wip record


Time lapse footage of my Alec Hardy commission WIP.  @thedeliriumtennants @nannyogg123

super WIP: eterna city cover

made this on a whim to test how it sounds when combining piano and guitar (cause both my mics tend to cut off chord sounds, but if i keep the chords short or play a simple bass line it isnt too noticable it seems!)

dunno where the cracking came from, there wasnt one in the other recording oh welp

just sang melody over it cause that´s quicker and not too loud (it´s 1am xD)

oh yeah, i actually like how through editing the guitar seems to fade out a bit at th end, yay 


Late night sketch from yesterday, recording all the process (about 15min)! If you’d like me to post more or less records or other kinds of records please tell me! 🤗 // Art ㏄ Doria Plume

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I finally tried to record a bit of the lineart/shading step from the pages I’m working on! Sorry for it shakes every time, I really need to get a tripod! ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )“ #maydeletelater // Art ㏄ Doria Plume

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