You Taste Better

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: nobody is in the tower except for Bucky and you who decide to play a game in which both of you seem to win.


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The tower is in complete silence. Bucky has gone out and you just return from the grocery. Everyone else is abroad so, Bucky and you are the only ones in the tower, which now seems a castle just for both of you.

You play your favourite music in the home theater of the living room to avoid the deadthly silence of home. Keeping the products you have bought is much more easier and quickly since you do it at the rhythm of the music.

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Credit to Artist:  BossLogic


With Captain America: Civil War set to hit shelves soon, news broke this week that one of the film’s deleted scenes showed Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) taking up Captain America’s shield. Unsurprisinglly, the clip has riled up comic books fans who’ve been impatient to learn whether the character will one day inherit Captain America’s moniker. And, now, the artist BossLogic is hyping fans even more with some new art that shows us what Sebastian Stan could look like as Captain America.

The artist’s work looks stunning as ever as BossLogic nails how Bucky Barnes’ mechanical arm might be altered to fit Captain America’s patriotic colors. Surely, the red-white-blue color scheme fits the hero’s aesthetic better than a giant red star. As for Bucky’s uniform, the character is seen sporting a tactical style as Captain America’s look has several notable changes. The outfit’s lower half is decidedly more stealthy and loose-fitting, but the uniform’s torso still showcases Captain America’s iconic white star. BossLogic also depicts ‘Bucky-Cap’ with long hair, but the artist did mock-up two pictures which have the character in Captain America’s helmet. One looks more traditional than Steve’s most recent helmets as the headgear features a pair of prominent wings, and the other leans heavily on The Winter Soldier’s usual face mask. The mask’s black muzzle looks identical to the one Bucky used to wear, but now, a large white ‘A’ has been added above the mask’s googles.



Authors Note: I’ll be posting Part 2 to ‘Pie Bomb’ on Thursday night and the Part 2 to ‘Infatuation’ on Friday! This is the first drabble im posting that’s not going to have a Part 2 and I didn’t get carried away with this one.  yaY(sctratch that, I did kinda get carried away.) ((also, let’s just pretend that Bucky can get sick, despite the serum, k? K))

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky realizes he loves the reader at an odd time.

Warnings: language, fluFF, whiny Bucky


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Bucky realized he loved you at probably the weirdest time. No, it wasn’t during movie night while you guys were cuddling and you curled up more into his side, or when you would kiss his cheek.

It wasn’t during sexy times or when he would wake up in the morning with you in his arms. It wasn’t cliche at all, like sitting up late at night together on the rooftop or standing together in the rain, holding hands, just because you wanted to.

“So..why are we standing in the rain again?”

You opened your eyes to take a quick glance at Buckys confused features before closing your eyes again.”I don’t know, it just seems like a nice day to stand in the rain. It’s calming.”

You both stand there in comfortable silence for a few minutes when Bucky breaks it. “We’re going to get sick.”

“Eh, fuck it.”

Not the next day when you both woke up with stuffy noses and a fever. Both of you had laid together in Buckys bed that day while Mama-Bear Steve took care of you guys. “Guess im the one taking care of you now, Buck” he had said. “Shut up, punk and go get me my chicken soup.”

It wasn’t on a mission while you were kicking ass, easily taking down the bad guys with ease, or on your way back to the Quinjet and you would make him carry you, claiming you were tired.

“You train over 15 hours a week, make breakfast for the whole team, do paperwork and can be as energized as a rabbit but when you kick a few guys asses you’re suddenly too tired to walk?”

You let out an exaggerated groan as you let your arms go limp.”I think I’m gonna pass out from exhasution!”

It was a Sunday morning and you had both woken up tangled in each others arms, the sun hitting your skin perfectly. Despite his protests, you had gotten up to brush your teeth, reminding him that you guys had a training exercise this morning.

“But it’s Sundayyy. We’re not supposed to have any training exercises.” You sighed but smiled nonetheless at Buckys childish behaivor.

“Ask your bestfriend about that, not me.” Bucky turned over to look at you in the bathroom while mumbling,”You’re my bestfriend, too.”

He watched as you finished up brushing your teeth and picked up the floss. He felt his heart swell at the sight of you making cute, weird faces in the mirror making sure the floss got in between your teeth.

He loved the way your eyebrows furrowed when you were concentrating on something and all the other little things you do that you don’t think he notices.

He loved how you can go from adult to child in a matter of seconds.

He loved your big heart and kind smile that always made him tingle inside.

He loved that you didn’t mind going slow for him. Not jumping to the ‘I love you’s’ on the third date.

That was when he realized.

I’m in love with this girl.

I’m in love with her.

Bucky was in love.

And it was the best damn feeling in the world.

At this point, Bucky had gotten up to walk in the bathroom. He placed his hands on either sides of your waist and put his face in the crook of your neck as you threw away the floss.

“Well, hello.” You giggled and looked at him from the mirror. “How nice of you to finally join me instead of staring at me from the bed like a creep.”

A deep chuckle came from Bucky and it vibrated throughout your whole body. He turned you around so that you were facing him and he put his hands on both sides of your face so he can watch your reaction fully.

“I love you.” 

You went tense as you searched his eyes for any hint of joking but there was none. “W-wait are your serious?” Bucky nodded, sure of himself.

A big grin graced your lips as you captured his lips into yours. The kiss was deep, passionate and full of love; unlike any other kiss you two have shared.

When you both broke apart, in need of air, he rested his forehead against yours. “I guess that’s your way of saying it back then?” You let out a breathy chuckle as you swat at his right arm. “Yes, Bucky, it is. I love you too, you big dork.”

They Make You Who You Are

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: this is the first time you see Bucky’s scars.

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You get in Bucky’s bedroom and close the door.

‘Hey, let’s go to the party. Tony is waiting for us.’ You say as you approach Bucky who is sitting on his bed, shirtless, looking at the window.

He does not say a word. You are surprised because he does not even try to cover his metal arm as he does not like you to see the scars. 

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