Check out the progress on my fox painting! 😀🐺🌈 I’m getting in some painting today since that’s what I like to do on long weekends! 🖌🎨 It’s very relaxing! 😊✨ Plus I also wanted to get some more hours in on this painting because I think I’m close to finishing it up! 😁👍 There’s still some more details to add but it’s coming along! 😀 What do you think of my progress so far? ☺ I hope you like it! ❤I can’t wait to finish and show you cuties! 😆 Hope you’re enjoying your Monday! 😘 I’m off to paint some more!🖌 Later cuties!🤗💖


And now for something completely different - actually giving hats a “non-hat” state.

This means the hats when wore will actually register as “hats” for the turn on/off traits; this also means when sims change into sleep/swim they “change” out of the hats too.

(ignore the white scalps poking through; it’s a txmt issue that’s easy enough to change)