• interrogator:say it!
  • me, tied to a chair:say what?
  • interrogator:[slaps me] dont play stupid! admit that theres no romantic feelings between steve and bucky! say it!
  • me:[spits blood on interrogator] you cant deny that theres more between them than friendship if steve can refresh manipulated bucky's memory just by one sentence you dumb fuck i can do this all day
  • Vivienne:Am I to understand that you...are writing a book about me?
  • Varric:Well, it's just notes right now.
  • Vivienne:What kind of book is it?
  • Varric:I was planning on a political thriller: some backstabbing, power grabbing, maybe a murder or two.
  • Varric:The Winter Palace was kinda inspiring and uh... apparently I got plenty of readers there. I've never really done an Orlesian serial. It's a gamble but, you never know.
  • Vivienne:And what role do I play in this thriller of yours?
  • Varric:Actually, (nervous laugh) you're the villain.
  • Vivienne:(laughs)

Needed something to jump start my morning, so some quick drawings of Irma as requested! I couldn’t find those images so I’m not sure if I did the request right. But as a rule I do my best not to copy other people’s designs out of respect, so I just did my own thing. I hope you still like them Anon.

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