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Okay but

Imagine Qrow and Winter trying to make each other jealous for whatever reason.

Maybe they haven’t realized they want each other and Qrow sees Winter laughing with Ironwood and can’t figure out why it pisses him off. Maybe Winter sees Qrow place his hand on the small of Glynda’s back as he follows her out a door and she isn’t sure why she hates Glynda all of a sudden.

Then it just builds and builds until they snap.

Bar Fights and Best Friends

Bucky Barnes X Reader
Summary: Reader is a bar tender who just cant seem to catch a break. One night after an all out brawl breaks out where she works, she finds herself trapped behind the counter with one of the patrons. A Patron with a metal arm who claims to know the Avengers. 
[Image not relevant, I just really liked it.]

“This is so not my day!” You huffed as a beer bottle whizzed past your head. You should have gone home four hours ago, but the night bartender had called out for their shift. Being the Good Samaritan that you were, you offered to stay. Apparently, the universe decided that the best reward for your small act of kindness would be an all-out brawl at the bar. Cowering behind the counter you tried desperately to remember what your boss had said the procedure for this was.

“You’re telling me!” A voice groaned from your left. You looked over to see a man sitting a couple feet your left. His chin was lined with stubble. His hair was grown out long, just reaching his shoulders. The brim of a baseball hat covered most of his face but you got the impression that you had nothing to fear from this man.

“Long day for you too, then?” You scooted over towards him. Both so that you could avoid another flying beverage and so that you could hear each other better.

“Long life.” He chuckled bitterly. He poked his head up over the brim of the counter only to immediately pull himself back down. “Well that’s not stopping any time soon.” He sighed. “I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Bucky.”

“Nice to meet you Bucky. I’m [Y/n].” You grasped his hand and gave it a shake. You were surprised by how smooth and cold his hand was. You looked down. It was metal!

“Like I said, long life.” He repeated uncomfortably.

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アイスバー(アイスクリームじゃない方の) ice bar


i wonder how go out of there…


“Light of Inns made of snow”Shizu Onsen


McArthur High School; school newspaper room

It was around 5:30pm when the last of the students left. I was still there of course, typing away furiously on my laptop. I needed to finish the last bits of a sports article. It was already past due and I didn’t want the senior editor to bite my head off tomorrow morning if they couldn’t get it printed on time.
“The article is fine Joey. Save and print it.”
I looked up from the screen, seeing Mr. Winter’s standing in front of the table I was seated at. He was smiling down at me, causing me to do the same at him.
“I’m not even going to argue against you.” Proving him right, I quickly saved the article before finding the print option, selecting it as the sound of the printer working was heard through the large room.
He plucked it up from the tray, giving it a look over quickly before setting it into the deadlines basket. “Joey, you’re going to make a good senior editor one day.”
“You think so?” I asked him as I got up from the desk, closing my laptop as I slid it into my bag gently. I hoisted it onto my shoulder, holding the strap in place as I walked past him.
“Yes. You work hard around here and you certainly don’t mind having to write the more, mundane articles.” He chuckled lightly. “I stumbled across your blog as well…”
I stopped in my tracks, turning to look at him, surprise on my face. I hadn’t shared my writing with him. At least not my personal short stories. I began to wonder who had spilled those beans to him.
“Like I said, you will have no problem becoming senior editor when the time comes.” He reached over then, locking the classroom door that was literally behind me.