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A wonderfully horrible fanfic

((ooc: A few weeks ago I found a (horrible) handwritten fanfic that I wrote when I was 15 or 16. It’s a winx club fanfic about Brandon and Sky and I have no idea why I ever wrote this and never finished it (and quit randomly in the middle of a sentence). To be honest, I think it’s a piece of art because of all the (spelling) mistakes and the drama, so I decided to share this with you. Laughing is allowed.

Before I forget, the words in italic are words that I wrote in Dutch because I didn’t know the translation when I wrote this. I wrote the translation next to it.


It had been around 5 years since he and Bloom started dating. But after all this time he still couln’t get any satisfaction out of there relation ship. She was sweet, beautiful powerful and a princes, the perfect bride for a king. The problem was that he didn’t love her anymore. He still liked her, as a friend and he would protect her from Diaspro and the Trix, he would do everything for her, he loved her but he didn’t love her.

He know who he loved, when they were tougether his hearth started beating faster, his eyes alwais seemed to find him. On the last mision his hearth stoped beating, his crush, his one and only true love, fell from is motorcycle. He couln’t think, his body moved on it’s own. He couln’t let him die, he would die to.

They had alwais been together since they were kids, they even changed there names to keep him safe. Brandon was the one he wanted to be with, but he knew it would stay a dream. Brandon loved Stella. Brandon couldn’t stop talking about her. How her hair was that day, her cloathes which were perfect like always, her smile, eyes, voice,… But the worst was when he was talking about her kisses. Sky’s hearth always hurt when Brandon talked about her kissing.

Sky couln’t bear it, it hurt to much, he didn’t want this pain, he wanted Brandon. He wanted his lips, his touch, his everything.

Sky sighted, he lied on his bad, looking at the seling. Bloom just called, asking if he wanted to go to Magics with her. He said he had some more training to do. It was a lie, but he wanted to be alone for a wile. Brandon left that mornig with Stella. They had been tougether for 6 years and today was there aniversery date. He wouln’t expect them to be back before the morning. Sky turd on his side and stared out the window. He didn’t want it. He didn’t want them to be tougether like that. He didn’t want it, he didn’t, he. He didn’t know what he wanted. He wanted Brandon.

Sky sat up and trowed the kussen (pillow) against the window.

“Wow, what has the kussen (pillow) done to deserve this as a punishement” 

Sky’s hearth jumped, this voice. Brandon! Sky turned around, Brandon stoot in the door.

“Weren’t you gone on a date” Sky asked.

“We were, but then Bloom phoned. They found something about the Trix and how to defeat them.” Brandon walked to his bed, lied down and looked at the seiling.

“We were having so much fun. First we went to eat some ice-cream, then we looked at the new motorcycles and after that we did some shopping” told Brandon.

“You never get tired off all this?” Sky asked

“Off what?” Brandon asked.

“The girls, saving the worlds. Dating,…” Sky sighted again.

“Dating?” Brandon was surprised he stood up and walked to his friend and stood before him “Sky, is something the metter? Is there a problem between you and Bloom? You can trust me, I won’t tell any one”

“This is something I can’t tell you. Sorry”

“Come on, I’m your best friend. You know you can trust me”

Sky looked up and stared right in the eyes of the one he loved more than anything and anyone else. He had the feeling he could drown in these eyes and he wouln’t mind it. Something inside him broke.

“I’m in love with someone else than Bloom”

Something glowed in Brandon’s eyes. He let a sigh and said one word “Who?”

“I…I can’t tell you. Not this, please don’t ask me again. I can’t tell you”

Brandon put his hands

After I showed this to Elby ( @elby-manga-addicted ) we laughed so hard that she decided to draw our favorite part of the fanfic. Enjoy this drawing called: “Brandon stoot in the door”))

What being in the Winx fandom feels like 100% of the time
  • Me: Oh boy, this new transformation looks pretty nice! I wonder what fandom thinks about it...
  • Fandom: This is nothing, because [compares new transformation with Enchantix]
  • Fandom: *Compares every single transformation with Enchantix*
  • Fandom: *Trashes every single transformation and puts Enchantix on a pedestal*
  • Me: *turns off computer*
World of Winx S2: Onyrix

I’ll admit, at first glance, I wasn’t that impressed with Onyrix. Half because I wasn’t entirely sure what to feel about their disco-esque outfits, and half because their transformation sequence was not as … “transformative” as I expected/wanted. Even now, I still prefer Dreamix overall than Onyrix.

Also, Dreamix is one of the best transformation names in the whole Winx universe. Wherein Onyrix… while not that terrible and cheesy as say Butterflix or Tynix, I’m pretttttty sure that a lot of people, including myself, didn’t understand the meaning of its name until a generous soul gave the answer we were looking for.

BUT I will say that in terms of design, it has begun to grow on me, to the point that I would rank it as part of my Top 5 favorite Winx Fairy Form designs.

Since I am not too familiar with their powers, I haven’t completed S2 yet, I will only discuss my opinions about the Onyrix designs and Transformation video below.

Let’s start with the DESIGNS.

While I would’ve preferred that the Winx only had one fairy form for this series, or at least in this story arc about Neverland, World of Winx’s fairy forms so far did not disappoint me as much as I expected.

In fact, Dreamix and Onyrix have climbed up to my Top 5 favorite Winx forms, with Dreamix only behind Enchantix and Bloomix, and Onyrix tied with Harmonix for 4th place.

I think what impressed me the most for Onyrix were their hairstyles. This batch of intricate, braided locks is probably my most favorite among all the fairy forms, thanks to the fact that EVERYONE without exception looked spectacular with what was done to their hair.

Meaning, nobody had any awkward hairstyles ala Stella’s Bloomix or Musa’s Mythix for example.

I mean, just look at how much thought was put on Tecna’s short hair! Hers, Bloom’s, and Aisha’s are probably my fave ones.

Now for the outfits, the wide slit disco pants are admittedly a little awkward at first glance. But as I began watching WOW, I absolutely LOVED how they’re spread across the dance floor during their transformation sequence, and gently flew with the wind when they’re flying around, making them look like funky mermaids floating in the air.

Anything mermaid-like is a plus for me.

Their accessories are actually quite on trend with the current world, since big statement earrings and necklaces are making waves in the real world again. The bejewelled floral belts might be leaning more on tacky than stylish, but I didn’t mind them as much.

I just wished that their accessories reflected more on their individual powers instead of all flowers.

Usually I’d find these ice skating-ish mesh panels on their disco jumpers quite tacky. But for some reason, I actually quite love it. They add some pizzazz to their jumpers, and I like how they used their shapes and placements to make their outfits more unique from each other.

Also, it’s refreshing to see the Winx in fairy forms that are not in their usual color palette, namely Stella, Aisha, and Bloom.

Stella actually looks like the Fairy of the Moon here, which I LOVE. She IS originally the Fairy of the Sun and Moon, not just the shining sun. Which I suppose would make sense here since Onyrix is a higher form of Dreamix, and dreams usually occur when we’re asleep at nighttime. And we all know that it’s the Moon that dominates the night sky.

Now for the wings, I can’t say that I love LOVE them. They’re not that memorable, and I can’t help but compare them to Dreamix since both their wing styles seem more on the artistic side.

Instead of the stained glass style of Dreamix, Onyrix wings lean more on a techno-watercolour style, which I thought was pretty creative and unique. They mixed technology and art, two quite opposite genres, into one. And it worked quite well.

Despite that, I can’t really put them on my top list of memorable wings. But I still appreciate their creativity. Would’ve been nicer if they had bigger wing designs to give a more ethereal feel, but that’s probably just my preference.

For the shoes, I would’ve preferred to see them in modern laced up sandals, like their Butterflix shoes. But these simple pumps work pretty well with their rather loud outfits.

With that said, my personal scoring for their Onyrix designs is an 8/10.

Now for the Tranformation Sequence.

Bear with me, I do not love it. It takes a while to get into, and the one thing that pisses me off the most with these newer Winx transformations is the lack of actual transforming.

Just when I thought Butterflix was the least detailed in terms of transitioning into their fairy forms, Onyrix now takes that cake.

Only the K-Pop dancing is replaced with modelling and arm-waving.

Despite that, it’s actually not as terrible as say Butterflix or Sirenix. But it is not something I’d rank higher than Dreamix, though the style is similar with that and Tynix.

As a fashion MV, I think it looks great. But as a transformation sequence? Not so.

I mean, what is the point of calling it a transformation if none of the girls are shown to be actually transforming???

The only transitioning that took place in their transformation are their wings. And I actually quite like how they appeared through lasers and blinking lights, especially during Flora’s part.

And while they all had that same group pose syndrome ever since Butterflix, I appreciated how they first showed all the girls’ full looks individually before putting them in the group shot.

And I’m glad that Bloom wasn’t focused as much as before, although Tecna still lacked exposure. Instead, it seems to me as if Musa, Flora, and Stella had the most exposure in the transformation MV, which I don’t mind at all since they’re my three favorite Winx girls.

Overall, a 4.5/10 for me as a transformation MV. But as a Fashion MV, probably a 7/10, if only for the awkward arm-waving.

And that’s it from me at the moment. Gotta say though, some of the villains here on S2 are actually quite creepy (Hello Vertigo and Banshee!), which I think is great. Winx VS their darker sides? Am all for it!

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