From one queer Skam lover to another

So since I’m Norwegian I kind of feel obliged to tell you about this other show. Because us Scandinavians are apparently quite good at this stuff. If you haven’t heard about the Swedish mini-series Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves, then leave whatever you’re doing and go watch it now. It’s about a young gay couple and their group of friends in the early 80s in Stockholm. It’s hands down the most beautiful thing I’ve ever watched. 

Well, that hurt sooo much. Like, I was bawling as soon as he killed “Prometheus” because I knew…I actually liked Billy, he was a good guy to Felicity, and he was a good cop. Can we talk about how Oliver killed an innocent man, the first I believe? Like omgosh that was heavy and heartbreaking. And Curtis and Paul…hate to say it but it was gonna happen. Although I didn’t like the ultimatum, I like how he left (alive thank goodness). Again, I don’t hate Oliver/Susan, and frankly Oliver finding comfort in her after something huge happened is so in character (see McKenna, Laurel, Sara). So not surprised and not grossed out *shrugs*. And freaking Diggle!!!!!! Sksixikssjwjsi that’s Prometheus right there and gosh he’s gonna destroy everybody. Like seriously ruin their lives. He did it with revealing Curtis to Paul, and now Felicity and Diggle. Can’t wait for the show to come back.

this is the span of over one year with the greatest person in the world. i just wanna thank her for all of it. she has made me into a better person over the past year and continues to each day. she has taught me to be true to myself, and showed me my self worth. ive learned that love conquers all. this girl makes me wanna go out, work my ass off and fight for our future, for our family, and for our lives. and this is love. no doubt about it. i love her. i truly love her. this girl brings out the light in me. im beyond thankful that i got to meet my person. the one who i get say “i love you” to and mean it from my soul, because i want to live my life with this person. after all, she is my soulmate. she’s the one i wake up for every morning. and people doubt us, yes they do, but i believe. i believe with a passion, we will make it through everything thrown our way. she works as i fall asleep, but this is temporary, being apart is temporary. we’re both progressing and becoming increasingly mature as time passes to the point where we’re getting closer through mind and body. believe me when i say, i will marry this girl one day. i mean it. i love her. endlessly. ❤️

&’ @darthlesbean ya lil shit. happy anniversary baby girl. and through it all, i will love you just as i have loved you in the past. you are my happy ending, even if it takes pain to get to ending i’ll be there. we’ll see that damn universe that’s out there together. &’ call me back i miss your voice. i love you. (:


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Tell us about Tina's bond with Queenie! Are there times where she's frustrated with her? How protective is she of Queenie?

L  I  S  T       E  N !! !  

I love Tina and Queenie more than any other duo in FBAWTFT. They’re incredibly important to each other and their relationship is portrayed in a very healthy and normal way — which I find to be rare when it comes to cinema? There’s always some kind of underlying emotion throughout the entire story between siblings and I feel it creates a stigma that creative people have to continue to follow. Family members are allowed to be close to each other without it being incestuous. Family members are allowed to fight and argue without it being hostile 100% of the time. Personalities clash often and it happens most often with people extremely close to each other and that’s okay!! This leads me onto Are there times where she’s frustrated with her?

The answer is yes. Of course. They’re siblings, they’re bound to get one each other’s nerves. The obvious for Tina would be Queenie consistently invading her mind. She can’t help it, Tina’s aware how powerful it is and how it can consume Queenie. Which also leads me to say that Tina knows how intelligent her sister is. She’s not some dumb air head bombshell and she’d defend that if anyone ever dared to say that crap to her face. Queenie comes home in tears, finally fed up with how everyone thinks of her? You bet your ass Tina would march straight up to those people and give them a piece of her mind. 

Anything other frustrations would be small, common ones — Queenie always walking around in her slip, despite it being just the two of them, Tina would scold her. Queenie is obviously a little bit of a show off, so another thing Tina would scold her on. Queenie might bring men home or flirt here and there, Tina would make a comment. The biggest frustration would definitely be her legilimency. 

I already sort of answered the last one too. How protective is Tina over Queenie? Oh my god, very. I think they’re both pretty protective over each other. They’ve only had each other most of their lives, of course they’re going to watch each other’s backs.