winter soldier one shot

the one (i / iii)

Pairing: College!Bucky x Reader

Summary: Y/N is in love with Bucky Barnes. Bucky Barnes is not in love with Y/N.

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: Phew, this is the longest thing I ever posted and it took me so freaking long I can’t even tell you. This is part one of a three part mini-series, so let me know what your thoughts are on this one. Feedback is always very appreciated. Anyways, this one is for @irndad because she’s the awesomest of the awesomest and I’m really really happy everytime I get to talk to her. I hope you like this lilah, angel <3

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She thinks he’s perfect.

In her eyes, Bucky Barnes is complete and utter perfection, with all his flaws and all his mistakes and all the baggage and everything about him he looks at with disgust in his eyes. To her, he’s it. He’s the one she wants to wake up next to in the morning, with sun filtering through the curtains and her head on his chest, or a soft, chilly breeze drifting in from the outside that makes being tucked into his side, strong, muscled arms tightly wrapped around her feel even more like home. He’s the one she wants to hug from behind when he makes coffee in the morning, face pressed into the skin between his shoulder blades. He’s the one with whom she wants to watch silly comedies or awful horror movies or the documentaries he likes so much. He’s the one she wants to see smile, the one she wants to hear laugh so hard it makes his eyes water and belly ache of happiness, the one she wants to hear giggle like a little school child and the one she wants to be happy.

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‘’Why is she wearing my hoodie?’’

A/N: Here is just another fluff bomb for you all, hope you it! Please let me know what you think. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky tries to figure out the reason behind his missing hoodie one day, relishing in the idea that might be a win-win situation for both of you.. but what might that lead to? 

Warnings: Fluff overload

Word count: 3745

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It all started out innocently enough, on a monday evening after a return home from a particularly difficult mission. Your feet brushed against the cold kitchen tiles, a shiver trailing through your body as you made your way to the fridge for a late night snack. You grabbed a plate of brownies, showing the fridge close with your elbow before making your way to the television room.

You were surprised to find it empty, smiling to yourself as you relished in the idea of being able to pick a movie for once as you planted yourself on the couch. You placed the plate on the sofa table, bringing a brownie to your mouth as you browsed through the selection available on Netflix until you found something of your liking. Another shiver trailed down your spine, your body being tired and drained of energy from the mission and you reached over to the blanket at and brought it over your legs. Your eyes landed on a grey hoodie, figuring it was Steve’s you contently threw it over your shoulders and enjoyed the warmth and smell of the large garment that covered your figure.

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Was, Wasn’t.

You never noticed how the grey clouds highlighted the sky.  How through their shadows and darker outlines only made the white, the purity, stand out.

The rubble that had fallen on you had no effect anymore. Your body had become numb a long time ago, something you assumed was the last gift the world presented you with. Making sure your death wasn’t that painful.

You were aware of the body next to you, groaning and crying out in pain, in despair for some kind of help, but that’s all it was. Despair.

 He too had been there with you, he too had been under the rubble, but his strength prevented him from giving up. His lower body was probably as crushed as yours was, but all you could do was watch the sky. 

All you could do was watch the sky.

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Begin Again × MASTERLIST

SUMMARY: The Avengers team goes abuzz at the news of hearing that their former beloved member Y/N is coming to the city for a visit after being transferred for 4 years. One amongst them, was beyond excited. Because Bucky’s ex is coming back, and maybe it could be a sign of another chance. So he, along with the rest of the team, conjures up an entire plan to help him win her aching heart back again.

But like how it ended, its as rough as it would begin again.

PAIRING: Bucky Barnes x shieldagent!Reader

AU: Not following any Marvel timeline, it’s just a chill AU with Bucky in the Avengers team. And Pietro is alive. Yes

A/N: Heyyyy there guys! So, after procrastinating for so long and deciding which series I would go for first, here’s a whole 21 part series with a common trope! I was inspired by this one filipino classic movie I watched to write this HAHAH.

Anyway, updates will be spontaneous, ranging from 3 days to 1 week per chapter/part. Also note that this is an AU where everything is calm in the Avengers (with a few missions here and there), because fuck it after Infinity War we all deserve a fucking break.

Also to that one toxic bitch in my life who said my writing sucks and I can’t really write well, fucking suck on this you biiiiitttcchhh

I hope y'all stay tuned to this series! ❤️

(NOTE: All strike-through chapters aren’t written yet)


Intro- end.

CHAPTER 1- news.

CHAPTER 2- plane.

CHAPTER 3 - you.

CHAPTER 4 - settle.

CHAPTER 5 - awkward.

CHAPTER 6 - plan a.

CHAPTER 7 - plan b.

CHAPTER 8 - worse.

CHAPTER 9 - talks.

CHAPTER 10 - drunk.

CHAPTER 11 - drift.

CHAPTER 12 - girls.

CHAPTER 13 - boys.

CHAPTER 14 - plan c.

CHAPTER 15 - last.

CHAPTER 16 - heal.

CHAPTER 17 - chase.

CHAPTER 18 - rekindle.

CHAPTER 19 - stay.

Epilogue - begin.

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Fifth Time’s the Charm (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary:  Bucky gave himself five chances. Five chances to tell you that he loved you and that he would do anything for you. If by the end of his five chances he didn’t tell you, Bucky would take it as a sign from the universe that you and him just weren’t meant to be.

Word Count: 2,499

Warnings: Fluff, like one curse word

A/N: Okay I know I said that the next imagine that would be posted would be a requested one but this popped up into my head today and I just HAD to write it! I hope you all enjoy! FYI, (E/C) means ‘eye color.’

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That was just one of the many adjectives that James Buchanan Barnes would use to describe you.

Intelligent. Charming. Motivated. Determined. Kind, oh so kind.

James Buchanan Barnes was so in love with you.

Or in other words:

Whipped. Smitten. Infatuated. Enamored. So desperately head-over-heels in love with you.

Yeah, Bucky was in trouble. Why was he in trouble? He could not gain enough courage to admit his feelings to the love of his life. So, he set up a little challenge for himself. Bucky gave himself five chances. Five chances to tell you that he loved you and that he would do anything for you. If by the end of his five chances he didn’t tell you, Bucky would take it as a sign from the universe that you and him just weren’t meant to be.

Oh, God, Bucky thought nervously as he decided to go through with this plan. This better work.

The first chance Bucky got to admit his feelings was at one of Tony’s famous parties. 

The night was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky, allowing all of the stars to finally emerge and shine brightly. It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold. It was just perfect.

And there you were, sitting in your gorgeous navy blue dress that showed off all the right things, at the bar. And you were talking to another man.

Bucky was immediately filled with panic. Thoughts of oh, no. I’m too late, were running rampant through Bucky’s mind as he watched the man flirt with you.

And to make it even worse, you were flirting back.

When the man finally left to go somewhere else, Bucky seized his chance.

Striding up to you, Bucky said the first thing that came to his mind: “Hiya.”

‘Hiya’?! Bucky thought angrily to himself. When did I start saying ‘hiya’?!

Trying to regain his cool, Bucky quickly cleared his throat as you giggled behind your hand. 

“Hey, Bucky,” You smoothly said. “What’s up?”

“The ceiling,” Bucky quickly said before reddening. Stop it, stop it, stop it! Bucky chastised himself.

Giggling once more, you gently nudged his arm. “No, seriously. What’s up?”

Breathing deeply, Bucky carefully thought out his next words. “Oh, nothing. Hey, um, (Y/N), there’s something I want to tell you…”

“What is it?” The hope was evident in your voice.

Mustering up all the courage Bucky could find, Bucky asked “Can we go somewhere else, first?”

With a nod of your head, you were about to walk away when the man from before walked back towards you.

“I got lost on my way to the bathrooms. This place is a maze!” He exclaimed, earning a forced laugh from you. Sensing that the moment and his chance was gone, Bucky stepped back.

“I’ll see you later, (Y/N)…” Bucky mumbled as he turned away from you and his first chance.

The second chance Bucky got to admit his feelings was during a mission.

You and Bucky were paired up together (Bucky had to restrain himself from shouting with joy when he heard that he would be with you on this mission) and things were going smoothly. 

Until someone decided to detonate the bombs early.

With a deafening boom!, the building above you and Bucky began to shake violently. Grasping onto your hand, Bucky led the way out of the crumbling building as you ran for your lives.

Huffing and puffing next to an abandoned building, the two of you tried to catch your breath. Everything around you was covered in a cloud of smoke and debris. If you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t of been able to tell that it was Bucky who was holding your hand so tight because of how bad the cloud was around you.

“Bucky, we need to get out of here,” You coughed, bringing your other arm to your face in attempt to block the thick smoke from entering your lungs.

“I know, Doll, I know,” Bucky reassured, eyes flitting back and forth. “I’ll get you out, I promise, I’ll get you-”

But Bucky was cut off once more by another bomb detonating inside the building next to you. The ringing in your ears was deafening as Bucky pulled you away from the ruined building into the safety of the tree line.

“(Y/N)?! (Y/N)?! Are you okay?!” Bucky shouted, but you couldn’t hear him. The previous bomb had knocked out your hearing. 

“(Y/N), listen to me,” Bucky said as he dragged you away from the battle that was raging in the city. Things were getting bad, really bad, in a short amount of time. “(Y/N), if we don’t make it, I need to tell you something.”

You knew Bucky was saying something, but you couldn’t hear him. The smoke was clouding your vision too, so much so that you couldn’t even read his lips.

“(Y/N), I-” But Bucky was cut off once again. Vision had found the two of you, right when the battle was getting near to you. Picking the both of you up, he flew you back to the awaiting quinjet.

And just like the abandoned city below, Bucky’s second chance of admitting his feelings to you were blown to pieces.

The third chance Bucky got to admit his feelings was at the pool party being thrown just for the Avengers.

It was a very stressful past couple of weeks, so to give everyone a chance to relax, Clint was throwing a pool party at his house.

Bucky had spent the entire day trying to gain the nerve to talk to you. After seeing you in your swimsuit, Bucky’s eyes almost popped straight out of his head at the sight of you. You were absolutely stunning in that black bathing suit. Bucky could barely take his eyes off of you.

So, with a little pep-talk he gave to himself, Bucky decided to go tell you how he felt. Walking towards you, careful not to slip in the puddles around him, Bucky finally reached you. You had just stood up from your lounge chair and you were readjusting everything so that it was more comfortable to you. 

Seeing Bucky in the corner of your eye, you spun towards him. “Hey, Sarge.”

Oh, God, Bucky gulped. He absolutely loved it when you called him that.

Smiling reassuringly at him, you waited patiently for him to snap out of his reverie.

“Oh, hey. Look, there’s something I have been trying to tell you lately…” Bucky said, blue eyes drifting to your (E/C) ones.


“Okay, well I-” But that was all Bucky got out before he was grabbed by the ankle and pulled into the cold water. 

Swimming back up to the surface, Bucky pushed back his soaking wet hair as he glared menacingly at Sam who had just pulled him in.

“Dude, what the hell?!” Bucky yelled at Sam, who was laughing.

“Payback,” He said with a devilish grin as he quickly swam away. Looking back up at you, Bucky saw that you were already pulled into a conversation with Thor.

And there went chance number three, Bucky thought dejectedly to himself as he grabbed onto the nearest inner tube, floating away from you.

Bucky was getting desperate by the time chance number four came around. This chance came in the form of a spur-of-the-moment camping trip, suggested by none other than his best pal, Steve.

So there you all were, hiking up the mountain side to your campsite because “driving there would just be too easy.”

Sometimes, Bucky really hated Steve.

After hiking up a mountain all day, you all had finally reached your campsite. The entire group was tired and cranky, Bucky included. All Bucky wanted to do was take a nap, preferably with you by his side.

As the day ended and as tired Avengers retreated to their tents, the only two that were left around the campfire were you and Bucky. The night had grown cold, which Bucky was now thankful for, because you were snuggled up into his side as the two of you watched the flames flicker.

As sounds of owls and other creatures hooted and bustled around you, the crackling of the fire calmed you as you gazed up at the night sky.

“Which constellation is that one?” You yawned out as you laid down on the ground, pointing to the night sky. Following your lead, Bucky laid down next to you on the blanket.

“Which one?” Bucky asked, cheeks growing red because you had laid your head on his chest.

“That one,”

“Oh, that’s Orion,” Bucky answered as you squinted to try to make out the form of a man.

“Oh, I see it now. What about that one?”

“That’s Leo,” Bucky said as he grabbed your hand. Directing your hand, he had you point out a specific constellation. “And that’s Canis Major.”

“You’re so good at this, Buck,” You yawned, burying your face into his chest.

Heart quickening, Bucky realized that this was his fourth chance.

“(Y/N), I’m just going to say this. I love-” Interrupted by a subtle snore, Bucky’s words fell from his mouth as he realized that you had fallen asleep. 

“Sleep tight, Doll.” Bucky whispered to you as he gently kissed the top of your head. With a sigh, Bucky closed his eyes as his fourth chance twinkled out of existence, just like what will happen to the many stars above you.

The fifth and final chance that Bucky had to admit his feelings came on an ordinary day.

The two of you were sprawled out on the couch watching Bucky’s favorite show, Friends. You, of course had introduced Bucky to the wonders of Netflix. So there you two were, slouched on the couch in your sweats, watching Netflix.

Bucky loved Friends. He loved all of the characters and he loved comparing the characters in the show to his teammates. For example, Sam was a lot like Janice because he annoyed Bucky so much, just like how Janice annoyed Chandler. Sometimes, though, Bucky wasn’t Chandler. A lot of the time he was Ross. And just like what was happening to Ross in the episode that Bucky was watching, they both couldn’t admit their feelings to the love of their life.

Glancing down to you, Bucky took in your natural beauty. Hair messy and no makeup on, this was Bucky’s favorite version of you. Because you were just being his favorite person in the whole world, you.

Laughing at the show, your laughter snapped Bucky out of staring at you. 

“What?” You asked, finally noticing that Bucky was looking at you.

This is it, Bucky thought as he paused the show.

“Why’d you stop it?”

“(Y/N), just listen to me for a second,” Bucky started with a shaky breath. Eyes locked onto yours, Bucky grabbed your hand. “I find you incredibly beautiful.”

Heat rushing over your body, you go to protest but Bucky stops you.

“I know you don’t think so, and it kills me every time you say something mean about yourself. To me, you are the most beautiful person in the whole world. Not only are you beautiful, but you are intelligent, charming, motivated, determined, and kind, oh so kind. You make my days so much better just by existing. And right now, I am freaking out a lot but I need to tell you this,” mustering up all the courage that he had used in the past four attempts, Bucky finally did it. “I love you. I love you so much that it physically hurts when I am not near you. It hurts when I see you flirting with another man. It hurts when I think about how I could one day lose you. It hurts when others come between us. And it really hurts when you don’t realize that you shine more brightly than all of the stars in the universe combined. I know you probably don’t feel the same way, but I just needed to tell you. Tell you that I love you.”

Once Bucky finished, the room was filled with complete silence as you gaped at him. Nervousness and panic filled Bucky when you didn’t say anything. All you did was stare up at him, mouth hanging slightly open.

“Please,” Bucky pleaded, gulping back his panic. “Say something.”

Bucky was met with more silence until your melodic voice broke through.“W-who told you that I didn’t love you?”

Shock hitting Bucky like a tidal wave, it was his turn to stare at you with his mouth hanging open. “What?”

“I said,” You started, gaining confidence. “Who told you that I didn’t love you?”

Finally registering your words, Bucky’s eyes widened in shock. “Y-you love me?”

Face breaking out into a smile, you nodded at Bucky whose own face broke out into a smile.

Hands reaching out, Bucky grabbed your face and pulled it towards his as he placed his lips onto yours in a searing kiss. And boy, did it feel good. Bucky had almost moaned at the feeling of your lips against his. They were beautifully shaped, molding perfectly to his as one of his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you onto his lap. Your own hands went up to his hair, intertwining themselves in his chocolate brown locks as you smiled into this kiss. You could feel your heart soaring to the heavens as Bucky smiled into the kiss too. You had pulled away for a short moment to catch your breath, only to be pulled back in as your lips crashed against his again. Bucky’s arms wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer, as close as he could get to you. Your own arms wrapped around his neck as you tried to get even closer to him. The kiss was deepened with a swipe of Bucky’s tongue against your bottom lip to which you gladly accepted. 

Every time the both of you pulled away, you found yourself instantly pulled back into each other. The kisses were never ending as Bucky cradled your face in his hand. Pulling back breathless, your sweet breath fanned across Bucky’s face past your bruised lips. Chest heaving, Bucky rested his forehead against yours as you tucked pieces of his hair behind his ear.

“About time, Barnes,” You giggled as he placed a quick peck to your lips.

“What do you mean?” He asks with a goofy smile as he gazes at you in a bliss.

“I was beginning to wonder when you were going to say something. Why didn’t you try before?”

“Doll, I’ve been trying. Guess these past four times I’ve been trying to tell you just weren’t the right time.” Bucky smiled as his thumb swiped across your cheek.

“You mean all this time, you’ve been trying to tell me that you loved me?” You said, shock crossing your features.

“Doll,” Bucky chuckled, pulling you down for another kiss. “You have no idea.”

Eight Times

Series Summary: Eight times Bucky Barnes said ‘I love you’ without saying ‘I love you’, and the one time he actually said it.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,852

“What if we didn’t have knee joints?” You said aloud. “Would we just walk like penguins, d’you think?”

Bucky let out an exasperated laugh, giving you a look. “Why would you even think something like that?”

You blinked and pursed your lips. “It was a random thought.”

He shook his head, continuing to polish his gun. “We’re hiding behind a bush, about to snipe a guy who’s killed over thirty people. It’s hardly the time to be thinking about penguins.”

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Honesty Hour

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot


Warnings: Language, some angst, and implications of sex. But really this is just pure hilarity in a fake world where all these adorable man!heroes are your best friends.

Word Count: 3K

Summary: It’s your turn to host Friendsgiving, and all your closest friends are attending – Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, and of course, Tom Hiddleston. After a whole lot of booze, the conversation steers into the boys asking your ‘FMK’ (Fuck, Marry, Kill) opinions - which leads to honesty hour with Tom.

A/N: OK so writing five people is hard af and that’s why this is so freaking long, but if you bear with me through this I think you’ll actually LOL at several parts of this little drabble. :) Anon, I hope this does you justice! Gif isn’t mine!

Originally posted by arianalilyblack

You’re not sure why, or how, really, but for the second year in a row you’d agreed to it. You’d be hosting “Friendsgiving”, and in only a few minutes everyone would be arriving.

“Fuck me.” You mumble to yourself, fighting to get butter and pepper all over the outside of the turkey.

“Oh come on now, Doll. You gotta play a little harder to get than that.”

Chris’s voice made you jump.

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Misfire [Chapter 1]

Summary: The four times Bucky tries to ask you out and fails.

Warnings: couple of swear words, that’s all!

a/n: I’ve got two parts scheduled for Friday and Saturday, then the next two updates are only next week!

The Scent

Ever since you had been assigned to the world’s mightiest dorks superheroes, it had been evident to everyone that you were the light of James Buchanan Barnes’ life. 

The man practically turned into someone else around you, with soft smiles and longing stares, paired with the subtlest (not really) heart eyes. 

“Why don’t you just ask her out on a date?” Steve questioned, leaning his chin on his palm.

“I can’t just ask her out! She deserves so much more,” Bucky argued. “Plus, she’s too good for me.” His voice quietened as he proceeded to once again belittle himself.

Steve sighed. “We’ve been over this before, Buck. You’re just the same as everyone here, even Y/N. Why don’t you take a chance and ask her out? She’s just as infatuated with you as you are with her.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” Tony quipped as he strolled into the adjoined kitchen. “He basically goes mushy whenever she’s in the same room. She’s got him wrapped around her finger.”

“I am not!” Bucky protested indignantly, heat creeping up his neck.

“You kinda are,” Steve admitted, earning a glare from Bucky, which soon morphed into a look of defeat.

“How do I ask her to dinner?” He finally gave in, alternating looks between Tony and Steve.

“Why don’t you buy her flowers or something? It’s always a nice gesture,” Steve said thoughtfully as Bucky’s ears perked up. 

“Maybe I’ll do that. Thanks Steve! Fuck you Tony!” he shouted gleefully before sprinting away as the latter exclaimed a ‘Hey!’, offended.

Bucky scratched the back of his neck, stopping outside your room. His nervous, sweaty palms grasped a bouquet of flowers he thought you’d like.

He let out an exhale as he raised his fist, knocking on the door thrice before dropping his hand. 

A moment later, the door opened to reveal your radiant smile as he swallowed thickly and forced himself to give you a smile back. 

“H-hey Y/N.”

“Oh hey Bucky.” You smile widened as you opened the door a little more. You were in sweats and a t-shirt since it was your day off, and the sounds of a movie played from your room.

“I, uh, I brought you some flowers,” he stammered, pushing his wrist forward as you caught sight of the beautiful bunch.

“They’re gorgeous!” you exclaimed, letting go of the door to accept them. As your fingers brushed against his for less than a second, Bucky could swear he felt electricity jolt up his arm.

“Do you like them?” he asked anxiously, his hands making its way to the back of his neck again in a fit of nerves.

“I love them.” You grinned, taking a big whiff of them, inhaling the scent.

“That’s good.” He laughed nervously, stalling the conversation.

“Not that these aren’t lovely or anything, but why’d you suddenly bring me these?” you asked, frowning when your nose twitched uncomfortably. That’s new.

“I, um, I thought that you’d like them and, uh,-” He tried desperately to just throw it out there, but was suddenly interrupted by a large sneeze.

You rubbed your nose as you sniffed, looking at him apologetically. “I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“I thought that maybe, uh, maybe you’d-” 


His eyebrows shot up in surprise as you looked annoyed.

“I’m sure I haven’t caught a cold, I don’t know why I’m sneezing. I’m so sorry Bucky, go on.” You felt terrible for interrupting him again, but that didn’t stop you from sneezing again.

And again.

And again.

“Are you okay?” Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed together in concern.

“I don’t know what’s going on- achoo!” You broke off your own sentence to much of your annoyance.

Bucky examined you carefully until his gaze dropped to the flowers clutched in your hands. Almost immediately his eyes widened in horror.

You followed his stare until you looked at the bouquet, realisation dawning on you. “Oh.”

“Are you… are you allergic to flowers?” he asked in shock, feeling immensely guilty.

“Not that I know of- achoo!” You wanted to jump off a cliff. “I guess it’s only this type. I’ve never seen them before.”

“Oh God, I’m- I’m so sorry, I-I didn’t know-” ‘Shit, shit, shit, shit’ was the only thing running through his head at that moment. How does one royally fuck up flowers?!

“You didn’t know, how is it your fault? Even I didn’t know.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his horrified expression, cutting your sentence off with another sneeze.

“Sh-should I get you you something, like a tablet or soup or something?” The poor guy didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t ask you out after giving you an allergy you didn’t even know about!

“I’ll be fine.” You giggled, rubbing your nose. 

“Should I take them away?” He gestured awkwardly to the flowers, not knowing how to be helpful.

“As much as I don’t want to part with them, I think you should.” You stretched them back to him as he took it with a drop of his shoulders, jumping when you sneezed again.

“Thank you though, Bucky. They’re really beautiful.” You tried to make him feel better about his unfortunate situation.

“I’lll leave you alone now. I hope you feel better soon, Y/N. I’m so sorry.” He smiled wearily back at you as he turned on his heel, trudging away disappointedly.

“She rejected you?” Tony blabbered with a mouth full of apple.

“I gave her a fucking allergy,” he said miserably making Tony choke on his food as he gasped for air.

“How’d you manage to fuck up flowers?”

“I have no idea.”

Chapter 2


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Distraction >> phase one.

PROMPT: It’s Y/N’s birthday. The Avengers thought they had the surprise birthday party all planned until Y/N comes in a little too early. Their distraction plan for such a meticulous woman; A classic Barnes seduction that could have all her defenses shut down in seconds.

PAIRING: Bucky x slightlyOCD!Reader


WARNINGS: Language, a bit of NSFW (just a teensy bit)


Phase 1 >> Phase 2



The whisper actually turned into an echoing shout of disbelief ironically coming from the sly Black Widow. The moment FRIDAY had popped up from the screen and announced the arrival of Y/N, it had everyone stopped dead on their heels. If one were to look at what was happening within the Stark tower at that moment, a celebration was brewing.

Y/N’s birthday. It was no doubt that everyone who is everyone in the Avengers loved her dearly, an obvious favorite most especially to Natasha, Steve, and Thor. So an idea sparked between the three and soon had it all laid out; a suprise birthday party.

Until trouble brewed in and HYDRA sent one of their most powerful experimental weapons on an attempted attack to SHIELD, to which the Avengers had to quickly respond to without any second thoughts. Soon enough, the others had realized their plan was way behind schedule to be accomplished overnight, and resulted into the chaos plummeting through the floor.

“I told you we should’ve left Steve, Wanda and Thor to get started yesterday!” Nat shifts the blame to Tony, who was the one who led the mission.

“It’s not my fault Hydra sent in huge ass bogies!” Tony exclaims in his notorious defensive tone, “And hey I didn’t even get a thank you for bringing Wanda in who saved your life!”

“Nat, Tony, this is not a good time to argue, we need to get this all done!” In his ever so composed voice, Steve’s voice gently rings with a demand that seemed to always do the trick to get the Avengers in order. “Tony, just keep reaching out to the other guests and the caterer. Nat, fix up whatever Y/N has to wear in her room. Let’s focus now guys, our birthday girl’s in no rush but we are!”

“Ten minutes, sir.” FRIDAY muses alarmingly.

Steve sighed deeply, thinking he already had it all together. It sent Bruce into panicking circles around while holding the last minute decorations in his arms, with Thor picking up the notch with aggressively wrapping the gifts, and Wanda fiddling the food array quickly with her powers.

“Popcorn to your left!” Wanda warns hurriedly as she flicks her hand to command the delicate bowl of popcorn to its place.

“Thor, how are the presents doing?” Clint says without turning from where he was firing up some streamers to the ceiling. “Almost done?”

“In a minute!” The confused Asgardian had no clue to such earthly gifts, resulting in oddly colored wrappings.

Amidst the silly chaos happening, one particular man was just standing nearby with nothing else to do, watching this unlikely scene from the Avengers. Bucky Barnes, like he always does, stands against the entrance door in a silent but awkward manner. He swore he had never seen such a remarkable group of individuals so called as ‘earth’s mightiest heroes’ panic about a slight mishap from their suprise plan.

“Wow this is going great.” The soldier chuckles with a shake of his head.

“Don’t you have anything else to do?” Tony remarks in an annoyed tone, obviously bothered at how Bucky seemed to be doing nothing.

Bucky wasn’t exactly doing nothing. Yeah, maybe nothing to contribute to the decorations or the food or the invitations. But a gift. Aside from the one Bucky sees Thor giving a little shake for a sneak peek, the second one was what he was working on all the while he stood still amidst the chaos. For many times, not just that day, maybe a few months back even, he had planned everything in his mind. It wasn’t something like a cheesy poem or a song, God knows he wasn’t gifted with such wonderful play of words. But something more personal, something rooting from deep with the recesses of his heart.

It beats to a song of endearment to Y/N. He didn’t know that it was already becoming obvious to the others, but with Y/N, the whole world seems to tune out and everything just falls to her. Sure, at first, he could admit her irresistible​ figure playing with his thoughts was the first to catch his attention, but ever since she came closer, showed bits and piece of who she really was through her small habits, through her words and her movements, he found himself falling in deeper that he thought he would.

Bucky Barnes decided that on that day, with the words well rehearsed in his head, that he would break the curse of not being able to muster up the courage to tell her. Tell her how he feels happy when she laughs, or disheartened when she cries. Tell her how he always wanted to hold her gentle hands or kiss her lips always full of smiles. Tell her how beautiful she is despite her exact words going against it. Tell her how much he adores her for showing her raw self, how human she is and how bold she is to show such imperfections that he still grew to love.

He wasn’t in too deep yet, but that day, the gift of a heartfelt confession was his way of asking if he could fall in deeper.

Hey, Y/N, I love you.

Too deep in a trance, Bucky still remained motionless infront of a ticked off Tony, who instantly snaps his fingers infront of his dazed eyes.

“Seriously, you have a high-tech metal arm, use it for something good damnit!”

“Exactly the point. I’ve helped Wanda enough, she can practically do my job with a wave of her hand.” When Bucky shrugged, Tony oddly wanted and thought quickly of what he can do.

One particular task came into mind.

“Mmmm no time to banter with you, just do a quick check at the back and look for the box-”

Tony didn’t need to gasp for Natasha, and everyone else, to pick up that there was a problem, again. With his eyes widened, phone fixated still on his ear, it was the expression of someone forgetting something entirely big.

The package.”

Everyone held their breaths. 11 minutes in panic, and they’d already forgotten the one thing most important for their plan.

“What?!” Bucky exclaims with widened, worried eyes.

“The package?!” Tony replies in a pitch higher than his usual, which usually meant that he was clearly panicking. “Y/N’s gift from T'Challa?!”

“Can’t that wait until tomorrow?” One suggestion Clint raises was already turned down with a sigh from Tony.

“No it obviously can’t, it’s on its way here! And so is Y/N in a few. damn.seconds!”

Faint footsteps echo from outside the door. A good minute and a half far from where the Avengers huddled together quickly as they could with hushed tones.

“We need a distraction, ASAP!” Sam implies.

“What could possibly distract that woman?!” Thor raises a certain point about their fellow avenger that brough her here in the first place, “Do you not remember her exemplary skills in focus?”

1 minute. Time was running out. And it was a good thing Clint was next to Bucky.

“Bucky! He could distract Y/N!”

Only Bucky had an expression of confusion on his face, to which he observed how the others had knowing looks on their faces. Steve, most of all, had an actual grin to his face.

“Yes! With a little flaunt of the Soldier’s charms and a few intimate words could sweep the lady off her feet.” Thor pats his companion’s back with a smile Bucky found odd.

“This should be fun!” Wanda replied with a giggle, also odd.

“Hey, uh, is anyone noticing the fact that I have no LITERAL IDEA WHAT YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT?”

With the alarming time left, and with Y/N’s singing voice getting nearer and nearer by the second, the rest all nodded in unison and went off, except for Bucky’s ignored response,  and was still standing bewildered in the middle of the room.

“Bucky!” Nat whispers loudly to the frozen man, “Distract! Y/N?!”

“Wha-wait-uh-hold on a damn minute!” Bucky whispers back a bit too aggressively, “Why isn’t anyone answering my question?! What’s happening?!?!”

“Suprise party. Distraction. That’s what happening, ASAP.” Tony exclaims.

“Oh man he thinks we don’t know.” Clint almost too quickly picks up the message from Bucky’s confused gaze.

“Wow, this is cute.” Sam chuckles in amusement and points to the Soldier’s dumfounded face. “He really doesn’t know!”

“Don’t know what?!”

It was true that at that moment the soldier had no idea what they all meant. Of course he wanted to help in getting a party accomplished for Y/N, but out of all possible distractions why him? The 20 seconds wasted with silently staring them all down began to get in Tony’s skin.

“Nat, trying not to nag here.” Tony whispered to Nat while trying his best not to open his mouth at Bucky.

“Okaayyy uh,” She glid hurriedly beside Bucky and proceeded to guide him out of the room, “Buck, it’s pretty obvious you have the hots for our birthday girl and-”

WHa-” Bucky was about to retaliate but was quickly interrupted with Nat’s finger on his lips.

Abp abp abp! No fiddle faddle nonsense, Barnes, times running out. Don’t worry soldier, she has the same thoughts about you.”

Everything was happening all too fast that not even the Winter Soldier could process. But at the realization of having the nearing woman from the other side of the door across the room have the same feelings he’s been harboring for months had him feeling oddly confident with executing the distraction.

“She does?” He says with a grin as Nat stops him in place, “Y/N, she thinks I’m hot?”

“More than that actually but…” The news got even better in Bucky’s ears, “…we need the hot version first.”

The footsteps came to a stop, with a few murmurs of annoyance from Y/N and a few rummaging noises. FRIDAY had apparently created a small diversion to buy some time for Bucky. Nat sighed in relief to as she takes in a few quick seconds to analyze how Bucky should look, other than completely smitten with his stupid grin.

“Take off your jacket, Barnes.” The suggestion snapped Bucky into an awkward scoff.


“Not repeating it again. Jacket off, look hot enough to distract Y/N.”

Bucky didn’t actually needed to be commanded that, he did so willingly, but a bit too excited than seductively. It was something Nat knew he could figure out himself, but had no time to lecture him how to do it. Y/N’s thoughts itself could do the trick for them with the help of Bucky’s 'visuals’.

“I-I don’t get it.” Nat raises her brows towards the doubtful man infront of her, “Why would she like me back??”

“Why the hell not?” She remarks, in a tone final to her point, “Assassin skills, killer charms, why wouldn’t Y/N be drooling over you?”

30 seconds.

“Look, Barnes, we have a few seconds left. It’s Y/N’s birthday, and you and I both know we all want her to have a great time today. You out of all people would want that more than anything, right?”

Right. He’d want nothing more but to bring that lovely smile on her lips and that melodic wholehearted laughter filling the room with such warmth and joy.

“We…she’s counting on you, Buck.” Nat grins with a suggestive raise of her brows, “Besides, you can count this as a birthday gift for her.”

“I uh…actually planned to give her a special knife.”

“Yeaahhhh…make out sesh with her dream guy sounds better…”

With a final assuring pat on the back from Nat, she abruptly turns towards the room, where Bucky could slightly hear the sound of boxes being tumbled around everywhere.

“Whatever you do, Buck, do NOT-” Nat twirls in a snap to stress her next point, “let Y/N through that room until Wanda gives you the signal. ”

Until it all sank into Bucky that his flirting skills were a bit rusty since '45. The worse timing, actually, to suddenly fluster up and not know what to do.

“Nat! WAIT! How do I-eh!” He was even confused as what to say.

“Look hot, say pick-up lines, bite your lip, take your shirt off, make out or whatever! Just pull out those Bucky charms she’s been ogling over for months!” Nat’s voice slowly began to sound inaudible that Bucky could not make out what she meant.

By then it was too late to ask for any help. It was between the surprise, him, and Y/N who was still murmuring in annoyance to the minor distraction FRIDAY has sent on the door keypad.

Look hot. How did I do that before?! Bucky thinks, slightly panicking at where to position himself.

How would he sweep off Y/N’s feet? In those many months that he could only but stare at her beautiful charms and let his mind wander to such intimate thoughts as he fell in love with her, how would he pursure Y/N’s heart? It was easy to pursue her eyes, no doubt, but the thought of Y/N reciprocating his feelings? He couldn’t help but daydream.

I’d look into her eyes. Just take a moment and lock our gazes together until she’s in my control. I’d drive her back slowly onto the wall, a place helpless to her attempts of going away, grab her by the hips, watch her pretty face fluster. God how beautiful she would look that close. And in moments I’ll have her lips on mine in a passionate embrace, completely breaking down all her walls and distracting her far, far away from where we are.

And it was good that he did, as the inspiration stirred through Bucky’s mind he’d already placed himself on the couch, jacket off, in a position that looked like he was resting.

To which Y/N walks into and gives her the surprise of a lifetime.

Hey, Y/N.” Bucky’s suprisingly smooth voice greets her.


LOL WHUUUTT??? A CLIFFHANGER??? AWWHHH YEAH pulled up a trick up my sleeve there ehHEEHEHEH ;)) don’t worry, I’ll have you know that I will write Part 2 as soon as I can.

Which would be in 3 days, since me and my family are going somewhere that doesn’t have wifi (YIKES), sooo I’ll leave you guys with Part 1 first. Let me know if y'all want a part 2.

Inbox is still free to requests! Drop em down whenever :)

- Nadine


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Braid (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Request: hello, i love your writing btw. may i request a fluffy bucky x reader fic? maybe bucky’s hair is getting long so he and the reader spend time doing each others’ hair?

Requested By: Anonymous 

Word Count: 1, 795

Warnings: Slight Swearing, Fluff

A/N: Hello, everyone! So sorry this is being posted so late for the anon that requested it. Also, thank you for your comment, anon! I’m also sorry if the ending sucks. Just so you know, (E/C) means “eye color.” If you would like to be added to my Tag List, just let me know. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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Originally posted by marvel-dirtbag

Warm sunlight filtered in through the blinds on the window, casting a yellow haze across the room. It was a quiet Saturday morning, one where not even Steve was awake, training early in the morning. In all of the rooms in the compound, large and small, it was quiet. The only sound to break the peaceful silence was the occasional snore that sounded from behind closed doors, where resting Avengers peacefully slept. It was on this quiet Saturday morning where we found Bucky, shockingly asleep in his bed next to you. The peacefully sleeping man next to you was sprawled out on his stomach, hair splayed messily across his face and pillow alike. Every once in a while, soft snores emitted from Bucky, causing you to stir in your sleep. You awoke, blearily blinking the sleep from your eyes as you stretched. Sighing at the feeling of your limbs stretching out the sleep from within them, you lazily smiled as you looked at Bucky next to you, who continued to blow a piece of hair out of his face with every exhaled breath.

Sitting up in bed, you crossed your legs underneath you as you watched the sleeping form of Bucky. With every breath his chest moved slowly up and down, stretching and un-stretching the red henley that was clad to his form. Your eyes traveled down Bucky’s body, admiring how peacefully he slept. Bucky, noticing the absence of your warmth next to his body, sleepily reached out his hand, searching for your warmth. Metal hand touching your thigh, Bucky smiled in his sleep, happy to have found you. A smile began to grow on your face at the thought of Bucky wanting you close-by, even in sleep. The metal hand traveled up your thigh and wrapped around your waist before tugging you into his side. A small shriek escaped your lips as you were quickly dragged down next to Bucky. Shifting onto his side, Bucky laid his head on your stomach as his arms wrapped around your waist, trying to get as close to you as he could.

Smiling down at the man snuggled into your torso, your hands absentmindedly made their way to his chocolate brown locks. Brushing out the tangles in his hair that were created from sleep, you carded your fingers through his locks as he sighed out happily, still asleep. The gentle brushing through his hair soon turned into braiding as your fingers worked three strands of his hair around themselves. Quickly braiding and unbraiding his hair, your thoughts drifted off as you looked upon your sleeping Bucky. 

Bucky, feeling the gentle tugs on his hair, slowly awoke from his peaceful sleep. Snuggling further into your stomach, Bucky breathed in your sweet scent.

“Doll,” Bucky’s raspy morning voice broke through the silence. “What are you doing?”

“Braiding your hair,” You hummed, pulling out the recently made braid. Picking up a section near his forehead, you began to French braid his hair.

Sighing at the feeling of you tugging on his hair, Bucky smiled to himself as you continued to braid his hair. Satisfied with the French braid produced, you grabbed the hair band from around your wrist and secured the braid at the nape of his neck. 

Turning over onto his back, Bucky rested his head in your lap as you sat up. (E/C) eyes meeting his crystal blue ones, Bucky lazily smiled up at you. 

“Morning, Beautiful,” Bucky mumbled, admiring the way that your hair fell so beautifully into your face. 

“Morning, Handsome,” You replied, ducking your head down to meet Bucky’s. Lips meeting yours, Bucky happily sighed at the taste of your lips. He could just taste the strawberry-flavored chapstick that you applied the night before. Completely in a bliss, Bucky chased after your lips as you pulled away.

“Hey,” He said defiantly, pushing himself up into a sitting position. “I wasn’t quite finished with you yet.”

A smile erupting onto your face at his words, you shook your head in amusement as you leaned back in to press a lingering kiss onto Bucky’s lips.

“Much better,” Bucky breathed out as you pulled away. Legs crossing underneath him, Bucky’s hand reached out to cup your face. Resting your cheek on his palm, you looked at Bucky through your lashes as his metal hand tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. 

“So beautiful,” He murmured, placing a soft kiss on your nose causing your face to scrunch up.

“Buck,” You laughed as you felt heat creep onto your cheeks. “Stop it.”

“What?” He chuckled, picking your hand up with his. “I can’t help it that you are so beautiful and that you do things to me.” With the last few words, he smirked at you suggestively as you felt a tidal wave of embarrassment hit you.

“Buck!” You shouted as you pushed against his chest. Falling back onto the bed laughing, Bucky pulled you along with him, causing you to fall onto his chest. Arms circling around your back, Bucky smiled up at you as you huffed out in embarrassment.

“You’re cute when you get flustered,” Bucky mused, catching your lips with his. Smiling into the kiss, Bucky’s arms loosened around you. Seeing this as your chance, you quickly sat up, breaking the kiss. Sitting on his hips, you straddle Bucky as he looks up at you. 

“I could get used to this,” Bucky smirked, causing the embarrassment to rush back over you. 

“Whatever, Barnes,” You joked, rolling your eyes at the man underneath you. Eyes glancing at the bedside clock, you decide that you need breakfast as your stomach growls. “C’mon, I need food.” 

Shifting off of him, you felt the coldness of the hardwood floor hit your feet as you stood up. Groaning, Bucky realizes that he can’t stay in bed with you all day, no matter how much he wants to. Following you, Bucky gets up and makes his way to the connected bathroom where you already were brushing your teeth. Grabbing his own toothbrush, he put toothpaste on it and began brushing his teeth next to you. Smiling into the mirror at the sight of you two, Bucky’s eyes travel towards his hair where he sees exactly what you did for the first time. 

“Wha-di-you-do?” Bucky mumbled as he continued to brush his teeth.

“Wha-?” You also mumbled, looking at Bucky through the mirror as you brushed your teeth. Eyes rolling at the two of you trying to converse while brushing your teeth, Bucky quickly spit out the remaining toothpaste.

“I said, ‘what did you do?’”

Spitting out your own toothpaste into the sink, you looked up at Bucky. “I French braided it. Why?”

“I like it,” Bucky said, admiring your work. Smirking at Bucky, you grabbed your phone that was resting on the counter and took a picture of the back of his head to show him. Eyes widening at the picture, he looked up at you.

“You did this?”

“Yeah. Pretty cool, right?”

“Yes,” Bucky said as he gently patted the braid. “Very cool. Will you teach me how to do this?”

“Really?” You mused as you walked out of the bathroom towards your dresser. Following suit, Bucky began to pull his clothes out of his dresser and started to get changed.

“Yeah. I want to learn. This looks a lot more secure than the usual bun I put it in for training,”

Pulling your shirt over your head, you nodded at Bucky. “Okay,” You laughed as you grabbed his hand. “Now c’mon. I’m hungry.”

Pulling him out of your shared bedroom, you made your way to the kitchen to find the rest of the Avengers already there. Sitting down at the table, you watched Bucky as he grabbed both of your favorite cereals. Feeling a swift kick to your leg, you looked up at Nat and glared at her.

‘Did you do that?’ She mouthed, pointing at Bucky’s braid. You nodded at her, causing her to smile. ‘I like it. But wait until Sam sees.’

And speaking of the devil, the sleepy soldier trudged into the room, followed by an even larger sleepy soldier. Sam glanced at Bucky before doing a double-take.

“Man, what the hell did you do to your hair?” Sam laughed out, motioning towards Bucky’s hair. This caused the rest of the team to look at Bucky, placing a smile on their lips.

“(Y/N) braided it,” Bucky shrugged as he sat down next to you. Setting your bowl of cereal before you, Bucky quickly pecked your cheek. “Why, jealous?”

“Why would I be jealous?” Sam asked as he took a seat next to Steve.

“Because you don’t have a beautiful girlfriend to do your hair for you,” Bucky mused as he kissed your forehead. 

“Blagh,” Tony said, looking at the two of you. “Stop being all lovey-dovey. Makes me sick.”

“Leave em’ alone, Stark,” Steve cut in as he looked at the two of you. You were both in your own little world, oblivious to everyone else. You were trying to teach Bucky how to do a simple braid, using Nat for practice. “He’s happy, for once. That’s what’s important.”

Both rolling their eyes at Steve’s answer, Tony and Sam looked at Steve. 

“It’s still gross,” Tony grumbled begrudgingly as he looked at the happy couple.

“Agreed,” Sam added.

“I did it!” Bucky gleefully shouted as he proudly displayed the braid that he created in Nat’s hair.

“Good job, Handsome,” You said with a smile, pecking his cheek.

“Couldn’t have done it without you, Beautiful,” He responded before pecking your lips.

“Geez!” Sam exclaimed as he pushed away from the counter. “A guy can’t even eat in here before these two start kissing all over each other!” And with that, Sam grabbed his toast and marched out of the room dramatically, causing the others to laugh.

“He’s totally jealous,” Clint laughed as he watched Sam exit.

“Totally,” You and Bucky added at the same time, causing the two of you to fall into a fit of laughter.

“They really are happy, huh?” Nat asked as she stood next to Steve, pulling the braids out of her hair as she watched the two of you laughing together.

“Yes,” Steve sighed out happily as he watched his best pal be with the girl he loved. “It’s about damn time, too.”

“LANGUAGE!” Tony shouted, pointing at Steve accusingly, causing another round of laughter to fall on the group. Eyes rolling at the comment, Steve just sat back as he watched his team all laughing and smiling. Even Sam had returned, taking a seat next to Bucky as he laughed and smiled with the couple. And he was right, Steve was. It was about damn time that all of them were happy.

No Script

Summary: Sebastian practices all his roles with you. This one is a romantic scene, and you don’t know how to conceal your feelings as just acting when they are so much more.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Word Count: 2,387

A/N: My first Seb fic who knew this day would come lmao tell me what you think pls!

The knock on the door put a huge smile on your face immediately, since you knew exactly who it was. Your phone screen lit up and you rolled your eyes when Sebastian’s name appeared in the notifications, with “OPEN UPPP!!!” as the text message. He had this habit of knocking on the door and texting you when he’d come over, his reason being “what if you have earphones on and don’t hear the knocking?”. No matter how much you made fun of him for doing so, you couldn’t help the giddy grin that spread over your face at how endearing he was.

God, you had it so bad for him. And he had no idea.

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Imagine finding Bucky sleeping in your bed as you return from a mission

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Summary: Sam and Nat decide it’d be funny to cockblock the former Winter Soldier after his girl returns from a long mission away.

Word count: 3.5k oops. (Sorry I got a lil carried away, this was just really fun to write tbh 😂) 

Warnings: Smoooot (smut), don’t read if you’re underage pls.

Originally posted by xmidnight-moonlightx

“Fuck” Bucky groans under his breath as you roll your hips backwards, your ass rubbing against his stiff cock. His arms tighten around your waist as he buries his face into your hair, a needy whimper escaping the back of his throat. 

The sinful way you ground your hips against him was driving him wild and what started out as spooning while watching a movie was quickly turning into something else as indicated by the heavy pants coming from the super soldier. 

“Baby…” he breathes, one of his hands coming to rest on top of your hip. You stifle a groan, biting your lip as he pulls your hips tightly against him, pressing his cock against the soft flesh of your ass as he ruts into you. The grip you have on the arm still wrapped around you tightens, nails digging into his forearm as he grabs your breast and squeezes. 

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Okay so, ever since I saw Civil War I was wondering why Bucky was screaming when Tony blew his metal arm off given the fact that there was no actual arm inside it, right?

I just watched the Winter Soldier again and BOY BUCKY HAD AN ARM FROM THE ELBOW UP.

Zola himself said that he gave him a new FIST. He could’ve said arm but no, he said FIST.

As we can see in the first gif, his arm appears way shorter after Tony’s blast comparing to what it was before and during his “surgery”.

That means, Bucky felt his arm being ripped off of his body twice and I don’t know how to feel about this.


ws!bucky x reader

In which Y/N gets captured to be the Winter Soldiers pet

Warnings: kidnapping, torture, swearing, angst and fluff

words: 4.5K

He had noticed her in the 60’s the first time. She had been at the Kennedy parade, smiling and squaring with excitement as JFK, and his wife Jackie rode by, waving and smiling. Her hair was in a tight, and high ponytail, slicked back and long as was the style of the time, and the jewel she wore in it glinted in his eye as his sniper rifle passed over her. He had seen the way her face crumpled into a horrified scream as he hit his mark expertly, and he had seen the way she looked so pretty as she cried into her friend’s shoulders, mascara dripping down her face, marking it with her grief. His caretaker at the time noticed his gaze, and muttering quickly in Russian, hit the comm on his ear and proposed a plan to his superiors without the Assets knowledge. 

The Asset hadn’t known how they got the right woman, or why she was here, but he assumed that it was a simple way to keep him coming back to base— a reason not to run. If he ran, she would never be able to again. 

He saw her the second time huddled in the corner of his room, the green-tinted fluorescent lights making every blemish and blotch on her skin horribly apparent. Her dress, similar to the some he had seen her in the other day, was torn and dirt stained. Her fingertips were bleeding, and her nails were torn and despite not even being in the same vicinity as her for more than five seconds, found his chest swelling with pride at her will to fight. Her eyes grew wide in fear as she noticed him— his hulking stature and muzzle and shaggy hair that was a little too heavy with grease— and immediately, he tried to make himself smaller. He fell to one knee and slouched his back and held out two hands in surrender— a sign of submission he had learned when the torture his caretakers went too far. Her fear lessened somewhat, but she refused to leave the corner of the room for the next few days— going so far as to sleep and defecating in that spot. Her fear paralyzed her, and Bucky woke every day on his too-springy mattress and hoped to find her clean and in a chair or something other than that horrid corner. 

They took her for the first time that day, and he cursed his hearing abilities, for he could hear her screaming in pain— from what, he never wanted to know. 

He found out eventually, as they shoved her back in wearing what looked like cheap underwear and a cargo shirt he wore under his uniform. Her skin looked like it had been pressure washed, and from the small dots hidden in the crook of her arm, he hoped they had taken blood from her rather than injected her with something.

“что они сделали с тобой, милая?” (what have they done to you, sweet thing?). His voice was raspy as he neared her. His movements seemed to be too quick for her liking as she backed away and pressed herself to the bars of the door she was shoved through seconds before. 

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Leather Jacket and motorcycle

Summary: You get stuck in the rain and get rescued by your knight in shining armor… riding a motorcycle. (BuckyxReader)

A/N: I’M BACK. Sorry for being gone so long but I am back and I already have another thingy waiting for you after this one! I wanna thank my princess @bucky–b4rnes for proofreading this ♡ 

Warnings: Swear words? I guess? It’s basically just fluff.

Word count: 2209

Originally posted by gliceria

You ran down the stairs of the subway station, hoping you would be able to be home in your bed before the sun came up, only to find a man wearing the uniform of the New York subways standing in front of the gates.

« Sorry ma’am, ‘line’s closed. »
« What do you mean ‘the line’s closed’, what happened? »
« A cow fell on the rails. »
« A cow? »
« Yes. »
« You’re joking. »
« Do I look like I’m joking ma’am? »

You were about to rip the man’s eyes out but opted for the less illegal solution and walked away, cursing under your breath as you climbed up the stairs. The cold was teeth-chattering, and you quickly started shaking, putting your arms around your chest in a desperate attempt to block the chilliness. Of course you had to forget to take your coat. You felt the sting of a droplet of water hit your face and you silently prayed it was just a woman watering her plants a few floors above you. Unfortunately it wasn’t, and you soon found yourself soaked to the skin, running as fast as you can,  in the hope to find some place to hide from the rain, somewhere where you could stay dry, or at least dry up. During your frantic race in the search for a shelter, you quickly found yourself slipping and falling straight on your butt, not forgetting to break a heel in the process. You looked down at your broken shoes in disgust.

« Of course the one time I decide to wear heels… I hate you, you fucki- »
« What are you doing down there? » A man with a deep voice chuckled. You looked up at him. Glaring daggers at him truly.
« Looking for my dignity apparently. » You muttered while taking your shoes off, and the man laughed.
« You’re gonna walk bare foot? » He snickered, taking your hand in his in order to help you up. You could have refused his help, you should have; but you didn’t.
« Yes I’m going to walk bare foot, I need to go home. »
« And you can’t take a cab? » He asked, sounding genuinely worried, still not letting go of your hand.
« I don’t have my wallet. » You sighed in defeat and he joined you. He let go of your hand and you suddenly you felt cold again, but it wasn’t for long as you saw him take off his jacket and put it over your shoulders.
« Now you’re gonna be cold. » You stated, clearly unimpressed, and he chuckled again, shaking his head slightly, a cocky smile playing on his lips. You couldn’t decide if you wanted to punch his teeth in, or kiss him.
« I’ve got a bike, » he stated « it’s resting a few streets down the road. I can take you home… If you’re ok with that. » For an instant, you saw the shadow of shyness on his face, but he replaced it with a smirk so fast you started to doubt yourself. « I mean, you don’t really have much of a choice anyway. »
You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest in defiance, forgetting the fact that the only thing keeping you from getting even more soaked was the jacket he kindly offered you.
« You’re an awfully cocky guy. »
He shook his head again, and of course you knew it wasn’t the only truth, he had something different, he was different, you knew that behind the smirk, the perfect teeth and smug look, he was the kind of guy who would lend his - really cool and probably really expensive - leather jacket to a complete stranger, not only because you had just experienced it, but because there was just something special escaping him, a certain warmth radiating from his body.
He decided to ignore your sassy remark and threw you a blinding smile.
« Where d’you live doll? »
« Brooklyn. »
He nodded quietly and started walking toward his bike.
« I never said a was coming with you. » You yelled at his back as you refused to follow him.
« Don’t be a pain in the ass, just come. » He yelled, walking back to you, lowering his voice as he came closer and closer. You shivered, finally realizing you had been standing bare foot under the rain for long minutes now. He couldn’t help but notice your shuddering, and without a second thought, he grabbed your knees in his left hand, and snaked the other one under your back, lifting you off the floor in a swift motion.
« What the fuck?! » You squealed as you gripped his neck in surprise, digging your fingers in the skin of his neck.
« I’m Bucky Barnes by the way. »
« I know who you are, but being an avenger doesn’t allow you to carry people around like that! » You tried to sounds angry, but you sounded more shocked than actually pissed, which, of course, made Bucky laugh.
« Put me down. » You whined.
« You’re gonna get a cold doll. » You scoffed but didn’t answer, you slowly relaxed into his arm, and quickly, exhaustion got to you and you found yourself falling asleep on his shoulder. You woke up to the sound of Bucky’s voice.
« Hey darling, wake up. »
You slowly opened your eyes and your gaze met Bucky’s, he had a gentle smile plastered on his lips, his eyes were digging into yours and you felt your breathe hitch in your throat at the sight.
He set you down on the bike, holding your waist with one hand and the handlebar with another, making sure neither you, or the bike were going to fall over. Slowly, he let go of your waist and bent down, untying his shoes and taking of his socks.
« The fuck? » You said. He didn’t answer and just shushed you as he took your freezing cold foot in his gloved left hand, slipping the sock on your foot gently.
« I’m gonna ask again, what the fuck? »
He chuckled but didn’t stop.
« Your feet are already freezing, if you’re not at least wearing socks, you won’t be able to feel your extremities by the time we reach Brooklyn. It’s a weird and awkward solution but it’s a solution. If you’ve got a better one, please, by all means, speak up. » He retorted and you snorted, but stayed quiet, unable to hold back a smile. He handed you a helmet and helped you put it on. His hand softly brushed your cheek as he slip the helmet on your head and you wondered for a second if it was intentional, silently hoping it was.
He sent you a proud smirk and tapped the helmet with his palm.

« Aw! »
« All set doll. » He grinned smugly. You were about to retort something clever but worry started taking over your mind.
« You’re not wearing a helmet. » You stated, concern lacing your voice.
« Darling, I’m Bucky Barnes, I don’t need a Helmet. »
You scoffed. « Fuck you’re arrogant. » He just winked and hopped on the bike, patting the seat behind him, so you sat down, wiggling on your spot to find a comfortable position.
Bucky turned to look at you, a tender smile playing on his lips. « Hang on tight. » So you did, you grabbed his t-shirt, holding onto it for dear life, nuzzling your face in his broad shoulders.
« Alright, let’s go. » He whispered, before pressing the accelerator, the engine roared as the wheels started burning the asphalt. You squealed as speed hit you, and you gripped his shirt a little tighter, your knuckles slowly turning white with the pressure.
« Problem? » You heard him snicker.
« No. » You muttered, clenching your arms around his torso. He chuckled and sped up.
The ride went by quietly. Manhattan to Brooklyn was a fairly long ride and you were exhausted. Bucky’s back was warm and comfortable and you soon found yourself dazing off, taking in the sight of New York spread in front of you, the quietness of the streets disrupted by the loud humming of the bike. You couldn’t notice Bucky’s quick glances at you every time he would stop at a red light, or the radiant smile he was repressing, and you didn’t even realize when he put his hand over yours, making sure you were still hanging on tightly. If you had been wide awake, you would have noticed the way Bucky’s heart sped up each time you moved, even imperceptibly, or how he would shiver every time your grasp wouldn’t loosen, just slightly. You straightened up when you passed the Brooklyn Bridge and Bucky turned to look at you, concerned. His breathe hitched in his throat when he saw your face. You were focused on the stars playing in the sky, and the way the lights of the bridge reflected on the water of the East. You were taken aback by the sight but Bucky was dumbfounded by something else. You were glowing. His heart skipped a beat and he turned around, desperately trying to hide the blush creeping up his cheeks. He wasn’t used to this, he had always been the ladies man, and now he was wrapped around your fingers. Just in an instant.
You felt the engine slow and the humming of the bike die down. Bucky turned the wheel and slowly parked on the sidewalk. You looked at him, too stunned to speak and he just smiled fondly at you.
« Something wrong? » You inquired, sounding more worried than you had hoped for. You weren’t worried about the bike giving up, you were worried about Bucky, maybe he was too cold, or maybe you had done something wrong. You hoped you didn’t. He silently took your hand and helped you off of the bike.
« You seemed to enjoy the view, so I thought you’d like to have a closer look. » He grinned proudly.
You took off your helmet and rubbed your eyes, trying to fight off sleep. You smiled sleepily at Bucky and he answered with a blissful chuckle.
The sidewalk was wet and and you shivered as your feet hit the cold concrete. Bucky’s socks were thick and warm, but not enough to shield you from the rain. You started shaking and before you knew it, Bucky had you off the floor and wrapped in his warm embrace. You didn’t squeal this time and you let yourself be carried. You relaxed in his arms, melting in the embrace of his cologne and the heat of his skin. You exhaled in his neck and this time, he was the one to shiver. You closed your eyes for a split second and you missed the ecstatic smile that took over his face. When you opened your eyes, you were next to the balustrade; the view was breathtaking. The glimmer of the water, the faint light of the moon, covered by the darkness of the clouds, the city shining in the distance, you let yourself be overwhelmed by the smell of the rain, the scent of the wet concrete and the running water of the river. You felt like time had stopped all together and the sound of the streets were muffled in your ears as you lost yourself in the moment. You closed your arms against Bucky’s neck and you felt his smile in your hair.
« We should go » he breathed, « you’re shivering. »
You laughed and rubbed your eyes in exhaustion. « Yeah, I am. »

It wasn’t long before you were in front of your building, Bucky had speed up the pace and now it was time to say goodbye.
You got off the bike and hurriedly thanked him as the coldness of the pavement started biting your feet, you ran toward the door but heard him call you before you could open it.
« Hey! I didn’t catch your name! »
You turned around and smirked proudly « It’s Y/N. »
« Well Y/N, I’m glad I bumped into you. »


The next day you decided to go back to the Brooklyn bridge, hoping to bump into Bucky, again. So you got up quite early and took a long, relaxing shower before heading out, not forgetting to take his jacket with you… actually, putting it on you.
The moment you stepped foot out of your building, you were met with an all smile Bucky.

« Are you stalking me Barnes? » You sassed. He blushed but covered it with a genuine laugh.
« I thought you’d be tired today, so I brought you coffee. » He handed you a warm cup of what seemed to be very dark coffee and you couldn’t help but smile at the attention.
« Besides, you still had my jacket… »
« Oh so that’s why you’re here! » You exclaimed.
« Well, I mean… » He blushed again and you chuckled in response. You saw the two helmets on his bike and tilted your head in confusion.
« I thought, maybe, we could ride around New York… again. » He smirked.
« I’d like that a lot. » You went ahead of him and put the helmet on, patting the seat in front of you, urging him to hurry, sit, and take the wheel. Bucky sat down and you hopped on the bike behind him, making sure your grip was tight around his torso, as you now knew what kind of crazy driver he was.
« So, you want your jacket back? »
« Nah » he said, » it looks better on you. »

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champagne kisses {b.b}

summary: bucky hates tony’s parties. so, (y/n) decides to cheer him up a bit with a hot tub and champagne, just for the two of them.
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
word count: 3.6k
listen to: stargirl interlude - the weeknd, lana del rey
warnings: PURE FILTHY SMUT, language
notes: posting this before new years bc i just really wanted to share this with you guys also as a present for 1k followers!! like holy shit!! thank you guy?!?!! :)

Tony’s New Year parties are legend, for multiple reasons, but this year is even more so than usual. Besides the copious amount of alcohol that, more often than not, leads to a complete contrast of morals, Tony goes out of his way to ensure that there are all kinds of crazy forms of entertainment available. 

When one is drunk enough, even the bouncy house smashed into the corner looks fun. (Y/N) is used to these parties. She’s been with the Avengers for several months now and Tony’s over the top celebrations hardly even faze her at this point. The same cannot be said about the latest member of their group though.

Bucky Barnes looks utterly lost. He’s been downing shots like a broken record for the past hour, though he’s as sober as he’d been when he buttoned up that impeccable suit and fumbled to make the tie look presentable. His super soldier qualities apparently don’t make it easy for him to get drunk, because any normal person who be stone cold by now. “Hi, soldier,” she greets, sidling up to him with a smile. He gives her a forlorn, ‘what-am-I-doing-here?’ look and she laughs. When she peers at the shot he’s currently cradling between three fingers, though, she starts coughing. “Is that Patrón? Jesus, how do you not have alcohol poisoning by now?” she mutters to herself, and quickly intercepts the shot before he can down it.

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