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Your mother would be ashamed of you.

He had to wonder if Stark was right. While no doubt she would have been proud to know he had become a knight, there was everything else he’d done weighing down upon his shoulders, the blood of Aerys still staining his hands and what was left of his tainted honor. but while Stark’s words stung, he did not allow it to show on his face as he looked at the man. “You speak of that which you know nothing of.”

Lords of Winterfell. Winter is coming.

Catelyn Scribbled on some parchment, “Hello Ser Eddard. I hope you are well? I wish you and your brother Brandon the very best. I know it is difficult in this time for you and Winterfell, The King has been ever so…” she paused thinking of words, insane, mad, terrible..“kind in his gestures before. We can only hope, that all is well. I pray for both your sakes and that we met again.” -Catelyn Tully. She wrote and then sent the raven.

The nights had grown longer as winter shouldered through the last warm breaths of summer. Ned was seated in his chambers when the bird swept through the open window and landed on the hearth, frost melting from its wings as it held its leg out and chittered at him imperiously. He watched it curiously for a moment before retrieving the scroll and settling in front of the fire to read it.

Catelyn Tully? he thought to himself, wondering if Brandon had received a similar message. Taking a moment to appreciate her delicate script, Ned crossed back to his desk and picked up a quill and piece of parchment to begin a reply.

Lady Catelyn,

Your letter finds both myself and Brandon well, Winterfell too. Our people are hardy and our lands are used to the coming cold. I know that your family has struggled in the time since your mother’s untimely passing and know that Brandon awaits seeing you again.

Give my regards to your lord father,

Eddard Stark

When the morning came and the raven had rested, Ned sent it and his reply on its way.

Catelyn hear the familiar sound of the ravens and rushed to see the letters she may have gotten. She looked at the seal and knew it right away. My lords have written! She was so nervous and excited she tore open the letters and read them quickly. One from Brandon and the other his brother Eddard. She felt she must get to know the family since she was to be wed and it seemed only natural to do so. She looked over at Brandon’s rough writing it was short and to the point. She was a bit weary of it. It seemed to take no amount of care in writing it, but perhaps he being a Lord, would not bother with such things as a Lady would. It worried her a bit, he seemed too eager to play games of war. The tales she has heard of the north and their ferocious wolves, the terror they could put in men. Brandon scared her, he was a known fighter, he probably has had other women before. But, it could be a year maybe more before I see them again…who knows what war makes of men…or any of us. 

She wrote to Brandon and thanked him for the grace he has shown her. but, he said little in the response to. All he said was he was, he had pressing matters to attend to and that, which he would see her in time.

She picked up her quill and Re-wetted the end writing on the new parchment. Eddard she thought seemed to show less passion in his words but was kind and his writing was well thought out. She liked how he mentioned her mother.

Lord Eddard,

I am glad to hear you are well, as I have heard from your brother Brandon. He seemed troubled but I understand and am thankful for the kindness and grace he has shown me. As to you, as well, I am pleased to hear the people of Winterfell are well. My father Lord Hoster Tully is well, though the death of our mother was a hard blow to all of us. She was much loved and It warms my heart to hear you speak so kindly of her in your wishes. I do hope to see Brandon soon and I am sure we will be good friends. I look forward to that time when I may call you my brother in doing my duty, as it is my honor for my family. I shall give my kind regards to my father. It is much appreciated.

My warm thanks,

-Catelyn Tully

She wrote and sealed the letters and sent them off, getting herself reading for the day.