BAR Vintage Winter Drop


KEONE MADRID - Nirvana I Winter Drop 2015


Bye bye blue skies
I’ll see you again in a few months
I don’t mind you but
It’d be a lie if I said I liked you
Mine side is more grey
Wears clouds aroung it’s neck
And I love it with
All it’s rain and fog
It’s mine and I’m its
Borned in it’s cold night
During a storm
First sounds I’ve ever heard
Were rain drops

Grey Skies 4

I stare with the brightest of eyes

Peering up at the grey skies

They stir my heart with joy and happiness

For I know rain drops of comfort

Originally posted by starsmonsters

Wash away tiredness and hurt

That can come from the coldest winter days

These drops of love stir a heart of praise

As they show a new season is on it’s way

I know these showers 

make way for the beautiful flowers

That fill our life with hope and colour

These raindrops tell us we will again rediscover

The simple wonder of sitting outside on a blanket

the true heaviness of our winter jacket

and  the horribly misery of  broken March Madness brackets