When she said this, I was just like, “that’s why you shouldn’t be with her, Raylan!” She cheats on people then jokes about it later to a man she cheated on. And this is suppose to be okay?

I don’t think so. Just ‘cause she is about to be your baby’s momma does not mean you can trust, Raylan. She cheated on you with Gary then cheated on Gary with you. WTF?!

If the writers stick to this Raylan/Wionna and baby to the very end, I give up on his character as being a 100% badass. Maybe a 80-90% baddass. Boyd is already showing him up. It also doesn’t hurt that I love Ava and hate Wionna.

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S!!!!¡! for the ask game. I also wanted you to know that I really enjoy your blog🐝

ayyy thanks!!! means a lot!

strawberry fields forever by the beatles (come on, it’s a classic)

 she’s my wionna by fall out boy (it’s folie a deux man)

she had the world by panic (i was gonna skip it but then i heard a few words and i was gonna cry so here it is)

skeleton by the front bottoms (bc he kinda yelling he sounds mad ish in my brain so i like it o)

sinnerman by nina simone (bc everytime i always forget its coming when i watch sherlock and it always makes me smile bc i know whawt happens nad-)

also even tho no one asked i want to say that the private life of sherlock holmes is the best and i’ve been ranting about it a lot