wip. maybe

It’s time I confessed… I’m here for the improbable fluffy angst.  ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯

I also love a Jack that can speak fluent Spanish. And, ya know, he was probably born a lame dad so of course he’d call Gabriel his angel. And Gabe would probably flip him off and grumble about it, but secretly melt inside, and that would most likely be the end of whatever argument they’d be in the middle of. 

So mmmyeah, 

Jack calls Gabriel ángel !!!

Also should mention that this was totally inspired by all the amazing Spanish-speaking Jack that @w4nderingstarfanfics has been writing. Go check that blog and person out, EVERYTHING THERE IS AMAZING!

I totally forgot how therapeutic pencil sketches are, especially when you don’t have to ink or color it ✨

So I have this hc where Sasuke gets his shit together and makes the first move and… yeah. Naru doesn’t survive.

A little update on the progress of this WIP of Captain Hook/ Princess Emma which I am finally getting close to finishinggggg (and by close I mean i still gotta color everything else so not that close…)  ALSO THERE IS A FICLET THAT GOES WITH IT THAT IS ALSO ALMOST DONE. guys this is what i’m doing with all of my spare time. i need a thousand naps.

first drawing of 2k17 in process c: