I mean, from an honest stand point i love the snow and how winter looks but I’m going to be honest it just makes me want to sleep and not go outside. I like looking out at the snow with street lights illuminating. It has a calm and peaceful feeling. But I can tell you I am a baby and I prefer the warmth.

Sansa’s Autumn Hair

So I just had a random realization about Sansa today. I’ve always thought it was interesting how GRRM insisted on describing her hair as ‘auburn’ specifically, instead of a plain old ‘redhead.’ But I came across these two quotes recently:

“Her hair was a rich autumn auburn” (describing Sansa)


“I loved a maid as red as autumn, with sunset in her hair” (from the in-universe song ‘The Seasons of Love’)

and it hit me that Sansa’s hair is auburn, specifically, in order to emphasize the autumnal qualities of her looks. Instead of the raging-bonfire-implications of Ygritte’s ‘kissed-by-fire’ hair, Sansa’s hair gives us connotations of sunsets and trees in fall. In other words, Sansa is the ‘maid as red as autumn’ from the song.

And what season comes after autumn? Winter. Sansa’s looks are literally the embodiment of ‘Winter is Coming.’ So even though she doesn’t physically resemble a Stark, she does physically resemble their House words.

I don’t know, I thought that was pretty cool! Just felt like sharing with the class…

  • [Weiss' Scroll starts ringing.]
  • Winter: *looks at who's calling* You still call father "Daddy"?
  • Weiss: *answers call and makes direct eye contact with Winter*
  • Weiss: Hey, Ruby.
  • Winter: *chokes on drink*

wonder woman 2 wishful thinking:

The year is 1973. The Cold War is at its height, and Berlin is infested with spies and mistrust. When a friend of hers is murdered in his home in Germany, Diana Prince heads to East Berlin in order to unravel the mystery behind the death, and finds that not only is there more to the murder than she first thought, but her pursuit of truth has drawn the attention of a shadowy organization that is not interested in being dragged out into the light, and is willing to try to silence her at any cost.

Up to and including sending a ghost story after her.

american beauty guru doing a winter look-book: so for my winter look we have this cute statement t-shirt and this adorable skirt, i also have on these 40 density tights as california might get a bit chilly during january :3 i paired it with these sandals and i have a thin leather jacke-

norwegians: i cant even wear this during summer