In case you all were wondering what I’ve read/what I’m reading/ what I’ve started but will read maybe binge read at a later time, please enjoy this list of names and mini descriptions.

Tower of God - People who are sent into the tower are lucky for the chance to fulfill their every desire, but for this to happen, one must fight their way up the many floors of the tower.

Dice - Where people can change their lives as if it were a video game through the usage of dice, obtained through various quests assigned by a god-like figure.

Cherry Blossoms - A middle schooler is in love with a former classmate.

Have You Any Fear - A compilation of horror stories inspired by popular nursery rhymes.

Girls of the Wild’s - An unlucky guy goes to practically an all girl’s school where they are all graded on being friends with him and being apart of a martial art.

Lookism - A guy finds out that he is in control of two different bodies, one of them extremely ugly, the other is perfect.

UnOrdinary - Having powers is not an uncommon sight, but being hot-headed and powerless becomes a problem for the protagonist.

Flow - Everyone is born under an animal god, along with that comes a wish, the more powerful your animal is the more powerful your wish is, one guy’s wish changes the course of destiny.

Bastard - The son/accomplice of a serial killer becomes rebellious.

UnTouchable - Modern day vampires absorb energy through touch, rather than blood, making germaphobes a difficult meal.

God of High School - A contest between martial artists around the world ends terribly.

Annarasumanara - Magic is redefined for the poor in urban South Korea.

God of Bath - Cleaning the dead skin off of people is dramatized in comic form.

Duty After School - High schoolers have to fend off an alien invasion of destructive purple blobs in the sky.

Super Secret - Werewolf boy has to try and hide the fact that he’s a werewolf to his neighbor.

I Love Yoo - Poor girl meets rich boy, sadly, the poor girl spends too much time on tumblr probably, resulting in poor socialization skills with those outside of the SuperWhoLock fandom.

The Gamer - Guy who spends a lot of his time playing video games finally finds a purpose in his life when his abilities as a gamer, allow him to become stronger as a person.

Where Tangents Meet - Your average love story with except with a cynical rich boy who secretly loves astronomy, and a white girl who happens to not have any friends because she got hit in the head too hard.

:Rebirth - A zombie apocalypse survivor goes through the same experience twice.

Guardians of the Video Games - People run your video games behind the screen.

Athena Complex - The Greek god Athena has a massive crush on Poseidon.

GOSU - A chubby boy who delivers dumplings, is a martial arts master.

Winter Woods - An immortal man meets modern day scientists.

Link to V2: here.

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Siren’s Lament

Yumi’s Cells

Super Secret

Boyfriend of the Dead

Big Jo


I Love Yoo

Space Boy




Girls of the Wild’s


Where Tangents Meet

Winter Woods

Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Fictional Skin

Gourmet Hound

Ghost Teller


Killing Stalking

Evergreen Tea Shop

The Pale Horse

Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels?

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