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adding jungwoo was the biggest fucking mistake. and I hate sm for it. jungwoo won't be adding anything to 127. if anything he'll ruin them cause hell be taking lines away and he also doesn't have the same level of talent as the 127 members so he'll just slow them down and won't match up to them. this is why I'm staying an army and gunna watch 127s downfall with the new useless member jungwoo

idk why you guys keep coming to me to translate for you guys, but here you go,,

Translation: I’m so happy Jungwoo get’s to have this amazing opportunity to be employed and show off his talents and have a chance to show people what amazing work he’s capable of. He’s a sweet boy that just has good intentions at heart and 127 is lucky to have their sweet and caring brother join them. Whether it’s forever or temporary I can’t wait to see what amazing music they show us. I’m a proud NCTzen and they’re gunna be legends that blow the music industry away. anyway, Stan NCT 127 Stan Talent™

Original language: bs

translated to: common sense

it’s been a while since I’ve translated, things might be wrong in some places, I don’t speak fluent bullshit