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  1. melraculous
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  5. wintersand
  6. massiveboom
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Full version of July 29, 2011. (Just pass through it if you want to. :)) I don't mind. :D)

Since I didn’t properly post the whole entire thing on what happened yesterday, I’m posting it in a more detailed manner.

(Day started)

Hannah and I agreed to go to the MRT with her brother, to go to Trinoma. It was a pretty long ride. Despite the fact that it was super long, and crowded, we got to talk about a lot of things during the train ride to Trinoma. We talked about our experiences when we were in France, our experiences during high school, and personal stuffs.

After almost…an hour of traveling, we finally reached our destination. WE WERE ABSOLUTELY PSYCHED UP! (I literally used psyched up a lot, because I really couldn’t think of anything then. :)) ) And we ate dinner in Jollibee. And saw a really…REALLY big banner of the event. So I took a photo.

After that, we went from place to place looking for the Mindanao Parking Lot, and when we were at the entrance, we both looked at each other, Hannah then asked me, “…Are you ready?” and I looked at her and said, “Heck yeah I am!”. We slowly walked through the bridge, trying to solemnly remember every scenery we can absorb right through our brains. And while we were walking, I asked Hannah if I can take a photo of her. And Here it is :D :

When we finally reached the parking lot, we saw this…HUGE sign which says “Silver” and it looked kinda awesome, lotsa tough-looking guys, but when we were trrying to get in, they’re sweet and funny. There were two guards in one line, One guard is giving out the instruction of what to do and NOT to do in the concert. The other one asks for our tickets. I was having a tough time closing my umbrella. And the first guard still let me in and told me to close the umbrella inside the concert, and the second guard asked for my ticket, I was having a hard time (AGAIN) to get my ticket out, and he was like “Hala, nawawala na ma'am” and I was scared, but then I got my wallet and just laughed. Then when he was checking out my ticket, I told him “Sir, dapat nasa Gold section ako, kasi gold ang kulay ng ticket.” We both laughed and yea. :)) Me and Hannah finally went inside! :D

We finally saw the huge stage, and a lot of stalls. We were shrieking and running and was full of excitement. We bought disposable raincoats (but I ditched mine’s even before the concert. Since it was pretty useless, my bag got wet and so did I. Hannah eventually ditched her’s at the start of the concert.)

I guess, one of the best part of the concert was when the people from the silver tickets were complaining at the people opening their umbrellas.

I remember sentences like…


GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! *waving their hands downwards as if playing in "Pera o Bayong* (HAHA! PWEDE NG MAGING GAMESHOW!)*” ;

RED AND WHITE! RED AND WHITE! RED AND WHITE! *same gesture as "Green”* ;



It was seriously funny, me and Hannah were also shouting when a lot of people were shouting.

And in that one hour, there’s the pink girls, the smokers, and the epic people behind us.

The opening number was some local band. Me and Hannah thought it was them, until we heard the guy’s voice, we were like “…WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS?!” “WE PAID 2K FOR THIS?! BRING OUT THE REAL DEAAAAAL!” During their entire performance, Most of the people, were more caught up, screaming for the others to lower their umbrellas, this went on for like….FOREVER. XD (Well, until the concert started anyway. :P)

After an hour and a half, we were soaking wet, I felt numbness on my legs, and I was freezing. But I didn’t mind. I told Hannah “I swear, this should be worth my time. I’m ending up having, Pneumonia, Throat Cancer, and Lung Cancer. It better be worth it.” (and HEY! IT WAS WORTH IT. :D) She then said, “I bet this is going to be one of their memorable concerts, I mean, COME ON! PEOPLE HERE BOUGHT TICKETS, AND EVEN THOUGHT IT’S RAINING HARD, WE ARE JUST TOO DEDICATED TO THEM!

At the beginning of our concert, They first sang, “Beautiful Lie”, “Attack”, and “Alibi” after that, they changed to Acoustics. and God…It was solemn and..awesome. I really didn’t know what to type, it was just…so heavenly. I mean…His voice was just so…soft then epic at most parts.And at some point of the song…I think it was…Either “This is War”, or “Kings and Queens”. I carried Hannah. Like Literally, carried her on my shoulders. :)) Even though It kinda hurt a bit. I didn’t mind. It’s just…I know how much she really wanted to see Jared, so I told her “Hannah, Come on. I’ll carry you.” She was like “No Karinna, It’s fine.” I then said “It’s either I carry you, or you carry me.” She then said “Are you sure?” and I said “Yep.”. I knelt down and jokingly asked her to marry me XD. And then I started carrying her for a short while. (People might think I’m a Lesbi or something, cuz’ people are starting to stay away from me. XD But hey, I’d ruin my own reputation for a friend. :) )

Jared talked to all of us. and said “PHILIPPINES! *people shouted* I hope you guys are going to love the songs, Extend your arms up and reach for them rainclouds! *people screaming*

Do all you Filipino people eat Noodles? *people screaming yes* *Me: HECK YEA! ALMOST EVERYDAY OF OUR LIVES!!* Well I just had Noodles for breakfast this morning. *person at my back: PANCIT CANTON KA NA LANG EVERYDAY!*


Where the Fuck is Shannon?

I had a wonderful night tonight.


I want you guys to dance around like a complete maniac, and Jump higher too!


“I’m glad to find another home.”

But like I said in my earlier post, the most epic part was when Jared asked this guy what to say to his Filipino fans, he just said “Mahal!” and yea. :)) we were like “OO NGA! MAHAL ANG TICKET! KANTA KA NAAAA!

And the funny thing during the concert was when, Jared was singing he part “Do you really want….Do you really want me?” One girl was screaming “YESSS!!” and then a dude shouted “OO NGA SABI EH! AKIN KA NA LANG! YUNG SHIRT MO RIN! TOL I LOVE YOU!” =))))))))))

Anyway, I’ll just post the songs I remember.

  • Escape
  • A Beautiful Lie
  • Attack
  • Search and Destroy
  • This Is War


  • 100 Suns
  • Vox Populi (A Call to Arms)
  • The Kill
  • Hunter

(Instrumental Intermission by Shannon)

  • L940

(Back to normal playing of songs)

  • The Kill
  • Search and Destroy
  • Closer to the Edge
  • Kings and Queens

And those were the songs that they played during the concert that I remember. But yea, overall great. :D Here are some pictures to prove it. :))

At the end of the concert, we were desperate to buy the cd’s in the stalls since, if you buy a cd, apparently, you’ll have a shirt to come with it.

We ran out of money, so we didn’t get to buy it.

Aaaaaaand, at the end of the concert, we went back to Trinoma, It was almost closing time, and we were wet, So Hannah’s ninang bought us some Wanton Soup to at leas keep us warm. :)

When her ninang’s friend was driving us back home, He said “Nakita namin ang concert.” Then we said “Ows?” and he said “Oo, dito lang oh, sa Parking Lot. Parang nasa concert narin kami nun. 40 pesos pa! Kay mahal ang ticket niyo, Pwede naman dito sa parking lot na 40 pesos lang.” Then I said “Ikaw na…po.” :))

So yea, Me and Hannah started reminiscing the concerts and some more personal stuffs. And I came home safe and sound thanks to her Ninang. :))


Sorry for this long….LOOOOOOONG post. :)) Just scan right through it if you don’t care. :)) I’m posting this for a friend of mine so yea. XD >_<

But to those people who came this far, KUDOS TO YOU! :D I LOVE YOU GUYS! :D

Advanced :)

I’m going to do this now since I could probably do this on the fifteenth because of our ongoing exams.


Well, wow lang. You’re going to be seventeen already (eew so old, loljk). I just wish you good luck with whatever’s coming your way in the present and future. I hope you’ll be happy whatever happens. Just think positive always, okay? Trust me, it helps. Mahal na mahal kita. Always. :) Advance Happy Birthday again, my love. :D

I don’t know why I feel sentimental today. Hmph~ Anyway, I really miss best friend on days like this. I want to hear her voice reassuring me that its just paranoia eating me up. I miss her telling me things I don’t know. Or things that I do know but I need to hear again just to realize it. I miss hugging her. I miss everything about her, okay? Wag kayong ano. At least I’m not crying, right? I just feel excitement for December to come already. Two great things will happen then. :) I think? 

Anyway, NICOLE IF YOU READ THIS I REALLY MISS YOU RIGHT NOW! :) And I’m wondering when we can skype call again. :)) I’m still awake and I have no plans on sleeping just because. :)) Just message me if ever your there okay? :) 

Today we went to Nicole’s Graduation Party and Baby Nate’s 1st Birthday. :D

I had loads of fun. XD

But…there’s that moment when…me and Hannah talk and..I just broke down. I didn’t know what to say to her, but she comforted me. I didn’t want anyone to know I was crying since I was scared of what they might think of me. So I just smiled and laugh like it was nothing. But she saw something…right through me. And she said it without even asking me the problem. So I cried and told her that I was sorry for that. But she told me:

It’s okay to cry it all out, you’ve been hiding it for too long. Just text me or call me when you need me, I’ll be there for you. Even your closest friends would be there for you.”

Aside from all the crying and shizz, we all made a little speech for Baby Nate and Nicole. :)) Well..My speech wasn’t really clear. D: (I was nervous..T ^ T) (So can I say it again? :D)

okay, here goes:

HI NICOLE! :)) Congratulations for graduating and stuffs. :D And I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Baby Nate~ :D (ISANG BUWAN AHH! ISANG BUWAN LANG SIYA! :)))) ) anyway…I still remember the first day we met during your first visit in PIES. :)) The first words that started our whole friendship thing (coming from you. XD ) was..

Hey you!


yea…you’re Bornilla right?

uhhh…yea why?

My dad knows you!


yeaaa! ask your dad if he knows Raquinio.”


…that’s when it alllll started. :))

You, me, and Emman were inseparable before, Until one day, They’ve decided to let you and Emman go to the First Section since you two had such promises. And yea. Even though you went to the other section, and even though we didn’t spend a lot more time after that, We always have that…thingamajigy feeling (looolwut? XD) It’s like…We always find ways, to make each other feel better even without making things complicated… (I make no sense) XD Basically, We just start winging it when we talk and it both makes us laugh. :))

So yea, in two years time, I shall see you in Canada. :) And I’m sure…We’re gonna have lots of fun. This isn’t the end. And it will never be the end. :) I shall miss you my dear friend. >:D< I love you. :)

So yea..I guess that’s it. :)) 

Imma upload the photos now. :D

Take care Tumblr peeps. :) 



So ilang araw din akong hindi nakakapag-post dito. Wala naman kasing maikukuwento eh. So nung mga araw na hindi ako nag-popost, naging productive naman ako.

Nakatapos ako ng tatlong chapters sa libro ko. I was feeling creative eh, kaya nagsulat ako. Pero, seriously, I don’t expect this thing that I’m writing to make anything. Kasiyahan lang naman kasi talaga tong pag-gawa ko ng libro eh. Eh nung nabasa ng lola ko, nagpumilit siyang i-publish yung Book 1. And now I’m forced to write the second book. :))

And well, fourth year na ako. Hindi magtatagal at uuwi na rin ako sa Pinas para mag-college. Kaya nagbabasa na rin ako ng mga kailangang basahin. Para man lang ma-refresh yung mind ko or something. :)

So yeah. Yun lang naman. :)

And yeah, monthsary nga pala namin ng girlfriend ko ngayon. :) Happy 20th Monthsary, Nicole. Mahal na mahal na mahal kita. Lagi yan. :)

Ngayon naman ....

Monthsary namin ng girlfriend ko. Her name is Nicole U. Raquinio. 1 year and 7 months na kaming together. Pero kahit isang beses, di nagbago ang pagtingin namin sa isa’t isa.

It just sucks na di kami magkasama ngayon. Nasa Pilipinas kasi siya, nagbabakasyon. Pero I swear, pagbalik niya dito, we’re gonna make up for lost time.

Tapos, end of the world na raw ngayon? Kelangan talaga sa monthsary namin yung end of the world no? Pero, if it is the end of the world, I just want to say that, Nicole, my love, my Fridge, mahal na mahal na mahal kita. And I’m happy I got to know and love you. :)

Pero, WTF, it’s not the end of the world, guys. Wala pa ngang 2012 eh. :)) Magdasal lang tayo! :)

So yeah.


So this song was written by Gelo. (refrigeratedmagnets) to his girlfriend/mybestfriend (wintersand). I swear this is really sweet. THIS IS LIKE AN ADVANCED HAPPY MONTHSARY! So yeah! :) HIGUYSSS! Ako na bored. So I uploaded this in youtube. :) it had what? 11 views? :)) Anyways, eto nalang yung gift ko sainyong dalawa! kahit alam kong hinde ako finofollow ni Gelo dito. :)) LOL! 

Landmarks in Kuwait.

LOL. Ty! Nicole! :D Which place would be a great place? o.o we could take maybe…5 places or 6 if you want! :)) :D Or heck! WE COULD MAKE A THREE DAY CHALLENGE AND VISIT ALL OF THEM! =))))) That would be cool…D: 

So…whatcha guys think?

wintersand replied to your photo: Ano to, lokohan ba ito? =))

PEYK. :))

haha. tama yan, nicole, tama yan =))

wintersand replied to your photo: Ano to, lokohan ba ito? =))

LOL, I mean ‘yung isa. Bakit 60.2 KB eh palabas yata yang dinadownload mo? :))

haha. ewan ko rin ehh. palabas nga. =)) :DD kinancel ko na sya nairita ako. =))

yournamejuliette replied to your photo: Ano to, lokohan ba ito? =))


ikr?! =))
Happy 2nd Anniversary. :)

Hey, my love. :D

Happy 2nd year. Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me. I’m really in great happiness that I have you in my life. You became my inspiration in doing things that I have never thought I could do. Because of you, I became inspired to write, compose songs, etc. So thank you so much for that.

Come to think of it, maybe there will never be words to describe how much love I feel for you. In the span of two years that we have been together, you have become my world. The things we did and the things we will do, will always be in my heart.

I love you so much, Nicole. :) 

Thanks to a certain someone who really didn’t like reading long stuff on her ipod had the right mind of copying this message and pasting it on her ipod notes. THANK YOU SO MUCH MARIAN FOR SAVING THIS IMPORTANT POST. :) 

Eight years.

It is a lot. We’ve been through many things. And for every kind of pain, suffering and happiness, you’ve always been there for me.

You do know that I never did this, but I guess this day calls for something different, I suppose.

I told you almost every piece of my life that I can share. Sometimes, you were even there to witness the whole story, in all its illustrious detail.

You hated it when I cried. You hated it so much that it makes you all overwhelmed and follow suit. Even if I won’t tell you what’s wrong, you stood there, with your comforting arms around me while I flooded the whole world with my stubborn tears.

You were always that wall I could lean onto. And I guess, I won’t be able to change that. You would listen to me go over and over again through the tiring events that just happened, a little corner of our conversations that has become somehow repetitive, and you would never mind.

But it’s not all just problems for us.

When we were still on our early phases, we played with dolls, Bratz to be specific. We listened to the same kind of music. We both loved the same things. We were the inseparable pair. You were a big part of my youth, you know. Up to this point in time. No kidding.

We may not hold each other’s time but I know for a fact that nothing ever between us. Sometimes, after two weeks or so of not talking due to responsibilities and other stuff, I would still bounce back in front of you. When something comes up, I would always think, ‘Man, I wish she was here to see this or to hear that.’

You knew me more than I even know myself. And I will miss you telling me things I never knew, but I felt yet never understood. I swear, I could go to the edge of earth and not find meaning to what is happening within me, but you.. You’ll take one look and you knew just like that.

I’m sorry that I’ve taken you for granted sometimes. In the end, I’ll always feel that I’m being so unfair to you because you were never swayed by circumstances like I was. I’m sorry if I couldn’t be that kind of friend like you were to me, but please know, please do know that you mean more than everyone else could mean to me as a best friend. It will be difficult for me not talking to you personally, but I know that we will find ways.

I don’t say this often, but I really love you.

I will always be glad to have met you. And well, this isn’t goodbye. I will not acknowledge that idea that your flight means our parting. It’s not. We will have more days ranting to each other, with you telling me things, even share me your addiction to KPop. Haha.

I will miss you and always will.

See you soon, Divina. Thank you for everything.

Btw, this was written by my bestfriend. Her name is Nicole (wintersand). ^_^ She wrote this for me in reply to the message I left in her inbox on the day of my flight to the Philippines. I read it again and it made me cry and realize how much I missed her right now. If I was to meet her again I would definitely pull her into my arms in a bone crushing hug! I miss you Nicole~! I love youu~! <3 

2100th Post

Okay, I’ve got no idea on what to say on this post so I’ll just put whats on my mind at the moment.

- I miss my girlfriend. :)

- I want to see my girlfriend sooo badly. But we know that can’t happen, cause she’s basically a thousand miles aways from me. :))

- I want to hold my girlfriend’s hands. But again, it’s impossible because of reasons stated above.

- I want to feel my girlfriend’s lips again. It might be awkward that I’m saying this here, but seriously, it’s the sweetest feeling that I’ve ever felt. And I just want to feel that feeling again.

- So basically, all that’s in my mind is my girlfriend. :)) So yeah. :))

Na Aliw Ako Sa Screen Cap...

Wag kayong ano! :)) 

This was like uh, dating post. like two months ago, before I left for the Philippines. I actually wanted to read it again but then she deactivated that account so I couldn’t read that anymore. But still, I have that message in mind. I just wanted to read it again.

Finofollow na ako ni Kuya Topher! OMG! Wala lang. Fan ako niya. Btw people, he’s in a Cover Group for SHINee. They are called Romeo! If I have any guy followers who knows how to dance and is interested please message Kuya Topher. /lol. sabay plug eh no?

Si Kuya IAN! :)) wala lang naman! Ako na merong makapal na fezz! I saw him in person. He portrays Minwoo ng Boyfriend. He’s in a cover group called Namja Chingu! Support them! haha. Ako na nagpluplug! :)) lol. PROMOTE PROMOTE! lol. 

P.S. I am definitely bored! So I’m very sorry for interrupting with my tumblr post.