Your Bloody Smile

Your misty eyes like green lush moss overgrown
Terrify and at the same time feel so warm
Curious and piercing they entice as they
Tear apart the silly mazes people make

That bloody summer smile
Snowy With winter skin
That bloody summer smile
Lord knows I cannot win

Your angled cheeks like strawberries, sweet and red
Send silly dreams of kissing you throughout my head
Cherry lips as they whisper make my heart race
Porcelain skin drawing your grin to frame your face

Slender frame does not complain the burden that you bear
Visibly but physically you are surely fair
And while at times to other eyes you feel the sting
It won’t compare to the happy stare you bring to me

I wanted to wait to take a photo of my beautiful rose until it was fully healed. The colors are incredible and still super saturated and bold and I love it. And btw it’s kinda hard to take a picture of the back of your arm. Haha
Thanks @mattkramer for my first color tattoo. I still fucking love it.
•AND! My lip color is in Brink by @colourpopcosmetics. And it smells like freakin marshmallows. And I haven’t been posting crazy creative makeup 1.) because I don’t go anywhere. Ever. And I hate wasting makeup. 2.) I have a terrible case of dry winter skin. No matter what moisturizer I use, I’m flake city. ♥️😛⚡️🌹 #colourpop #brink #mattelip #rose #rosetattoo #redrose #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #nosepiercing #makeup #makeupcrack #naturalmakeup #winterskin #dry #ineedmoisture #gawd #allblackeverything

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Elliot Maginot - Winterskin

Elliot Maginot is a young singer-songwriter from Montréal.