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Hey, the blueandgold is closed haha but this is really bothering me but I understand if you dont have time! But there was this story on tumblr and ao3 and like jughead was with sabrina and betty and archie were married then betty came to his apartment because of a storm and they ended up fighting and having sex I think it was by ‘believe that you can’ something but I cant find it anywhere:( anyway thank you if you have time to respond <3

I can respond - and I’ll be opening the @blueandgoldoffice probably by this afternoon - so other people can ask fic related questions over there instead.

The fic you’re looking for is angsty as hell - but Vera is amazing and I love her so it’s worth reading and having your heart ripped out. Enjoy! <3 Jandy

(I want a scar that looks just like you) until I learn to be a wisher fool by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend (1/3)

WIP / Rating: R

Summary: I need you like no other, no, I’ll never find another… Or, ten years after high school, Betty turns up on Jughead’s door on a stormy autumn night.

But seriously - if you want something cheerful to read afterwards - I highly HIGHLY reccommend reading Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams if you haven’t already. It’s amazing. :D

so i’ve always always wanted to write The Office (US version) AU with bts






Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children

Early 2000′s Internet Fandom Gothic
  • Someone has been leaving increasingly bizarre messages on your guestbook.
  • You get a favorite on one of your drawings featuring a character’s death. You go to thank them, but have second thoughts when you see their page consists only of a bloated gallery of faves that are all about that one character dying.
  • Just who else is a sock puppet of that BNF?
  • Your favorite fansite still hasn’t come back from hiatus. Rumors swirl on the forums of a different site that the webmistress died, the broken banner on her splash page her online epitaph.
  • You swear you’ve read this songfic set to My Immortal before, but it’s the most recent submission. You couldn’t have. 
  • Your computer doesn’t support Japanese characters but that doesn’t stop you from trying to navigate your fandom’s doujin circles. You somehow stumble onto a page dedicated to lovingly-rendered anatomical dissections of every character.
  • Your favorite fanfiction is getting progressively weirder and more incoherent with every update. You hope the author is okay.
  • You get the feeling you shared this positive fanart of a female character with the wrong crowd.
  • There’s a new batch of icons posted on one of your LJ communities! None of them are loading. Everybody else is commenting on them; why are you the only one who can’t see them?
  • You make a new friend on a forum, and you exchange AIM handles. After a few days of chatting, she begins to tell you about her experiences in something called “the Astral Plane”.
  • This video is taking an eternity to buffer. 
  • DxHxR citrus, PWP, H/C, NC, CBT, WS, M/M, M/M/M, WAFF ^_^ WIP please R&R!!!
  • As you finally turn out the light and close your eyes to go to sleep, you swear you can hear it coming from outside: the dial-up noise.
tiberius (i tried something)

warnings: implied emotional abuse, discussion of abuse and abusive tactics

“Steve,” Natasha says, putting one hand on his arm just as he’s about to climb out of the car.

Steve turns to listen to whatever it is she has to say. Her expression is grim, delicate brows twisted just a little.

“Remember how I said I thought Tony’s boyfriend was abusive?”

“I remember,” Steve agrees.

“I want you to also remember that whatever he shows you may not reflect that.”

“I…think I understand.” Steve frowns as he tries to piece together what he thinks she’s telling him. “You’re saying…he’ll hide what he does.”

“It could be misdirection, distraction, or the abuse may just be part of a private facet of his personality. Whatever it is, he may not seem like the type of man who could be abusive. Do you see what I’m saying?”

Steve swallows. “You think he might pull one over on me. Make me think he’s a nice guy.”

Natasha looks him unflinchingly in the eye. “He’s an abuser. Abusers are exceptionally good at camouflaging themselves. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have partners, and they wouldn’t get away with the things they do.”

“Okay,” Steve says, back straightening. “I have to be alert. I can do that.”

Natasha catches him by the arm again and Steve pauses, surprised. “Don’t beat yourself up if he gets you, Steve,” she says. “There are trained professionals who study men like this who still get caught up in their webs.”

Apprehension creeps up Steve’s spine. This time when he reaches for the door, Natasha lets him get it open. He steps out into the bright sunshine and he’s turning to shut the door when Natasha calls, “And Steve?”

He pokes his head back in the car.

“If Tony gets weird, or seems not like himself, that’s why. It won’t have anything to do with you. Don’t make it about you.”

“Sure,” Steve says, throat suddenly dry. He can do that.

Dammit, Natasha’s always right.

Steve goes in fully prepared to be civil with Tiberius, but not a bit warmer. But then, as Tony—who is strange and sullen, just like Natasha said he might be—is introducing them, Tiberius spots an older woman to Steve’s right who has a swathe of bad burns up her arm and across half of her face, the scarred skin completely covering her eye.

When Tiberius opens his mouth, Steve is braced for something that will grind his teeth, but all Tiberius says is, “I’m sorry, give me just a minute.”

Then he goes to the woman and touches her shoulder. Steve doesn’t expect to see her light up the way she does, or the warm hug they share.

Tony must see his confusion because he says, “That’s Aiyana. She works for Viastone. Two years ago her husband set her house on fire with her inside.”

Horrified, Steve stares at Tony.

“Ty pays his janitorial staff better than most places, but four weeks in the hospital is still over the threshold of affordability for them. He paid her bills, visited her three times a week the whole stay.” Tony’s expression is soft and said. “Ty’s good to his people—it’s a big part of why I fell in love with him.”

“Sorry,” Tiberius says when he returns, hand outstretched to shake Steve’s hand. “Friend I haven’t seen in awhile. So, Steve, what is it you like to do?”

After, Steve sits in shock, a beer in one hand. “He seems like a good guy,” he says incredulously to Natasha. “He asked about my art. He brought Tony drinks and talked about how Viastone’s success is founded on treating every employee like a person first and an employee second. He’s funny and—” Steve takes a long pull from his beer, feeling hunted. “He got me,” he croaks. “But I knew—

“Imagine how it went for Tony.”

Steve pales. “He never stood a chance.”

Natasha nods. “He’s all smiles and charm until he’s got you in his web. Then it’s too late. You’re stuck.”

Steve glances over at Natasha, away from the wall. “Then how do we—how can we help him?”

Natasha shrugs with one shoulder. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. All it takes is one person who treats you like you matter—like you’re more than a thing.” She looks across the room to where Clint is sitting and they exchange a look that says more than some of the books Steve’s read. “Be patient. Tony has to see for himself what Tiberius is doing to him or he’ll stay stuck.”

Steve chews his lip. “There’s nothing else I can do?”

Natasha turns eyes that know too much on him. “Rhodes and Pepper are Tony’s oldest friends aside from Tiberius. You’ve seen how Tony holds them at arm’s length. They tried to make him see. All you can do is refuse to let Tony lie to himself about his culpability in this and wait. Then, when he’s ready, you help him get free.”

Steve takes a shaky breath. Inaction in the face of something like this goes against everything Steve believes, everything he’s fought for. He wants to forcibly remove Tony and make him see sense, even though he can hardly see it himself. But yeah, he’s seen the way Tony all but cut Rhodes out of his life, how stiff and formal he is around Pepper, and according to Natasha they’re his best friends. Rhodes spent three months in the desert searching for Tony. They had tried what Steve wants to try and it had blown up in their faces.

He can’t make the same mistake.

“Okay,” he says, taking another unsteady breath. “Then that’s my play. Wait and watch.”

Natasha smiles thinly behind her own glass bottle. “Might just be the hardest fight of your life, Rogers.”