wip derp

Somehow I’ve been blessed with the best coloring job I’ve probably ever done! :O

Yes, I suppose I don’t ever do anything in order. (The lining isn’t even done. ^^’’’) I hope I can keep doing a decent job, I’m actually really enjoying this little project. :”3 It’s so nice to make something for myself for once… (Though, it makes me happiest when others also enjoy it.)

@nerdy-hamsters and @charlotte-just-charlotte : For now I’ve decided to color the sweater like this. I also thought about blue, like a kind of baby blue actually. I may make an alternative for that color as well. Depends.

Progress shot.


Lapras, the most commonly visualized, yet poorly explored water pokemon I’ve seen. People are like, “Hey! It’s the Loch Ness Monster!” And then they move on. Where’s the love for this creature’s culture? For it’s cute and caring demeanor? And what exactly is it hiding in it’s shell!? (Kidding) 

That being said, here’s a visual of what it looked like when I started to assemble the pieces. I call it Lapra-Derp. 

Having the pieces from previous dots allows me to quickly pull together some of the features of the new one I’m working on. If you compare however, you’ll notice that there’s a huuuuuge difference between the derp and final dot so while the pieces help, they don’t exactly remove all the hurdles.