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The intro to a show I recently finished on Netflix. Think The Neverending Story mixed with MLP:FiM and you got just something that wholesome and kid-friendly yet also has a nice sense of continuity and world building.

The second season’s a bit weird with production changes like the animation staff changing but still has plenty to it with some unexpected character development.

Long story short: check it out if you ever want to enjoy something fun. In this day and age, it’s a feeling more valuable than ever before.

1) Riven as Jay (Jafar’s descendant)
2) Bloom as Mal (Maleficent’s descendant)
3) Flora as Evie (E.Q’s descendant)
4) Roxy as Carlos (Cruella’s descendant)
—— —— —— —— —— ——
Art made by pbbmk
Winx Club © Iginio Straffi


Close your eyes,
And open your heart.
Believe in yourself,
That’s how it starts!
Dreams will come true,
Just wait and see,
Cause the magic’s in you,
And the magic’s in me!

We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
Come join the club,
We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
Come join the club,
We are the Winx!

Magical flowers,
Digital powers,
Rhythms and tunes,
The sun and the moon!
Keep on searching far and wide,
For the fire burning deep inside!

We’ve got the style,
And we’ve got the flair!
Look all you want,
Just don’t touch the hair!

We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
Come join the club,
We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
We are the Winx…
Come join the club,
We are the Winx!

anonymous asked:

If you know anything or spoilers regarding of the upcoming season 8 of the winx, can you show it here?

I know nothing of season 8. A quick google and the Winx Club Wikia has this:

In 2015, via an interview, Iginio Straffi, the creator of Winx Club, confirmed that the 8th season of Winx Club is “in production”, and will be set to be aired after World of Winx and the 4th movie.

Recently, Rainbow S.r.l said that the 8th season is already in production and it will be premiered in Fall 2018/Early 2019!

As of September 20, 2017, the eighth season is scheduled to premiere towards the end of 2018.


Más dibujos hoy sábado 28 de octubre:

Crackle (el dragoncito de Princesita Sofía) © Disney

La princesa Candy (Dave,el bárbaro) © Doug Landale y Disney

Stormy,la hechicera de las tormentas (Winx Club) © Iginio Straffi y Rainbow S.r.l.

Bruno (Dinotren) © Craig Bartlett,PBS y The Jim Henson Company

Frida Suárez adolescente en traje de baño (El Tigre:las aventuras de Manny Rivera) © Sandra Equigua,Jorge R.Gutiérrez y Nickelodeon

Brianna Buttowski (Kick Buttowski),Blu (Mansión Foster para amigos imaginarios) y XJ9 (La robot adolescente) (los tres personajes les pertenecen á Disney,Cartoon Network y Nickelodeon)

Sheriff Callie,Hamtaro,Hanazuki y Cubby de Jake y los piratas del país de Nunca Jamás (Dos de los personajes son de Disney,Hamtaro es de Ritsuko Kawai y Hanazuki es de Hasbro)

La humana Kimberly (Catscratch) © Doug Tennapel y Nickelodeon

Telma (Garfield y sus amigos) © Jim Davis

Y terminamos con el león Melquíades © Hanna-Barbera