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- Blue Agate Geode.

- Baoding balls.

- Three wristbands Nirvana, BMTH and Blink-182.

- Eight necklace pendants.

- Incense holder.

- Treasures of Nirvana book.

- Box of incense sticks

- Two CD’s Nirvana “You Know You’re Right” & Morrissey Greatest Hits.

- So This Is Permanence, Ian Curtis book.

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- Crystals, Gemstones and a encased Tarantula.


- Ouija board tobacco tin.

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- Magic 8 ball.

- The perks of being a wallflower book.

- The Hobbit book.

- Rose quartz pendant and necklace.

- Make like a hippie and blow this joint ashtray.

- BHcosmetics galaxy eye shadow pallet.

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[CONTEST OVER] Win a Harvest Moon Panda Plushie

Thank you everyone for joining me on the new Tumblr journey. The Natsume fandom, notably the Harvest Moon fandom, has been amazing and so very open and welcoming. To say “thank you!” to that group of fans, we’re giving away an extremely rare plushie:

This adorable panda was previously available San Diego Comic Con in 2013; it has never been a pre-order bonus, or a giveaway or prize before. This is the Natsume plushie collector’s dream, and TWO LUCKY WINNERS will receive their very own adorable panda – and be the envy of all the plushie collectors~

How to Enter:
*Follow my tumblr (ceecee-natsume)
*One entry for a like OR reblog; Three entries for a like AND reblog.  Maximum of one share and/or reblog, three entries maximum per user; re-sharing over and over is just spam!

That’s it! We’ll choose two winners who will each receive:
1 x Premium-sized “Harvest Moon” Panda plush.

How can you resist this cute tail?  Enter today!

a) Contest is open starting NOW, January 17th and will run until January Monday 20th at 11:59pm PST and is open to North American residents over 16.  
b) Winners will be announced via Tumblr post.  One winner per household; winners must send CeeCee their contact information within fourteen (14) days or forfeit their prize.
c) Prizes will be awarded as-is; no substitutes will be offered. No delivery estimate is guaranteed.
d) All contest decisions are at the discretion of Natsume, Inc., and are final.
e) Employees of Natsume, their partners and their families, are not eligible for a prize.


People knew you guys broke up but didn’t know why. While you sang on stage he kept his cool, mainly because cameras were everywhere and he didn’t want people to know the song was about him when he did something very very very stupid. Later on in an interview he was asked about the song and he broke down and told the world it was about him and he cheated. He couldn’t hold it in any more and didn’t care how it made his fans see him, he just wanted you to know he was sorry and that it was okay if you never wanted anything to do with him ever again.


Taeil told everyone you broke up because of your schedules and being idols, which you were okay with as long as he left you alone for good. Then one day there was a mini rumor about him dating another girl and you were upset, not because he suposedly moved on but because he might cheat on her too and you didn’t want her to get hurt like you did. You wrote the song as a message to her and hopefully she got the hint. Taeil would be able to tell it was about him and would go off looking for you to talk. He would think you had no right to do it even though you really did. He just assumed things were alright between the two of you but he guessed wrong and wanted to sort out the situation. After all, that girl was his cousin he was taking out shopping for new school clothes.


He’d be very angry but he’d feel guilty for being mad because he was the one who cheat and ruined the magical relationship you two shared, as well as your trust in men. He couldn’t go to anyone because he didn’t want to be judged so he wrote a song in rebuttal about how he wished he could turn back time and that he’d rather die than hurt you like he did.


At the end of your relationship he admitted to the members what he did but they told him to keep it from the world, which you thought was better too because you told everyone you broke up with him because you wanted to focus on your career and wanted him to focus on his. If they found out you lied they’d not only be mad at him but at you as well. He still loved you and wanted the best for you so he agreed to the terms. When he heard your song he knew you were still struggling and it hurt him even more knowing you have no other way of finding happiness other than music and working. He was genuinely worried about you so he got one of his band members, who was close to you, to see how you were holding up. He knew you wouldn’t open up to him after what he did.


Doyoung is outraged. You didn’t want to hear him out to let him explain that the woman you saw him with was threatening to hurt you and your career if he didn’t pretend to date him, and it was already bad that you broke up with him angrily but now you were throwing shade through a song? He couldn’t believe you but before he could storm over to you backstage one of the members told him to relax, you were grieving and trying to move on and if he tried intervening now it would only make things harder for you. If he ever wanted any chance of getting you to forgive him he would have to let you cool off first, no matter how long it took.


He already felt bad about what happened, now you have to rub it in his face? The first time he listened to the song he got that it was about him and about how angry you were but the second time he listened to it he processed the lyrics one more time. Not only was it about how you were hurting but it was about how you felt about yourself. The song went along th lines of you not being good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, etc. and that you would’ve done anything to make him stay. Jaehyun would find you, but not to try and get you to forgive him, but to try and make you see what an idiot he was to cheat when he had the best person in the world.

Win Win

Winwin knew you’d never forgive him and wanted to be left alone. He gave you your space and accepted that he’d lost you forever. The song would help him realize it too. It doesn’t mean he still wouldn’t want to talk to you about being friends again, because he does care for you and wants you to know he’s always there for you. But if communicating with your through your songs is what is happening then he’ll take it.


He would go into a slight depression after you two broke up. You refused to even acknowledge his existence and told the members to keep him away from you. They all did so, when Mark tried to give you apology flowers, to talk to you backstage, every time he tried they stopped him. Deep down he knew it was for the better, but he couldn’t get over how you and him left things off. When he heard your voice from his seat in the crowd he knew you were still  doing through the motions like he was and the song told him that you couldn’t forgive him but you didn’t want him dead either.


He’s still young and when he cheated on you he didn’t mean it. The girl came on to him. But nonetheless he still let her kiss him AND he kissed her back so you broke it off. He understood you were upset; it was a given. When you preformed that song it only made him feel worse, but he didn’t say anything because you would never talk to him again. Yet after sometime later he’d meet up with you by force, meaning he’d go as far as to locking the two of you in the dance room just to get you to hear him out. Then  when he has finished explaining it would be your choice about what you wanted to do.

wow check out that fancy graphic friends!! i reached 400 followers :”)) which is something i never thought i would ever achieve and i am so grateful for each and every one of you, u make tumblr such a happy fun place for me to be and are so kind to me always! so i wanted to make sure i sent some love back your way too. ♡♡♡ 

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  • KRIS: Luhan take it easy we haven't won the real thing
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I wrote about my materials way back in this post: 

It’s all traditional, except for those random spot colours which I do in PShop. (It’s just a spot colour on a multiply layer, I am simple.) The other ****most important **** update to my materials is that I finally found some washi tape that is sticky *and* sailor moon themed. #winwinwin  @okamiandlinklover

@windryu121 I don’t time myself, if I did I would probably just collapse under the crushing guilt of how long I spend scribbling crying skeletons. It depends on the complexity, but the pages are small. I maybe spend 20-40m on pencils/layouts, 40m on first stage inks, and 20-60m on fills/hatching. Then maybe another 5-10 on scanning/cleanup.


Thank you (again!) everyone for joining me on my Tumblr journey; even after two months, I’m so blown away by how welcoming the Natsume fandom is.  To say “thank you!” to all my followers and the fans who have yet to discover my tumblr, we’re giving away a complete set of Ember plushies:

Ember is one of my favourite characters in Hometown Story.  The player must help him change from blue to yellow, green, or red – your choice – before confronting bullies.  His story is a great reminder that changing to gain the acceptance of other people is never the answer; being true to who you are is always best!

The original “Blue” Ember was only available for those who visited our booth at E3 2013.  The Sunny Ember was a pre-order bonus from, the Emerald Ember was available as a pre-order from GameStop, and the Ruby Ember was a pre-order perk for Amazon pre-orders.  Now we’re giving away a perfect-four set of these plushies to one lucky fan!

*Follow my tumblr (ceecee-natsume)
*One entry for a like OR reblog; Three entries for a like AND reblog.  Maximum of one share and/or reblog, three entries maximum per user; re-sharing over and over is just spam!

That’s it! We’ll choose one winner who will receive (from left to right in the picture):
1 x “Emerald” Green Ember
1 x “Sunny” Yellow Ember
1 x “Classic” Blue Ember
1 x “Ruby” Red Ember


a) Contest is open starting NOW, March 10th and will run until Sunday March 16th at 11:59pm PST and is open to USA & CANADA residents 16 or older.

b) Winners will be contacted via ask/mail box and then announced via Tumblr post.  One winner per household; winners must send CeeCee their contact information within fourteen (14) days or forfeit their prize.  You must have your ask box open.

c) Prizes will be awarded as-is; no substitutes will be offered. No delivery estimate is guaranteed.

d) All contest decisions are at the discretion of Natsume, Inc., and are final.

e) Employees of Natsume, their partners and their families, are not eligible for a prize.


Thanks all for entering!  Last valid entry is rabbitdoubt.


finally! a couple of kids from my senior english class went and made a sassy gay friend video based on “where are you going, where have you been.” it’s one of the best projects i’ve seen so far, and i am not surprised at how ~funny~ it was. ryan was sort of born to make that video. lulzzzz.