winx 5 season

anonymous asked:

Ok, now which of Flora's fairy forms are your favorite and do you have any dolls of her?

These are my main favorite forms of hers:

1) Enchantix (Season 3)

2) Bloomix (Season 6)

3) Dreamix (World of Winx)

Still not a fan of the paler skin-tone though

4) Believix (Season 4)

5) Magic Winx/”Charmix” (Season 1-2)

6) Harmonix (Season 5)

And as for the question about me having any Winx dolls, I’m afraid not :( they do look like they’d be fun to own but I haven’t found the time or money to buy one. Maybe I’ll consider it soon if I find a good enough Flora doll. 

S5 Date Preparations

You know, I really don’t like that part of the episode. The episode in season five where the boys and girls were giving Tecna and Timmy dating advice.

I know they [the writers] wanted it to be “humorous” but it wasn’t. It got me asking, “how are you guys dating for that long if you’re giving advice like that?”. I was expecting better from Stella specifically. 😒