. All we do here is suffer and cause suffering.