Snow in Winterheart.

Been wanting to draw Jotun Loki for a while now; and combining Loki Week’s 1st Prompt, “Forms and costumes” with recently reading Goddamnhella’s fic, have a Jotun Loki, ’Winterheart’ version.

I regrettably only saw Artmetica’s designs for Winterheart Loki after I was done, so a few details like his horns and the fang necklace/clasp are wrong. I guess perhaps in my subconscious mind, I was thinking of the horns on his gold helm when I drew his horns.

‘True, that he’s no Prince Charming’

Alrighty, this is my first posted fic fanart EVURR and its for Goddamnhella’s fic Winterheart!

This is highly inspired by the pic Derlaine posted earlier with a reference to Disneys Beauty and the Beast, which was so fucking hilarious I almost peed myself and I couldnt get this *point ferociously at own doodle* out of my mind!
(It comes from this bit where Belle and Beast realise THERE’S SOMETHING THERE;

I’d like to imagine Tony bawling with laughter and Loki on the brink of turning this flock of robins into birdsicles

Winterheart, Chapter One (download)

A playlist countdown to the last chapters.

i.The Banishment - Goodbye My Son, Man Of Steel; ii.Where The Hell Is Pepper? - I Could Show You if You’d Like, Rush; iii.Wolf Chase - Yu Yan Capture Aang, The Last Airbender; iv.I’m in a Poe-Themed Nightmare - Cerebrus Appearance, Devil May Cry 3; v.Search the castle - In The Land Of Shadows, David Arkenstone; vi. The Boss – YouWin Or You Die, Game Of Thrones; vii.Final Negotiation – Let Her Go, TASM 2; viii.Home sweet home, forever – Geryon Defeated, Devil May Cry 3

Find the others here.

EDIT: this is the fic, if you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so.

Watch here in full size.

It’s been pretty quiet for a while. I was sick for a week and that affected my routine of drawing every day. It’s been a struggle to continue that routine since I have university studies to work on too.

Few months ago I read Hella’s fic, Winterheart and I wanted to draw something for it. (SPOILERS for Chapter 14)

I also took reference from Artmetica’s concept art for this fic :)

This is a WIP but I just don’t feel like continuing it anymore, since there’s been problems with it ever since I started. So I’m going to leave this as it is and maybe later I’ll draw another piece that will do the fic more justice, lol.

Blended By: Mallory Walker

The golden apple, eerily similar to a rose in another long-ago tale. Just what does it represent about this frost giant’s heart?

Check it out here!
A yummy loose leaf tea created for goddamnhella’s awesome story Winterheart, which you can find here. Original art by Artmetica.