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Dear Secret Santa,
I’d would love a wonderful picture of Amon without his mask and Korra in an AU setting. I had this idea to where it would be the opposite of the current Avatar Universe. There are currently no benders left anymore because of a genetic outbreak and the only bender left is the avatar, because they’re a physical manifestation of the world. Basically, the goal is for genetic splicing and to bring back benders naturally into the world. Amon was the lead scientist in the project for a while and Korra is the current avatar helping out with the project. Things are also pushed slightly into the sci-fi future.

I say have fun with it! It’s completely weird and a random idea, but it’s always fun to play with characters in different setting because it spices things up~

~ waterwalker98

Message from your Santa minuiko:

For the AU scenario requested! :) 

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Dear Secret Santa,
I would love to see a Zuko and Katara winter scene. With lots of snow and in which Zuko wears red! It can be either romantic or friendship wise. Just try to melt my heart xD

Thank you so much! <3 ~ Nymre

Message from your santa, Tokyo4dinner

For the delightful Nymre. I hope you will forgive me for taking your request loosely.. it’s Zuko and Katara having some elemental fun! Have great holidays!!


Dear Secret Santa, 

I’d like Jet, Jet and Zuko (doesn’t have to be romantic, fighting is good too), and/or Jet, in his 20s, if he hadn’t taken a rock to the chest in the second season.

~ Resemble/Redribbonrobot

Message from your Santa, donkiwi:

After being badly injured at Ba Sing Se, Jet is rescued by Azula’s Dai li and after a long recovery he is sent to the Boiling Rock.Years later, when pretty much everybody thinks Jet is dead, Zuko and the gaang make a move to rescue the war prisoners before the comet comes and find him.Will he overcome all the years of prejudice and join the rebels with Zuko being part of the party?

Jet: Don’t think that  this will erase the fact that you are fire nation trash.
Zuko: Of course, how would you let me forget about that, seriously…
Jet: It was your fault to start with, if the fire nation hadn’t-
Zuko: Insufferable git, I already regret helping you out…
Jet: …Wait…Thanks.

Zuko brushed Jet’s arm off and disappeared inside of the house.

*I hope you like it ^^*

Dear Santa, 
I’d love something with Katara! Young Katara, adult, old, doesn’t matter!. Something cheerful or winter-festive, but rather with clothing/settings that befit the Avatar universe. Maybe a special occasion Southern Watertribe dress? If you have more time, I’d LOVE something with both Toph and Katara.

Thank you very much, and looking forward to it!! Will be cheering for you all the way til Jan 1st :D ~ ming85

Message from your Santa, narrativepriorites:

Ming, your artwork has always been such a delight and inspiration for me – I hope you enjoy your present! I looked to traditional Inuit and Mongolian clothes for Katara and Toph’s arctic wear, which I hope aren’t too far afield from the Avatar standards. :D

!! Thank you so much!! I LOVE IT! Toph + Mongolian inspired winter fashion = heaven. The background, the scenery, you even did the little village down below, it’s a delight!