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People like to act like today’s cartoons all look the same, as if people haven’t always purposfully capitalized off of style trends in the media.
If anything the styles we use have only become more diverse and more versatile.
You could say the current kind of style homogenized a bit after adventure time popularized it but you can say the same thing about Avatar and teen titans during the early 2000s anime boom.
Style sells. If you want the styles you like to succeed then you have to show networks that you’re willing to pay for it, play footsies with capitalism a bit.

((The middle collage is mine and the first and third collage were made by @ Calavera145 on Twitter.))


winx club! for the kid inside of me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I watched this show and liked the characters (flora was my fav) I know they have different style for each season (I didn’t draw them in their “fairy mode” maybe next time) I think I watched the 3 first season

I want to draw more cartoons that I grow up on them in the future just for the little kid inside of me


This has probably been shared a million times by now but fuck it???

the ‘normal everyday school-aged kids with monumental world-saving burdens’ trope is amazing and I hope it never dies because it beautifully illustrates the stressors that exist in adolescent and young adults’ lives and how important it is to recognize other peoples’ battles even if they aren’t the same as your own because everyone reacts differently to academic schedules and the pressures of maintaining a job alongside getting a worthwhile education simultaneously. the solidarity exchanged between the people who share the same struggles—akin to the characters of mismatched social backgrounds in the tight-knit, unlikely ‘framilies’ in works that fit this trope—is often one of the most powerful bonds of friendship in the modern age. just my two cents.