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'Equal Moving Parts' my debut full length album is here and ready for release!!!

Couldn’t have done it without the help of so many great people for believing in my music and helping me release this. Love you guys and thanks for your inspiration and pushing me. You all know who you are!


Limited edition cassette tapes:

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#Creative #Collaboration with your friends are the most rewarding projects to work on. @sean_creates is a long time friend of mine and a creative giant who is helping me prepare a visual treat to introduce #Winterinter. Can’t say how excited I am to show you what we have in the works!


In our 11th installment we are very proud to present psychedelic heavyweights Hezus (hit+run crew) from San Diego. Fresh off of showcases with Drumetrics and The Gaslamp Killer, this husband and wife act (along with supporting live band - including guests/ members of illuminauts, Winter inter, and Smart Bomb resident Citizen Ten) has a slew of upcoming releases that span vibes and genres with the utmost integrity.

*Limited handmade Hezus tapes, Hit+Run factory-made tapes, shirts, and posters will be available! 

*Live Performances (upstairs)

Hezus:]]… See More


Feels great to hold this tape in my hands right now and pressing play. Reminds me of being a kid again playing tapes in the early 90’s. It has finally come full circle. This is how I wanted all of you guys to hear the album! Stay tuned for tonight’s release event.

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#Mixing sessions after getting off work on Friday. Made my own deadline to finish all the tracks by June and gotta meet it.

It’s a big challenge to learn how to independently release and promote ourself as an artist. But having faith in yourself while you struggle and taking on challenges with hard work, I believe anyone can attain their goals. Equal parts you progressing forward each day and equal parts the universe working itself to give you what you want. #EqualMovingParts #winterinter

Just dropped off a handful of #winterinter stickers and download codes at @gymstandard available for free. Their awesome shop is filled with shoes, plants, and design goods! If you’re in the North Park area, check then out at 2903 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104.

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