Destiny Is Calling - (2/?)

Part 1 

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: who would say that destiny would make you come across with the man you hate?

A/N: hope you enjoy this part. Thank you all of you who have read the first part and have left me beautiful messages! 

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‘H-hi, you are Y/N?’ James Barnes says, he looks confused.

'Yeah, I cannot believe this is happening,’ your blood is boiling one more time: Mr. Blind is the director of the publishing house.

'How are you? How do you feel? Are you better? Did you go to see a doctor?’ James gets out from behind his desk and starts walking towards you.

'Luckily, I am fine. It was blood more than anything. Look, I do not want to talk about the accident anymore because I will start to insult you again and I am not in the mood to be angry. It is enough to have you in front of me.’

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So excited that there’s going to be a Agent Carter tv show on ABC!!! So here’s a sketch of Carter after taking care of some business!