You know what I love about the old cartoon classics (W.I.T.C.H, Totally spies, Winx club)? The characters where allowed to be as girly as they wanted and still be completely kick-arse. Hay-lin and Irma could be flirty and giggly without being shown as in any way inferior to Will the tomboy. Bloom could be the keeper of the dragon flame and still worry about her hair and nails and boys. Because being girly does not automatically equal being weak.  


If there’s one thing i loved since i loved since i was a kids it’s magical girls (and of course as you can see magical boys)


Finally cosplayed ALL the magical girls! (Okay not even close to all but a good few from some of my favorite series’!) Clearly, I have a thing for blondes. 💁 🌙💕

Cosplays by @jdcosplay
Venus photo by T. Kirk Photography