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5 Things ‘World of Winx’ did better than the original series

World of Winx was amazing and I’m so looking forward to the second season. I’m also going to write reviews but for now I just want to share my opinion on why I think that this spin-off is better than the actual (current) TV show.

[No real spoilers included, but if you didn’t watch WoW yet and don’t want to read any spoilers, than please don’t continue reading.]

  • Good storytelling

After season 4 (which was amazingly written) the plot of the following seasons had been rather weak. Most of the time there wasn’t even a real climax and the episodes often felt disconnected or were repetitive. World of Winx changed this again. With only 13 episodes, no specialists and no little companions (including Kiko) there was no filler episode and barely any ‘unnecessary’ scenes. The plot kept moving with many cliffhangers, an amazing climax and an interesting ending.

  • The Winx’s personalities

Since season 3, the Winx started to lose their individuality. We barely got to see character developments and – except for Bloom – their personalities have gotten more and more shallow. World of Winx brings back their 'original’ personalities and digs deeper into the girls’ relationships with each others.

  • Screen-time and lines

Except for season 2, Bloom has always been the main character with the most time on screen and most of the lines (followed by Stella), while Musa and Tecna barely had anything to do or say (especially in the later seasons). World of Winx managed to give all of them an about equal amount of screen-time and lines, even then when one of the Winx had a main part within a scene/episode. Everyone seemed to be important and part of the club.

  • Powers

Finally we get to see the Winx using their actual powers again. Bloom’s attacks are recognizably fire-related, Stella is using her power when light is needed, Aisha is fighting with water, Flora is always attacking with plants, Tecna is mainly creating shields and Musa uses her power of music/sound. But they also use their particular powers for other things than fighting. We see Musa, Tecna and Flora, for example, trying to find someone by using sound, technology or the voice of nature.

  • Interesting/well-written secondary characters

There are many new secondary characters in World of Winx and they are all completely different from each other, but still interesting in their own way. I’m actually looking forward to meet some of them again in season 2.

S5 Date Preparations

You know, I really don’t like that part of the episode. The episode in season five where the boys and girls were giving Tecna and Timmy dating advice.

I know they [the writers] wanted it to be “humorous” but it wasn’t. It got me asking, “how are you guys dating for that long if you’re giving advice like that?”. I was expecting better from Stella specifically. 😒

Alrighty so my BFF @voidix got tagged in this and thought of a great idea that we could answer for each other to see how well we know one another so let’s gooooooo

Name: Khadija

Nickname: Dija/Khadi/Khadilina/DJ

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 164cm (5′4″) I believe… Tiny ballerina

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Fave Color: Purple

Fave Animal: I don’t think I’ve actually ever asked this omg lmao but I hope it’s cats as well otherwise this friendship’s gonna get awkward (jk of course my dear)

Average Hours Of Sleep: I think 9 if my calculations are correct

Cats Or Dogs: Okay I’m sure this is cats

Fave Fictional Characters: Okay I’mma list 10 randomly

1. Asami Sato (TLOK)

2. Emma Swan (OUAT)

3. Praxina (Lolirock)

4. Flora (Winx Club)

5. Izira (Lolirok)

6. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

7. Allura (Voltron)

8. Lapis Lazuli (Steevn Universe)

9. Lizzie Hearts (Ever After High)

10. Homura Akemi (PMMM)

This was very fun omg


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