Dear Santa, 
I’d love something with Katara! Young Katara, adult, old, doesn’t matter!. Something cheerful or winter-festive, but rather with clothing/settings that befit the Avatar universe. Maybe a special occasion Southern Watertribe dress? If you have more time, I’d LOVE something with both Toph and Katara.

Thank you very much, and looking forward to it!! Will be cheering for you all the way til Jan 1st :D ~ ming85

Message from your Santa, narrativepriorites:

Ming, your artwork has always been such a delight and inspiration for me – I hope you enjoy your present! I looked to traditional Inuit and Mongolian clothes for Katara and Toph’s arctic wear, which I hope aren’t too far afield from the Avatar standards. :D

!! Thank you so much!! I LOVE IT! Toph + Mongolian inspired winter fashion = heaven. The background, the scenery, you even did the little village down below, it’s a delight!