Loving this strange and wonderful photo taken by one of Sydney’s main newspapers, the Sydney Morning Herald. The photographer said we’d make a good couple 😂

I reckon we look like a pair of poor potato farmers just trying their best to make an honest living.

Taken at Winterfest, a medieval faire in Sydney where we were working a few weeks ago.

Elven Love (Chpt 3)

You are found at the edge of Mirkwood by a young elven prince, who takes you in. Years later you and Legolas are good friends, but will it stay that way? When the Winterfest is arriving, you are realizing your feelings for Legolas and things might get complicated. Will your friendship get wracked? Or does love find its way?

Fandom: Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit

Relationship: Legolas Greenleaf x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,748

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                                 Chapter 3: The Grand Feast of Winter                  

The feast was half an hour away of starting, the gown you were supposed to wear still lay spread out on your bed. For some reason you were nervous, which was something you didn’t experience a lot. You realized you had been feeling like that of late, but at the moment you couldn’t stop walking in circles.

Unlike many women who made their own clothing, you had been too busy with training to make time for such thing, so you had it made. A special event like this that drew in the entire Elven community, required a special dress.

It was made of special Elven thread that was woven into a fabric that was light and delicate, but still warm for a chilling winters night. The long sleeves stretched out to reach even your knuckles, the neckline formed into a deep V-neck that was modest enough for a feast like this. A silver line was threaded into it with fine subtlety that formed a curling pattern. Your hair was made into a complicated bread with silver strings through it, who came together on your forehead.    

After thoroughly looking at yourself in the mirror, you had to admit that you looked stunning. It wasn’t often that you took the liberty of wearing beautiful things and now that you did, you were happy with the end result.

A thought crossed your mind that made you worry, Legolas. Would he like it? What a stupid question you thought to yourself, why would you care what he thinks. Sure he’s your friend, but whether or not he would like it you should be content yourself, Y/N. You look fabulous and no one was going to tell you otherwise, not even Legolas.

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