In celebration of the RWBY V3 finale today, I’ve decided to share with you all the project I started back up after eight months! Some of you might remember me posting wip shots of a Cinder illustration last May - yeah, that was part of this series. So glad I decided to scrap everything to start anew and I’m excited to work on this series! (And yes, I will be doing the other three stretching portraits as well.)


Some progress shots of the thing that is taking up my concentration. I wish I could live stream, but my computer is from the dinosaur age and starts screeching like a pterodactyl when I try to run anything more than clip studio + spotify. 

Also I’m just kind of amused at how little sense my sketches make. 


WIP for more The Known in the Unknown art. Thought I’d share the messy color-scribble part! See y’all on the other side when this is done. (Btw, props to you if you could spot Traveler. He’s tiny.)



Aaaaand introducinggggg villager #5, Rochelle! I made her look vaguely like a red velvet cupcake because yum.

Rochelle is based on Meringue, so she’s a sweetheart normal villager. I was toying with the idea of making a female deer with antlers, so when an anon popped into my askbox yelling at me to make a deer, I knew it was truly meant to be….. Rochelle is a super cutie and I’m glad I decided to make her!

Bonus closeup + WIP shot of the mayor’s face:

process shots of [ x ]

This is probably the most disorganized drawing I’ve done in a while. Instead of figuring out the line art and finishing that before I worked on coloring like I usually do (and should do), I jumped back and forth between the lines and the colors. A LOT. I’m pretty sure that psd file had like 50 layers.