wip ish


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@knittinggiantbeanies THIS IS ALL I HAVE SO FAR

So I took my McCree and Pharah sibling bonding time picture and inked it. 

I have a copy saved in photoshop and I want to digitally ink and color it at some point this summer. But for now, have some clean lines done by shaky hands!

Also, bonus “siblings that shit talk about everyone, silently judging you from a distance” doodle~

I just. Want them to hug. At some point. Please.

you’re in too deep Bill

im kinda new to the whole Demon guardian au, but i couldn’t get the idea of bill and dot taking care of baby Mabel and dipper 

or in reality, dot going baby crazy over mabel while bill tries his best to avoid baby dipper but that’s impossible because ignorant lil’ dipper likes to snuggle with his triangle

this is what goes though my mind

mainly a wip, if i don’t doodle/sketch/whatever this i can’t sleep

Colored version now up :3