wintery night

Having a baby with Remus Lupin would include
  • Telling him you were pregnant for his birthday
  • Him thinking you were joking at first but finally understanding you were not
  • Not so manly tears, lots and lots of hugs and kisses
  • Him being the happiest man on Earth but still terrified your baby would end up having a « furry little problem » too
  • You telling him to stop worrying and that if it happened, you would handle it like bosses because that’s what you were, a team
  • The boys and Lily being so excited when you both told them, immediatly starting to fight to know who the baby would be named after
  • « You stole my man so you could at least name the baby after me Y/N ! » Sirius would tell you
  • Remus and you agreeing on making Sirius the godfather so he would stop whining

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  • Remus watching your belly grow day by day, whispering sweet things to your future baby while you would play with his hair
  • Him being overprotective during all your pregnancy and insisting on doing all the chores
  • « I hope he will have his mother’s smile, because I love it. » he would say, « What if it’s a she ? » you would laugh « … it can be a she ?! »
  • Preparing the future baby’s room together, and Remus being very clumsy would surely hurt himself trying to build the bed and the rest on his own
  • Laughing so hard at his overdramatic reaction « I think I broke my nose with that stupid shelf, that’s not funny Y/N »

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  • Finally, you would give birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl
  • Remus wanting her middle name to be Hope, like his mother
  • Remus first being petrified, overwhelmed by too much happiness to think straight
  • Him not knowing how to touch her because he would be scared to do something wrong and hurt her
  • Your babygirl crying whenever he would leave the room and touching the scars on his face with her tiny fingers, making the both of you smile
  • Lily and James giving you a dreamcatcher as a present, Peter offering a small pair of shoes and Sirius shyly handing you a stuffed animal that looked more like a potato than anything else
  • « I made it myself, it’s me as Padfoot. I know it looks a bit weird but I did my best… »
  • It would be the only toy your daughter wanted, and she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it
  • Remus singing her to sleep, making you fall in love with him a little more everytime

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  • Living in a small and cozy house in the middle of nowhere, but not that far from Sirius and James and Lily’s place
  • Remus changing her diapers for the first time
  • He would pass out
  • Sleeping together, your daughter between the two of you on the bed
  • Remus watching you both sleep peacefully, finally feeling home and truly loved
  • During his first Full Moon since you became parents, he would go as far from your home as possible, the boys coming with him as animagi like when you were at Hogwarts
  • You being relieved when he would come back safe, helping him healing his wounds before going to bed and cuddling
  • You would still have your little moments, just the two of you while Sirius would play the role of the babysitter (he loved it)
  • « Who’s gonna have the best time of her life with uncle Sirius while mommy and daddy make you a little bro ? Yes baby that’s you. »

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  • Your first Christmas as a family, wearing horrible Christmas pullovers and secretly liking it
  • Decorating the Christmas tree together, your daughter on Remus’ shoulders putting a little star on top of it
  • Spending wintery nights by the fireplace
  • Taking a lot of pictures and filling many albums with them
  • Sirius secretely trying to make her say his name as her first word, and he would succeed
  • Remus being in shock when she would say « Sirius » before « daddy » or anything else
  • Having a snowball fight with him as a revenge, while you watched the two young men from the inside of your house with your little girl in your arms
  • Just being happy
  • Being home
  • Being a family

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[07] Run

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven

A/n: fluff(?), slight angst, mentions of murder

Silence so thick filled your ears, not one single thought inside your head other then the last three words Taehyung uttered. “Taehyung?” You questioned, trying hard to keep your voice normal and steady, doing anything and everything in your might to not draw attention to yourself. This wasn’t exactly an everyday call afterall..

“My dad… I killed him…he wouldnt stop.. hitting her. That bastard kept hurting her!!” You heard a small bang on the other line, assuming he had hit something in frusteration. You tapped Yoongi on the shoulder softly and gestured towards the door letting him know you’d be just outside, he gave you a tight smile and a nod signifying it was okay.

“Tae, breathe… I-its going to be okay. Does anyone-”

“No.. no one knows Y/n. You were the first person I thought to call. Y/n… my mom kicked me out and told me to leave. S-she is taking the blame and saying it was self defense.. I killed a man… I fucking killed a man..” His voice was full of unwanted guilt, full of complete contradictions of sorrow and happiness. You waited a moment before speaking up, your voice shaken but strong, as crazy and dangerous as the events may seem, Taehyung was family and there was no way in hell you were going to let him go through this alone. “I’m picking you up, send me the address to where you are and I’m on my way.”

You pushed opened Yoongi’s bedroom door at that same moment the broken boy on the other end whimpered in guilt. “Are you sure you arn’t busy?”

“No, I’m not busy. I’m leaving right now.” Yoongi looked up from his phone as he heard those words leave your mouth. Was he not important enough? Was Tae more important then the plans you and he had already made?

You hung up the phone and slid it into your back pocket, turning on your heels to face Yoongi’s infamous poker face. “I’m sorry Yoongz, we can finish this another night.” Before he could protest or give even the slightest of attitude you placed a soft kiss on his forehead, he knew it was just a small gesture somewhere between ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Goodnight’ but he couldnt stop his heart from racing a mile a minute. Your soft honey like lips grazing his bare forehead, and never in his life had he been so thankful to be wearing a backwards Snapback.

He watched you jog out of his now dull bedroom, leaving him in agonizing thoughts and pure frustrations. Why did you blow him off for Taehyung? Why was Tae calling you so late?

He slumped in his chair letting one fist hit the black paint chipped desk in front of him. He was so close in telling you how you felt but apparently luck wasn’t on his side, he waited too long and now here you were… ditching him for one of his best friends.

You could still feel Yoongi’s slightly sweaty forehead against your lips as you ran out to your car, grabbing your purse and a blanket on your way out. The wintery night dressed you in a red nose and pink cheeks, you climbed into your car and as if on queue your phone vibrated with an address that would send you to a less then sketchy motel four hours south.

There was no time for stops, or even music to attempt to lighten the mood; so instead silence that was nearly suffocating filled the air around you.

Yoongi’s face raced through your mind no matter how many times you attempted to push it away. ’Taehyung is more important then one sided love. Yoongi. Get. Out. Of. My. Head.’

[2:45am, Motel]

There Taehyung sat, amongst his suitcases and bags and his unseen sorrow and guilt. The dark sky above that had no stars in sight was an accurate representation of Taehyung’s eyes, nothing but cold black and the whites in his eyes, all color drained from his face. He was too lost in thought to notice you walking towards him, and it wasn’t until you were kneeling down in front of him that you saw blood red stains on his white shirt, he tried so hard so hard to hide the stains and himself in his black hoodie.

“Taehyungie, get in the car. I brought a blanket, just lay down and rest. I’ll put your bags in the trunk okay.” His glossy eyes met yours and as he blinked once to make sure that it was really you, a single tear fell. He nodded his head once before dragging his body to the passenger seat; and by the time you had made your way into the car he was staring down at his hands like he was ready to cut them off.


“I came home from visiting an old childhood friend and when I walked in I heard screaming.. so I walked to my moms room,” You sat silently as he explained to you what he had been through a few hours prior, you watched as more tears fell from his dull eyes, not daring to start the car you sat still and did the one thing you could do. Listen.

“It was open a bit and I saw my dad screaming at her, he was drunk… which isnt so much of a suprise. She was so scared, she kept flinching and I didnt think much of it until he swung and slapped her across the face… then it clicked in my head. He had done it before,” The tears became rivers down his tanned skin, without even thinking he grabbed one of his shaking hands and intertwined your fingers together, giving him a reassuring squeeze that it was okay to continue.

“Something inside me snapped. So I grabbed one of the empty beer bottles that was on the hall table, broke it and just fucking went in yelling. My mom kept yelling for me to stop… I think she was scared he’d hit me too. He pushed me ans told me to mind my own business and then… I jabbed the bottle into his stomach.. i just kept going, i didnt stop until he just fell.. th-there was blood everywhere.. my mom was screaming.. I-I dropped the bottle and I coul- I couldn’t believe what I had just done… my mom ran to me and I dont remember what happened after she told me to pack my stuff and leave.. she picked up the bottle and wiped it down then she stabbed him with it. She said ’Go. I’ll say it was self defense… please go Taehyung. GO!’ She basically pushed me out of the house and I called you.. for the most part its a blur…I just remember the main things.. its like a fucking highlight reel in my head.”

Silence came after, no one knowing exactly what to say next. Instead yall sat quietly, fingers intertwined, staring at the blinking Motel lights.

“Do the guys know you came?”

“Yoongi does, we were writing when you called. I told him we’d finish it another day.” You replied, finally starting the car and backing out of the deserted parking lot. “I’m sorry… I didnt mean to interrupt your ‘Yoongi Staring’ session.” He mumbled. You let out a soft chuckle letting him know you had heard him, and that it was okay to make jokes, smile and talk about anything other then what happened hours earlier. “Oh? Cracking jokes now are we? Let me guess you think I like Yoongi too dont you?”

You watched his chapped lips break out into a small smile through the rearview mirror, his eyes were still dead but you expected nothing less honestly. “Too? Did Namjoon finally confront you?”

“The two of you discussed my crush!?” You couldnt help but laugh as you ‘shouted’ in disbelief that 3 of 7 boys knew you had feelings for the stubborn mint haired goober.

“Sureeeee, a crush.” He scoffed at your attempt in walking around the fact you were in love, not in crush.

Eventually small talk wasn’t enough to distract Taehyung from his demons so he sat quietly staring out the passenger side window the remainder of the ride.

The sun began to peek its way up into the sky, sending the birds to chirp and people to start waking up and getting ready for work. 6:00am.

Dewey grass and the chilly breeze of the early morning made its way into the car, causing you to shiver slightly. You werent worried about yourself being cold rather then the poor boy buried in the wool blanket in the seat next to you, he looked like a boy trying to hide from the monsters in his closet only in this situation the monsters were in his head instead.

You didnt have to worry about anyone being awake this early in the morning, except Jin and his early morning breakfast of course, so an interrogation was definitely not in order.. hopefully. “Jin is probably awake so lets just be quite coming in okay? We can grab your bags later.”

Taehyung nodded softly and with that you both made your way to the front door, softly setting your shoes at the front door and tip toeing to the staircase. Oddly enough Jin wasn’t in the kitchen and the house was as quite as can be.

“Do you want me to leave you be?” You whispered as you crept past Namjoon and Yoongi’s bedroom doors.

“Can you please stay with me.” His voice was raspy and barley audible, but broken all the same.

He discarded his blood stained shirt and black hoodie in a crumbled pile on the floor while you followed his action with your own jacket, “are you sure its okay? I dont want to mke you uncomfortable” He kept repeating, and everytime your answer was the same. “Tae, its ok. We literally went streaking together.”

The two of you crawled under his fluffy white comforter without saying a single word. There was no cuddling, no quite talks, it was like there was an invisible barrier between the two of you. You being too scared to touch him and have crumble under your touch and him being too scared to crumble, so instead you both pulled the comforter up to your chins and eventually fell victim to sleep.

The next dew days were routine; celebrating Taehyung’s arrival with pointless fun and causing trouble up and down our town. Drinking. Lots of drinking. You watched Taehyung like a mom watching her child, making sure he was okay making sure he knew you were there, and it wasn’t long until Hoseok noticed the amount of time you and Tae were spending together, how your drinking became nothing compared to the rest of the group, how your eyes had a tint of saddness in them.

“Trust me Hoseok. I cant tell you whats going on but I promise you everything is okay.”

“I trust you. Be careful.”

Weeks went by and still no one knew the crime Taehyung commited and after a couple of days life began to pool back into his once dead eyes. “My mom just called. She said the police believed her and she had to go to court and speak of what happened. She sounded…happy.” He whispered in your ear one night, you flipped over to face his unreadable expression and when a soft smile spread across his tired skin, you knew he was a bit better. “Are you happy?”

“I took the biggest set back in her life away. I helped her have an empty house where she can heal, I wont ever be able to get over what I did… but knowing it helped her.. it makes it better.”

In the weeks you sat with Taehyung, barley talking to anyone but him and Hoseok, Yoongi watched you. He watched you look at Taehyung across the room, but since he was too wrapped up in his silent jealousy he didnt norice the sad and tierd eyes you possessed.

“Thank you for everything Y/n. I’m glad to see the light and rest return to your eyes.” His green streaks falling into his face softly, it was your last night with him. The two of you agreed to wait until the both of you were better healed before you stopped sleeping in the same bed, he knew you were drained from watching and helping him, he knew you wanted to go back to how things were before the call and he understood that. “I’ll always be here for you Tae.”

[A Week Later]

You stood outside Yoongi’s door, too afaird to open it but also so desperate to see his sugary skin, and minty hair, so needy for his deeper voice and gummy smile. It felt like years and you cursed yourself for being so cliche but damn did you miss him.

“Hey Yoongz, ya miss me?” You laughed, walking into his ‘bedroom’ and taking a seat on his bed like you always did. He was sitting in the infamous rolling chair witch his hair messy and a plain black T shirt that made him look so aesthetically pleasing, his black sweats and concentrated eyes being wonderful accessories to his angelic beauty.

He was more beautiful then ever.

“I’m suprised you even remembered I exist.” Of course I did…

“I’ve just had stuff going on Yoongi, but are you ready to work on that song?”

“I finished it.” His slightly cold demeanor sent chills down your spine, he had finished it?? Without you? And just before you could say anything he turned to you with neutral eyes and a tight smile, almost like he was trying to tell you it was okay you walked out on him even though it actually wasnt.

“Yoongi are you good?” You let out a small chuckle in hopes to disguise your worry and confusion, and as if looking at you was a chore in itself he spun back around his chair and began messing with his computer. “Sure, I mean I personally love being stood up by a writing partner so she can go and sleep with one of my best friends.” A silence so thick filled the cool air, no one moved, no one spoke, he didnt even look at you for a reaction to his blunt words. Your face contorted from shocked to angry? Offended? You stated at his side profile for what felt like forever before tou finally stood up off his bed, because sitting felt too comfortable for a situation like this one.

“I’m sorry? Did you just assume I was sleeping with yet another person?” You shot back waiting for him to look at you, and when he didnt you only continued. “I dont really appreciate being made out to seem like I sleep around okay. I dont know who the fuck you think you are to assu-” Your voice became louder and your hands had a mind of thier own as they gestured to eveything you were shouting, when you were cut off by Yoongi who was now standing up as well.

“I think I’m the guy you ran out on while writing a song for Taehyung at two in the fucking morning, and when I went to go check on you the next morning you werent in Hoseok’s room like I thought you’d be. No. You were in Taehyung’s bed with him and clothes on the mother fucking floor. So please tell me how 'its not what it looked like’ Y/n!” Using finger quotation marks around the world famous phrase for people with a secret, and if you werent so angry then maybe you would have found the fact he wanted to check on you sweet.

“His car broke down and he was stranded so I went to go and fucking help him. He needed someone there for him because he was bummed that he was going home, and for your fucking information my jacket was the only thing of mine of the floor, and I dont know how you sleep but Tae sleeps shirtless okay!” The lies on why you went to Taehyung’s rescue came pouring out of your mouth like it came easy to you, even though you couldn’t tell the truth it still didnt change the fact that what he thought was happening between you and V was wrong.

Yoongi let out an unamused chuckle as he looked at you through his mint hair. “So because he was 'bummed’ you slept in his bed with him for weeks?!” His tone revealing every single assumption he had, making it very clear that he was sold on what he thought happened. “Yoongi I dont feel like fighting okay. I didnt sleep with Taehyung and I’m sorry I left in the middle of our writing but he needed me.” You knew this argument could last forever so instead you gave up, feeling defeated you sat back down on his bed and looked into his slightly softened brown eyes. “But Yoongi, it’s none of your goddamn business what I do or who I do, so please stop worrying about what the fuck I’m doing okay.” And within seconds the anger fueled back inside of you, sending his eyes to widen when the look of realization hit your face. “Seriously though, you are always so up my ass about who you think I’m sleeping with! You dont see me questioning your fucking actions! I didnt point out the girl you were with at the bar one our first outing, I didnt point out you sleeping with me and I didnt say anything about Jennie either! Yet here you are assuming I’m sleeping with every guy I hang our with! Why do you fuck-”

“BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” He shouted sending your eyes to practically fall out of your head. Thats all you needed to hear for you to finally take his perfect face into your hands and press your lips to his.

His lips taste even better then the first time.

In all honesty you werent even aware of your own actions, it was like your body had a mind of its own and you were okay with it.

It didnt take long before he was kissing you back and relaxing under your touch, his arms wrapping around your waist. He didnt taste like liquor this time, instead he tasted of something so euphoric you had no words for it, no alcohol took part in a kiss shared by two love struck artists.

You pulled away and searched his eyes for god knows what, everything seemed to have happened so fast and it made sense to you. Love has no time now does it? Always showing up when you least expect it, not giving a damn about the events around you.

“I love you too pabo.” Your voice was barley above a whisper, enough for him to look you hard in the face almost like he was waiting for you to tell him you were kidding. Never had you seen the spec of insecurity etched into his eyes before, and yet here it was. Plain as day.

“I’ve loved you ever since I saw you playing 'First Love’ in your room, and that night in the train car…you said it was just a drunken night.”

“I lied brat, I fucking lied.” Within moments his lips were pressed against your own, moving together in perfect harmony, his hands rested on the top of your ass and your fingers found their way into his hair, tugging every so often which caused a small groan to escape his lips and into yours. A fire was ignited in between the two of you, roaming hands and parted lips, in fact a moan or two escaped your lips as his tongue fought yours for dominance… that is untill the sound of Namjoon’s alarming voice broke the two of you away.

“Hey I heard screaming are you guys o- finally.” He chuckled before he exited.

You looked at Yoongi’s slightly flushed cheeks and took a mental picture of him in this state, wow he was beautiful. Truly perfect. “Go out with me brat.” Those five words sent your lips into a smile, he wasnt so much asking as he was telling you and the 'brat’ only seemed to make things sweeter to you. Fuck cliché.

“Burgers and staying up late writing, that sounds like a nice first date.”

“Am I buying the burgers?” He questioned with a teasing gummy smile. “You buy burger meals and I’ll by snacks from the corner store for our late night.”


He watched your flushed cheeks and soft giggles as the two of you stood closer then needed, speaking of a casual date. “Meet me in the living room at seven.” You smiled before kissing his jaw softly and skipping out of the room, he knew what you were doing. Trying so very hard to seem unphased by the new feelings thrown out onto the table, but the way you found it difficult to make eye contact and the way you fidgeted with your hands slightly didnt go unnoticed. Such a weird way to begin a what could be a relationship, and as he watched you skip out of his room in your cute ducky shorts and baggy sweater he prayed to any god that you’d be his, because never had he been so hopeful for a girlfriend. “

See you at seven Y/n-ah.”

“Burgers and gas station snacks?” Hoseok questioned as you grabbed your trusty ol’ black ripped jeans and blue flannel over a plain white tank top. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t freaky out, obviously you’d hung out with Yoongi alone before but it was different when there was a mutual feeling of love in the air.

“Yes Hoseok, you know it always made me uncomfortable when Minho would take me out to fancy places…I just felt so out of place.” When you and Minho were together he would take you to five star places, and it was appreciated yes but he knew how out of place you felt. It was almost like he expected to get something out of the night, simply because he spent so much money on a 'nice date.’

He was no stranger to the fancy, five star, high class places like the restaurants he’d choose, but you a fan of finger foods and ramen were not used to a life so ’well’ lived. You had grown up with enough money for things needed and then a little extra but money was definitely not something you could just blow.

“I’m not saying five star, I’m saying like… i dont know? Ihop.” Laughter erupted from within as you watched him try and figure out a place off the top of his cute little head. “Hobi, Honey, burgers was my idea.” You hugged Hoseok tightly and you listened as he wentt on and on about how if Yoongi breaks his heart he will break his face, you knew he was just trying to be protective and it was honestly so refreshing to see him care so much.

You made your way downstairs and saw that Yoongi was already sitting on the couch waiting for you. He was wearing a white t shirt, black jeans and a blue jean jacket; it was such an effortless style but damn did he look good, everything seemed to compliment eachother and his hair only pulled it together more. “Min Yoongi wearing denim? Have my eyes deceived me?” He looked up from his phone and rolled his eyes, you have thought it was because he was annoyed, that is if it wasn’t for the adorable gummy smile that was spreading across his face. “Oh shut up and lets go get some food.”

The drive was quiet, and filled with unsaid nervousness. It wasnt enough to make it awkward but it was enough to make you mentally laugh at yourself. “Uh, you look nice by the way.” Yoongi mumbled, the soft nervousness hidden in his low voice was enough to send a huge a smile across your face. “I always look like this Yoongz.” “Okay? Your point?” It wasnt much but you heard the compliment laced between the snarky reply, causing your cheeks to turn a light pink and he didnt have to look at you to know you understood what he was saying, your silence spoke volumes. He looked so good driving with a smirk plastered on his face, and one hand on the wheel, but you couldnt help but think about how lonely his other hand looked, resting off the middle console, his silver rolex peeking out from underneath the denim that suited him so nicely. You tried to push away the thought of how his pale hand was basically screaming to be held. 'Fuck it.’ You whispered to yourself, and within moments you had fed into your desire to hold his pretty hands.

You took a big breathe in and held it there, too scared to breathe out, then you nonchalantly rested your arm next to his. Unnoticed. You waited a good minute before you finally decided to breathe and slide your hand underneath his and intertwine your fingers in his. It took a moment for him to register what you just did but the moment his fingers closed around yours you let out a sigh of relief, half from his acceptance and half from how perfect it felt. His hand was so much bigger then yours, his few steel rings felt cool against your burning skin, and you could feel his rolex resting against your wrist. You didnt want to let go of his hand, not ever but you had arrived at your destination.

Yoongi almost wanted to take a few wrong turns on the way just so he didnt have to let go over your hand, but he was too scared you’d notice and he sure as hell didnt want that. The Burger joint sat in front of the now parked car your hand slipped out from his as you got out of the car and immediately he was missing your hand in his. “I’ll grab us a booth pabo.” You smiled, he watched as you skipped to a small booth in the corner by the window, the over sized flannel flowing as you did so. He couldnt help but think you looked so damn good with a flannel and some timberlands, it was such a casual look and yet it still made his heart race. You were the kind of girl he could live life fully with, someone who wouldn’t hold back, you were someone that made things complicated in an exciting way, he wasn’t one to go out on dates really but he also had never felt this way about anyone before.

“Here you go brat.” Yoongi set the tray in front of you, two giant burgers and large fries, with a handsome minty haired boy. “Why thank you sir.” He rolled his eyes playfully at the new nickname and together yall began to dig into your dinner, conversation seemed to happen on its own and you listened as he spoke of the song he finished. The song the two of you should finshed together. You watched as his lips made a small pout while he talked, and how he looked at you for a bit and then looked at his food or phone, and maybe that would have botheres you if it was anyone else but you’d heard his mixtape. You knew about his battle with social anxiety. You related. It was okay. You looked at his fading hair, what once was a nice mint color turned even lighter with blonde peeking through. He’d look cute with blonde hair.’ You thought.

Dinner came to an end and yall decided to walk to the corner store, large soda’s in hand and the moonlight illuminating him like it did that night. He looked so pretty against the darkness of the night and the light of the moon, so ethereal, the only difference about then and now if that now he was single. Now he was on a date with you. If you wanted to take hold of his jacket and pull him down to you, you could very well do so, and as you stopped in your tracks unknowingly, making a mental list of all the things you could do, you didnt notice he had gotten closer to you. All you knew was his face had suddenly became easier to admire, from his puppy eyes, perfect pouty lips, to the three earrings in his left ear that for some reason was so sexy to you, and his goddamn hair against sugar skin and pink cheeks. Yoongi placed a hand on the small of your back and pulled you against his chest in one swift motion, no sign of nervousness, or fear in his eyes or actions. Kiss me please. As if he could read your mind he captured your lips in his, not sweetly but not roughly; he kissed you with passion and confidence and you kissed back with just the same. Your confidence wavered a bit, instead replaced with shock and neediness because you liked how he kissed you like he was telling you he was in charge, and if thats what it took for him to kiss you like he was right then you’d gladly let him lead.

There you stood in the middle of the sidewalk kissing under the moonlight, the stars being your audience and the two of you being the main show. Yoongi wasn’t one for PDA but the minute he got a taste of your lips he couldn’t stop, hell, he’d even forgotten the two of you were standing outside. Your hands found thier way in his hair and when he bit your bottom lip as a demand of entrance you tugged softly sending a small growl to leave his lips. “Y-yoongi.” You whimpered as he swiped his tongue along your bottom lip after pulling it between his teeth, and to say your whimper excited him would be an understatement. It wasn’t until you heard a honk of a car in the distance that caused the two of you to separate, cheeks flushed and lips swollen and glistening. “We should go.” You chuckled, ignoring the fact you bought no snacks and pretending not to notice the slight bulge in his pants and the arousel between your legs.

The car ride home went by like nothing had happened on the sidewalk, turning up the radio and singing along to the songs like a group of dying animals, the two of you laughed at eachother and you admired his gummy smile and million different laughs.

He oozed passion, everything he did he did passionately and you swore you saw it all… you thought you’d seen all of Min Yoongi but you didnt know how wrong you were.

You had only scratched the surface.

The Piano Man

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Prompt: Pianos have never really been Dean’s forte, but when there’s a dark haired guy at the train station, playing the piano like an angel, he might change his mind.

Tags: pianist!cas, mechanic!dean, winter fic

Words: 1955

A/N: Sorry for the pun in the prompt. Could be part one of a series if there’s interest. For @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire , her prompts are amazing <3 

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Inukag week
Day one: Protect

A/N my laptop keyboard is not working that well and I am writing this on my phone instead. I apologize for any spelling mistakes or weird formatting ahead of time.

When people saw them, they thought that he was the strong one. He was the one with the sword, the claws, the muscles, and the temper. She was small, poorly dressed, and a gentle soul.

He once thought the same.

He fell into keeping her safe, playing the protector almost immediately. He made sure she was warm, had food, and a good place to rest. She was defenceless and frail in his mind.

While he would come to know her strength in time, he would never stop wanting- needing- to keep her safe.

People, much like he did for a long time, underestimated her strength. Village men were often shocked by her brazen willingness to tell them off. He used to be shocked right along side them, but that all changed one cold wintery spring night.

It was before the kit came and stole her attention from him. Before the monk with wandering hands that she was so wary of that she paid less attention to him. Before the slayer who became the sister she never had. It was just them. A girl who overcame time and a boy who was overcome.

They were in the northern most mountains. The snow came in, unforgiving and harsh. He could survive this. He had often as a pup, but he couldn’t risk losing her to the elements.

He found her a village to stay in. The village was willing to take her in for the night, but the half demon boy with her was simply not welcome.

Inuyasha wasn’t surprised. He knew it was coming. Kagome hadn’t.

She became loud and animated. Kagome was appalled and angry.

“What do you mean he can’t stay?!” She demanded. She drew more attention than necessary and villagers began to gather.

Inuyasha tried to sooth her. He spoke quietly to her. “I’ll be fine,” he murmured. “I’ll come get you in the morning. You stay here.”

She turned her fierce eyes on him. Inuyasha fell silent when he saw the anger covering hurt in her eyes. Hurt for him and anger at them.

She turned on the villagers. She demanded answers that she would not accept. She would not accept that the village would not accept him.

She grabbed his hand in front of all of them. “We’re leaving.”

He wanted to tell her to stay. He wanted her to be warm and safe for the night. But he couldn’t speak. He was suddenly the protected, not the protector.

He built a fire larger than desirable that night. And stayed closer to her than normal when she was sleeping. Right before she fell asleep, she whispered what she felt in her heart.

“I will never let anyone treat you like that. I will never allow anyone to be that cruel to you.”

No one had ever said words like that to him. He felt then settle into his heart and warm his very being. That warmth would never leave him, even when they were separated.

He may have become her protector and eventually her husband, but her very existence was his protection. She protected him in ways no one ever could before. She was far stronger than him, and he would always be thankful he was protected by her.

He may have a sword, claws, and muscles, but he was weak compared to how strong her love is.


D’arcy’s longtime boyfriend wrote in a Smashing Pumpkins Facebook group in April 2016, “I would like to say that D’arcy is not on drugs. As her boyfriend of four years I would not be with someone who is on drugs. She is healthy, mentally and physically. Last night when I came home from work she was with several other musicians who were over and she was playing bass and having a great time with it, after she was done playing we all ate sushi and had a great time. She was smiling all night, and that’s great to see.”

He also said, “Since I have met her she has come a long way. One wintery night in 2012 we listened to SP all night and drove around in a snow storm singing along and having a good time (and doing doughnuts in the snow) it had been over 10 years since she had listened to her band’s music. When I met her she couldn’t even bear to listen to the radio. She has been working on herself and continues to do so. I can tell you that she is one of the most unselfish, empathetic, caring, giving, and sensitive, people I have ever met. Is she addicted? yes, addicted to fashion, science fiction, home renovation projects, Star Wars books, and our animals.”


Changki, vampire au?

Note: This prompt is so perfect. I don’t think I executed it well, but I tried. Thank you fro the request cariad ♥

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

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The thought of kissing Changkyun always made Kihyun nervous. He’d never bite him intentionally, but there’s always the risk. He’d think too much about stupid things like this, but when it comes to it his mind turns blank as though he’s too weak to think, he just does.

They sat before the embers of the roaring fire. Kihyun didn’t feel the cold quite so much, but Changkyun was prone to it. He’d huddle closer to Kihyun under the blankets on wintery nights, and spent the best parts of the spring and early summer in hoodies and jackets.

Kihyun watched his boyfriend pull the cuffs of his black hoodie over his hands; though he wasn’t sure if he was cold or just nervous. Changkyun had a talent for hiding his emotions well, and Kihyun often found it difficult to decipher most of the time.

Then, out of nowhere, Changkyun spoke. “You look really cute right now.”

Kihyun rolled his eyes at the describing word. Cute. Then, he smiled. “Take a picture, then it will last longer.”

“Vampires don’t show up in photos.” Changkyun spoke gruffly before his mouth opened widely to yawn.

“That’s mirrors you idiot.” Kihyun wrapped his arms around Changkyun’s waist and pulled him in, allowing his shoulder to be used as a head rest. Usually he’d playfully complain, but he couldn’t will himself when Changkyun hair falls over his face; he’s too tired to move it, and the soft glow of the orange flames radiates on his face. He looks soft, so Kihyun rubs his cheek, then holds him again.

“You don’t show up in a mirror?” Changkyun asked him, quietly.

“You’re tired. We should go to bed.”

Changkyun grumbled in protest and effortlessly slid his arms around Kihyun. It was a weak attempt, and Kihyun could move him if he really wanted to. He didn’t.

His neck tickled by the warm breath of Changkyun’s lips - mouth breather, and his chest somersaulted.

“Kihyun did you eat?”

“Yes, you saw me.”

“Can you eat garli-”

“I think that’s enough questions.”

Changkyun nodded, his nose brushing against Kihyun’s neck. He rose his chin, a weary attempt to press a kiss to Kihyun’s neck before muttering a small. “G’night Jagi.”

Kihyun shifted to a more comfortable position, but still holding his boyfriend close enough to feel the rate of his steady heart. Alive.

Together is when he feels the most alive. 

something new

At this moment in life I want to not exist
I want to go out of my way and trap myself up into my room on a cold wintery night and wait till the hot summer breeze to make me feel new.

Even if I have to sit on the hill and watch the spring flowers bloom all my life till you love me even if I’m not me then maybe that will just have to do.

The bright blue sky bounces off the deep red tulips and beyond the yellow sun creating you. Looking right into your eyes.

I feel something drop on my head. As I reach up to grab it I start to notice red, brown and yellow leaves fall from the tree. Slowly in the chilly windy breeze.

I am the earth and you are the sun

Maybe the new season and all the changes will change my being or maybe change your mind

H.S. Album Series: Carolina

Word Count: 2606

A/M: I feel lowkey that if more time and more talent was involved, this could be decent low budget rom-com. Who will help me produce this masterpiece? Who will be my leading stars? Stay tuned for nothing to come of it besides this little story 🙂. Though if someone were to make something out of this credit and include me in the production 😎. Also, cause I’m curious with writing this series, I ask you this question: What is your favourite song off the album? 
Hope you enjoy it! Tell me if you do!

*Disclaimer- obviously this is only (one of) my interpretations of what I think about when I hear the songs. Of course you may have your own, these are just one of mine.*

H.S Album Series Masterlist | Ask

“I am a writer. It means that I was able to remember every little detail about them. Their scent which would put me in a trance every time I smelt it, the way that their eyes would change colour and sparkle in the sun. The way they would giggle shyly at my jokes, always looking at me with their sparkly eyes and looking as if they wanted to hide away from laughing at my horrendous joke. Sometimes I couldn’t even find it funny. But they did.”

“I am a singer. It means that I can remember the feelings I had when I was with them. The sadness when they found out their pet had died and I became their shoulder to cry on. The nerves they felt when they went in for their big job interview, and the happiness when they found out they had gotten their new job. Or the heartbreak I felt when they decided to leave me. People wondered how I could display such emotion in my voice when I sang. Not knowing there was a muse behind my music that did all the work for me.”

“I am an artist. It means I can remember both the feeling and the little details all in one. I can remember what it was like to fall for their magical, colour changing eyes. I remember what it was like when I became their shoulder to cry on, watching their eyes turn dark and red with sadness and how my shirt turned wet with tears and how I didn’t care. I remember what it was like when they left me. How the piercing of the blade felt in my heart when I watched them walk away. It was then I knew they weren’t just anyone. No.”

“They meant a whole lot more than that to me.”

You walked in to the little coffee shop, not knowing what to expect. But when you heard the poetry that came out of his mouth you knew exactly what he was talking about. 

You were glad that it was crowded, feeling awkward if it was empty. However as he met eyes with you as he spoke his last sentence, you began to question if he actually saw you or if it had been your imagination. However, if it had been real, you wanted to leave immediately. 

You walked out quickly, pushing past the new customers that were coming through the door. You walked into the wintery night as snow slowly began to fall from the dark sky. You wrapped your coat tighter around you as you walked down the street. 

You thought you heard your name be called out but you ignored it, thinking that it was impossible. But as you felt a tap on your shoulder you stopped and turned around and was face to face with the one you thought you could say goodbye to only a year before.

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Cinderella Pt. 3

This is part three of the Cinderella fic in which the Reader and Michael meet in the Eden Club to a rocky start. He’s just walked her home and she’s inviting him up for tea.

I know I’m a bit behind on things, but I’ve been quite ill as of late so I’m struggling to keep up. Again, I welcome feedback and would love any and all criticism because I want to get better at writing. I hope you enjoy. Cheers!

Michael x Reader

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Day 2 [Sleepover]

July 31 / Day 2: Sleepover (Child AU)

@spamanoweek (It’s v v short soz) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lovino loved Antonio in that adorable little kid kind of way. He was the new boy at his elementary school, he was in second grade while Lovino was still in first, but they held hands during recess so it counted.

They did everything together, from playing pirates in Antonio’s tree house or playing dolls at Lovino’s house. He loved him, because Antonio liked playing dolls and didn’t call him mean names like all the other kids did. Sometimes he could be bossy when playing pirates, because he ALWAYS had to be captain, but Lovino tried not to get too mad him.

“Lovi! Lovi! Lobbi hobby!” Antonio came barreling into the first grade classroom right when the lunch bell rung. Looking up, he smiled already pulling the lone chair beside the window so Antonio could eat with him.

Together they brought out their lunch boxes, Lovino putting the container of grapes in the middle and Antonio replaced the container with a little baggy of cheese doodles. “Guess what my mom told me!” Antonio hyped, he never really sat still, but that never bothered him.

“What?” Lovino played innocent, he knew it probably had to do something with their sleep over. They have been playing it for weeks now, but Antonio’s mom worked and Lovino’s grandfather was taking care of Feliciano who was really little and didn’t like noises. Already a very protective brother, Lovino didn’t want to play at his house, because he didn’t want Feliciano to get fussy.

With nubby fingernails, Antonio popped the container of grapes and threw the purple fruit in the air, catching it in his mouth. He chewed noisily, making Lovino lean over and hit him playfully for being disgusting, “my mom has a day off on Friday so we can have our sleep over! We have so much planned, I cannot wait!”

“Me either, it’s gonna be so much fun!” Lovino gushed lifting his butt up so he could slot his legs under his butt.

The two boys spent the rest of lunch talking about their super fun sleepover and recess they spent huddled under the tree, Lovino not favoring the cold so Antonio gave him his jacket and bunches of hugs.


The day of the sleepover they went to Antonio’s house and until dark they played pirates in the snow. Lovino giggled as a cannonball (snowball) burst into his face.

“Evil pirates don’t giggle!” Antonio popped up from his boat (snowfort), he crossed his arms as Lovino made of show of dying.

(‘Oh the pain! I’m dying!’)

“Boys, come inside its dark!” Mrs. Antonio’s Mom chimed as she opened the front door collecting the two freezing boys. Helping them take off their coats she instructed them to sit in front of the fire and gave them hot chocolate.

Laughing at each other’s whip cream mustaches, Antonio smiled behind his drink, “can I tell you a secret, Lovino?” He asked leaning in.

“Of course!” Lovino’s eyes lit up as he leaned it, Antonio’s palm cupped his ear as he leaned over, his hand flat on the rough brick.

There was a pause, he could hear Antonio’s take a breath, “one day I’m going to marry you, like my mommy and Daddy!” He smiled leaning back.

Lovino smiled wide, his teeth crooked and still growing in, but the excitement was a giddy feeling in his chest, “we should plan our wedding!” He gasped, “I want a bounce house.”

“And ice cream!” The other mused taking a deep sip of his hot drink.

“What are you two boys scheming?” Antonio’s mom said playfully, a hand on her hip in a mother fashion.

“Our wedding!” Antonio said excitedly, “we are going to get married like you and daddy!”

“I thought it was a secret!” Lovino whined dramatically.

The woman found her lips turning in a fond expression as she rolled her eyes, “I hope I am invited.”


“I remember when I was like seven or eight I announced to my mom that I would marry my best friend, and you know what Mom, I never break a promise,” the woman with greying hair and wrinkles from days of wear viewed her youngest baby stand at the aisle with his fingers intertwined with his child hood best friend.

The boy who grew up to be her second son had the fondest smile on his face as he rolled his eyes laughing at the joke, that wintery night sleepover was a great idea.


The closed curtains are glowing in the sun shining behind them, tincturing the room with a dull tone of orange. The rotating fan is fanning my lazy feels. I turned around to look at him and he is still in deep sleep. This is why I love Sunday mornings. I can watch him sleep. I am left alone in my world to admire him. I can hear his soft breaths serenading me. I start with his sharp jaw line that makes me go weak on my knees.

After caressing his bearded cheeks, I trace the contours of his gaping mouth and then plant a kiss on his nose. I see his half closed eyes and the eyeballs moving rapidly under them. Is he dreaming about me? I gently stroke his uneven eyebrows and then slowly tap the eyes shut. I love doing that. I see his long, slender and perfectly sculpted fingers resting on his pillow. Is this why he can make such beautiful ribbons on his A’s or the puffy bows on his B’s or those winding curves on his G’s in his letters? I see his ruffled hair and my fingers climb up to the black fields on his head. As I move through them I marvel over how ravishing its insides must be for all the beautiful words he writes to me can’t be a work of something mediocre. I wish of delving into the intricacies and intimacies of his thoughts that transform into words he pens but it’s a pity that I see the vestiges of his brilliant mind only through his words.
Now when I think of it, it were his words I fell in love with first and perhaps, it were his words that made me fall for him.

Like a magician smoothly conjuring up a pigeon out of thin air, he spun a world with twiddle of his words so effortlessly. Once I entered it, I knew I wanted to be there for all the times to come. I wanted to be a part of his creation. I wanted to be his muse for rest of my life. But it was becoming the love of his life which was much more magical. He was my windfall.

Crossing all the miles between us, his handwritten letters would arrive at my doorstep every now and then; and my heart would fly to him jumping over all those numerous milestones after reading each letter.

In my moments of self-loathing and despair, his words would lull my heart into sleep. I never knew I could look so beautiful, but the words he adorned me with made me fall in love with myself. Like the greens of mountain complimenting the purple blooms all over it in spring, like a quenched thirst in a summer rain, like an impromptu dance in a monsoon evening, like a road decked with fallen leaves in varying shades of chrome in an autumn morning and like the warmth of a bonfire in a wintery night, I found the solace and joy, I searched for, in his words. Often, when I am all by myself, I catch myself smiling unconsciously for all his words lodged in my subconscious.

Though the courtship years are gone, I still find glimpses of his writings; the sweet nothings on a sticky note on the fridge when I return from a hectic day at work, or a text after midnight when he is busy working in another room or a draft in my laptop blinking at me after a fight between us.

He breaks away in between kisses to say me how much he loves me. He pulls me into a back hug and whispers in my ears what I mean to him. On the night of our anniversaries, we nestle up on the bed and he reads out a letter for me. In those times, I get confused about what should I concentrate on, the beautiful words he wrote for me or his dulcet voice crooning those words and sending jitters in my ears.

Sometimes I feel so lacking and inadequate in front of him. I can’t stop wondering if I am showing him my love in every possible way like he does. With the pages of calendar turning so fast, ruminations about our lost moments of love are rife in my head. Am I making enough memories with him? Am I laughing a little harder with him? Do I love him a little more with each passing day?

I hope our lifetime lasts much longer so that I can fill his heart with infinities of my love for I am already soused with his love.
May be I should write him a letter today. But before that, I pull up his arms up and snuggle myself to him. Let me sleep some more time in this paradise.

~Tapaswini Dash #Fanpost ( via heartbeats) 💕( cr:- The storyteller )

( again here it is , these posts leave my speechless )

didsw’s reigisa fic recs!! :O

(haha, get it? rec it? whatever fuck this)

I’m not good at summaries or anything (in fact, these summaries are awful) but I’ve always wanted to do something like this so yeah! I’m sure many of you have read a lot of the fics on here but hopefully there are a few you have missed! I didn’t put all my favorite fics on this list, though–the ones with trillions of kudos I left out because I’m pretty sure most of us first filter by kudos on AO3 anyways, so it would be a boring list. 

They’re not in any order (I repeat: NO ORDER), and I will definitely undersell them because I’m trying to make this concise but I GUARANTEE each and every is a treasure! So please, everyone, find it in your heart to read! For reigisa! For fanfiction!

Not under a cut because I think it can be kind of difficult to read on my blog. Sorry for the (very long and unnecessary) post!

Ink on Paper by RicePilaf: Rei (away at uni) writes Nagisa a letter and for some reason the letter is like? the cutest thing I have ever read? It is so so lovely and sweet and short but worth the read! 

Three-Fourths Cotton, One-Fourth Polyester by brumalbreeze: I’m sure many of you have read this, but hits a few of my deep dark secret kinks. (Mouth-fucking, anyone? Goddamn) Rei’s lowkey a pervert but it’s okay! Because Nagisa is too! (Also I guess brumal heard that I was putting this on the list bc SOMEONE (see below) couldn’t keep a secret and did some mad editing so even if you’ve read it a billion times already give it another go)

Grand Pas de Deux by Shaples: Seriously, who hasn’t read this yet? Stripper!Nagisa and Bartender!Rei, except they’re not reduced to super shallow tropes. They’re multi-dimensional characters who have hopes! And dreams! And sex! And a lot of alcohol. (Ongoing)

Blast from the Past by jenatwork: “Oh, teacher-student relations? That’s gross,”–me, a fool, before this fic. It’s NOT teacher-student…’s teacher-FORMER student and it is hot af. (AND LEGAL!) Like, my god, take me now Ryuugazaki-sensei! 

When You Leave by letters_of_stars: Rei drowns during training camp and Nagisa casually falls apart because of it. To make matters worse–Rei’s ghost has come back but Nagisa is the only one who can see and hear him. Now, I know what you’re thinking: you fucking masochist! Why would you read this! How dare you rec this to me, a happy shipper? Um, maybe because its beautifully written? Seriously guys, this fic is so, so good–well thought out, humorous at times, and captivating even with it’s dark theme. I seriously teared up at parts while I was reading, but like, in the good, I-read-fanfiction-to-hurt-myself, kinda way. (Ongoing)

Will you love me tomorrow by hentaihorseface: “Ugh, not another mpreg fic,” I say as I click the link. “What is this, 2007?” As usual I’m completely wrong because this fic fucking. ruined. me. I’m not kidding. The emotions I feel when I read this fic are just so intense–I’ve really come close to crying from a) sadness b) happiness c) any other emotion because it would provide an outlet for my INCREDIBLY INTENSE feelings. Why is Rei as a baby daddy so appealing? Why Nagisa as a hormonal pregnant teenager is somehow heartwarming? This fic has it all: angst, sex, fluff, family drama, hurt/comfort, you name it. All those filters on Yeah, they’re all here. No, I’m serious everyone–Rei and Nagisa as teen parents is such a gift. (Ongoing…so she says)

X and Y by emkayss: All you really need to know is: fem!Reigisa. But if that didn’t convince you, it’s got pining and seemingly unrequited love and a happy ending. And if that didn’t convince you, I don’t know if you can truly call yourself a reigisa shipper. As short and sweet as Nagisa herself!

Let Go of Time for You by walkalittleline: Remember that super angsty reigisa mook KyoAni threw at us a couple months ago? On one hand, it was like “Fuck this, why didn’t they make Rei bite Nagisa’s neck or rescue him with an underwater kiss?” but on the other hand it was kinda like “Oh god Rei’s so goddamn head over heels for Nagisa he fucking brought a photo of the two of them on the aircraft despite weight limit regulations.” (Seriously, do you know how anal space travel is? You can’t even have an extra screw lying around) Also, he built a fucking NagiDroid 2.0. (Which is creepy, but since it’s Rei I’m willing to interpret that as an act of love). But anyways–another plus was/is the influx of Reigisa mook stories, like this one. What I like about this fic is that it’s written from Nagisa’s point of view and shows his struggles of being left behind on Earth while Rei floats around in outer space. It’s sad and truly heartbreaking at times but the ending will make you squeal and giggle and clap your hands because you’re an idiot who lets fanfic dictate your life. Or maybe that’s just me.

Sandalwood by Deanon: General rule of thumb: Arabian AU always slays, always. My god, this fic is just so precious! Rei is such a sweetie and Nagisa is a temptress, but in the angelic sort of way. And Kou is a very good friend. 

chasing magic by Growlithe: How could I not include this fic? This work + au inspired me to write my own Reigisa au! So there was no fucking way I was going to leave this treasure out. Questionable Bartender!Nagisa and Magician!Rei. Rei’s a total dweeb in this, but then again, when is he not? And while this fic is entertaining and Nagisa’s internal monologue is downright hilarious, it also manages to portray Rei and Nagisa’s budding relationship as incredibly soft and sweet. You’ll get warm fuzzies reading it or your money back!

Grand Optimist by 3cars: A heartbreaking “25 Lives” trope. Reincarnation is always a bitch! This is one of those fics that leaves a sort of empty ache inside of you, even before you’ve finished reading. It’s not a sad ending but it’s somehow not particular happy, either. It’s so lovely and bittersweet, like the darkest chocolate or the oldest wine. (This is me trying to be fake deep.)

Thinking Out Loud by youcanbeking: A truly wonderful fic by one of my best friends! Do you daydream about Reigisa weddings like I do in class? Because in this fic, Nagisa sure does! A super cute story about Nagisa and Rei’s developing relationship that dives into deeper, more serious topics that arise when you’re dating someone. Or maybe Nagisa just over thinks things. 

helpful tips 4 u! by venusianeye: Honestly fuck this fic for making my heart explode into tiny little bubbles of joy every time I read it. It is just–okay, read it and you’ll understand, alright? Nothing I say will do it any form of justice. I just–oh my god I’m getting a lil emotional thinking about it–the way it’s written is just so amazing. And the way Nagisa talks about his Rei-chan is literally, LITERALLY going to send me to an early grave. There are some really fucking cute phrases he uses and his love for Rei really comes through. Enough gushing! Please read this! 

Late Night Call by ZWorld: Dweebs in love. Dweebs having…phone sex?! That’s sexy, but this fic is honestly just so sweet and innocent. I feel like a weird, perverted mom reading this because the whole time I’m like “omg babies you go! get the boy! have all the phone sex I’m so proud!” A very, very cute fic about Rei and Nagisa’s first time diving into that aspect of their relationship. 

like i’ve never seen the skies before by sylveonimbus (cloud_sakura): Another truly paintful Reigisa mook story. How the author was able to perfectly capture the voice of Nagisa the android is beyond me. This fic cut rights into the heart–but if you like angst, please read this. I don’t want to ruin the fic, but rest assured it is absolutely beautiful. 

cohabit and inhabit by magicianprince: Domestic Reigisa for the soul. Reading these two fics is the equivalent of drinking hot chicken soup on a wintery night, when you’re all bundled up in the covers and tired from a long day. They are perfect portrayals of Rei and Nagisa living together–I love these two fics with all of my heart. Reading this before bed is a surefire way to ensure sweet dreams. 

kiss him silly, kiss him sillier by suitablyskippy: Honestly, the writing and vocabulary and voice in this fic is just goals. Like, who did the author have to sell their soul to to so perfectly capture Nagisa, Nagisa’s thought process, and his interactions with Rei on top of incredible wording and vivid imagery? This fic transports you back to the sticky heat of summer, the excitement of having a crush, and the wholehearted fun of adolescence. 

So that’s the end of my rec list! Again, sorry it was so long, but I’m too fucking weak to my blog aesthetic to change it to make it a little bit easier to read. 

I hope there was at least one fic on here you haven’t heard about–and everyone, if you DO choose to read, leave kudos! Leave comments! Who fucking cares if it was written in the fandom Stone Age EVERYONE loves to have their ego stroked! I hope this was as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to write. And if you have some recommendations for ME, I…probably have already read it, to be honest. But send me the titles and authors anyways! Because I could spend my life reading about these two lovebirds falling in love and having sex and making out over and over and over again <3 

Just imagine your otp:
  • 🍵-making hot chocolate together even though hes not such a big fan of sweets
  • 🎅-watching home alone on christmas night while cuddling on the couch
  • 🍪-baking cookies as they just end up having a foodfight
  • 💨-her hands freeezing as he gently takes them and blows,his hot breath hitting her skin as her hands warm up
  • 👕-him giving her his hoodie so she doesnt get cold
  • 💠-wearing silly yet cute sweaters
  • 🏃-going iceskating as one of them falls and the other one kisses the bruise better
  • 😸-just laughing together
  • 🎄-decorating their first christmas tree together with their kid
  • 🌃-strolling the park on a wintery night as it starts snowing and he cant help but think how beautiful she is while she looks up to him with a big smile on her face
  • 🐧-exchanging scarves
  • 💏-making out under the misletoe
  • 👫-simply enjoying being in eachothers company
Got Me On Your Web {Peter Parker x Reader}

Part one:

Got Me On Your Web part 2

You walk up to the back of your high school looking for the so called ‘stuck Peter Parker’ but so far you don’t see anything. You tried calling him but he isn’t answering to any of your calls and messages.

“Peter?!” You yell, you feel the cold breeze making its way through your coat, guess a wintery night isn’t the best time to do these things.

After trying to contact Peter a few more times ZIP you realize that it’s one of the web shooters it’s got a strong hold on your waist, ZIP you start flying up to the schools roof Oh lord you think as you’re getting zipped up to the roof deck, and make a loud thud as you your body slam on the concrete, you look up to find the one and only Peter Parker in his ‘favorite’ onsie. Oh, and the surprise? He’s not stuck to anything what’s so ever!

“Uh, hey!” Peter greets you

“Hey?! After having me worry about how you were all I get is hey?!” You yell frustratingly, Peter takes his mask of to reveal his confused but apologetic face. “Look I can explain.” He says.

“Before you explain do you mind helping me with this?” You ask pointing at the silky substance that’s still wrapped around your waist, “You kinda, got me on your web.”

Once Peter was finish clearing of the webs he starts his explanation. “Listen, I know you’re confused and furious at me, but I just wanted to ask you something” he starts. “Is everything okay?” You ask.

“Everything’s fine. It’s just that I’ve been wanting to tell you something, it’s something that I know you deserve to hear.” He drags his hand on your cheek. “We’ve been friends for a long time now and I-I wanted to tell you that I like you.” He says “Really?” Your eyes widen. You realize that this is all you’ve wanted for so long. “Y-yeah, you kinda got me on your web” he sheepishly grins.

You shake your head and laugh “Don’t steal my line bug boy” you see him smiling at you “You already have my heart” you tell him as you place a kiss on his cheeks

Holiday Dreams (Jack Request)

(Day four! Little later than usual as I haven’t been home long! A summery Jack imagine on this wintery night so enjoy!) “Where are we off to babe?” Jack asks you, turning his phone to face you.
“We’re off to Ibiza!!” You cheer, wheeling your suitcase along as the group of you headed towards nearer where your gate was.
The group consisted of Joe, Caspar, Oli, Mikey, Josh, Conor and Jack. And of course you, being both Joe’s twin sister and Jack’s long term girlfriend. You fit in the group perfectly.
“And Mikey still hasn’t realised we’ve got his passport” Jack whispers as you all go to take a seat in the airport.
“Right has everyone got their passports and tickets?” You ask innocently, pulling out your own.
“Yes Mum” Conor jokes and you kick his ankle.
“Yeah I got mine” Caspar smiles, lifting them in the air.
“I’ve got my ticket…” Mikey looks up, worry on his face.
“And your passport?” Josh raises his brows.
“I can’t find it” He admits, scrambling through the contents of his carry on bag.
“Are you fucking serious?” Conor questions, half expecting him to be joking.
“Yes I’m fucking serious Conor” Mikey snaps, “We’re gonna have to go back”
“Of course were not gonna go back Mikey are you stupid?” Jack shakes his head, making sure the camera is on him.
“We have to Jack! I don’t have my fucking passport”
“How on earth did you miss that?” Oli chuckles.
“I don’t know but I have alright? We can’t do anything about it now can we?” He raises his pitch, as you had learnt he always did when he was annoyed, “We need to go back”
“We haven’t got time” Jack laughs.
“This isn’t fucking funny Jack” Mikey exclaims.
“Ohh calm down” Your boyfriend chuckles, tossing the passport to Mikey, “You can calm your nerves now”
All of you burst into laughter, Jack grinning proudly at you for how perfectly that went.
“You’ve learnt well you two” Joe smiles.
“Corr I almost panicked then” Mikey says, one hand on his chest as he takes a seat.
“Almost?!” Caspar exclaims, making you all laugh once more.
~~~Time Skip~~~
A short plane journey later, you touched down in the lovely place of Ibiza and made your way to your house for the next week, arriving quickly.
“Oooh this looks like the master bedroom (y/n)!!” Jack cheers, jumping down onto the bed.
“Piss off this is mine and Caspar’s” Joe jokes.
“You heard it here first folks” You laugh, coming into the room after exploring everything with Oli.
“Piss off” Joe scoffs, shoving your arm.
“That’s no way to speak to your favourite sibling Joseph” You fold your arms.
“I told Zoe she should’ve come with us” He mutters jokingly under his breath receiving a strong punch from his twin.
“Right once you two have stopped your sibling argument, I believe we have a pool to get to” Jack wiggles his brows.
“Yessss!” You and Joe grin, racing off like a pair of children.
After a long day of messing around in the pool and soaking in the warm sun, you decide it is time for dinner and have dedicated this night to cooking from home- a BBQ specifically.
“Alright its up to the Suggs tonight” Jack comes behind you, vlogging as you and Joe start setting it up
“And prepare for the best barbeque of your entire life babe” You grin
You and Joe make sure to sing along to every single word of the throwback songs that blasted into the quiet air whilst the boys constantly questioned how long the food would take and peered excitedly over your shoulder to see how everything was coming along.
“Right boys, stuff your faces” You exclaim, planting the plates down onto the long table and sitting down yourself.
“Actually before we eat” Jack begins and everyone looks at him expectantly, “(y/n)” He stands and takes your hand in his, before kneeling to the ground.
Your hands fly to your face.
“Babe, I’ve been thinking about how this was going to happen and what I would do. But then I realised that it didn’t matter when I did it or where I said it. It just mattered that I was telling you exactly what I wanted to” He smiles, eyes focused on yours.
“Jack-” You gasp, being the only word you could let out without bursting into tears
“I’ve been in love with you since the day your asshole twin first introduced me to you, round his old place. You beat me 7-0 in a game of FIFA. And I haven’t even been able to beat you since. You wind me up every single day and you know exactly how to annoy me. You’re there for me when I’m being an asshole and certainly know when the boys need to piss off. They’ve learnt to listen to you definitely” He chuckles.
You can’t help but let the tears blur your vision and make everything around you out of focus.
"I know plenty of people didn’t agree with us dating at first” His eyes flit towards your brother, “But I want to be the one to love with you, laugh with you and grow old with you. So, will you marry me (y/n) Sugg?” He raises his brows hopefully and it is all you can do to nod in response.
He is instantly on his feet, wrapping his arms around you and burying his head in your neck. The boys all cheer around you and you are thankful that you are surrounded by the best people possible.
“I love you babe” Jack mumbles and presses his lips to yours.
“Not to be rude or anything but are we gonna eat or what?” Mikey jokes.

Count Bodies Like Sheep (Credence x Reader)

In which: Credence goes with Grindelwald. The world becomes a war zone. 

Warnings: this is a fairly dark fic. Graphic descriptions of violence and mentions of abuse. Gr@dence free, for those concerned 

Word count: 1.989

“You can control it, Credence.”

He didn’t want to, not anymore. Too tired, too angry, so alone in all of this. He wanted to let it out, let the world explode around him. He wanted everything to disappear underneath tendrils of black smoke.

He wanted to be gone. Completely.

Yet somewhere deep inside, almost gone, there lurked a will to survive.

“How, mister Graves?”

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For the cutie that requested a scenario where you have to kill Jimin but end up falling in love with him!


Mission: Eradicate Park Jimin

Assigned To: Agent 127; Special Weapons & Annihilation Expert.

Deadline: One Month

Do not fail.

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I want to find
someone to text good morning,
someone to call to say good night, and
someone to occupy my mind during the hours in between.

I want to feel appreciated.
I want to feel wanted.
I don’t want to be tossed around at his convenience.

I don’t want to feel guilty.
I don’t want to feel selfish.
I want to feel like I am living my own life, but that it’s better that he’s a part of it.

I need my own space.
He needs his independence.
But when I have a migraine from an exhausting day at work-
when he catches an insufferable flu during those cold wintery nights-
I want his kiss to be my tablet of Tylenol,
I want my touch to be his dose of Robitussin.

I want to find someone to compliment me.
I want to find someone to complement me.

I don’t need a happily ever after.
But I do want my once upon a time.

Request: Altercation

Request: Hello~ can you do one where Dean is a demon and he meets up with the reader. They kinda have a falling out (a bit of a physical fight, punches can get involved) but he gets so frustrated he admits that he walked away cause he loved them.

Word Count: 797

Here it is, I hope you like it. Thanks<3

“So… you found me.” The voice comes from behind you. While it’s unexpected, it is also familiar and for that reason, you aren’t particularly startled.

“Quite the opposite, so it seems.” You spin the stool, turning to face Dean. He grins slightly.

“This isn’t hide and seek.” He smirks, and you roll your eyes.

“Good to know.” You down the last of your whiskey and run a hand through your hair. He chuckles.

“How’s Sammy?”

“Broken. Beaten.” You shrug, “Miserable. Like a part of him is missing.”

“How cheerful.” Dean grins, “He needs to lighten up.”

“He just wants his brother back.”

“Can’t say the feeling’s mutual. I like being free.”

“Free from Sam?” You raise an eyebrow. Dean laughs.

“Sure. Don’t have to worry about his constant miserable face. Hey, it’s all on you, now.”

You sigh, “It was really nice to catch up. I’ll send Sam your regards.” You slip a bill under the glass and twist the seat, standing up and walking briskly from the bar. As the cool night air hits your skin, you keep going down the street.

“Why cut the fun so short?” Dean calls from behind you.

“You call it fun, I call it emotionally traumatizing memory-surfacing doom.” You mutter. He hears, though, and quickly catches up to you.

“I wasn’t aware I resurfaced so much pain for you.”

“I watched you die, Dean. Then I watched your brother fall to pieces. Excuse me if I’m not thrilled to see you, warped and twisted beyond all recognition.” You say with a sigh, only urging a laugh.

“Huh. Y/N, you seem upset.”

“Did you listen to me in the slightest? Look, if you want us to leave you alone to your demonic fun, you should probably do the same for us, you know?” You offer, veering off down an alley. He grins, grabbing your wrist.

“What if I don’t want to leave you alone?” He asks, a mischievous grin etched into his face.

“Then… I don’t know. Dean, Sam is all for curing you and I just want you to quit being a total asshole, so just keep your mouth shut or I’ll tip him off.”

Dean merely laughs as you attempt to yank your hand from his grip, but he holds fast.

“Get off.” You warn, twisting his grip. He lets go but you suspect it’s more of choice than your force.

“You wouldn’t tip Sam off. You’re not like that.”

“You don’t know what I’m like!”

“Oh, I do.” He grins, “You wouldn’t want to cause dear Sammy more pain. You’d bring me in yourself- if you could.”

You step back irritably, “Just leave me alone, Dean.”

“No can do, sweetheart.” He grabs a hold of your upper arm and in retaliation, you spin around, your fist connecting with his jaw. He reels back but grins.

“That make you feel better?”

“If you want me to feel better bring me a bottle of tequila and a large knife.”

“Sounds like a party.” He swings at you, and you turn your cheek so the brunt of the impact hits your jaw, snapping your neck to the side- it is, however, better than the alternative.

“Y/N… how sloppy.”

“Screw off!” You wheel around, raking your nails across his cheek.

“Bitch fighting?”

“Watch it, I’ll bite.”

He kicks out his leg, aiming to sweep you from the ground. You spin out of the way, however, backing off. He’s stronger than you- hell, he was probably stronger than you before the demon thing- and you’re fully aware that you can’t beat him.

“You finished?” He asks, holding out his arms in a ‘come and get me’ gesture. You shrug.

“I don’t care, Dean. I just want… I just want to be freaking normal!” You admit. “I’m done. Just go away.”

You turn away and stride off, and even hearing the footsteps behind you, you keep going.

“I loved you, you know.” His voice is quiet. You freeze.


“I loved you. Head over heels. I remember how it felt. So I walked away because let’s face it, I’ve only ever hurt the people I love and being around both you and Sam? It was a recipe for disaster. I feel better than I have for a long time but I can’t help but feel empty without you there.”

You wrap your arms around yourself, suddenly aware of the coldness of the wintery night.

“Come back with me, then. We can fix this.” You say softly. He shakes his head.

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Should have known.” You step closer before reaching up and pressing your lips to his cheek briefly.


“If you change your mind, call me. See you.” You say, turning and walking away.

This time, he doesn’t follow.