Mine & Holly’s Radical give away!!!

Hey people of the internet, want all this shit? all you have to do is…

Follow me, Holly and Rhiannon (We will check!) Then reblog this post, likes do not count.

Items in the give away:


- Blue Agate Geode.

- Baoding balls.

- Three wristbands Nirvana, BMTH and Blink-182.

- Eight necklace pendants.

- Incense holder.

- Treasures of Nirvana book.

- Box of incense sticks

- Two CD’s Nirvana “You Know You’re Right” & Morrissey Greatest Hits.

- So This Is Permanence, Ian Curtis book.

- Four Badges.

- Crystals, Gemstones and a encased Tarantula.


- Ouija board tobacco tin.

- Six CD’s Sempiternal, The Sound Of The Smiths, AM, Pablo honey, unplugged in New York and In Utero.

- Magic 8 ball.

- The perks of being a wallflower book.

- The Hobbit book.

- Rose quartz pendant and necklace.

- Make like a hippie and blow this joint ashtray.

- BHcosmetics galaxy eye shadow pallet.

The winner will be randomly selected when this post hits a decent amount of notes, Keep a look out for updates and happy reblogging.

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Give Us A Kiss, Win Chulip!

Chulip was probably the coolest…and weirdest PS2 game we released.

Take on the role of a young man who, moving to a new town, falls hard and fast for the girl next door.  Unfortunately, the love letter you’ve written her was stolen, and it’s up to you to retrieve all the pieces around town by…well…kissing people <3 

You can win yourself a digital copy of this game by reblogging this post and telling us about your most memorable kiss.  Please keep stories “family friendly”! :)

Two lucky winners will be chosen and receive a PS3 code for Chulip, which can be redeemed on any US PSN account.  You have until 3pm PST on February 14th to pucker up!

a) Contest is open starting NOW, and will run until February 14th at 3:00pm PST (GMT-8) and is open anyone with a US PSN account 16 or older except where prohibited by law.
b) Winners will be announced via Tumblr post and must have their Ask Box open.  One winner per household.
c) Prizes will be awarded as-is; no substitutes will be offered. No delivery estimate is guaranteed.
d) All contest decisions are at the discretion of Natsume, Inc., and are final.
e) Employees of Natsume, their partners and their families, are not eligible for a prize.


Thank you (again!) everyone for joining me on my Tumblr journey; even after two months, I’m so blown away by how welcoming the Natsume fandom is.  To say “thank you!” to all my followers and the fans who have yet to discover my tumblr, we’re giving away a complete set of Ember plushies:

Ember is one of my favourite characters in Hometown Story.  The player must help him change from blue to yellow, green, or red – your choice – before confronting bullies.  His story is a great reminder that changing to gain the acceptance of other people is never the answer; being true to who you are is always best!

The original “Blue” Ember was only available for those who visited our booth at E3 2013.  The Sunny Ember was a pre-order bonus from, the Emerald Ember was available as a pre-order from GameStop, and the Ruby Ember was a pre-order perk for Amazon pre-orders.  Now we’re giving away a perfect-four set of these plushies to one lucky fan!

*Follow my tumblr (ceecee-natsume)
*One entry for a like OR reblog; Three entries for a like AND reblog.  Maximum of one share and/or reblog, three entries maximum per user; re-sharing over and over is just spam!

That’s it! We’ll choose one winner who will receive (from left to right in the picture):
1 x “Emerald” Green Ember
1 x “Sunny” Yellow Ember
1 x “Classic” Blue Ember
1 x “Ruby” Red Ember


a) Contest is open starting NOW, March 10th and will run until Sunday March 16th at 11:59pm PST and is open to USA & CANADA residents 16 or older.

b) Winners will be contacted via ask/mail box and then announced via Tumblr post.  One winner per household; winners must send CeeCee their contact information within fourteen (14) days or forfeit their prize.  You must have your ask box open.

c) Prizes will be awarded as-is; no substitutes will be offered. No delivery estimate is guaranteed.

d) All contest decisions are at the discretion of Natsume, Inc., and are final.

e) Employees of Natsume, their partners and their families, are not eligible for a prize.


Thanks all for entering!  Last valid entry is rabbitdoubt.


finally! a couple of kids from my senior english class went and made a sassy gay friend video based on “where are you going, where have you been.” it’s one of the best projects i’ve seen so far, and i am not surprised at how ~funny~ it was. ryan was sort of born to make that video. lulzzzz.

vas' happenin' ?
  • me : dashboard is dead ..... gonna spam on my other one . hehe .
  • abby: mine too. our dashboards, there dead. #winwinwin
  • me: lmfao win! i love you! <3 friggen laughing so hard this late .
  • abby: :D i didnt realize it was past 12... my clock was off :P LUH YA TWO BABEXZZZ11!11!!1!!1!@ <ugh i need to gtfo ahhaha
  • me: blame daylight savings x) LOL why are you typing like that ? ..
  • abby: NO! BLAME NIALL. -.-' 1dNOOB. / because i'm tired and it's winter. ... OH WHAT?! WIN AGAIN. i am on FIYAAA. okay i'll stop now
  • me: LOOOOOL okay :P i think you're high .. lay off the druggies! you're not black bruh'
  • abby: quuuurrl dun tell me how to liv ma lyfe. ... okay i swear i'll stop now. 'normal' abby is back... kinda.
  • me: ahah okay , sorry! :O you're a transformer ?! say word .
  • abby: *insert picture of car* fyeaaaah. a unicorn transformer from Narnia that goes to school at Hogwarts. like a boss.
  • me: LIKE A BOSS . jealous . oh you forgot to add *insert pic of niall , 'bitch im fabuluz'*
  • abby: :O I DID FORGET. *Niall Horan does not approve* :(
  • me: followed by a swift ... BOOM .