Season 2016/2017 - Highlights

- a short summary by me.

Cheer. Excitement. Joy. Disappointment. Tears. Happiness. Pride. Emotions. Unforgettable moments.

The season 2016/2017 was quite… something. I watched every single competition, went through it all. Sitting in front of the TV, shaking. Being too emotionally involved. Crying. Screaming. Laughing.

There were many things that really reminded me of why I love sports so much. Determination. Endless love. Support.

For me it all started with the competition in Klingenthal. Of course I was excited – who wouldn’t be?

I froze my ass off. I suffered. I screamed and cheered so much my throat hurt. But it was a good time. I was able to talk to some of the athletes, high five them, get their autographs, take creepy pictures. I was fascinated by the wonderful spirit of the audience. It’s not about seeing the athletes up close. It’s much rather about being part of a huge, supportive, cheering crowd. I enjoyed that so much.

The season went on. Another personal highlight was definitely the Four Hills Tournament. I remember how excited I was about Daniel doing so well and how sad it made me that a stupid mistake took the victory from him. That’s the other side of sports. There aren’t only good moments, success and cheering. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. Dreams are shattered. Goals aren’t achieved.

Skiers can sing a song about that. Last year many of them crashed, especially in Kitzbühel. I was excited to go there, but also a little scared of what might happen. The legendary Streif is a big deal; being part of it was a dream coming true for me.

The atmosphere there was unbelievable. I’d never seen so many people in one place. Being part of it all was a very special experience and I’m really, really glad I made it.

By that time I had never seen a ski flying competition so far. Of course that was one of my big goals, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to go anymore this year. Well – until I got to know Sera (@daddyschlierenzauer), one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. From day one of being her friend, things were starting to actually happen. She told me there was a free spot in their hotel room because another friend couldn’t come. And I started overthinking. Eventually I planned a whole trip to Oberstdorf within two days. I was totally sure something wouldn’t work out the way I had planned it – but surprisingly, there weren’t any issues. I caught the train. Got to Oberstdorf. Met one of my best friends for the very first time. And we had a damn good time, believe me.

The three days we spent there were very emotional. We were the very first people at the entrance, arriving over an hour before anyone else did. We were cheering like crazy. I still feel kind of sorry for the people who had to stand next to us. Trust me, you don’t wanna hear me scream for three hours straight.

All this doesn’t sound very spectacular, but it was actually one of the best weekends I’ve ever had.

Further came three exciting world championships – biathlon, alpine skiing and nordic. There are many athletes that need to be honoured – an impressively well doing German team in biathlon, on top Laura Dahlmeier who won basically everything. Felix Neureuther who saved Germany’s non existent alpine skiing pride last-minute with his bronze medal. Andreas Wellinger and the German mixed team slaying in Lahti. Stefan Kraft becoming seemingly unbeatable. Johannes Rydzek and the other combiners making nordic combined fans’ dreams come true. Björn Kircheisen being emotionally overwhelmed by his first gold medal. That’s where sports are beautiful, that’s where we all are part of something way bigger than only the competition.

A next highlight was the new RawAir tournament. Noone knew how it was going to be. It was exciting to see something new. As before, Kraft was dominating again. We saw two new world records. And tears, tears in the eyes of Andreas Wellinger who was not able to grab the RawAir trophy in the end. Sometimes, bad wind conditions are a curse. They can destroy a dream, a victory, a successful end of it all very quickly. I was in tears when that happened. I couldn’t believe such an unfair thing had cost him the victory. These are once again the moments we don’t want to remember, the moments that don’t make us happy, the moments that show sport isn’t always positive.

Eventually it all took a good turn in Planica. The end of the season. Wow, really? Is it really over now?

I feel like it was only yesterday that the Four Hills Tournament began, only yesterday that I went through the streets of Oberstdorf, wondering what Cene Prevc was doing at a night club and assuming he was picking up Domen.

Time is making fools of us. Now I’m sitting here, not knowing what I’m supposed to do with my life. I already miss wintersports, I miss you all.

Thank you for a fantastic season. Thank you to everyone who was there for me. Thank you to all the new friends I made. You know who you are. Thank you so much.

Now begins that ugly phase of waiting. I don’t even wanna know how many days it’s going to be. But hey, we’ll get through somehow. I’m sure of that.

To another great season, to new highlights, to new emotions. For now, this was it. But something new is going to start. Soon.


Obergurgl, Austria (by Hans)


Lillehammer WC Ski Jumping

Domen, Domen, Domen! Third victory of the season for Domen Prevc of 4 races, for now absolute ruler of the world cup. Daniel Andre Tande, his rival in general standing finished second again. Third Stefan Kraft, another podium for him. Still ugly News for Poland, remain at the foot of the podium Kamil Stoch (4th) and Maciej Kot (5th). Bad race for Severin Freund, while it seems to be in crisis Peter Prevc, greater Domen brother and defending champion, last place for him.

image 1&2 Domen Prevc, image 3 Daniel Andre Tande