The Girl I Love

TITLE: The Girl I Love


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking towards the end

SUMMARY: You and Chris were roommates and best friends until his girlfriend insisted he move in with her to keep him away from you.

A/N: I know, I suck at giving my stories titles that don’t sound cheesy as hell. ANYWAY, As promised, here is another one shot about the ever charming Chris Evans. Oh and if it’s not clear, (GF/N) means “girlfriend’s name”.

Have fun kiddos! XX

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Operation Carter (Part 1)

TITLE: Operation Carter (Formerly Ice Cream Keeps You Warm in the Winter)


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Humor, Rated G

SUMMARY: You move to Boston from your home country to start a life of your own. As you walk back home from work and take your usual route by the park, a little boy runs up to you and asks you to help him hide from someone who, as he put it, will “tickle him to death.” Curiosity gets the better of you and what happened next was something you would never have expected in a million years.

A/N: Hello everyone! I know, I know, it took forever to upload this story. This is actually part 1 of the story. I decided to split it into two since it’s actually pretty lengthy (at least in my head.) Just for record purposes, please note that this is purely fictional. The only “fact” in the whole story is Chris’ love for ice cream.

This was originally a dream I had which I tweaked a bit and turned into an RPF but for some reason as I was writing the main character, I was imagining Felicity from Arrow. Not necessarily her physical appearance but the way she rambles awkwardly when she’s nervous.

And just to explain the title a bit, I was doing some research once and I came across an article that says that despite being known as a “cool” summer treat, ice cream actually makes you feel warmer. I imagine this story being set in the end of the fall season hence the (former) title.

For your reference, please refer to the guide below:

Y/N = Your name

Y/NN1= Your nickname

Y/NN2 = Your other nickname

That’s all for now. Have fun kiddos! XX

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Snowed In

TITLE: Snowed In


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking

SUMMARY: The snow didn’t stop falling outside and you were probably snowed in, but despite it all it was very warm, comfortably so, where you lay, next to the person you loved the most. 

A/N: Hello, dear readers. So finally, here it is, the last chapter of Snowed In. I worked well into the night to finish this one and I really hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Like I mentioned before this chapter is going to be in Chris’ POV.

Hope you like it! XX

P.S. If you missed the first chapter, you can read it HERE. You can choose to read either as a stand-alone fic though to be honest. 

Disclaimer: I did not create the GIFs above. They were made by the lovely people on the internet and I am merely borrowing them for the purpose of this fic.

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TITLE: Betrothed

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Multi-Chapter, Chapter 2

AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Dean x Persephone, Hades x Persephone

GENRE: Romance, Drama, AU(ish), Rated R for later chapters

SUMMARY: All  Persephone ever wanted was to lead an ordinary life. But between finding out she’s a demi-god, being raised by a family of hunters, and learning she’s betrothed to the King of the Underworld, “ordinary” is simply out of the question.

When Dean gets into an accident and faces death, Seph has to confront her feelings for him and realizes that she will do anything to save him, even if it means striking a deal with the god her father fought to hide her from all her life.

Hades isn’t at all what people make him out to be. If she were totally honest, she’d have to say he’s actually kind of sweet. And as sexy as sin. Will she fulfill her destiny and rule by Hades side as his queen, or will she fight for a future man she has always loved?

A/N: Hello my darlings and I’m sorry it took forever for me to update! So anyway, here is the second chapter to my Supernatural fanfic. It’s really more of an origin story than anything. I get bored with slow paced stories so I am trying something new and speeding everything up (hopefully) without compromising the plot. Hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear from y'all once in a while. Send me some love. Heehee.


If you missed chapter 1, read it here (X)

Image sources: Stock GIFs from my GIF collection. 

“…A chasm opened in the earth and out of it coal-black horses sprang, drawing a chariot and driven by one who had a look of dark splendor, majestic and beautiful and terrible. He caught her to him and held her close. The next moment she was being borne away from the radiance of earth in springtime to the world of the dead by the king who rules it.”

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Hello, hello!

Hello everyone! Just a quick update.

First of all, a big thank you to all you lovely people who liked my stories. And to all my new followers, welcome and thank you for following my blog!

Allow me to apologize in advance for slow updates. We just came back from the Holy Week holiday and work’s piled up like CRAZY so I don’t know how soon I can upload new stories. It doesn’t help much that I have work till Saturday. BUT I’ll try my best to post something new this weekend. it’s probably gonna be something Chris related. Not even gonna apologize for that one, the man is an inspiration and posting stories about him cannot be helped. Hehe.

Anyway just wanted you guys to know that I’m actually working on two separate Cap and Loki stories right now which are both multi-chapter (yay!) Still ironing out the details of the plot but hopefully I can post a chapter before the end of the month.

Oh and I’d love to hear from you guys. If you have any reactions or feels about any of my stories, or have an idea for a story you might wanna see written down, send me a message and we’ll see if I can make some sort of drabble (did I use that right?)

That’s all for now! Cheers. XX

Three things

Just a super quick note:

1. Welcome new followers!

2. Work will keep me busy for a while so new stories (and even that multi-chapter series I promised) may have to be pushed back a bit. Will try to push for another story next weekend though. WHO it will be about will depend on my mood but there’s a 90% chance it will be about Chris again. We’ll see. ;)

3. While life eats me up, I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite Chris fanfics so far.

It doesn’t have a title or an author but you can find the story HERE. Anon, whoever you are, my goal in life is to be able to write like you.

Let’s just leave this here.


Hello everyone!

First things first, a great big THANK YOU to all my new followers, and welcome.

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated, but between work, personal errands, and trying to create a healthy social life for myself (and by healthy I mean not locking myself up in my room all day and having series marathons for one) it’s been quite difficult to find the time to just sit down and write.

Don’t worry though, I haven’t given up on this blog. I’m actually working on a new Chris one shot which, if all goes well, should be out by the next week or so. It’s almost done really, but as with most of my stories, I just can’t decide how to end it.

I’d quote actual sentences from the fic but since I tend to change things at the last minute, let me just tell you that it’s an RPF about a cunning little boy, a walk in the park, and a lot of ice cream. Oh and a little about East, too. Bless his doggy soul.

That’s it for now. Have a great week ahead and happy Father’s Day to you and or your dads!


Things to watch out for

Hey guys!

As promised, I posted yet another Chris story entitled “Snowed In.” And hey guess what, it’s a multi-chapter fic! That sounds so grand when in reality there are only really going to be two chapters. But give me a break kay? Before starting this blog I never even finished writing stories so I guess you can say that this is quite an achievement for me. I’ll start working on chapter two…soon. 

As for the stuff I’m working on right now:

I’m thinking of writing a Doctor Who (Ten) x reader story, I have something on (Hades Lord of the Underworld) which I have to fix. I also have that Loki and Cap fic which I have to plot out, and of course a lot more Chris Evans stories I’m working on. Last but not the least, I have a multi-chapter fic based on the world created by one of my favorite romance authors, Nalini Singh.*  

So there you go. 

Cheers! XX

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* You guys should really check out her Psy-Changeling series and Guild Hunter novels. They have a pretty decent story line, although she often tends to be a little TOO flowery and redundant when it comes to describing scenes. But generally her characters are sexy, her stories are compelling, and she adds just the right amount of smutty goodness.

If you do decide to read her work, especially the Psy-Changeling series, do let me know if you can imagine Chris as the sinfully sexy, dominant alpha-wolf Hawke Snow, one of my favorite characters in the series.


Hello everyone! 

First things first, I’d like to thank and welcome all my new followers. I’d also like to thank everyone for all the love I’ve been getting these past weeks. I’ll try my best to update you all with a new story as soon as I can!

Pardon the shameless plug, but I also just wanted to let you guys know that I’m on archiveofourown. Same stories, less clutter. You can also follow me on Twitter at @perstephonie 

That’s pretty much it for now. I’d love to hear from you guys as well. <3


Quick Update

Hey everyone!

So I just posted the final chapter of Snowed In, check out both chapters here. Anyway I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all my new followers. Just so you all know though, this isn’t my main blog so as much as I want to follow you back, I can’t.

Well technically I CAN but I am actually running this blog in secret so I don’t want anything about this blog to be linked to my main account. Long story. I promise I’ll explain more next time. For now, let me leave you with our favorite meatball.



TITLE: Gotten

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Series of one-shots, Part 1

AUTHOR: winterwolf57


GENRE: Romance, drama, Rated G for now

SUMMARY: A series of one-shots that depict the friendship and budding romance between Stephanie and Prince Loki.

Out of fear that a war looms over the gods of Olympus, Odin is asked by his good friend and ally, Hades, to keep his only daughter Stephanie in his kingdom in Asgard. She was raised alongside her best friends Princes Thor and Loki. 

A/N: Hey guys! Yes, I know it’s been a month and I haven’t even finished part 2 of the Ice Cream story, sorry about that. Anyway in one of my updates I mentioned I was working on writing a Loki story and here it is. The title (and eventually the direction of the story) is inspired by Slash and Adam Levine’s song of the same title. This was set Pre-Thor and I’m planning to make it move along that timeline.

I’m really no good at multi-chapter stories, could never really get the flow right, so (at least for now) I will be adding a series of interrelated one shots to this series.  Hope you like it! XX

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Hello new followers, and welcome! I know it’s been a while since I last updated my blog; I realize there’s been a lot of unfinished follow up chapters and I apologize.

Will try to update as soon as I can! In the meantime, enjoy this adorable GIF of a dancing baby Groot.