wip status update

WIP status update

To anyone who’s patiently (omg, so patiently!) waiting for chapter 14 of CDDL, I am really sorry it’s taking so long. The action scenes are killing me, jfc. Why are they so hard to write, and why does Valentine have a million and one fucking demons to defeat? /o\

I miss co-writing with @fanny-toric. We have such a beautiful symbiotic partnership–I get to skip all the action-y parts, and she gets to skip all the romance. It’s the very definition of win-win. XD

On the up side, I’ve got 5K done and written, and if I can just finish this freaking battle scene at some point, ch 14 will be ready to go to beta. 

Update on Untitled Shieldshock WIP

I’m 58,900 words in.  There is Steve!sex everywhere.  The first 10 chapters are going off to one of my betas today.  Chapter 11 is finished and 12 is halfway there.  Once it is done, I’ll probably have 5 chapters to write to finish this tale.  My goal is to write 13 and 14 by Wednesday.  If that happens, I imagine I’ll have it ready to post by mid-September.  Yay?

WIP (Work in Progress) - Great Fairy Fountain (slowwww)

I have the first half of the piece up to speed and good to go but I need to slow down when practicing these measures that I have difficulty with… Hopefully I’ll have the full song ready (and of course smoother / faster than this) in a few days…

Okay so this video isn’t all that great but if you’d like nice audio quality / download links for future videos, please consider donating towards the audio equipment fund!


The Sound of Music—a fic inspired by the musical. 

Pairing: Steve/Tony

Status: WIP, regular updates

Word count: 320k

Summary: ABC invites you to the 60th anniversary special of the beloved family classic “The Sound of Music”. A tuneful, heartwarming story, based on the real life story of the Rogers Family singers, one of the best known concert groups of the era. Actually, it’s the story of Antony Stark, an Italian monk whose best shot at escaping Reich controlled Austria is to become the tutor of the seven children of Captain Stefen Rogers. The hills are not alive with music, they are swarming with Nazis and Tony’s not the only one keeping secrets or desperately trying to save what he loves. What he loves has gotten really confused, but maybe he’s not alone in that either.

Read on AO3.

Okay, I normally don’t make fic recs (because I suck at it and have a bad memory) but today kids, y’all need to strap on. Because THIS, this fic right here, it is absolutely, hands down, the most amazing, beautiful piece of fanfiction I have ever stumbled upon. I mean it. I’ve been reading fanfic for a decade now, and I can say in my opinion that this is the single best story that has come out of this fandom. I love it so much that I even tried to (poorly) make an edit of it. And I needed to share it with you guys, because for a work as ambitious and perfectly written as this one, it’s shockingly low on hits when it should be the most popular story ever! I have never seen a peep about it on tumblr, and can’t recall seeing it in anybody’s fic recs. So here I am, doing the lord’s work.

Basically, for anyone that knows this musical, our beloved Tony is the rebel monk who ends up as the tutor of Steve’s seven children. The kids are all characters from the Marvel universe as well, and dear ol’ Captain Rogers never stood a chance when Tony came into their lives. But that’s not it. Aside from being a love story for the ages, this is laced with some of the comic book action and mystery that we all love. It is after all a WWII fic where the Nazis are trying to take over the world! And Steve Rogers will be damned if he allows that to happen, no matter the universe. 

Also, don’t let the humongous amount of words intimidate you, I know what you’re thinking, this is up there as one of the longest written works I’ve read, and that includes published books. But the pace and flow of the story, the writing style and the sheer amount of action that takes place in this makes you forget that you’re even reading at all! As I began reading, I just couldn’t stop myself, I always wanted more and found myself in the middle of class wondering what would happen to Tony and the kids. And I know that some of you may be wary of WIPs, but I promise you this is worth the wait! The authors update regularly and have never missed a promised date.

That said, even if you’re not a fan of musicals or have never heard of The Sound of Music, worry not. This fic is a homage to all things The Sound of Music, yes, and that’s delightful for a musical geek like myself, but you don’t have to know what that play is about to understand this or even get hooked on it. If you give it a chance, I bet you’ll even end up wanting to watch the movie! (Also, this is surprisingly low on the singing/dancing department for a story based on a musical, so if you don’t like spontaneous breaking into song about your feelings or big dancing numbers, you’re good.)

Well, I could go on and on about how fucking great this story is, and I would, but I don’t wanna spoil anything or bore you to death before you even decide to click on it. If you do give it a chance and wanna cry about it and yell in frustration with someone, hit me up, I’m always down to discuss this fic and wax poetic about my fave characters.

Lastly, remember to leave kudos and comments for the lovely authors to see! 

Fic rec!

As part of my new initiative Fic Rec Dec, I’ve got a fabulous fic for you to devour!

Title:  Tell Me the End at the Beginning

Author: @harryromper

Rating: Teen 

Status: WIP, updated daily

So the thing is that I’ve had a year where I struggled to concentrate on reading and haven’t managed to read much fic. When I clicked on this fic to check it out, I didn’t expect to read more than the first chapter. BUT I WAS SO WRONG! This is such a hilarious, well written fic that I devoured it (short chapters always help me do that) and I loved what I’ve read so far! Harry’s voice here is wonderful, he is so funny that I’m reading along with a smile on my face except for when I laugh out loud at a witty line. There are a bunch of amazing OCs, a wonderful Luna, a Christmassy feeling for anyone who’s into that, and a mystery plot in the background. This fic will make you feel warm and happy, guaranteed, so go read the thing!!

fic rec december

Title: Heart Of Silver/Heart Of Gold 

Author: @lettersbyelise

Rating: Explicit

Status: WIP, updated daily

Summary: Draco Malfoy, a young demon specialising in school bullying, has lived hundreds of uneventful lives. Until his world is turned upside down by his newest assignment a few days before Christmas: to get rid of 8th year classmate Harry Potter, Defeater of Dark Lords and thorn in the side of all things evil.
Trouble is, Draco’s world has been upside down for a while… ever since he started having very human feelings for a certain bespectacled Gryffindor.

Content: Eighth Year, UST, Good Omens AU

Is this the best premise or what?!! As you all probably know by now, I love me an AU. And this Good-Omens-inspired AU is AMAZING! What a fabulous idea! I have only read the first few chapters, but I’m all :hearteyes: over it, and can’t wait for Xmas prep/shopping etc to be over so I can find some time to catch up. Combine the unique premise with @lettersbyelise‘s fabulous writing and you’ve got yourselves a winner. Go read now!!!

WIP status update

The next (and last, if I’m able to stick to my outline) chapter of CDDL is currently at 4K and moving along nicely. Seeing how long this fic turned out, I’d love to get an additional pair of eyes on it (my betas are amazing, so no beta work needed, just story continuity to make sure everything comes together nicely and I’m not leaving any big threads hanging).

So if you’ve read the entire fic up to now (ch 14) and want to get a sneak peek AND a shot at making sure that the ending’s to your liking, drop me a PM with a comment about what part of the fic you’re most invested in and therefore most anxious about me not dropping the ball on. XD

Mutuals, followers, random ppl who stumbled on my blog and just so happen to be reading the fic = you are all equally welcome. :D

Status on the Demon AU

Okay, I don’t mean to seem flaky or anything, but I’m just thinking.

Ever since I started working up what I want to do with the plot to Cursed Fates, which was originally just a one-shot, I feel like I want to re-write the first chapter. What I have isn’t bad, I’m just thinking that I want it to stand out from my other stories and be more… mature? The first chapter that I have now is kind of… cute. Which is fine, but I want to stretch my darkness muscle some more, make the whole story more interesting than: Gilbert finds a strange demon who’s more cute than demonlike and helps him.

So what I might do is leave what I have as a oneshot and label it as a prototype or something. I’m going to sit on it, and it’ll probably take a backseat to my other two projects for now.