winters waking

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About this comic: After The Kindergarten Kid, before Gem Harvest. Peridot and Lapis have been bonding during their time on earth, but Lapis still can’t let go the feeling of being fused with Jasper, so she asks Peridot to help her but, things don’t always goes as planned…

Story and art by me, updates on fridays/saturdays. DON’T REPOST.

Wanted to have this ready yesterday but I returned home late :3c so yeah, happy late Christmas guys! Have an extra update~

When I was concepting this scene, I wanted to make them dance Genghis Khan (yall know) but I was listening lots of Wada Kouji and end up liking Grace for this scene, but you can make them dance whatev you want xD also don’t dance in the roof, it can be dangerous :3c they don’t need words rn~

  • Winter: Whitley, I hear from Weiss you have become quite the hit with the ladies.
  • Whitley: Well, I learned from the best.
  • Winter: And who would that be?
  • Whitley: Why, none other than my new brother figure who I look up to more than you!
  • Qrow *Entering the room*: Hey, Ice Queen.
  • Whitley and Qrow: *Do finger guns at Winter and then take a swig from a flask in unison*
  • ------------------------------
  • Winter: *Wakes up from her nightmare, screaming bloody murder*

Okay but sleeping beauty with one detail changed: a cat slips into the castle and curls up against her for winter. One morning she wakes as it licks and nuzzle her face. “Feed me,” it purrs.

roommate sentence starters!
  1. “wake up! wake up! you’re gonna be late!” 
  2. “where are all my socks?”
  3. “why are all my socks in your sock drawer?”
  4. “why were you in my sock drawer?” 
  5. “is this spaghetti in the pan? it looks like bloated beige worms that began to decompose a week ago.”
  6. “uuuuh… *name*? is that a sword on the table? where the hell did you get a sword?” 
  7. “hey! you ate my pop tarts!”
  8. “why is the milk blue?” 
  9. “i had to put food colouring in everything to stop you from eating it. i’ve been drinking blue milk and eating bright green rice for weeks.”
  10. “where were you last night?” 
  11. “why does my room smell like your favourite pizza place?”
  12. “we have to talk about the gun i found under the bed.” 
  13. “so… who was that last night? and why was all my pizza gone this morning?” 
  14. “wait, you’re home? i thought today was a work day.” 
  15. “where were you today? i thought it was your day off.” 
  16. “did you pay your rent a week early? are you trying to make me look bad?” 

Dean waking Cas up with bright flowers, filling the bedroom with the scent of fresh grass and bumble bees.

Dean wrapping himself around Cas for warmth in the early morning chill of winter. Waking him up by rubbing his cold nose along the crease of his soft neck.

Dean laying in bed for hours, watching his own personal sunrise in the form of a messy haired angel. Dragging his fingers along the bare curve of his spine, over the shoulder blades where his wings used to be.

Dean sneaking away for coffee, not caring when Sam catcalls at him from the kitchen. The smile on Cas’ lips when he’s handed the steaming mug, his cold fingers wrapping around Dean’s.

Dean kissing Cas in a lazy, early morning sort of way. Cas shivering beneath the blankets, smiling when Dean asks if he’s cold. He promises he’s not. There’s not an inch on his body that’s cold.

Dean saying I love you. Over and over. A song for just Cas to hear. Their own personal melody.

Rude Awakening ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Rude Awakening ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Word Count: 751

Type: Fluff

Brief: It’s a cold, Winter-injected Sunday morning but it’s also yours and Chanyeol’s rare day off together. All you want to do is sleep but with Chanyeol as your boyfriend, that was (and never is) going to happen.

Request for this can be found here.

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Hot, steamy breath hits your nose and lips.

You stir in your sleep, refusing to let yourself wake up when those soft lips you love and know all too well found their way to to your forehead.

“Are you awake yet?” You died every morning, though it was hard for you to complain; your ears were lucky enough to be blessed with Chanyeol’s deep, groggy morning voice. You groaned and mumbled slightly, still drowsy and half-asleep; it was still fairly dark due to the cold winter. Honestly, waking up is the last thing you wanted to do. You just wanted to snuggle back into the covers and return back to Dreamland, even if it was your beloved boyfriend who was next to you.

“How about now?” Chanyeol took it a step further, giving you a peck on your nose. He knew you loved it when he did that but it proved ineffective as your eyes quickly shut again. Chanyeol wouldn’t go defeated that easily. Not a chance. The both of you were lucky enough to share a day off on the same day and he wasn’t just going to sleep through this rare opportunity. Your boyfriend pouted but knowing full well you couldn’t see his adorable, puppy-like face, he leaned foward, hovering above you with one arm on your other side to support himself. “Still asleep? Hmm…” He hummed, pretending to be in deep thought. You could imagine him stroking his chin but the image of that was cut off immediately when his lips landed on yours.

Your eyes shot open in surprise. Trust Chanyeol to pull a stunt like this. After a few seconds of allowing your brain to process what is going on, you kissed him back – you weren’t just going to refuse it, were you? No. You’re weren’t. Feeling Chanyeol smile against your lips almost made you hit him. You knew this was his plan all along and Chanyeol, knowing he succeeded, only became more prideful and confident.

Chanyeol knew he had control over you now. There was no hiding it.

He pulled away from your frankly pleasant wake-up call, though you would never admit that to him. Not like you needed to however; he knew anyway. A subtle smirk was plastered on his face as he stared at you. ‘Morning Chanyeol is hot as hell though’, you thought to yourself. His brown hair was messy, sticking up in various directions and he was topless. That’s how he slept and you thought you had come to terms with that and have gotten used to it but apparently not. Your heart was pounding against your chest – you were sure it could jump out any second. Because Chanyeol is leaning over you with the most irresistible smirk, topless.

He was still staring at you and having just woken up, you were getting insecure. You began to sit up, just to switch up the moment and go do some chores, only to be stopped by Chanyeol placing his arm firmly around your waist. He gently pushed you back down.

“Yeollie, it’s…” You look over to the digital clock resting on the bedside table next to you. “…10:07. I need to get up and get the laundry going.” Needless to say, Chanyeol wasn’t having any of it. At least, not today. Any other day, he’d let you go, following you around whilst you completed various chores like a lost puppy, pouting until he got comforted with a kiss every once in a while, but today. Today was different.

“It’s Sunday morning…” Your boyfriend whispered, tightening his gentle grip around your waist and pulling himself closer to you. “Stay… just for a bit.” He pleaded. “But Chanyeol…” you started but he’s not taking no for an answer. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, breathing in your scent and planting delicate, little kisses along your jawline. The kisses trailed up to your ear, where Chanyeol stopped, whispering “stay…” once more. He pulled back slightly, gazing into your eyes lovingly. “I hate you.” You whispered back, a smile accompanying your soft morning voice. You were defeated and he had won. 'Anyone able to resist him is simply inhuman’, you attempted to justify your actions. “No you don’t.” Chanyeol retorted, his low chuckle vibrating the air around the two of you. “Shut up.” You smiled back and stopped any more of his witty comebacks by kissing him, to which he gladly returned the gesture.

You hated how he could see through you like it was second nature to him but you also loved it. He knew you so well. You loved it and most of all, you love him. Even if he did so rudely wake you up from your sleep.