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Some fans redrew the transformation scenes, and instead of wearing the season 1 clothes in the beginning, they’re now wearing the s3 ones.

I didn’t knew I needed this in my life til I saw it xP

See, this is the kind of stuff I like this fanbase for, dedication and creativity!


I got this ask three years ago and this was before I realized the similarities between them but yeah. To be sorta fair I did kinda make a specialist I just couldn’t fit him in :P

Posting this is lowkey fucking with my anxiety idk why but k


World of Winx: All songs!

Winx Club Hogwarts Houses

In which houses do you think winx club characters would be sorted?

My opinion is (based on Season 1, with a little help from Season 3 for Tecna):

Bloom - Gryffindor
Stella - Hufflepuff
Flora - Hufflepuff
Tecna - Gryffindor (but a Ravenclaw-ish Gryffindor like Hermione)
Musa - Slytherin

Sky - Hufflepuff
Brandon - Ravenclaw
Timmy - Hufflepuff
Riven - Slytherin

Icy - Slytherin
Darcy - Slytherin
Stormy - Gryffindor