It’s been a moment since we’ve heard from Los Angeles based trio MUNA, but these long months were well worth the wait. They set our hearts afire with Winterbreak, a lusciously gooey, warmly enfolding synthpop song that shimmers ever so gloriously. Winterbreak reminds me of those final days of seasonal cold, when a glowing sun cuts through a bleary sky and begins to defrost the rigid world around us, filling us with wonder about our uncharted future as we contemplate our mistakes of the past. Sensual yet moody, the R&B steeped tune combines the hooking groove of HAIM with the silken allure of WET. Winterbreak will be on MUNA’s debut EP. You can purchase the single on iTunes, now.

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aphton_pipeline Here’s my pipeline for my fourth year film

03/01/16 ~ 81/100 days

Happy 2016 everyone! 💕🎇
2015 was a beautiful year, i learned a lot about myself, my friends and other things. I really want to thank all of you for your support and motivation! I’m really thankful for that ❤️.

I switched rooms with my parents yesterday, and now i have more daylight. It really annoyed me when i had to turn on a lamp at 2:00 pm because it was too dark to study. But problem solved, i’m really happy and my motivation is back ☺️📖.
The winterbreak is almost over, which is very sad because my finals start in two weeks and i have so much to do! 📚

Next week finally judo and Jiu Jitsu again 💪🏼, i have been waiting the whole winterbreak 😂. What are your plans for upcoming week?

I have to study so much the upcoming three weeks, do you have any study playlist or study music recommendations?