The Girl I Love

TITLE: The Girl I Love


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking towards the end

SUMMARY: You and Chris were roommates and best friends until his girlfriend insisted he move in with her to keep him away from you.

A/N: I know, I suck at giving my stories titles that don’t sound cheesy as hell. ANYWAY, As promised, here is another one shot about the ever charming Chris Evans. Oh and if it’s not clear, (GF/N) means “girlfriend’s name”.

Have fun kiddos! XX

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King of the Underworld

TITLE: King of the Underworld
AUTHOR: winterwolf57
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester x Reader
GENRE: Romance, fluff, smut in later chapters
SUMMARY: AU where Dean is Hades, King of the Underworld.

“That’s it?” you asked dumbfounded. “Err… yeah. What were you expecting? Some kind of sexual torture and a forced marriage? Sorry to disappoint sweetheart, but the women who come to my bed are all more than willing. And they never leave without satisfied smiles on their faces,” he winked and threw a dazzling smile your way. Son of a bitch. That smile would surely be your downfall.

A/N: I’ve always been very fond of retelling Hades and Persephone’s story. I guess it’s because I’ve always imagined him to be a sexy, mysterious character who can actually be written as sorely misunderstood. In my head, Hades isn’t the monster he’s made out to be, just someone people can’t help but be afraid of. Because he is death, and no one really wants to die. 

Most stories I’ve read about Persephone and Hades are about how, after all his wooing, Persephone falls in love eventually; or how he’s always had feelings for her from the start, so I wanted to do something a little different. First by changing Persephone to a different character and second by making the character fall in love with him first.  

Anyway this was just supposed to be a one-shot smutty story, but it ended up longer. Smut will come in the next chapter or so. Hope you stick around for it. :)

Click for fore chapters of King of the Underworld.

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Operation Carter (Part 1)

TITLE: Operation Carter (Formerly Ice Cream Keeps You Warm in the Winter)


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Humor, Rated G

SUMMARY: You move to Boston from your home country to start a life of your own. As you walk back home from work and take your usual route by the park, a little boy runs up to you and asks you to help him hide from someone who, as he put it, will “tickle him to death.” Curiosity gets the better of you and what happened next was something you would never have expected in a million years.

A/N: Hello everyone! I know, I know, it took forever to upload this story. This is actually part 1 of the story. I decided to split it into two since it’s actually pretty lengthy (at least in my head.) Just for record purposes, please note that this is purely fictional. The only “fact” in the whole story is Chris’ love for ice cream.

This was originally a dream I had which I tweaked a bit and turned into an RPF but for some reason as I was writing the main character, I was imagining Felicity from Arrow. Not necessarily her physical appearance but the way she rambles awkwardly when she’s nervous.

And just to explain the title a bit, I was doing some research once and I came across an article that says that despite being known as a “cool” summer treat, ice cream actually makes you feel warmer. I imagine this story being set in the end of the fall season hence the (former) title.

For your reference, please refer to the guide below:

Y/N = Your name

Y/NN1= Your nickname

Y/NN2 = Your other nickname

That’s all for now. Have fun kiddos! XX

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Mobile Masterlist

I just realized that those who use Tumblr on their mobile phones may find it hard to browse my stories. I’m not sure if I’m doing it right but I’ve created a page where you can browse my stories by character.

I’ve written about Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes, Dean Winchester, and Loki so far. 

Click HERE for the complete list. Enjoy! :)

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King of the Underworld (Chapter 3)

TITLE: King of the Underworld
AUTHOR: winterwolf57
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel
GENRE: Romance, fluff, smut in later chapters
SUMMARY: AU where Dean is Hades, King of the Underworld. 

“So you’re telling me that you really don’t see it?” 

“See what?” Dean asks without taking his eyes off you and his brother. “The way she smiles when you’re around. The way her eyes light up when she looks at you.” Castiel answered frustrated.

“Looks at me?” he turns his attention to Castiel, head titled slightly in confusion.

Castiel rolled his eyes. “You can be really clueless sometimes, and that says says a lot coming from me,” he shakes his head. “Whenever you’re together, she looks at you like she can’t see anything else; like you’re the most interest thing in a universe filled with interesting things. She looks at you as if you were magic, and you don’t even notice.”

A/N: Hi guys! Yeah I know this is long overdue. I’m excited for the next few chapters because I thought of adding a little drama to the story. Something, I think, that would possibly make you guys hate me a little. If I’m not too swamped, I’ll write it over the weekend. :)

P.S. Apollo is also known as the god of prophecies.

P.P.S. I suck at writing poems.

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If you missed the first few chapters, check them out here.

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Snowed In

TITLE: Snowed In


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking

SUMMARY: The snow didn’t stop falling outside and you were probably snowed in, but despite it all it was very warm, comfortably so, where you lay, next to the person you loved the most. 

A/N: Hello there! I’m so sorry it took this long to upload a new story. Anyway good news if you haven’t seen already; this is going to be my first multi-chapter (and by multi-chapter I mean 2 chapters) fic!

This one is written in the readers/your POV. For the second chapter, despite it happening at exactly the same time frame, I thought it might be interesting to see this in Chris’ POV as well. I can’t promise I can come out with it this weekend though since I have other important things to do like watch Spider-Man and mingle with people in the real world, but we’ll see.

Read more stories HERE.

Have fun kiddos! XX

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A Thousand Years

TITLE: A Thousand Years


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Vampire!Sebastian x Immortal!Reader

GENRE: AU, Smut with a little plot

RATING: M, unprotected sex (stay safe kiddos)

SUMMARY: Sebastian and the reader, both of whom were immortal, were cursed by a jealous witch who thought that keeping them apart for a thousand years would dampen their love for each other. To make things worse, she took away their memories in the hopes that they would never find each other again. But as it happens, what’s meant to be will always find a way back to each other.

A/N: Hi guys! So good news and bad news. The bad news is I’m stuck with King of the Underworld. I have the plot laid out but can’t seem to write it in a way that I’m happy with. Hopefully I get unstuck this week. Meanwhile the good news is that in my frustration I’ve created this smutty story of Sebastian as a vampire. It doesn’t really focus on him as a vampire (maybe I’ll write one that does) but the thought of him as one is, in a word, HOT. Have fun. :-)

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You cursed under your breath as you got on your hands and knees trying to find your favorite necklace which somehow snapped from your neck and fell under a pile of leaves. “Looking for this?” came a sultry voice from behind you, holding up the silver chain with the glowing blue orb. “It’s a lovely necklace, the pendant especially is quite mesmerizing,” he said handing the piece of jewelry back to you. Your hands brushed for a moment and a spark coursed through you. “I–thank you. Listen I really must be getting back,” you said turning around. Suddenly you felt disoriented and couldn’t seem to remember what the right way back was.

“Are you lost?” he asked curiously. You furrowed your brows in confusion. You could’ve sworn you knew exactly where you were going. The map in your hand now looked foreign to you, as if you don’t know why you were even holding it. “Yes, I believe I am,” you answered hesitantly. “It’s getting dark now and there’s no bus station for miles, I can help you find your way back tomorrow if you’ll let me,” the man said a little eagerly, stepping in front of you. He was a dark haired gentleman with skin a little paler than you’ve ever seen on a person. But all those insignificant details faded away when you looked into his stormy blue eyes. “Do you trust me?” he asked cupping your chin with his fingers and tilted your head to look, no, stare intently into your eyes as if trying to see through to your soul. You could’ve sworn that you knew this man, his touch was familiar and his eyes–it was if you’ve lost yourself in them many times before. The words came out of your mouth before your instincts could tell you to run the other direction.

“Yes.” And with that one word you sealed your fate.

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Snowed In

TITLE: Snowed In


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking

SUMMARY: The snow didn’t stop falling outside and you were probably snowed in, but despite it all it was very warm, comfortably so, where you lay, next to the person you loved the most. 

A/N: Hello, dear readers. So finally, here it is, the last chapter of Snowed In. I worked well into the night to finish this one and I really hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Like I mentioned before this chapter is going to be in Chris’ POV.

Hope you like it! XX

P.S. If you missed the first chapter, you can read it HERE. You can choose to read either as a stand-alone fic though to be honest. 

Disclaimer: I did not create the GIFs above. They were made by the lovely people on the internet and I am merely borrowing them for the purpose of this fic.

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Little Things

TITLE: Little Things


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Sebastian Stan x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Humor, Fluff, Rated G

SUMMARY: You don’t always need grand gestures to prove to someone how much you care about them. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact; things that you say in passing that they remember, a thoughtful gift, or simply going out of your way to do something for someone.You were having the worst week at work when Sebastian Stan, your best friend from college, decides to fly in to surprise you and it was the best thing ever.

A/N: Here’s the Sebastian fic I’ve been meaning to write! 

Just a little background, I wrote this story because work’s been a bit too much lately and I needed an outlet for my stress. Don’t worry though, it’s not angsty at all and it’s basically just fluff.If you guys feel the same way, I’m sending you a virtual hug. If you’re not but know someone who is, maybe it’s a good idea to surprise them with a little something; a bar of chocolate, a USB with all their favorite feel-good songs (aka the modern equivalent of a mix tape) or perhaps just give them a tight hug.Forgive the typos and grammatical errors. I’ll run through it again tomorrow but I promised myself I’d post it tonight.

Have fun kiddos! XX


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Three things

Just a super quick note:

1. Welcome new followers!

2. Work will keep me busy for a while so new stories (and even that multi-chapter series I promised) may have to be pushed back a bit. Will try to push for another story next weekend though. WHO it will be about will depend on my mood but there’s a 90% chance it will be about Chris again. We’ll see. ;)

3. While life eats me up, I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite Chris fanfics so far.

It doesn’t have a title or an author but you can find the story HERE. Anon, whoever you are, my goal in life is to be able to write like you.

Let’s just leave this here.


Hello, hello!

Hello everyone! Just a quick update.

First of all, a big thank you to all you lovely people who liked my stories. And to all my new followers, welcome and thank you for following my blog!

Allow me to apologize in advance for slow updates. We just came back from the Holy Week holiday and work’s piled up like CRAZY so I don’t know how soon I can upload new stories. It doesn’t help much that I have work till Saturday. BUT I’ll try my best to post something new this weekend. it’s probably gonna be something Chris related. Not even gonna apologize for that one, the man is an inspiration and posting stories about him cannot be helped. Hehe.

Anyway just wanted you guys to know that I’m actually working on two separate Cap and Loki stories right now which are both multi-chapter (yay!) Still ironing out the details of the plot but hopefully I can post a chapter before the end of the month.

Oh and I’d love to hear from you guys. If you have any reactions or feels about any of my stories, or have an idea for a story you might wanna see written down, send me a message and we’ll see if I can make some sort of drabble (did I use that right?)

That’s all for now! Cheers. XX

Practice Makes Perfect

TITLE: Practice Makes Perfect


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

GENRE: Rated M for angst, language, and implications of sex

SUMMARY: Tom catches you having a couple of drinks with your ex-boyfriend after work and throws a jealous fit. You two retire to his penthouse suite as you try to explain that nothing happened. But Tom, blinded with jealousy, wouldn’t hear it. However, things are not always what they seem.

A/N: Hello my darlings. I cannot apologize enough for the long wait before this update. Life has been a tad bit overwhelming and it hasn’t given me a lot of time to catch up on my writing. 

Anyway here’s something on our darling Thomas for a change. It’s not as long as my usual stories but I really do hope you guys still like it!

EDITED because my friend let me read her smut fic and I was just totally ashamed of how I wrote this initially. Lol. She also inspired me to give this fic a proper ending so I guess I’ll write a separate smut fic for that soon. XX

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