Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 14

(Slight warnings for feelings of abandonment)


DJ didn’t move, didn’t even glance back. He just sat there, still as the sphinx, on the floor in front of the workshop doors, his knees pulled up and his arms wrapped around them, as if he was making himself as small as possible, or as if he was holding himself together with a force of will. His face was buried in his knees, his eyes just peeking over the top of them.

Harris paused next to him, his hands in the pockets of his pajama pants, his shoulders tucked forward. “Hey,” he repeated, and he didn’t know if he should sound cheerful or stern or what, so it came out a little quiet, a little more coaxing than he’d intended. “You’re not supposed to be down here alone. Especially not at-” He shoved a hand through his hair. “At like three am.”

DJ’s shoulders rose and fell in something like a shrug. He stared, straight ahead, at the half assembled machinery, at the bots that were still rolling in easy sweeps around it. “Two,” he said.

Harris followed his gaze. “Two? Oh.” Slowly, he lowered himself down, taking a seat next to DJ on the concrete floor. “Yeah. Two. But they’re hard workers.” He leaned forward. “Aren’t they?” DJ nodded. “I think they like building things. Almost as much as Tony does.”

“More,” DJ said, his voice soft. He rested his chin on his knees. “They were built to build.”

“I guess they were,” Harris said. He smiled. “Does that mean they love it?”

“Yes,” DJ said. It was a simple statement of fact. His fingers picked at the knee of his pajamas, his bare toes rubbing back and forth against the floor. “I do.”

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NOTE: Panels are not in order because I sketched the panels by whatever scene came to mind.

Storyboards for my video RISE. This video has the most drawn panels. A total of 22 pages, 132 panels (excluding the blank). These are all hand drawn and finished within a week. I spent more or less 48 hours on them from draft sketches to inking. The next week was spent on digital cleaning and edits on Adobe Photoshop and the finished panels arranged on Windows Movie Maker.