Sebastian Stan in The Architect (2006)

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this year has been so incredibly cool and i’ve made some really awesome friends and i’m very grateful to have you all on my dash because you’ve made this year really special and i love you all an immense amount! stay wonderful, happy holidays!

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Yes I know this is a week late I know I am trash.



Congratulations, you guys! Your blogs are all fantastic and as usual it was really difficult for me to choose. 

Since I was late posting this, you’ll all have links on my blog through the month of July as well as June. 

So yeah.

Congrats on your everything. ^_^


So my bestest friend in the whole world, Abbie, got her blog deleted. 

Previously supersoldierbucky, she’s now supersoldierbucxy!!!!

She blogs Marvel and comics and films and cute animals and a lot of really cool stuff!!!!! her blog is like hella rad you can trust me i am a doctor my initials are M.D. and everything 

I would really, really appreciate if you’d take a look at her blog, and/or follow her. Thank you guys so much.

P.s. another blog that was deleted you should follow: carroldanverrs

P.p.s. it would be totally awesome if you could reblog this and get the word out

i’ve been meaning to make my first ever follow forever for ages and heeeeere, before 2014 ends <3 i’ve been active on tumblr for two years (and there are blogs on here that i’ve been following since before that, aka 2010-2011) but honestly, april of this year onwards was when i started meeting the best people on an almost regular basis, thank u so much for cheering up my dashboard and always managing to make me feel good whenever im on tumblr ur all so wonderful. i might not have talked or been friends with all the people here but your blogs (and overall, your existence) have made my blogging all the more enriching and worthwhile, [hugs you all]

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wintersoldeirs  asked:

when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you!

Ooh this is fun

wintersoldeirs - Vivien u are such a joy to talk to aout our various sexual fantasies involving Clint Barton and Chris Pine and Chris Evans and I’m seeing a strong C theme. C for cream. As in what we do when we think of Clint Barton. Tha was vulgar but life is too short to not talk like you’re in a low budget porn movie. But i love our chats let me hug ur face.

werebohen - im literally texting u right now and i don’t know how to sum up our relationship so I’ll just go with satanic. That works. I hate most things but you I like even when I get jealous of your sex life.

ravenreyse - Amrita is the goddess among mortals. I can’t say enough about her besides her obvious gorgeousness and her excellent poetry and the fact that she’s sosososo nice you should probably read all of her poems for the rest of your life and get them tattooed on your body and use them as wedding vows and just worship Amrita

softlycanthropy - Kay is a sweet precious sterek angel and is sosososo sweet and really welcoming into the teen wolf and sterek fandom which can be very offputting if you come in contact with the wrong people but she is the bestest and she loves thor more than you.

deanogormie - CHONNIE is the princess gosh wev'e known each other forevz now and i sitll remember that Sam Claflin edit you made for my birthday it was the bomb. SHe’s such a qt and is gr8 to talk to about Supernatural and Clint Barton and Jeremy Renner is her bab so hands off.

aromanticromanova - Aisha caters to het boys and it’s gotten really out of hand. Just kidding I love Aisha to bits and our race bending headcanons and she really understands my love for Deadpool and she’s also incredibly hot and the Queen of the Aros and she’s a boss ass babe and tough as nails.


was tagged by vivien wintersoldeirs and becka captsrgnt to post my 6 favorite (unposted) selfies and in doing so i have discovered that i, uh, post almost all my selfies, either here, on instagram, or on twitter, which may or may not be indicative of a problem…somewhere

(fun facts: the top left was from last night aka christmas eve, and the picture below it was from before my hs graduation !!!!! the others are just for fun uwu)

i tag: smilebucky vvidowsbite ohbuck mjolnnir peridotpayne sebastianstoned bisexualbucky bucky-my-son hemswcrth and whoever else wants to do this !!!! (u ppl i’ve tagged have probably already done this in which case ignore this and happy hols)

I was tagged by ewodair !

: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag [ten] friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them

  1. The Book thief - Marcus Zusak
  2. The Messenger - Marcus Zusak (i just love that guy)
  3. The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
  4. Harry Potter 
  5. La sombra del viento - Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  6. The Six Bullerby Children - Astrid Lindgren
  7. Sputnik Sweetheart - Haruki Murakami
  8. Poetry by Frederic Gracia Lorca
  9. Century - P. Baccalario
  10. Dan Brown’s books

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i was tagged by the stunning ohbuck to post an unfiltered selfies that make me happy about myself! lol i put on eyeliner for this (i’m proud to say that’s the only fix-up i did; i didn’t even have to comb my hair it’s always THAT curly and pretty) and took a bajillion selfies, but these are my favorites (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

yes i am sitting on the floor it is a very cool place to sit and lie on

i’m tagging wintersoldeirs, mjolnnircaptsrgnt, and ohcaptainmycaptain1918 because you’re all lovely people, both inside and out, and also i want an excuse to see your gorgeous and extremely attractive faces.

Does anyone know where i can get the 12th episode of NBC Kings, as in part 1 of the finale? I’ve got all the rest and this is the only one i’m having problems getting.

Preferably for download as i’m going in the caravan and won’t have internet to stream