Call you up at 3am
You think you really got it bad?
You think you really do, do you?
You think you really do?

It’s bigger than you
It’s bigger than you
If you ever make it through
What would you do?

People Talk
People Talk

People Talk - Wintersleep

I’m afraid of men with clocks for eyes
with suits for skin
I’m afraid we’ve swallowed all our medicine
I’m afraid of God and all his angry clouds
I’m afraid the world will die without a sound

I was just trying to say something beautiful
something meaningful
but you can’t live in the world just breathing
no, you can’t live in the world just being

people talk so loud
people talk so loud
people talk so loud

they talk until no words come out
they talk until their brains fall out

Laser Beams
Laser Beams

Song Of The Day #54 (June 2nd 2012)

Laser Beams - Wintersleep

Stare so deep into the laptop light
Sip your coffee and stare
Like you got somethin to say, but you can’t say it
Cause it just ain’t there anymore.

The vike premonition flexed in its might
Converse with absolute time, and space
And time and space and time and space and nothin really matters anymore.