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Imagine Steve discovering Twitter and how much influence Captain America has, so he starts twitting about stuff like LGBT rights and campaigns to rise awareness and social justice and it actually helps a lot of people.

Contrary to popular belief, while Steve Rogers may have been 95 years old, he was not incompetent with technology. Very much the opposite, actually. SHIELD cooped him up for a considerably long time. When they finally allow Steve to explore the digital world for himself, he takes advantage of his super-serum in arguably the least glamorous way possible: staying up for 72 hours attempting to learn everything about the internet. Which, Steve learns, after skimming over the history of cronuts on Wikipedia at 5 o’ clock in the morning, is impossible.

However, what catches his attention is the social networking site Twitter, and his strangely overwhelmingly large influence on it. He’d thought that Tony Stark / Iron Man would be the reigning Avenger there, considering his technological power, but he’s been reliably informed that ever since the Chitauri Invasion of New York, Tony has been solidly billed down to number two on the Twitter popularity scale, and the hashtag #whatwouldcapdo is always trending.   

When he delves into the tag, he finds out a lot of people are using his image to promote their own beliefs; some he’s completely horrified by (He fought the Nazis, for god’s sake, why was a Neo-Nazi organization trying to affiliate with him), some he agrees with (vaccination is wonderful), and some he doesn’t quite understand. Sam tells him briefly about social justice, about trans struggles, feminism, racism, the LGBTIA+ movement, and Steve spends another few days looking everything up and absorbing the histories and developments behind them (in the process, also finding out a new acronym, MOGII, was a much more inclusive term than LGBTIA+).         

Sam helps him make a twitter, and Natasha makes sure that the person who took the original Captain America handle hands the url over, even though Steve tells her it’s fine. Steve later sends his condolences. Nat was brutal.

Steve uses his privileges to promote awareness for these issues, but never speaks on their behalf, instead rallying support for campaigns, petitions, talk shows and more, concisely in his 140 character word limit. He also begins to dismantle the tweets that use his name to bolster their oppressive views.

Within a few days, #CAPSMACKDOWN is trending worldwide.   

(Twitter’s servers almost overload a year after when Steve comes out as bisexual at one of the MOGII campaigns he’s supporting. #bisexualrogers2k15)

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Hi ^^ feel free to ignore this but may I ask for the reasons why you don't like the genocide route? Personally I like it very much because I think it a superub feat of storytelling on Toby's part. From seeing a different side to all the characters we know, to the amazing use of existing assets to create something that's almost a different game, to the emotional roller coster and pacing and how accuratly it predicts what goes through a gamers mind. Imo Undertale wouldn't be compelete without it.

i   d o n ‘ t   w a n t   t o   t a l k   a b o u t   m y   f r i e n d s   b e i n g   k i l l e d

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What does Paps hold in that hobbies ask? It looks like a phone but I'm not 100% sure.

* It’s a phone! (based on the in-game design of the cell phone)

* Which is why I was particularly surprised by that ask tbh, like, Papyrus is on the phone ALL THE TIME, why would not making puzzles for a day ever leave him without something to do, Papyrus has a lot to do, he’s a super active guy!

* As for Sans, not all his jokes are consisting of puns, plus, he has his own scientific interests and he hangs out at Grillby’s, he has a hot dog stand, etc.

* There’s just so much more to skelebros than puns and japes lmao

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Just how many people did unfollow you? And if you wouldn't mind can you explain has such a horrible reputation? ^^ thanks, you're awesome and you should know it.

110+ lmao, which is no biggy tbh cuz honestly my “prank” was really harmless and just me goofing off with an old fancharacter.

and it’s cuz stuff associated with young teens and preteens is really stigmatized, and when homestuck was at its most popular and booming, loads of kids were making fancharacters that were special to them. some were very silly, but it was fun. when you’re young there’s only like two gears to liking things. either you don’t like it at all or you are CONSUMED by it. there’s a whole history of the pack mentalities that developed and inter-fandom conflicts and all kinds of messy shizz, but the basic end result was because homestuck exploded in such a big way loads of people got fed up with it very quickly.

like, it doesn’t even really matter if a whole bunch of people who hate it have never even read it, all it took was a sudden rush of overexcited kids to suddenly cause the name homestuck to become infamous.

funny thing is every medium under the sun has had to experience waves of excited kids getting way too involved in a thing. star wars, harry potter, twilight, minecraft, etc. homestuck just has added vulgar humor and memes.

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Also, I'm slightly scared to ask but what ideas did you get from FINAGLC and how they fit within the plot you already planned? Feel free to ignore this in case it spoils something you rather not share yet ^^

((Most of it is going to affect what you guys see when I finally get to the point of their childhood before Muffet found them))

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Imagine Warlock!Steve and Warlock!Bucky learning to use their magic and getting into shenanigans while Tony the-talking-black-cat bemoans his fate and wonders why he got stuck with them.

continuation of this

Steve’s coughing from yet another botched heating spell as Tony screeches in the corner, before pouncing onto his ash speckled head.

“Keep this up and you’re going to get an asthma attack.” Bucky says, laughing, and fondly wraps a soot covered arm around Steve.

“Jerk. Like you’re any better. You almost turned the chimney into a volcano!”

Tony, however, is much less amused. He shakes himself off, unsettling another cloud of ash which descends down Steve.

“As I’ve said for the umpteenth time,” Tony sighs, “Concentrate the energy from your stomach to your fingertips, not your chest.”

"Stomach, chest, okay.” Bucky says, puffing up his body.

No!--” Tony manages to get out, before a gust of wind whirls its way through the room.

“I can’t believe I’m stuck with you two this reincarnation around.” Tony mutters, curled up near the fire Steve finally successfully started in the fireplace.

“Well, at least we won’t freeze to death.” Bucky says, bringing over stew heated with a regular, non-magical stove. 

“Though, by the way you’re cooking, we might starve.” Steve jabs, and Bucky punches him in the arm.

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So how does fem!feral!Hiccup and naked!human!Toothless work? (aka can you elaborate on that awesome idea please?)

I absolutely can!

So, if you look at this picture, I have a semi-coherant half-explaination for them.  For one thing—let’s be clear—they are not in love.  This is purely physical.

Hiccup’s grown up around dragons, knowing their behaviors, rituals, feeling comfortable with them.

Toothless is a dragon… turned human. he’s–if anything–more familiar with such things.

This is what they know. When they’re together–it’s all laughing, rough housing, nuzzling, licking, biting… it’s “normal” play for them… with no humanesque inhibitions to say “stop”.  Their human bodies, on the other hand, start to react in ways dragon bodies wouldn’t.

They stimulate each other.  They acknowledge their physical reactions to each other. They acknowledge what their bodies want to do.  And they think… why not?  With the mindset of a dragon, really, why not?  Seriously, they got the parts for it, so why not?

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So in what scanerio would Kara kill Papyrus or Mettaton?

If Papyrus tries to take Frisk when they are beaten to 1 hp and if mettaton keeps killing Frisk and they can’t beat them before Kara’s patience wears thin.

 Kara becomes an “angry bear mom” and tries to stab them where it hurts the most.

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Excuse me, but what exactly went down between you and the Fresh?

* …what happened? …heh. well, i can summarize it i guess.

* fresh decided to play with powers beyond his means, and i came by to remind him why that was a really,  r e a l l y  bad idea. that’s all.

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I want to start reading about Hawkeye and Black Widow but I have no ideas where to start, help please?

ooooh i’d say just look for masterposts (googling it usually does the trick) because i haven’t actually read their previous volumes, only the latest ones. the latest ones (hawkeye 2012-present and black widow 2014-present) are pretty awesome and give you enough background to get what’s going on… but yeah, i definitely recommend comic masterposts

hawkeye masterpost

black widow masterpost

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Spider Cider and Bandage :D

Spider Cider: What battle made you the most aggravated? 

GOD. Muffet, the queen herself. I had a lot of fun in all the other fights. Undyne was a great challenge, Papyrus had me howling with laughter. But I couldn’t get the hang of Muffet.

I’m ashamed to say that I gave up and used my spider donut. :< I could have gotten it in time, sure, but hm.

Bandage: What is a scene from the game that really connected with you? 

Oh, oh. I don’t know if it counts much as a ‘scene’, but when you’re in the True Lab, and you lie in the bed?

Yeah. Because I saw the thing emerge and I saw it coming for me and got up. And then I thought about it. And every previous moment in the game had taught me that all of monsterkind were peaceful, altruistic, and wanted care and acceptance. So I got back in the bed and it proved me right.

It wasn’t just cute, it was a triumphant moment of foreshadowing. Nothing in the True Lab wants to hurt you. Nothing in the entire game has ever wanted to hurt you.