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Hello! Thank you so much for putting effort in managing this blog, i could scroll for hours.. youre one of my favorites! May i ask what is your favorite silhouette in a wedding dress? And which are your top favorite dresses/brands? xx

Thanks much! You’re the most kind! :)

My favourite silhouette is Fit and Flare with a really form-fitting bodice. I love dresses that accentuate the figure of the bride, are evenly constructed and have intricate details. Moreover, even though it’s not really a part of the silhouette, but I have a thing for ruffles. And of course, sparkles, bling and crystals are very much appreciated as well.

I have seen a lot of beautiful dresses including those that I haven’t posted here. I haven’t even posted my “most favourite dress” here yet; I should probably do soon. But I actually have a “Top picks” list, and my top pick so far is my icon, the Berta Style 14-15 Wedding Dress with an illusion neckline from their Winter 2014 Collection.

I’ve had the good fortune to try it out of a whim during one of our trips in a bridal salon in Hong Kong. The bodice is just divine. It’s simple but still has a charm that will give prominence to the overall image of the bride. It has that classic, romantic, sexy, yet vintage elegant-look that I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a bit revealing but definitely not tacky. A woman has to have a lot of confidence to pull off such a sophisticated dress. I’m sorry but I feel like I’m not doing it justice because it’s just absolutely stunning. Note: I haven’t seen a full body-shot from my source, but it’s actually a Sheath dress―not a Mermaid or Fit and Flare dress. FYI just in case you’re wondering.

I also adore the Celeste Wedding Dress from Amelia Sposa 2016 Bridal Collection.

It’s not your typical “overly-poofy” princess gown. The lace doesn’t actually “outdate” the dress, but the spectacular detailing furnishes it with a very classy and feminine semblance. Any bride would truly look like a princess in this dress. Uh..what’s that? Did I mention that it has a removable skirt as well? The dress transforms into a sensual curve-clinging silhouette; ideal for those brides who prefer to have different looks at the ceremony and during the reception.

Unique, over-the-top and dramatic dresses are really interesting, but in my opinion, some of them are just good for the eyes. I’m guilty in posting and liking some of those dresses. But dammit, they’re too shiny and pretty! I can’t help it! I prefer a dress that will actually make a woman look and feel like a bride. The bride should be the focal point, and not the dress. And in my opinion, this wedding dress is just perfect for someone who shares the same sentiment.

With bridal designers, I love Lazaro, Pnina Tornai, Michael Cinco, Crystal Design, Berta, Galia Lahav, Gazelle Brides, Eden Haute Couture, Mark Zunino, Dar Sara, Julie Vino, Rami Salamoun and Demetrios and a lot more talented designers whom I feel guilty in not remembering outright.

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Thank you for your question, anon.