Close-up shot of a work-in-progress! Another Merlin, yup (might be hard to tell his likeness atm). I actually haven’t “painted” him in my realistic style for a long while and am enjoying the process so far… but, like, who doesn’t enjoy staring at Colin? (Though I confess to quickly skimming past certain photo posts in which he’s really too unfairly, painfully pretty… ‘cause my heart can’t take it… Is it just me!? >_>) Ah, well, anyway… I’m aiming to have this one finished this weekend, maybeee. Gotta colour it too! Will be a scene from a fic by @versaphile! ^_~ Stay tuned!!! 

(My Art Tag) *Please don’t repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks.

Working on some Facades* to showcase the Vaulted Ranch Build set. Can I just say I miss terraforming? I managed to make a decent slop with rocks though. It really adds something special to some homes. 

*No, this is not a functional home. It is purely designed to showcase my cc and is in no way functional as a home even though it looks pretty. 

Lil WIP~<3 This is huge I’m sorry ! I meant to draw those design for so long and I finally got the motivation to work on them ! Those design clothes design are based on @zenoo1‘s captain navy AU, and I just enjoyed the outfit so much that I HAD to draw it ! Especially in an action like pose~<3 

In many way, despite Decans’ condition, I can easily see Vibe and him become really good battle partner, watching each other’s back and litterally kicking ass. X’D

I’ll work more on it later, but I wanna sketch some more rn~<3