Ashton Eaton… oops!

track meeeeet

Today was our first indoor track meet! I was nervous for it because a really good school with a team of more than 5 times as many people as ours was hosting it, but actually the other schools that were there were in a conference lower than us. Only my school and the host school were actually able to compete, that is, if it were a points meet, but it wasn’t. My team has like 20 people, theirs has over 100. UM.

Anyway, I ran the

  • 4x800
  • 1600 (mile)
  • 3200 (two-mile)


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Captain of WTF '11-'12!

My coach let us know yesterday that he picked myself and my two other amazing teeamates and close friends to be captains this season! I’m super happy and I can’t believe I’d ever been in this posistion in only my second season of winter track and field. Credits to my tumblr community for always keeping me motivated! Love you all!

Leaving as we speak to go to a meet! Wish us luck! 100 and 4x4- my two favorite races!

today's practice

Hear the work out: my reaction oh god it’s not too challenging but it’s tough and cold out gross
Tuning the first half: oh god I hate this so much
run the last 200: beast it out and beat my superfast friend
when i’m done : oh it wasn’t that bad ;)

WTF Practice Day 2

3 mi. in ??:??

So I’M CLEARED! Whoo hooooo.

BUT I can’t wait for this season to start really kicking in. I know I’m gonna sound like a total bitch but I’m excited for the slackers to quit already. I know, I know. It’s the second day. But there’s TOO many people! And some of them are extremely rude. I can’t take it.

Gah so much to write about, but I feel like I’ll regret what I have to say!


(P.S. I ran 3 miles three days ago and forgot to post about it- it was good! Haha sorry I’m very OCD)