It’s so cold in Minneapolis this winter that either the ghosts are bundling up in pairs of jeans or live people are freezing where they stand and having to hop out and run home pantless. Yipe!

These frozen pants are actually the work of local prankster Tom Grotting of the Polar Vortex user group. He’s been setting up frozen jeans around his neighborhood since the polar vortex of 2013 in order to brighten the winter months for his neighbors. He soaks the pants in water and then sculpts them into place as they freeze outside.

“I mostly do it for my neighbor, Diane,” Grotting told ABC News. “The winter gets a little long and she doesn’t like winter very much so it’s mostly entertainment for Diane.”

Grotting’s pants pranks quickly caught on with other locals who’ve happily gotten in on the mischief and the playful trend continues to spread.

Follow #FrozenPants on Twitter and keep an eye on the Polar Vortex user group for more photos of invisible people hanging out in the snow.

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wonbats asked:

My sister is going to Carleton next year, and she's a little concerned about getting a winter coat. See, we're from Southern California, so we never experience actual weather. Can you recommend any jackets that will keep her cozy?

This is a very smart question.

So, I’m from the south.  Coming to Carleton was a huge weather shock for me.  I feel y’all, believe me.

Northface jackets are very popular here.  They are warm and fleece-y so the snow won’t dampen them.  They are also good in cold rain.

Nice peacoats are what many of us (myself included) use for a warmth/fashion combo in the winter.  A really nice peacoat may be all you need for winter, if you bundle properly.

Down jackets are AMAZING if the temps are super low outside.  It’s basically like walking around with a comforter on your body, only less blanket like, I guess.

Bring a rain jacket for sure.  Even if you don’t use it in winter, you WILL use it in late fall/all of spring.  Rain boots are a really handy thing too.

I hope this is useful.  In terms of other warm things you should have on hand, multiple pairs of warm gloves (at least one being waterproof, but the thin ones are good for layering), at least one pair of warm, waterproof winter boots, warm socks, leggings for layering, multiple scarves (great fashion accessories, too), HATS (I can not emphasize this any more), and earmuffs are all crucial, or at the very least nice for cold weather.

Notice how I talk about layering multiple times.  The jacket doesn’t matter as much as what is under it; wearing three shirts is a normal thing to do here during the winter.  Layers, layers, layers, future Carls!

(also, don’t let this scare you.  Winter may be cold but it is also super beautiful and there is always a lot of fun stuff to do to occupy your time spent indoors)

Securian Winter Carnival Half Marathon

Beth and I have run this half several times and the field is very competitive. It’s a testament to the athleticism of the Twin Cities that hundreds of runners turn out for a half in the middle of winter.

This might have been the warmest Winter Carnival half I’ve run and I overdressed for temps in low 30s. I ran the first few miles too fast and had to slow down at the end. I’m disappointed in my 1:47 finish and am determined to be smarter in my pacing next time.


May your day be as fun as an otter sledding on its belly in the snow!

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Follow our river otter’s advice…when life gives you snow, go sledding! Our animals are loving all this fresh powder!

Thanks to Minnesota/Tropics Trail supervisor, Tom N. for this awesome video! #dayattheMNZoo #OnlyinMN #LetItSnow ❄️#otter #AwesomeAnimal #snow #fun #cute #smile #humpday #minnesota #kayla #winter #instagood #instacute


Minneapolis Diamond Jubilee

On February 5, 1928, a Diamond Jubilee Ball was held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the naming of the city of Minneapolis in 1853. Mary Ellen Selden was crowned the winter princess, and Mayor George E. Leach lit the first candle on the enormous birthday cake. An elegant crowd celebrated with dancing.

The Minnesota Territorial Legislature recognized Minneapolis as a town in 1856 and it was incorporated as a city in 1867. Happy birthday, Minneapolis!