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I dont know about anyone else.. but I really like Harmonix. The design looks really pretty, and I love the colour scheme. Yes, the transformation is dangerous, but I always thought of it like, if a fairy was doomed and had to lose their powers, at least their last transformation is pretty af.            

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Winx Alternative Cannon: Transformations

I’ve been considering an Alternate take on Winx Club cannon lately, rewatching the show and working on some alterations as a frame work for a alternative telling of the show, not quite a full blown AU, but just some slight differences, like the fandom approved ability for Fairies to access any transformation they’ve acquired rather than being stuck using the latest one they ‘earned.’

And Speaking of the Fairy Transformations: lets talk about them in the Alternative Canon.

Please note the Alternative Canon is more than just: they can swap between transformations they already have whenever they want, some of the requirements, properties and meanings are different and also require universal alterations.

I’ve also been thinking of making a side blog just for my Winx stuff but I don’t know if it would be worth it. All I’ve really got is the head cannons for the AltCan Winx Club, and the Astr'ix AU that started off as a AltCan Original Transformation….

Where was I? Oh right!

…How do I put things 'under the cut?’ cause this a long ass post and I’m so sorry for putting it all over your Dash.

Lets start with the first fairy form:

The 4Kids dub referred to it (and fairy magic as a whole) as Winx, Rai called it Charmix. In AC universe there is no name for it, as the most basic for of fairy, all fairies will achieve this form, so it is typically just referred to as 'fairy transformation.’

In some circles it is (jokingly) nicknamed Basix, these circles are typically multi-formed fairies. E.g. the Winx Club by season seven.

The basic most form of a fairy, the only requirement is to be a 'fairy’ and connect with your power.
The resulting costume is a combination of a fairy’s personal style, and the manifestation of their magic.


The second (and typically last) form fairies gain, Enchantix is achieved not through the act of sacrifice, but that single instant of clarity when a fairy realises how far she is prepared to go to protect or save others. Though this does typically happen in a moment of actual risk, thus beginning the rumour a fairy had to sacrifice herself for a person from their planet.

Part of the manifestation of this Will to Protect is Fairy Dust, the manifestation of a fairy’s magic and their desire to help people, it enables a fairy to dispel dark magic, and in some cases, heal people.

The Enchantix also grants fairies the ability to miniaturise.


At Alfea, many fairies gain their Charmix before their Enchantix, leading to some confusion on the proper progression of transformations. The Charmix is earned by facing yourself and recognising your own weaknesses, accepting yourself and your preparation to change.

The Charmix boosts a Fairies powers when in use and (passively) also allows a fairy to 'collect’ transformations and use them at will, rather than being stuck using only the latest transformation a fairy has acquired. (This ability has led to the transformation being called 'A Fairy’s favourite type of Charm Bracelet.’)


These three are some of the only fairy forms that require personal reflection, understanding and/or growth, this is also why they have the most deviation in appearance between fairies.

Most other forms are created for specific purposes and tend to be both gifted and some what uniform in appearance.


Speedix, Tracix, Zoomix:

Another Alfea speciality, the 'Three Wings of Clariel’ are gifts given to students of Alfea who have earned both their Enchantix, their Charmix and proven themselves to be potential Guardian Fairies. The Three Wings can, once obtained, be used from any fairy form. They grant the fairy the power to fly faster than any other known wings, to see recent events or past moments of intense emotional impact, and to teleport. The exact range of teleportation differs between fairies but the Zoomix allows instantaneous transport between two worlds, only the more powerful fairies can transport from one end of the known universe to the other in one shot.

The Wings were crafted by Clariel, one of the Founding Fairies of Alfea.

(Alternative Cannon Backstory required:

The wizards of the Black Circle are Fairy Hunters, who rip the wings off of Fairies to steal their powers for themselves. They managed to figure out how to nullify the effects Fairy magic had against them, and so, managed to terrorise the magical universe, until the Earth Fairies figured out how to combat their nullification spell, by altering the fabric of their own magic just enough to get around it. Realising the danger, and unable to create a patch for the spell, the Black Circle waged war on the Earth Fairies, culminating in both sides being imprisoned in time dilation fields.)


Believix is the manifestation of the Earth Fairy ability that allows them to over come the Black Circles 'immunity’ to Fairy Magic, it is gained by receiving the Blessing of an Earth Fairy. The Winx Club received their Blessing by accident when Earth’s Fairy Princess Roxy placed her trust in the Winx Club.

Roxy herself cannot obtain a Believix form because the Believix power already exists with in her, regardless of the transformation she wears. This is why Roxy’s basic fairy form and the Winx Club’s Believix forms bear a resemblance, in addition to the Believix form taking some of its style cues from Roxy’s 'fairy style.’


The Lovix and the Sophix are gifts from the Earth Fairies Aurora and Diana, and so contain a trace of Believix, which is why the three outfits appear to be variations of each other.

The Lovix protects the user from freezing temperatures, natural or otherwise, and grants a minor ability of ice while in use. (It should be noted all Fairy Forms protect the Fairy from Cold and Low/Poor Atmosphere to a certain extent, but the Cold Protection of the Lovix is Infinitely Superior.)

Like wise the Sophix protects against humidity and heat, as well a bugs, it gives the wearer an improved connection with the Voice of Nature.

These two forms are two of several Gifts of Magic that exist, several forms of the Lovix and Sophix exist and merely require the Blessing of a Major Fairy of the correct power type.


The Harmonix is an underwater form which can be obtained by bonding with a selkie from the fairy’s home world. Capable of transitioning between air, land and water, the Harmonix allows fairies to operate at otherwise impossible ocean depths.

When a fairy needs to travel at great speeds, the long train of the skirt and leg ribbons, instantaneously transform into a mermaid tail that can propel the fairy and otherwise unobtainable underwater speeds. (it should also be noted: as an underwater based Form, the Harmonix does not have soled shoes, just pretty leg ribbons.)


A transformation that is Exclusive to the Infinite ocean, it enables fairies to swim as fast as their tailed Harmonix forms, and grants them a deeper connection to the oceans of the universe.
It requires the Harmonix form and access to the Infinite Ocean to achieve.


A modern rendition of a more Primal Fairy Form, the Bloomix is granted by receiving a small spark of the Dragon Flame. This form has a higher attack power than any other, but a fairy’s healing abilities can be lessened as a result, it is the Warrior form of fairies.
The users of this form were, in Daphne’s prime, referred to as Nymphs.


The second 'world exclusive’ form, It requires a Wand from the Legendarium world to manifest, and can only be used within the world of the Legendarium. It protects users from the Fugue of the Legendrium, a curse which steals Fairy Magic if a Fairy remains in the Legendarium too long.


The Blessing of Wild Magic, this form is acquired when a fairy manages to obtain a compatible form of Wild Magic. (Compatible in this case meaning freely given, not stolen for selfish purposes, fairies who have received the Blessing of a Major fairy of Nature are more likely to prove compatible with Wild Magic.)


'Pocket Dimension’ gear, allows a fairy to access world inside pocket dimensions with out suffering the effects of 'pocket distortion,’ a magical cousin of the bends which occurs when moving to, from and around in Pocket Dimensions during the initial 24 to 36 hours.

(Granted by a friend of Daphne’s who lives in a tiny clam in lack Roccaluce and specialises in dimensional magic. Technically one of the Gifts of Magic.)

Dreamix: ***

Allows Fairies to enter the Dream World, and fight in it. Originally gifted by Morpheus*** (early ssn2) as a one use transformation, recharged and earned ssn8.

Additional notes:

* I must at this point admit I have not finished season seven, I had trouble tracking down the episodes and I just…. oh my goodness…. this season… I have however watch WoW, and enjoyed it as a back to basics, but some of the season was a bit… yeah… (they fairy animal thing was really forced and weird okay, and none/very few of the transformation terms are the same as cannon, why did they even need to visit the mini worlds? I don’t know! I’m so confused… I spent most of Nex’s screen time yelling 'Who. Are. You?’ at the screen even though I know who he is…)

** see Suiseix entry below/right at the end

***(Morpheus was a character in the comics in an alternate introduction to Aisha story, he opened the door for the Winx to enter the world of Dreams to free Aisha from Darkar’s nightmare curse thingy.) There are several occasions where a Fairy may use a Transformation she has not yet Earned, or should not be able to wield, by gaining Authorisation from Higher Powers like Morpheus, or The First Fairy Arcadia and her group.

Powers like Fairy Dust and Miniaturisation can be used in forms other than Enchantix but they’re less potent/harder to use/require more magic

It should also be noted that 'new’ does NOT mean 'more powerful,’ but it does mean 'more power.’

Each new transformation increases a Fairies over all power, passively, but the transformations are not inherently more powerful than one or the other.

Presented as Game stats:

Winx Fairy
lvl ??

HP: /500
MP: /1,000
Basix: (Passive) +10% MP, +5%HP
Enchantix: (Passive) +10% MP, +5%HP, Fairy Dust, Miniaturisation
Charmix: (Passive) +10% MP, +5%HP, (Active) 10% Power Boost (all power related stats gain an additional 10% boost when Charmix is in use)

Speedix: (Passive) +5% MP, +1%HP
Tracix: (Passive) +5% MP, +1%HP
Zoomix: (Passive) +5% MP, +1%HP
Believix: (Passive) +10% MP, +5%HP, (Active) Negates 'Immunity:Fairy Magic’
Lovix: (Passive) +5% MP, +1%HP, (Active) Negates 'Immunity:Fairy Magic’, Negates: Status Effect Tree: Cold, Enable: Ice Affinity – Minor
Sophix: (Passive) +5% MP, +1%HP, (Active) Negates 'Immunity:Fairy Magic’, Negates: Status Effect: Humidity, Negates: Status Effect: Heat – minor, Immunity: Bugging Me, Enable: Nature Affinity - Minor
Harmonix: (Passive) +10% MP, +5%HP, (Active) Immunity: Waterlogged
Sirenix: (Passive) +5% MP, +1%HP, (Active) Immunity: Waterlogged, Access: Infinite Ocean
Bloomix: (Passive) +10% MP, +5%HP

Mythix: (Passive) +5% MP, +1%HP, (Active) Immunity: Fugue of the Legendarium, Access: The Worlds of the Legendarium


HP: /500 ((+37%=185) /685)
MP: /1,000 ((+95%=950) /1,950)

Alternative Canon Original Transformations/Variations.


The temporary fairy transformation powered by the water stars (Bloom must let go of the Dragon Fire completely for the duration of its use or risk the destruction of the universe.)

The 'Water Stars’ the Winx collected from the alternate dimension weren’t the Actual Water Stars, they’re amulets which allow the girls to channel the power of The Water Stars, from their realm into the realm of the Winx, like Bloom does for the Dragon Fire. (Which is why they just so happen to be thematically linked to the six fairies)

Suiseix > Harmonix

This transformation was authorised only once, but once the power of the Water Stars was withdrawn from the amulets, the Winx were allowed to keep a less powerful echo of the form: The Harmonix.

(Entering the Infinite Ocean requires a bonded Selkie to take you (the first time). Serena, Daphne’s bonded Selkie was frozen by her gate on Domino. In her ghost form, Daphne was unable to do anything to help her, unsure if she was even still alive within the ice. Using their sisterly bond to create an empathic link, and aided by the Harmonix power of the Winx, they magically pull Serena into Lake Roccaluce where they manage to thaw her using the Dragon Flame and Fairy Dust, and she bonds with Bloom. (Selkie can form multiple bonds, especially if their Bonded is the magical equivalent of a ghost.))

(Suisei: Japanese – the water star / Mizuno: Japanese – of water)

TL;DR ummm…. Fairy Transformations and stuff that I threw the canon out for cause I though it was OP/BS or just kinda bleh?


Some Photos of my Harmonix Cosplay. Thanks to everyone for the photos!

I’m sorry I didn’t post them earlier, but I’m sick and lying in bed all day since a week now >__>

I really like my stella harmonix cosplay, although I have a few little things I will do to improve the cos to get it to the “perfect” status (perfect in my opinion).

What do you think? :)

Since the weather was reeaaally really bad that day I do not have a lot of pictures, I’m sorry.