I finished reading The Most Beautiful Book in the World byEric-Emmanuel Schmitt two days ago, Wednesday. What I can say is that he manages to build up amazing emotions in few pages, and even to surprise, sometimes. He is capable of seeing and showing beauty touching ways. It was a really easy read that I enjoyed. 

Photo taken on the train, on our way to Bucharest. Holding the book, . 

So my mom mugs Swedish kids for their clothes
  • Mom:What do you want for Christmas?
  • Me:Idk
  • Mom:You still like sweaters?
  • Me:Yeah...
  • Mom:Well I saw some nice sweaters in the Celtic catalog I get and I think you'll like them. They're wool and cotton, and they cover you, but they're not bulky. You know like when you see a Swedish person go outside when it's cold out and you think they're cold, but you get closer and see they're not.
  • Me:Wha~? I don't know any...Swedes?
  • Mom:When you were little I got you clothes from children who lived in colder climates.
  • Me:...
Winter care essentials for the skin

Try using cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreen to keep the glow intact, suggests an expert of The Skin Center. Here are some easy to follow tips by Sirisha Singh, founding member and medical director of The Skin Center: * Use of a cleanser: Cleansing the skin is important at the beginning of the day and while going to bed to get rid of the dirt and grime that the skin is subjected to during the day. Even people with normal to oily skin may need to use pH neutral cleansers during winter. If one has particularly dry skin, use an oatmeal bath.

Dâmbovița river in winter. Bucharest, Romania.
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