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hi could post a link to the shop selling bucky bears that'll be selling nat bunnies?

Sure! They have a Cap bear, too, as well as Deadpool and Hulk and so on. Really cute stuff. They also have a Katana bunny, so you can get an idea of what the Black Widow bunny will look like. :)

Here’s the link at Amazon: (x)

I will tell you that I’m in Texas and the bear came from Russia. I ordered it on Feb 11th and they said delivered between Mar 8-23, but I received it yesterday. It came in a padded envelope and was wrapped up in shrink wrap and in fantastic condition. It’s very well sewed together and just adorable and soft. The arms and legs move, so you can have it standing or sitting. :) 

And again, for those who might be interested but don’t know - they have made a Black Widow bunny and are putting it up for sale w/ pictures tomorrow. :)

Thanks for asking! The Bucky Bear is their best seller. :D

“There’s a Cap on my cake…”

Happy 100th Birthday Bucky! 🎂 PS. I’m glad I did not attempt to draw 100 candles. 1 candle is all I can handle. (Oh that rhymed! 😀)  

All we had

Summary: Not every argument gets made up

Warnings: ANGST ! Yelling, argument, crying, anger, sadness, death.

Pairing: bucky x reader

A/n: This is so inspired by “impossible by James Arthur… Also I wrote it while writers block so sorry if its bad.

It was a mess, pillows were flying around the room and broken dishes littered the floor.
The tension in the room was never thicker but all this didn’t matter to you now as you yelled across the living space with tears covering your cheeks

You didn’t want to cry that much, you also didn’t want to yell but it all just became too much.

From the one to the other second it all went out of hand.

You always thought all you needed was right there but you only now realized that it was true.
Now that it was fading away.

Bucky was yelling back at you but all you could hear was your heart breaking, at the thought of this being the argument that made everything fall apart.

Maybe you shouldn’t have overreacted in the first place and maybe he shouldn’t have yelled.
You didn’t want it to end, but at the same time you didn’t know if it would be better this way.

He was shouting something your way, hatred and anger lingering in his eyes as he spit the words with unbelievable rage.
“Go out and tell them, all we had is gone now!” He spit the words and suddenly all the colour faded from your face as you looked at him wide eyed, a gasp leaving your mouth.
“Oh don’t act so surprised, this is what you wanted all along!” he yelled and you saw now what this was about.

And you also saw that he always was the strong one, you told yourself you had to be strong for the both of you but now it all became clear and you knew that you’ve been weak all along.

“Do you even listen to the bullshit you’re talking!” You snapped back at him, not being able to believe what he accused you of.

He made a funny face as he scoffed at you, and suddenly something in his eyes went just as dark as the sky outside the window.
It was black, and filled with rage and now you were afraid, afraid of what might come out of his mouth.
Scarred of the words he’d yell at you, and you took a step back, as if it’d shield you from what he’d say but you knew it couldn’t.

“You didn’t think I see what you want ?! All you ever wanted was to get rid of me and go on with your life without a burden like me!” He yelled.
You didn’t know what to say, you didn’t even know if you wanted to answer at all.
“Do you want me to tell you a secret y/n?” He suddenly blurted out, taking you by surprise, his voice was so much softer but still filled with so much anger and you stayed still, neither nodding nor shaking your head but you were curious.

He squinted at you and a scoff left his lips again.
“I was thinking the same” he started making you frown immediately “you were just good enough for the moment, so I could forget my worries for at least thirty minutes or more” he stated with a deep voice.
“Nothing more” and it felt like he took a shot aimed to your heart, pulling the trigger as if it wouldn’t hurt, as if it was okay too shoot you, to kill you.

You looked at him in shock, with your mouth agape as you struggled to breathe.
You already felt new tears brimming in your eyes and they were hot and thick and you decided that you didn’t want to let him see you crying anymore.

His words felt like they ripped a hole in your heart and you couldn’t feel anything at all.

But you knew something.
You knew that what you felt for him right now wasn’t love.
It was anything but love.

“Get out” you spoke through gritted teeth, walking fast forward pushing him away, towards the door.

“What can’t handle the truth” he asked mocking you suddenly and you fought for strength, you just wanted him to leave.

You pushed him harshly.
But he suddenly stopped turning around to you with a devilish smirk.

But you just growled at him, feeling a tear escaping your eyes as you screamed at his face again.
“Get out!”
And you pushed him away from you “I hate you” you yelled and smacked the door shut, not caring if you hit him in the face or not.

You slid down the door, scrunching with your hands in your hear as you stared at the ground in disbelief, breathing heavily.
You didn’t want to believe it.
You wanted it to be a nightmare, but it wasn’t.

Suddenly a new wave of anger hit you, you knew you shouldn’t but you stood up anyway, tacking fasts steps around the room, pacing back and forth.

Your gaze always fell don’t the vase on the kitchen table, every time you’d turn around you’d see the stupid vase you put the stupid flowers in which bucky used to buy for you.

You stalked over to it quickly, throwing it against the wall with a yell, seeing it shatter and spill water everywhere but you didn’t care, there was glass laying everywhere and the floor was wet with water, dandelions everywhere. However you didn’t care as you just carelessly walked over and pulled out a bottle of whine, opening it and taking a sip as you slowly started crying again.

Maybe all of this was just an illusion, an imagine that you thought was true but instead it was just in your head the whole time and none of it was true, no spark in a kiss, no smile just by seeing each other one, no love.
Maybe you just made that up.

You threw the bottle of wine against the mirror, breaking the mirror and the wine bottle at the same time.
You didn’t want this to be real.
You were just so angry, and so hurt.
You stared at yourself in the broken glass but not for long, you couldn’t bare to look at yourself right now.

You wanted to throw things, to rip everything apart but instead you just let yourself fall into bed, hoping for the tears to follow but they never came.


You were having trouble looking at him, its been a week and you felt numb since then.
You knew it didn’t make sense to be angry anymore, you couldn’t even be even if you wanted to.
You knew you still loved him, you knew you wanted him but you also knew he didn’t love you back and you couldn’t make him love you.
You wanted to, but you couldn’t.

You just kept avoiding him, hoping everything would fade away slowly, all the feelings and the memories, just everything, but deep down you knew you’d never be able to get over it.
You’d always carry the scar of another lost love.

The mission came closer, with each passing day
You knew you’d have to work with him soon, tomorrow exactly.
It terrified you a bit but you knew you couldn’t avoid it, it had to be done and you would be fine.


There were gunshots, there shouldn’t be gunshots.
You quickly ran over the cold stone ground, back into a warehouse.
It was a mess, it was slowly falling apart, probably damage by a grenade.
There was dust and ashes all over the ground and huge pieces of stones crashing down from the ceiling.

You saw Bucky in a corner, shooting at someone, you didn’t see who it was but you knew they were overpowering him.
He didn’t have enough shots left and you quickly snapped out of it, running in front of him and shooting around the corner, hearing another bang echo in the sudden silence.

Suddenly everything around you slowed down and you felt yourself letting go.
You saw the hydra agent fall to the floor with his steaming gun still in hand and blood dripping from his forehead.

You heard a distant whisper and suddenly felt pain, stinging at the back of your head, and then it was gone.
A gasp left you as you understood what was happening.

There was no pain, no noise, just pure silence and then suddenly bucky appeared in front of you.

He was looking down at you, teardrops left is eyes falling to your cheeks but you didn’t mind them as you tried to hear what he was saying.
You felt like the rush inside your ears would never fade, but when it did you wished it hadn’t.
Bucky was sobbing heavily, he was yelling and sobbing for you to stay at his side.

You were trying to gather all your strength into your heart, willing it to beat a little longer, just a bit.
And with pain in your head you opened your mouth “tell them all we had is gone now” you quoted him, just above a whisper.

“No, no no” he denied it, shaking his head but both of us knew there was no way out of it.

“You knew I’d take a bullet for you.” You were willing it to be louder but were too weak, you’ve always been the weak one.

Your eyelids were heavy and you tried hard to stay awake.

“And I knew you wouldn’t take one for me” you whispered with the last bit of strength you had left.

And you tried to stay awake, you tried it but you failed.

And suddenly you realized that this was all you wanted, you just wanted everything to fade away, to disappear. And as you realized that this is what you wanted all along, you let go.

Bucky yelled for you, he yelled for you to stay, he yelled that he loved you, he was sorry, he really was but you couldn’t hear anything.

You gave up, slowly falling until you drowned in pure darkness and then you were numb again just feeling nothing at all and you drifted down deeper, and then, finally, you were gone.

He was too late and you were gone.

All time tag list : @smol-flower-kiddo @mytrueself @capsheadquaters @jaqui-has-a-conspiracy-theory @yellowtheremarvelfan @sebbylover24 @moomoomendes @momentofpeaceandbeauty @sebstan01 @learisa @basicwhiskeyprincesss @juneau2005 @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes @olicia-leeshy @artdolf-hipster @socially-unacceptable-h0e @cjhoran-justme @imonlyheretowatchthis
all my smol steeb feels - let me show you them

So I am totally down with the whole idea of Steve Rogers’ Super Soldier Serum acting kind of like Bruce Banner’s?  In which he turns into Big Mighty Steeb when he’s good and goddamn worked up about something Bad, Unjust, Evil and Needing a Good Kick in the Ass? 

– So Smol Steeb basically makes an appearance when he’s generally good and content with his world and all the things and he is, of course, the Little Shit we all know and love.

– And Sam Wilson is like “OH GOD THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH.”  And also, Smol Steeb was chilling out at Sam’s when Mama Wilson comes to visit her baby boy. 

– Smol Steeb is INSTANTLY ADOPTED into the Wilson family.  Like basically Sam has a younger sibling now.  Who’s a little shit.  And loves Mama’s cooking and also listens when she goes into Justice Mode™ because Mama Wilson is totally a kickass lawyer and part of the Elle Woods’ batch from  Harvard. 

(“Why am I the younger one, Sam?  Technically, I was born in 1918 – “


– Also Smol Steeb gets to establish a Sekrit Identity™ of his very own because Lord knows he needs to get away from the superhero insanity every now and then and it’s Mama Wilson who tells him all about Samwell’s great Fine Arts program.

– Smol Steeb looks deceptively fragile and weak.  The bully on the subway who thinks it’s a fantastic idea to pick on said tiny thing will get a solid punch on the jar, amid yells of “WORLDSTAR!!!”  and also, Steeb will get an unexpected assist from the tiny Georgia-born hockey player who came to the Big Apple to visit his Dugan cousins.  Smol Steeb and one Bitty Bittle are perfectly capable of kicking ass when needed. 

– The Bully on the Subway™ does not know how close he came to Death by Winter Soldier™

– This headcanon bears repeating btw - the Winter Soldier basically comes in from the cold due to Smol Steeb’s adorable tiny behind and the magical baking powers of his “Cousin” Bitty. 

Bucky² (Part 5)

Summary: You’re a mutant with the power of dimensional, spatial and time manipulation, meaning you can travel to and from dimensions, spaces and different times with ease. But one day, when you’re coming back from a particularly long mission, you brought something back that should never have come with you in the first place.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that Marvel has created and I certainly don’t own Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Sickness, fluff.

40′s!Bucky x Present!Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

Third Person POV:

It had been a very tough week for the Avengers. 

There was no change in Y/N’s condition as far as they could see and they all took turns in taking care of her and trying to get her fever down as the others tried to get some sleep to replenish their minds.

It was only Happy Feet and Sarge that hadn’t slept. 

Even with the others helping, they never stopped fighting the exhaustion that was threatening to overtake them as Sarge gently dipped the compress in the water and vinegar concoction, straining it before laying it neatly against her forehead, to combat her still high fever.

“FRIDAY, how are her vitals?” Happy Feet asked, cradling Y/N’s clammy hand in his cool metallic one while two of his flesh fingers pressed against her pulse point.

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Puddle Hopping (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I got this request in my ask box from this prompt list. Since my vacation is almost over, I won’t be as active for a bit, so I might not have a chance to write during the week, but there will definitely be something for Bucky’s birthday either Friday or Saturday. And a reminder that requests are open! I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Request by @captainsbestgirl: 26 and 49 with Bucky? Please?

26: “You’re a fucking child.” “I simply suggested that we should go splash in the puddles outside, damn.” 49: “I fucking adore you.”

Summary: You and Bucky are inside the Tower as a storm rages on outside. When you find out that Bucky doesn’t like the rain, you try to change his mind.

Other Characters: None

Warnings: Fluff and language☺️

Word Count: 428

Originally posted by mariannaraskin

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I Just Wanna Punch You . . . (Bucky x Reader)

Request: #13 with Bucky❤💕

#13: “I really want to punch you right now… Or maybe fuck you?”

(Y/N) = Your name

From the prompt list here

Warnings: fluff, one swear, (sexual frustration, I guess???), implied boom-chicka-boom

Enjoy! :)

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@annadier asked:  Can I request No. 6, No. 24 and No. 50 from the promt list please? Sebxreader or buckyxreader. Whatevers more comfortbale for you. Thanks you so much (in advance)!!! 

6. “I can’t believe I’m doing this”  24. “Don’t say anything or I’ll rip your tongue”  “Oh, I didn’t know we were married. When was it?” // List of prompts here! 

A/N: I have to say that I wrote this as a 3000 words fic more or less. What happened? My laptop didn’t copy it and I lost EVERYTHING. I wanted to cry, seriously. So I made this shorter and I’M SO SORRY!

Originally posted by monstacookies

You hated Bucky Barnes.

Well, in your defense, you had to say that you hated him because he hated you. Quid pro quo, isn’t it? 

But it wasn’t always like that. When Bucky arrived with Steve to the compound after the Accords’ event, he was shy and scared. Somehow, you were one of the people who trusted the most. You were good friends, you trained together…Even the team said there was tension between the two of you.

Well, they weren’t wrong. Now there was tension too. But not that one. You just wanted to rip each other’s throats. You remembered once Steve and Sam had to separe you because the team was afraid you would kill him.

You didn’t know what happened. You tried to talk to him, but it seems it was useless. He was smug, arrogant and…god, sometimes you just wanted to punch his face. And actually, it hurt you. You had developed a crush on him and him treating you that way hurt you and made you angry. So you decided it was etter to ignore him, but he was always there annoying you.

God, you really hated him.

You felt good that morning. You had had an intense yet satisfying sparring session with Nat in the morning and you were walking to the conference room where the rest of the team was. You entered and frowned as you saw Bucky’s smirk.

Oh, oh…

“Good morning, Mrs. Barnes!” He greeted you cheerfully as you sat down between Nat and Steve.

“Buck”Steve warned as he was reading some files.

“Oh, I didn’t know we were married. When was it?”

“Five minutes ago” He replied triumphantly causing you to raise a brow.

“What te hell did you drink, Barnes?”

“You two are going to a mission undercover. Together” Steve said as he handed you a folder with your new identity. You looked at him, waiting for him to say it was a joke.

“No, no, no, no”

“Yes, Y/N” Steve said sighing and rubbing his forehead. “The target has several files in his computer and we need you to take them. He will be celebrating a birthday party this weekend so FRIDAY put you two on the list”

“Why him? Why not you? Or Clint? Or Wanda” you said pointed at her. “She’ll be more useful with her powers”

“C’mon, doll. It’s not that bad being marry to me”

You hid your urge to punch his handsome face and you snorted, taking the folder and leaving the room as you were swearing.

Damn James Barnes.

Wanda and Nat saw as you were packing your clothes not so carefully, feeling your rage. Your blood felt like boiling and you wanted to scream until your throat was sore. You huffed and closed the bag, leaving it on the wooden flor and kicking it with your boots.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this” You said crossing your arms against your chest. Nat shook her head and Wanda bit his bottom lip.

“Just don’t kill him”

“It’s not my fault he is so unbearable. I still don’t know why he hates me”

“It’s strange. I mean, you two seemed to be good friends…”

“I..”Wanda spoke and you two turned to her. “I never go inside the minds of the team but when he’s around me…I feel an intense pain”

You were about to answer when FRIDAY warned you Bucky was waiting you in the living room. You sighed and took your bag, going there. Your eyes travelled to him, who was staring outside the window. The dim light of the sunset drawing his silhouette. He turned and looked at you, taking his belongings and walking towards the elevator.

Hell, it was going to be a long weekend.

You looked at yourself in the mirror one more time. You were wearing one of Nat’s dresses. It was black and showed your back. You had put on your make up and made a hairstyle you had seen on Youtube. When you were ready, you took your purse and went inside the room, walking towards the hotel’s hall.

The carpeted stairs muffled the sound of your heels and you took your time, feeling your heart jumping against your chest as you observed Bucky. He had cut his hair and his curls seemed soft. You wanted to touch them. He wore a black suit with a white shirt and a silky blue tie. As if he was feeling someone staring at him, he turned and looke at you, his eyes going dark as they were on your body.

“Don’t say anything or I’ll rip your tongue”    

“You have been always so sweet, Mrs. Barnes” He showed his arm and you took it, feeling him leaning against your ear, his hot breath caressing your skin. “That’s why I married you”

“Just go” You said as you walked to the car Steve had given you. He began to drive to the mansion and you were amazed as you saw all that luxury. He opened the door for you and you heard the muffled sound of the music and you walked, the servants taking your coat and leading you to the main room after they had checked your names.

You both were in your agents’ mode and your eyes scanned the room, looking for the target. He was near the bar, chatting with a group of girls. Bucky nodded and went to his places while you began to walk towards the man, your hips swaying slightly as you approached him.

Bucky stayed in the agreed place, scanning the room and the other guests. Several guards were observing everything, protecting their boss. The ceiling had cameras that Bucky knew they would be deactivated thanks to Tony. He took his glass and moved it, enjoying the clink of the ice-cubes. 

You were stunning that night. He knew it. And the target seemed to know it too. Bucky felt his blood boling as he saw his hand on your lower back, you features relaxing as you laughed and they way you whispered into his ear. He was an idiot and was regreting everything at that point. The lump in his throat grew up wider as he saw you going up the stairs with him.

As soon as you got into the office, your eyes looked for the computer, located in the right corner. You smiled when suddenly you were slammed against the nearest wall, his hands on your hips and his lips pressing sloppy kisses on your neck. It was disgusting. You were sure Bucky could hear his moans through the earphones and you thought you had heard him growling. But it couldn’t be. He hated you.

When the target bit your special places below the earlobe, you couldn’t avoid the moan to escape from your lips.

“Oh, James…”

The target looked at you and before he could open his mouth, he was laying on the floor, unconcious. You ran to the computer, copying the files needed to the USB Tony had given to you a special one that wouldn’t allow whoever wanted to follow your trace. 

You waited as the bar was filling in slowly.

Bucky was frozen in his place. He was hearing that man kissing you and his hands had closed, swearing that he would get in there to put that man away from you. That was before you moaned his name.

You had called him several names and nicknames before. He liked them all. The way your voice pronounced them and your lips moved. You had called him Bucky, Buck, Boo Bear, Winter Soldier (mockingly while sparring with him) but no James. And that drove him mad.

He saw you going down the stairs and he stood up, walking towards you and before you could say something, he grabbed your arm and led you to the car. You went inside it and asked what the hell was wrong with him but the only answer was silence. Bucky drove back to the hotel and he parked, walking to your door and opening it. He pulled you carefully, being sure he wasn’t hurting you and moved to the hall. You were slower as your heels didn’t allow you to walk faster and he gave them his famous Winter Soldier’s gaze. Suddenly, you screamed when he pulled you over his shoulder, going to his room.

“What are you doing, James?” You said when he had placed you on your feet and saw his own kicking the door and closing it. He pressed you against it, as the target had done, but this time, a completely different feeling.

His blue eyes were now dark and his gaze went from your lips to your eyes. His metal hand put a lock of hair behind your ear and yours went to his hair, his soft curls caressing your fingertips. His mouth pressed kisses on your jaw as he spoke.

“I’m so sorry”

“You hate me”

“I don’t” He stared at you and you knew Wanda was right. He was in a terrible pain. “I…I had a nightmare about you. Hydra found you and kidnapped you because…they knew you are important to me”

“Why?”You whispered, you heart pumping against your chest.

“Because I like you”

You didn’t reply. You just kissed him, pressing his body against yours. It was passionate and his teeth grabbed your bottom lip, causing you to moan. He smirked and bit your neck.

“That sound, Doll…”

“Are we returning?” He looked at you right into the eyes and you felt a shiver down your spine as he was smirking.

“Oh no, doll. You won’t leave my bed. And believe me…You won’t be able to walk tomorrow”

Don’t Go (Bucky x Reader)

Request: #1 with Bucky❤💕

#1: “Please don’t go. Don’t leave me all alone here… I’m scared.”

Warnings: mention of nightmares, fluff

(Y/C/E) = Your color eyes

Enjoy :)

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Steve needs a moment while passing a teddy bear kiosk at the mall.

My Art

Mall Rats - Part 7

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Steve

Word Count: 1008

Requested by: @thesprintersoldier

I found your account earlier today and I fell in love! I think “Mall Rats” is really creative and a great idea! I’d like to request a store, I was thinking build a bear would be really cute. Maybe, Steve and Bucky can make the reader a bear or they see that the whole team has their own each personalized bear. I actually seen some avenger bears there not to long ago!

A/n: I have decided to continue the series for sometime longer. So please send any requests you have!  Tagging is also still open!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

You were walking past Forever 21 when a dress in the window caught your eye.   You had to try it on.  Turning to the boys you let them know you were heading in.  They diligently followed you into the store.    You managed to find the dress you saw in the window as well as a couple others as you made your way to the fitting room.

You tried on the dress and you weren’t sure it the color was right so you left the fitting room to ask the guys.  The sight that met you had you shaking your head.  Steve was leaning against the wall his head hanging, in his hand your shopping bags hanging loosely.  

Bucky was sitting on the one chair that sat outside the fitting room.  He had his head leaned back against the wall and was sighing every few seconds.   You looked at both of them and coughed to clear your throat.

“What do you think?” You ask giving a little spin. Both men look at you and give you smiles.  Steve holds you at arm’s length and gives you a heart melting grin, “You look beautiful.”

Bucky give you a wink and says with a pleading look, “It looks amazing on you. Can we leave now?”  

“Why don’t you guys head to the sports store next door I will meet you over there.”  You concede giving them a grin.  You head back in the fitting room to try on the rest of your clothes while the two men headed out into the hallway to find the sports store.

As the two men were heading to the sports store, something caught Steve’s eye.  He stopped in his tracks and looked in the window of the store.   In the window were teddy bears dressed like the avengers. “Buck check these out!”

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Bucky² (Epilogue)

Summary: You’re a mutant with the power of dimensional, spatial and time manipulation, meaning you can travel to and from dimensions, spaces and different times with ease. But one day, when you’re coming back from a particularly long mission, you brought something back that should never have come with you in the first place.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that Marvel has created and I certainly don’t own Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Major familial sweetness and Bucky fluff.

40′s!Bucky x Present!Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by buckynsebimagines

Y/N’s POV:

It’s been fifteen beautiful years with Bucky. 

For those of you that are unaware, we’ve been married for fourteen of those years and we’ve had our ups and down like any couple but we’ve always pulled through.

It was our anniversary today and Bucky had told me that I should ‘doll myself up’ like in the old days, so that’s what I was doing in front of the vanity with my one-year-old girl on my lap. Her thick yet growing Y/H/C hair was pulled back from her small forehead and up in a hair tie. Her hair parted like a little fountain atop her head. It always made me smile. She was watching me paint my lips red with liquid lipstick, her baby-blue eyes watching in fascination, reminiscent of her father. 

That, or she was wondering how she could see two of Mummy.

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Alone Together (Bucky x Reader) Part 3

Request: Several requests for a part 3

Words: 1,661 

Warnings: Angst 

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @ff-exotic12

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4

The italic paragraphs are the readers thoughts! 

“Where is she?” Bucky’s eyes narrowed at Tony, his arms crossed tightly against his chest. Tony gripped the table he was leaning on and rolled his eyes heavily. 

“Why do you think I know something?” Tony made the same expression back at Bucky. “I don’t know where she is. One minute she was here, the next she was gone.” 

“You have a security system, Tony. She couldn’t of just walked out that easily.” Steve was standing by Bucky, his arms were resting on either side of the tablet on the table in front of him. 

“I know I have a security system, Steve. She’s an Avenger, do you honestly think the alarms would have went off when she walked out. The system recognized her.” Tony tore his glare away from Bucky and focused it on Steve. 

“Okay, enough.” Natasha stepped in before the argument could grow. “Tony’s right, the alarms wouldn’t have sounded if she walked out. Bucky has a point though, doesn’t she have a tracking device in her phone? Or her Stark watch?”

“I already checked that.” Tony’s voice was laced with annoyance and his whole body was tense. “Her phone is in her bedroom and her watch is a trashcan outside the tower.” 

“I was not able to find anything missing from her room.” Wanda and Sam entered the room, both of them had been sent to check her room for any missing items so they could try to get an idea of how long she was planning on being away. 

“Nothing was out of place.” Sam chipped in. “The only thing gone was a jacket and her shoes.” 

“Maybe she only went out to walk?” Wanda suggested hopefully but even she knew that was not the case. 

“She left a note and she made in very clear that she’s not coming back.” Tony rubbed his hands down his face slowly, the stress and worry was eating away at him. 

“What about her family, maybe she’s with them? We could try to get in contact with th-” Sam suggested, but he was quickly cut off my Tony. His voice wasn’t mad anymore and was simply filled with worry. 

We’re her family.” 

You saw the people pass you on the streets, if only they knew who you really were. Maybe they wouldn’t shove your shoulder and grumble as they passed, maybe they wouldn’t say such rude things when you would suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk and look back over your shoulder.

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Early Gift (1940s!Bucky x reader)

Hey everybody! I know I have kept you waiting for the 1940s Bucky x reader fic (sorry about that!) and I’m happy to say … TA-DA HERE IT IS!!! I was planning on posting it tomorrow, but a bunch of my tests got moved around to Wednesday and it’d be practically impossible for me to post tomorrow. So without further ado … here you go! (Oh, and be prepared to see more Marvel holiday fics coming up with Steve, Bucky, Pietro, and the entire team!)

Warnings: pure fluff, implied sexy time

(Y/C/E) = Your color eyes

(Y/N) = Your name

Words: 1,020

Originally posted by coporolight

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